Idol Sales News – Week Ending 04/29/12

This is the weekly sales thread. Please post numbers when they become available. Thanks!

Carrie Underwood’s poised for a #1 debut. Her new 19/RCA Nashville album, Blown Away, will top next week’s chart with estimates of between 275-295k… (Hits Daily Double< /a>)

1. Jack White “Blunderbuss” 138K
2. Adele “21” 84K
3. Lionel Richie “Tuskegee” 78K
4. One Direction “Up All Night” 50K

22. “The Think Like A Man” Soundtrack featuring title track by Jennifer Hudson
23. Maroon 5 “Hands All Over”

BB Predicts that Carrie will open number 1 next week. I think most of us did too.

Idol albums (Idol Chatter)

Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (10,000, -9%, 766,000) (#41 Billboard 200)
Scotty McCreery, Clear as Day (6,000, -8%, 1.035 million) (#78 BB200)
Daughtry, Break the Spell (3,000, +1%, 434,000) (#124 BB200)
Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (3,000, +25%, 7.193 million) (#175 BB200)
Mandisa, What If We Were Real (2,000, -25%, 171,000)
Daughtry, Daughtry (1,000, 0 change)

Idol-related albums

Soundtrack, Think Like a Man (17,000, +7%, 45,000) (#22 Billboard 200)
Jason Aldean, My Kinda Party (14,000, -7%, 2.543 million) (#29 BB200)
Queen, Greatest Hits (6,000, +255%, 6.962 million) (#73 BB200)
Various, 2012 Grammy Nominees (6,000, +60%, 320,000) (#76 BB200)
Various, WOW Hits 2012 (4,000, +6%, 267,000)
David Guetta, Nothing but the Beat (4,000, -2%, 300,000) (#112 BB200)
Various, WOW Gospel 2012 (3,000, -7%, 96,000)
Aerosmith, Best of Aerosmith: The Millennium Collection (3,000, -2%, 454,000) (#166 BB200)
Various, Now That’s What I Call Music 40 (3,000, -11%, 703,000) (#169 BB200)


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  • Mateja Praznik

    Week Ending April 29, 2012. Albums: White’s In Good Company

    We’re running out of album titles, but this is ridiculous. There are two albums in the top 10 titled Up All Night. One Direction’s former #1 album with that title rebounds from #5 to #4. Country singer Kip Moore’s like-titled album bows at #6. In the fall of 2008, two albums titled Fearless cracked the top 10 (though they never appeared in the top 10 at the same time). R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan hit #6 that September with an album by that title. Taylor Swift’s like-titled album debuted at #1 seven weeks later.

    The Wanted’s first U.S. release, The Wanted, bows at #7. The seven-song EP sold 34K copies, only about one-fifth as many as One Direction’s full-length Up All Night
    sold (176K) when it debuted at #1 six weeks ago (and 16K less than One
    Direction’s album sold this week.) Does this give One Direction “boy
    band” bragging rights? I think it does. Both groups have smash singles.
    The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” has sold 2,221,000 copies. One Direction’s
    “What Makes You Beautiful” has sold 1,763,000.

    This brings One Direction’s album total to 541K in 7 weeks.

  • Tess

    This brings One Direction’s album total to 541K in 7 weeks.

    One more proof that America’s young ums don’t possess much in the way of good taste.  At least Bieber can sing.  Wonder what my parent’s thought when I had a hissy fit at the store when I was twelve and insisted they bought me the kind of drek they knew I’d be embarrassed owning 6 months later.

  • Pam

    7 7 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut… 9543 8695 848 63.556
    +66 Spins
    -130 Bullet
    +1.008 AI

    5 8 KELLY CLARKSON Stronger (What Doesn… 8515 9392 -877 66.515
    -166 Spins
    -43 Bullet
    -1.06 AI

    15 12 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Call Me Maybe 6756 5888 868 47.017
    +106 Spins
    -27 Bullet
    +1.013 AI

    31 31 CHRIS RENE Young Homie 1540 1409 131 6.502
    -1 Position
    +20 Spins
    -13 Bullet
    +0.186 AI

    1 2 KELLY CLARKSON Stronger (What Doesn… 4839 4943 -104 34.789
    -11 Spins
    -3 Bullet
    -0.256 AI

    17 16 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut… 1617 1114 503 10.531
    +42 Spins
    -24 Bullet
    +0.057 AI

    33 23 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Call Me Maybe 786 488 298 4.716
    +29 Spins
    0 Bullet
    +0.27 AI

    37 33 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Good Girl 490 368 122 2.983
    +1 Position
    +22 Spins
    +17 Bullet
    +0.244 AI

    34 34 DAUGHTRY Outta My Head 482 459 23 1.408
    -1 Position
    0 Spins
    -9 Bullet
    +0.094 AI

    41 38 HALEY REINHART Free 340 250 90 0.763
    +1 Position
    +15 Spins
    +19 Bullet
    +0.068 AI

    44 40 KRIS ALLEN The Vision Of Love 284 231 53 0.771
    -4 Spins
    -14 Bullet
    -0.01 AI

    30 43 ADAM LAMBERT Better Than I Know M… 237 522 -285 1.271
    -2 Positions
    -14 Spins
    +56 Bullet
    +0.044 AI

    61 50 ADAM LAMBERT Never Close Our Eyes 157 54 103 1.133
    +7 Spins
    -8 Bullet
    +0.058 AI

    4 2 KELLY CLARKSON Stronger (What Doesn… 1699 1555 144 13.827
    +32 Spins
    +51 Bullet
    +0.188 AI

    7 8 KELLY CLARKSON Mr. Know It All 1268 1302 -34 9.422
    +5 Spins
    -2 Bullet
    -0.064 AI

    29 28 ELLIOTT YAMIN 3 Words 70 80 -10 0.025
    -1 Position
    -2 Spins
    -2 Bullet
    -0.002 AI

    48 47 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Good Girl 15 15 0 0.188
    +1 Spin
    0 Bullet
    +0.024 AI

    45 49 KRIS ALLEN The Vision Of Love 14 16 -2 0.027
    -3 Positions
    -1 Spin
    -2 Bullet
    -0.004 AI

    8 7 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Good Girl 4929 4661 268 36.862
    +15 Spins
    +1 Bullet
    -0.007 AI

    37 33 KELLY CLARKSON Mr. Know It All 757 589 168 5.99
    0 Spins
    -40 Bullet
    +0.039 AI

    52 49 SCOTTY MCCREERY Water Tower Town 216 176 40 0.921
    -12 Spins
    -32 Bullet
    -0.087 AI

    24 37 JENNIFER HUDSON Think Like A Man f/N… 637 975 -338 3.442
    -3 Positions
    -42 Spins
    +21 Bullet
    -0.247 AI

    44 40 MARCUS CANTY Won’t Make A Fool Ou… 598 556 42 1.833
    +1 Position
    -7 Spins
    -22 Bullet
    -0.046 AI

    Urban AC
    22 18 RUBEN STUDDARD June 28th (I’m Singl… 372 380 -8 1.988
    -23 Spins
    -31 Bullet
    -0.1 AI

    20 21 JENNIFER HUDSON Think Like A Man f/N… 351 415 -64 2.502
    +10 Spins
    -41 Bullet
    +0.066 AI

    45 41 CHRIS RENE Young Homie 505 448 57 1.802
    +1 Position
    0 Spins
    -8 Bullet
    -0.011 AI

    51 49 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut… 418 384 34 2.132
    +4 Spins
    +2 Bullet
    -0.006 AI

    Christian AC
    38 34 MANDISA Good Morning f/ Toby… 91 71 20 0.418
    +5 Spins
    +6 Bullet
    -0.013 AI

    Smooth Jazz
    34 45 KELLY CLARKSON Mr. Know It All 18 23 -5 0.132
    -12 Positions
    -3 Spins
    -4 Bullet
    -0.025 AI

    8 8 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut… 1172 1237 -65 8.826
    -14 Spins
    -20 Bullet
    -0.073 AI

    11 11 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Call Me Maybe 910 1015 -105 5.107
    -26 Spins
    -15 Bullet
    -0.133 AI

    10 12 KELLY CLARKSON Stronger (What Doesn… 841 1059 -218 5.823
    -15 Spins
    +56 Bullet
    -0.076 AI

    31 27 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Curiosity 487 444 43 2.795
    +5 Spins
    -6 Bullet
    +0.028 AI

    39 34 ONE DIRECTION One Thing 350 270 80 3.037
    +16 Spins
    +3 Bullet
    +0.074 AI

    1 3 KELLY CLARKSON Stronger (What Doesn… 970 1061 -91 4.396
    -18 Spins
    -5 Bullet
    -0.027 AI

    8 8 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut… 686 691 -5 2.605
    -6 Spins
    -1 Bullet
    -0.087 AI

    26 24 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Curiosity 364 307 57 1.807
    +1 Position
    +16 Spins
    +13 Bullet
    +0.018 AI

    Canada-Main AC
    3 2 KELLY CLARKSON Stronger (What Doesn… 367 370 -3 2.487
    -1 Spin
    -9 Bullet
    +0.002 AI

    2 5 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Call Me Maybe 350 372 -22 3.758
    +2 Spins
    +11 Bullet
    +0.154 AI

    38 25 ONE DIRECTION What Makes You Beaut… 120 59 61 1.323
    -1 Position
    +2 Spins
    -6 Bullet
    +0.04 AI

    77 40 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Curiosity 53 17 36 0.253
    +3 Spins
    -1 Bullet
    -0.002 AI

    39 46 REBECCA FERGUSON Nothing’s Real But L… 44 58 -14 1.213
    +2 Positions
    +2 Spins
    +7 Bullet
    +0.016 AI

    2 4 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Good Girl 865 830 35 3.909
    +8 Spins
    +1 Bullet
    +0.025 AI

  • Kitwana

    The One Direction sales are bad news for Bieber. History shows that the rise of one tween idol inevitably results in the fall of the reigning tween idol. Bieber may be able to hold One Direction off a bit longer than his predecessors with his unmatched marketing muscle and backing from Usher, Ellen, Ryan Seacrest, Leno, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, the Voice, SYTYCD, ABDC and 21 million twitter followers but even the best of the best tween idols like BSB & Jonas Brothers could not hold off their challengers, see Nsync & Bieber. Hopefully Bieber saved his money and did not blow it on luxury cars and a mega mansion.

  • EH

    My 14 yo. daughter succumbed to the cute and is currently listening to a weird combination of nothing but Ed Sheeran, the Pixies and One Direction, lol.  There are actually a couple of songs on Up All Night that I don’t mind (the singles are pretty dreadful though). Much better songs than Bieber, imo, even if they are still learning how to sing. At least they never say “swaggy”


  • randi

    Much better songs than Bieber, imo, even if they are still learning how to sing. At least they never say “swaggy”

    LMAO “swaggy” – confession – I actually love that Bieber song.  I bop along whenever it comes on the radio. 

    Not sure why people assume Bieber is on the way out?  His sound is maturing.  He sounds like a young Justin Timberlake on his new song.  This song is getting better airplay than any of his previous ones it seems to me (based on my listening of top 40 radio where I never heard him until Boyfriend came out).  He is poised to transition into adult stardom just like Timberlake, Britney and Christina did IMO.

  • Pam

    i-tunes (Top 200)

    Top Songs:
    2.  Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
    37.  Oh My Goodness – Olly Murs
    52.  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
    62.  Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording from the Voice Performance) – Maroon 5
    76.  How Will I Know (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
    79.  Set Fire to the Rain – ADELE
    90.  Please Don’t Let Me Go – Olly Murs
    91.  Someone Like You – ADELE
    97.  Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
    111.  What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
    118.  Shake It Out (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
    121.  Somebody That I Used to Know (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
    127.  Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs
    130.  Rolling In the Deep – ADELE
    151.  Cry (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
    154.  What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) – Kelly Clarkson (Deluxe)
    161.  It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
    165.  I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) [Glee Cast Version] – Glee Cast
    166.  Glitter & Gold – Rebecca Ferguson
    179.  Far Away (feat. Chris Richardson) – Tyga
    186.  I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

    Top Albums (Top 400)
    1.  Blown Away – Carrie Underwood
    5.  The Music of SMASH (Soundtrack) – SMASH Cast
    8.  21 – ADELE
    14.  Up All Night (Deluxe Version) – One Direction
    17.  Come Along – EP – Vicci Martinez
    22.  Up All Night – One Direction
    41.  Come Through for You – Javier Colon
    47.  Think Like a Man (Music from & Inspired By the Film) – Various Artists
    62.  American Idol Top 6: Contestant’s Choice – Season 11 – EP – Various Artists
    67.  Overexposed (Deluxe Edition) – Maroon 5
    68.  19 – ADELE
    75.  Red – Dia Frampton
    82.  Red River Blue – Blake Shelton
    88.  Dream With Me – Jackie Evancho
    95.  Red River Blue (Deluxe Version) – Blake Shelton
    96.  Glee: The Music – The Graduation Album – Glee Cast
    105.  Stronger (Deluxe Version) – Kelly Clarkson
    142.  Play On – Carrie Underwood
    152.  American Idol Top 7 Now (New Millennium) – Season 11 – Various Artists
    169.  Songs About Jane – Maroon 5
    176.  Fear Nothing – Beverly McClellan
    186.  It Won’t Be Soon Before Long – Maroon 5
    197.  Hands All Over – Maroon 5
    208.  Some Hearts – Carrie Underwood
    214.  Hands All Over (Deluxe Version) – Maroon 5
    269.  Break the Spell (Deluxe Version) – Daughtry
    278.  Carnival Ride – Carrie Underwood
    314.  Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton – Blake Shelton
    316.  Sing You Home – EP – Xenia
    370.  Think Like a Man (Music from & Inspired By the Film) – Various Artists
    395.  Clear As Day – Scotty McCreery
    398.  Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

  • Pam

    From Billboard:

    Jack White Scores First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart

    Jack White visits the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200 for the first time, as his debut solo set, “Blunderbuss,” arrives with 138,000 copies sold
    according to Nielsen SoundScan. It’s the rocker’s first No. 1 in any form — he missed the top with his other bands the White Stripes, the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. (However, they collectively notched seven top 10 sets.)

    The highest chart of any of those band’s releases was the White Stripes’ 2007 album “Icky Thump,” which bowed and peaked at No. 2 with a 223,000 first week. (It was stuck behind Bon Jovi’s No. 1-debuting “Lost Highway,” with 292,000.)

    The rest of the top four this week are all holdovers, as Adele’s “21” moves 3-2 (84,000; down 6%), Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee” slips 1-3 (78,000; down 31%) and One Direction’s “Up All Night” rises 5-4 (50,000; down 9%). The latter crosses the half-million sales mark this week, as its to-date total climbs to 541,000. It is the fifth-largest selling album this year in the U.S. (Adele’s “21,” by far, leads the pack, with 3.1 million moved just in 2012. Its overall total is 8.9 million.)

    The Billboard 200’s second-highest debut belongs to Lee Brice’s “Hard 2 Love,” which enters at No. 5 with 46,000. It’s the country singer’s second album and first top 10, following 2010’s “Love Like Crazy,” which debuted and peaked at No. 44.

    Right behind Brice is the debut of fellow country act Kip Moore, with his first album “Up All Night” at No. 6 (37,000). Yes, there are two identically-titled albums in the top 10 this week thanks to Moore and One Direction. Moore’s current single, “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” holds at No. 9 on the Country Songs chart this week.

    The fourth and final arrival in the top 10 is the Wanted’s self-titled U.S. debut, which bows at No. 7 with 34,000. The set (released only in the U.S. and Canada) is a compilation of singles from the U.K. vocal group’s two previous studio albums, along with two newly-recorded songs. (The act’s two earlier studio sets, a self-titled 2010 effort and 2011’s “Battleground,” were only
    released outside of America.) The Wanted’s first worldwide studio album is due this fall.

    As for the rest of the top 10: Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” descends 6-8 (32,000; down 33%), Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” falls 7-9 (32,000; down 28%) and Jason Mraz’s “Love is a Four Letter Word” tumbles 2-10 (29,000; down 71%).

    Over on the Digital Songs chart, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” (featuring Kimbra), retakes the No. 1 slot, rising one position with 414,000 downloads (down 11%). Last week’s No. 1, Maroon 5’s “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa, falls to No. 2 with 330,000 (down 33%).

    Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” hits a new high, rising 5-3 with 221,000 (up less than 1%) while fun.’s “We Are Young” (featuring Janelle Monae) falls 3-4 with 207,000 (down 18%).

    Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” moves 4-5 (192,000; down 18%) while Wiz Khalifa’s new “Work Hard, Play Hard” debuts at No. 6 with 172,000. One
    Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” is down 6-7 (170,000; down 13%), Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” (featuring Sia) goes 7-8 (152,000; down 10%) and Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” drops 8-9 (151,000; down 1%). The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” closes out the top 10, falling one slot, with 143,000 at No. 10 (down 3%).

    Overall album sales in this past chart week (ending April 30) totaled 5.41 million units, down 6% compared to the sum last week (5.72 million) and up less than 1% compared to the comparable sales week of 2011 (5.38 million). Year to date album sales stand at 100.97 million, down 1% compared to the same total at this point last year (101.88 million).

    Digital track sales this past week totaled 25.52 million downloads, down 1% compared to last week (25.91 million) and up 1% stacked next to the comparable week of 2011 (25.31 million). Year to date track sales are at 470
    million, up 7% compared to the same total at this point last year (438.35 million).

    Next week’s Billboard 200 competes with the same week in 2011 when: Adele’s “21” continued to reign atop the tally for a seventh nonconsecutive week with 155,000 (up 26%) sold. Meanwhile, Nos. 2-8 and 10 were all debuts. The highest new entry was Beastie Boys’ “Hot Sauces Committee Part Two” at No. 2 with 128,000.

  • Anonymous

    From Idol Chatter: Some Hearts saw a 25% increase and is back in the BB 200 this week.

    Idol albums

    Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (10,000, -9%, 766,000) (#41 Billboard 200)

    Scotty McCreery, Clear as Day (6,000, -8%, 1.035 million) (#78 BB200)

    Daughtry, Break the Spell (3,000, +1%, 434,000) (#124 BB200)

    Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (3,000, +25%, 7.193 million) (#175 BB200)

    Mandisa, What If We Were Real (2,000, -25%, 171,000)

    Daughtry, Daughtry (1,000, 0 change)

    Brian Mansfield posted that these are from last week.

    Kris Allen, “Kris Allen” (330,000 release-to-date)

    Kelly Clarkson, “All I Ever Wanted” (944,000)

    David Cook, “This Loud Morning” (118,000)

    David Cook, “This Quiet Night EP” (4,000)

    Daughtry, “Daughtry” (4.881 million)

    Daughtry, “Leave This Town” (1.329 million)

    For Your Entertainment 838,000

  • Anonymous

    i cant beleive scotty is still in the top 100 with no touring or song on radio, im glad may is here and he should start touring again, he has a ton of shows between the end of may and october, hopefully his sales will go up

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be too sure. Bieber sold more than 500K of his new single the first week it was released. I wouldn’t be surprised if his album outsells One Direction’s. Bieber’s fans are crazy loyal and his fanbase is bigger than either of these new boy bands’.

  • Anonymous

    Some Hearts continuously jumping back into the Billboard 200 shows how effective radio is, and that singles sell albums.  From time to time the same thing happens with Breakaway and Daughtry, but not their other albums, where the singles don’t have a strong radio presence.

  • Nele621

    I still think Bieber will have longevity. For one, he is a solo artist, and the groups (JoBros) are the ones that don’t seem to last (in more recent years anyway). For another, he is surrounded by really good people. Even tho he isn’t the best singer, he is still very talented and very charismatic on stage, very cool, and very cute. He is growing up, still just as cute, and I think he can transition like Timberlake. He also may have an acting career ahead of him.

  • Trina

    Not only did Bieber just sell a whole crapload of singles for “Boyfriend” but said song I actually love LOL. IMO its way better than his previous stuff. It kinda reminds me of early Justin Timberlake. If this is an indicator of the direction his upcoming album is like he may slowly gain more adult ears. Not to mention he has the respect from some influential big names in music. I can see him having some longevity.

  • Anonymous

     i agree, bieber has a ton of fans, i just cant see them all leaving when he gets older, i think he will be around for a long time

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Beiber fanbase is a lot bigger than these upstart boy groups. He’s a lot like Taylor Swift, he will sell a million albums the first week, when his new one comes out.

  • Kitwana

    Randi, Just because everyone says Bieber will be the next Justin Timberlake or Michael Jackson does not make it true. When Timberlake released Justified, he was nearing 22 and was lusted after by adult women. Bieber is 18 and looks 14. I’m not aware of a huge number of adult women lusting after him. His main fanbase remains tween girls, the same girls now screaming for One Direction. I’m not saying Bieber’s next CD will be a flop. He has way too much industry support for it to flop. Having said that, BSB’s last big album, Millenium, opened with sales of 1 million before the group quickly faded away. The Jonas Brothers last big CD went gold before they went away. So I stick to my original belief that the rise of One Direction is not good for Bieber. If I were Bieber’s manager I would try to think of ways to slow down or stop the One Direction train before it’s too late, although I suspect that point has already passed. A sure sign of this is when Ryan Seacrest tries to fit a One Direction reference into every American Idol show like he did for Bieber in Season 9 and Jonas Brothers in Season 7.

  • Pam

    Here are the track sales from Idol Chatter:

    Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) (80,000, -9%, 2.975 million)
    Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull, Dance Again (76,000, +2%, 353,000)
    Katy Perry, Part of Me (73,000, -6%, 1.554 million)
    Carrie Underwood, Good Girl (50,000, 0 change, 738,000)
    Jason Aldean, Tattoos on This Town (24,000, +90%, 754,000)
    Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo feat. Rick Ross, Think Like a Man (14,000, -37%, 167,000)
    Kelly Clarkson, Mr. Know It All (10,000, +5%, 1.454 million)
    Scotty McCreery, The Trouble With Girls (8,000, +39%, 676,000)
    Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson, Don’t You Wanna Stay (7,000, -15%, 2.051 million)
    Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood, Remind Me (6,000, -3%, 1.516 million)
    Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats (6,000, +16%, 3.457 million)
    Lauren Alaina, Georgia Peaches (6,000, -17%, 163,000)
    Carrie Underwood, Cowboy Casanova (5,000, +36%, 1.811 million)
    Mandisa, Good Morning (4,000, +38%, 90,000)
    Carrie Underwood, How Great Thou Art (3,000, +13%, 320,000)
    Mandisa, Stronger (2,000, +4%, 181,000)

  • leilamaurizia

    Hi Pam, are you using an updated feed?  Carrie has tons of tracks in the top 200 songs over-all:

    #26- Blown Away
    #37- Good in Goodbye
    #47 and #66- Good Girl
    #74- See You Again
    #108- Do You Think About Me
    #148- Cowboy Casanova
    #150- Wine After Whiskey
    #157- Two Black Cadillacs

  • mmb

    Bieber will undoubtedly outsell 1D.  Not a slam at 1D they’re is doing really well.  But the Biebs sells.  And sells.  And sells.  I suspect he will have a monster opening week.  I also agree that he is unlikely to disappear.  He has a lot of industry support and big names in his corner.  I have no doubt that he has watched his mentor, Usher’s, career carefully and will try to follow that plan (Usher was a teen star that successfully made the transition to adult star).  I’m not a fan (altho that Boyfriend song is insanely catchy) but I think he is gonna be around for a while.  If anything, we are seeing 1D just crush the Wanted, who are proving to be singles, rather than album sellers.  And who knows if their follow up will do as well as their debut single?  1D will likely have a good 2 year run, then break up.  One of them will become a solo star, one will go into acting, one will enter rehab, one will disappear from public view, one will do a reality tv show for Seacrest.  I’m calling it now.

  • Pam

    are you using an updated feed?  Carrie has tons of tracks in the top 200 songs over-all:

    I thought I was but maybe maybe not.  lol  The feeds I used to use listed the top 1000 albums and songs overall but those feeds stopped working properly a week ago tonight.

    Thanks for the updates.  What you have listed there is probably correct.  :)

    ETA: Do you happen to have any updated feed links by any chance?

  • Tinawina

    I think the Beibs is being handled a lot like his mentor Usher was and Chris Brown was. Both Ush and CB started in their early teens, both had similar images (singing, dancing, ultra cool, age appropriate but not too wholesome) and both slowly pushed the envelope into lover man (as opposed to crush boy) territory as they hit 18 or so. The difference though is Beiber needs to start looking more like a man and less like a boy to pull this off long term.

  • Nele621

    mmb, that is funny about your prediction where 1D members will end up.

    Heck, I’m not even a tiny bit fan of Bieber, but whenever I hear people criticize him (in RL), I’m always defending him. BTW, I think Bieber may be heard on the radio more because he is growing up and so are many of his fans. The older teens are more the demo radio wants, as opposed to preteens.

  • leilamaurizia

      Do you happen to have any updated feed links by any chance?

    No one seems to have found a way yet to go around the new limit imposed by iTunes on the feed (100).  I’m doing old-school again– using the actual iTunes store to see the charts.

  • Anonymous

    Other track sales from Idol Chatter, also from last week:

    Kris Allen, The Vision of Love (7,000 weekly, 21,000 release-to-date)

    Daughtry, Crawling Back to You (2,000, 243,000)

    Daughtry, Outta My Head (2,000, 19,000)

    Diana DeGarmo, Good Goodbye (1,000, 13,000)

    James Durbin, Higher Than Heaven (2,000, 13,000)

    Adam Lambert, Better Than I Know Myself (4,000, 123,000)

    Adam Lambert, If I Had You (2,000, 892,000)

    Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (3,000, 1.895 million)

    Kellie Pickler, Where’s Tammy Wynette (7,000 total)

  • Anonymous

    The difference though is Beiber needs to start looking more like a man and less like a boy to pull this off long term.

    I saw a picture of Bieber the other day, and my first thought was, “Huh.  He’s growing up.”  I think he’s beginning to make that transition.  I’ve also noticed that in red carpet photos, he’s making baby steps to an older, more high fashion look.

  • Pam

    What a bummer.  Thanks a bunch though.  :)

  • Anonymous

    One of them will become a solo star, one will go into acting, one will
    enter rehab, one will disappear from public view, one will do a reality
    tv show for Seacrest.  I’m calling it now.

    HA! Isn’t that scenario in the contract they sign before the group is formed though? ;)

    I like Bieber ok but that new single drives me crazy with the repetitive whistle freaking hoot owl noise or whatever that is. But clearly it doesn’t bother the majority of people since its doing well for him. It will be interesting to watch where his career goes. I think the next year or two will show whether he can garner a viable adult fanbase. I’m not ready to proclaim him the next JT quite yet though lol.

  • Tinawina

    Has anyone published an estimate for Carrie’s album yet? There should be one today, I just don’t remember what time it usually hits.

  • AllenTX

    How much did Stepheno’s single sell? 

  • Pam

    Has anyone published an estimate for Carrie’s album yet? There should be one today, I just don’t remember what time it usually hits.

    I don’t see anything posted yet but I’ll try to keep an eye out for it and post it if I’m here. 

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    Kris Allen, The Vision of Love (7,000 weekly, 21,000 release-to-date) 

    This is weird. The song is out for 5 weeks and we know it sold 11,000 the first. 

    That means it either sold only 10,000 total in 4 weeks or it sold 7,000/week but the total should be 39,000 [11,000+(4*7,000)] or it sold 7,000 only last week, but that would mean it only sold 3,000 during the week on idol+2 other weeks prior (which is nonsense because it cracked 150 on i-tunes).

    Or the 7,000 are not last week sales but the sales from idol week and the numbers are old. But that would mean he only sold 3,000 during 2nd,3rd and 5th week combined. 

    Something’s fishy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure AllenTX, but I think all these sales figures for the singles are from the week ending 4/21/12.  That was before Stefano’s single was released I think, and before he performed it on Idol. At least on Idol Chatter Brian Mansfield says to remember this info. is from a week ago, he just never got around to posting it until now.

  • Tinawina

    Thanks! I’ll pop in to HDD from time to time too. :)

  • Mateja Praznik

    Speaking of Bieber, it looks like “Boyfriend” has already peaked on CHR radio. It had a good run … for a few weeks. Time for a new single. 

  • Anonymous

     Nothing is fishy. The song was out of the top 1000 before the idol performance, remember?

    I still baffle at people reading to much into early sales numbers of songs that are yet to gain any traction on radio lol!

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    At least one of the numbers is wrong. It does not compute with what we know.

  • Anonymous


    I’m not sure AllenTX, but I think all these sales figures for the singles are from the week ending 4/21/12.  That was before Stefano’s single was released I think, and before he performed it on Idol. At least on Idol Chatter Brian Mansfield says to remember this info. is from a week ago, he just never got around to posting it until now.

    No, the extra numbers are from two weeks ago (TVOL, WWFM, BTIKM, and Daughtry’s songs).  The rest of the numbers are from last week, so if Stefano’s single was in the top 200 downloads last week Brian should have the numbers for it.  Brian could have missed it, and I can’t remember if Stefano’s single spent the entire week in the Itunes top 200.

  • Trina

    Didnt someone bring over here a Brian tweet the week after Kris’ performance that he didnt make the digital chart? If that was the case he may have very well only sold 3,000 that week if he didnt maintain the itunes position very long.

  • AllenTX

    Darn, look at Durbin’s and Kris’ #s. Man, out of 15million viewers, that’s it? 

  • Anonymous

    I think I would trust Brian’s numbers that come from someone who has an actual Soundscan account, before I would trust what “we know”.  There’s a difference between a song cracking 150 on Itunes, versus staying there all week.  If a song is the 150th best selling song on that chart for the week it’s easier to estimate how many copies it sold, but that’s not the case for a song that just stays at that level, or anywhere on the chart, for a day or two.

  • Anonymous

    Kris didn’t make the digital chart the week after he appeared on AI, but the 200th song on that chart probably sold around 10,000 copies.  

    Darn, look at Durbin’s and Kris’ #s. Man, out of 15million viewers, that’s it?

    In comparison to 15 million viewers, everybody’s numbers look bad.  

  • Dana Graffeo

    The numbers that Brian is reporting in his current posts are for sales week ending 4/29 chart week 5/12. The extra numbers in the comments that he got last week and forgot to post would have been for sales week ending 4/22 chart week 5/5.  So the 7,000 for TVOL would be the sales for the idol performance week.  It was also the debut week for NCOE which is probably how Brian got Adam’s other numbers maybe from an RCA rep.

    Release week for TVOL was sales week ending 4/1 chart date 4/14 so there would be 2 unreported chart weeks.
    week 1 11,000
    week 2 ?
    week 3?
    week 4 7,000 total 21,000
    So he averaged 1500/wk those two weeks. Remember since these are all rounded numbers all figures are +/- 500 units which at this level of sales is a huge margin of error.

    Since the idol performance is a Thurs night show you really only have 3 days of sales boost on that week. At the end of Sunday 4/22 TVOL was back down to 309 overall.

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    So the 7,000 really are from idol week, not last week and the total is for 4 week sales, not 5. That makes perfect sense now. The 21,000 aren’t release-to-date numbers, but release-to-4/22 total. That’s why the confusion. Thank you for explaining.

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    It made no sense and now that Dana Graffeo explained it we know i wasn’t wrong to be confused by the numbers. Than you again Dana!

  • Anonymous

    FYE is about 160,000 from platinum and IIHY in about 108,000 away.  I am hoping that era two might help them to reach that benchmark.  I think with IIHY there might be a chance, the album would need some really big pull that only a very successful era could bring.  No matter what, his first era’s sales were quite good for Idols of this day and age.  I love it when we get sales numbers for former season alums.

  • Enough already!

    Looks kinda like the one who is benefiting the most from an Idol appearance could be Queen, and they don’t really need any help.     Will be interesting to see what Bieber does in the next year or two–being a teen heartthrob has an expiration date.

  • Lexie

     Oh, wow, I just had to jump in and agree with the sentiment–I hate that repetitive whistle hoot owl whatever it is in JB’s song (yes, I’m the country fan, but have a teenaged daughter).  How can people stand that?  I cover my ears while I’m driving (okay, one ear at a time), and beg my daughter to change the channel.

    So happy Scotty’s sales are decent for a non-touring, not there yet with radio week–coming up on 7 months of sales this week:)))

  • djafan

    I’m not a Bieber fan but recognize that autotune and the powerful team
    he has supporting him has put him where he is.  The next MJ?  Never IMO
    not anywhere in the same universe.  The next JT?   JT has talent, is
    humble, is very charismatic and down to earth.  JB, not so much. If
    someone hires him a humility coach like they did a swagger coach he may
    have a chance.  I don’t see that happening though.  It seems like he’s
    bought into his own hype. My 15yr granddaughter doesn’t get the bieber fever but has jumped on the 1D bandwagon along with all her high school friends who can’t stand bieber.  It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

  • Anonymous

    How come Idol Chatter has the numbers for BTIKM but not NCOE? Nevermind I see those numbers are for the week ending 4/22 when he had access to downloads outside the Top 200.

    I think Brian forgot about Stefano because his single was def in the Top 200 on iTunes for the entire week. I think he probably sold around 15-20K downloads for the week. But that’s just a guess.

  • Anonymous

    That was NCOE’s debut week. He has already posted that it sold 29,000 that week.

  • Anonymous

    I figured out that we actually have two different weeks of downloads. It’s a rare event when we get numbers for Pop songs outside the Top 200 for the week.

    Someone should ask Brian for Stefano’s numbers. ;0

  • Anonymous

    HDD has made it’s prediction about Carrie’s album:

    Carrie Underwood’s poised for a #1 debut. Her new19/RCA Nashville album, Blown Away, will top next week’s chart with estimates of between 275-295k, according to one-day sales reports from retailers busy packing their bags for next week’s NARM convention in L.A.

    It’s the former American Idol winner’s fourth studio album and first since 2009’s Play On, which sold 318k on its debut Nov. 3 of that year on the way to a total over 2 million.

    Considering the drop in album sales since 2009, this isn’t a big drop at all.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just Kris and James. Daughtry’s single isn’t selling either. According to the numbers posted above, Outta My Head has actually sold less than The Vision Of Love. Kellie P’s Idol performance did little for her single sales. Scotty performed Water Tower Town on Idol, but that song isn’t on the sales chart above, either.

    Haley got a decent bump after her Idol performance, but the single hasn’t sold much sicne then. Stefano is likely to have decent sales off his Idol performance, but, again, the single has already slid down the chart.It’s pretty clear that Idol performances don’t really propel sales. It doesn’t seem to matter that much who you are, what season who are from, whether you are a former champ or not, etc. — You get a decent bump for 2-7 days, that’s it. 

  • Indigobunting

    I’m not a Scotty fan at all, but his album numbers are impressive- although he has had a TON of promotion, its still really good to sell 6k this long after debut with nothing significantly on the charts.

    Where are Casey James and Kellie P. album sales?  Maybe Brian will add them later.  Does anyone know when Crying On A Suitcase will go for adds?  Although I think it is too similar in tempo, etc to LDCIAN I think it will do better on radio than Drive would.

  • Trina

    Hiring a humility coach wont make Justin any more successful. In fact the music world is filled with auto-tuned douchebags that are successful.  And no hes not going to be the next MJ or JT, but some of are just putting out there why he MAY have some staying power. Of course not everyone is going to like him or see any reason why he may stick around.

    Those are fantastic numbers for Carrie.  The Idol performance may trend those numbers up even more.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “If someone hires him a humility coach like they did a swagger coach he may have a chance.”

    lol  I thought that you were joking about this, but then I found this:

    Good, whose official title was “road manager,” was a former assistant
    to Bieber’s mentor, Usher, and was brought on the Bieber bandwagon to
    help him with his image.

    “I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do,” Bieber said in 2010,
    adding, “He has helped me with my style and just putting different
    pieces together and being able to layer and stuff like that.”

    Hilarious!  :D

  • fuzzywuzzy

    ” Oh, wow, I just had to jump in and agree with the sentiment–I hate
    that repetitive whistle hoot owl whatever it is in JB’s song (yes, I’m
    the country fan, but have a teenaged daughter).  How can people stand
    that?  I cover my ears while I’m driving (okay, one ear at a time), and
    beg my daughter to change the channel.”

    lol It sounds like a pod of whales to me.

  • AllenTX

    But Daughtry already sold 400k albums. Most idol viewers who might have bought the song already have it. Same with Scotty.

  • Anonymous

     scotty hasnt also toured since febuary, he was on idol and the awards show, but really has done one solo concert since, somehow people are still buying cad, its to bad radio really hasnt given him total support or i can imagine what he sells would be like, hopefully his sales are going to go up again as he is starting out again with brad paisley and the band perry on the may 18th and at the grand ole opry on the 12th with carrie

  • Lexie

     Agreed.  It was funny, when some people were getting excited about WTT being Scotty’s new single, others were like, what are you talking about, I’ve been listening to it for months…

    The thing is, whale music is soothing?:))

    I know this goes in Headlines, but hopeful WTT sales and spins pick up when he starts touring, etc. again.  Just found out that he’s scheduled to perform at the Opry on the 12th with Brad and Carrie also there.  Wow, sometimes I wish I lived in Nashville!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it…where are Haley’s sales for Free?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure how you can say if someone sold 400,000 albums that most of the Idol viewers already have their album.  Idol viewers total around 15 million or more per episode. As someone else said, if you are going to put it in the context of all Idol viewers, than all of their sales figures look smaller than they should. If only all 15 million viewers also bought the music…wouldn’t that be great, but as we all know, that’s not the case and never has been.

  • Tinawina

    I think if you are going to measure the impact of Idol bumps for people who have albums out, you have to look at the album sales as well. By that measure, both Scotty and Daughtry saw a nice benefit from their performances. Its a bit like when people kept inferring that “September” from Daughtry’s last album was a massive flop that didn’t deserve its airplay, even though it kept his year old album in the B200 during its run. Singles are supposed to sell albums (and to some degree, concert tickets) as well as themselves. Selling any of that counts towards success to me.

    Anyway, I am really bummed about Kris’ song so far. Honestly I think it is the best, catchiest single of all the latest Idol singles, and I really thought it would do well on the HAC charts. But early indications are not great as far as generating a lot of interest at radio or through what I thought was a pretty good Idol performance. I’m not losing all hope, but I am not feeling as optimistic as I was when I first heard the song. Boo. :(

    And finally…. YAY CARRIE! Girl’s got staying power, but we knew that. Heh. This is the first album of hers that I am considering buying.

  • Anonymous

    The last time we had access to the Itunes 1000 it wasn’t on the chart, so the only way to get the numbers is to ask Brian Mansfield.  But, since it was out of the top 1000, we can pretty much assume that it is selling less than 2000 copies a week.

  • Anonymous

    How is that any different from James’ album having been out since November, for example? Most Idol viewers who are the most likely to buy HTH may have already done so. Unless the song hasn’t been released prior to the AI performance, most people who are fans of the artist will already have bought the song. This is why Haley and Stefano got larger bumps –their song came out the same week as their Idol performance, so people hadn’t had the chance to already have bought it. Daughtry, James, Kris, etc. didn’t perform on Idol until their song had already been in release for weeks (or even months).This is why Adam probably isn’t going to get a huge bump for NCOE when he performs it — the song is already in release and most of his hardcore fanbase already has bought it. Same thing with Carrie, if she performs “Good Girl” on Thursday — people already have that song, so its bump probably won’t be huge. Adam & Carrie are much more likely to see big bumps in album sales off these upcoming performances. David Cook, on the other hand, might get really good sales from his AI performance on 5/10 since he will be performing a brand new song that isn’t in release yet.

  • Anonymous

    Kris hasn’t really done any promo for this song, aside from the AI performance. Unless RCA actually sends him out to radio stations on a promo tour, this song isn’t going to go anywhere. And even if they do send him out to do promo, it may not go anywhere. 

    I keep hearing he has a lot of promo lined up for the end of the month and Juen, so RCA may have decided to try and promote the album as a whole ratehr than the single, or may have decided to wait to promote the single until closer to the album release date. Can’t say that I understand what’s going on with this, TBH.

  • YankeeFan08

    You basically said the same thing yesterday about not expecting a big bump for NCOE from Adam’s AI performance.  If you think no one will buy it because his hardcore fan base has already bought it, how do you explain the 100,000+ downloads for WWFM when he performed on AI?  That song was clearly at its peak and obviously his hardcore fan base had already bought it yet he sold a huge number that week.  How can you explain that?

  • Stefan Wind

    According to her Wikipedia page “Free” has sold 68,000 copies. Not too bad since it just broke the Top 40 AC a couple of days ago.

    Go Haley!!!

  • Pam

    Wow.  That’s a very nice opening week projection for Carrie’s album and of
    course that figure could possibly trend upward when the projections come
    out for the weekend late tomorrow night.  Considering what PO sold it’s first week, that
    drop isn’t bad at all.

    Congrats Carrie! 

    Thanks elliegrll for posting the projections!  :)

  • Pam

    That article about the Biebs was hilarious.  Thanks for the good laugh today.  I needed that.  Heh!

  • AllenTX

    I meant among those viewers, those might have inclined to buy the song already have the album. 400k, there got be lots of idol viewers. Anyway, I’m surprised that anybody actually tries to deny the obvious here. 

    I think Adam can have a similar bump as Cook did with his first single. Whatever Cook’s total single sales after AI performance was, Adam’s total # after AI will probably be in that balllpark, maybe a little bit more.

  • AllenTX

    Still no Stepheno’s #? and any sign of this on radio?

  • Kayla

    How can you explain that?

    Because WWFM was already getting substantial radio play. People don’t usually buy a song after the first listen. It often takes the repetition of radio for many to finally make an effort to go download the song, but a really good TV performance to a large audience when a song is nearing it’s peak on radio and is familiar is often the exact push they need to buy the song.

    Since BTIKM didn’t catch on at radio and the single Adam’s performing is new, that magic formula is off the table. It’s okay though, because RCA’s is probably hoping that casual fans just need a reminder that Adam has an album out for them to plunk down the cash for the full thing, not just a single.

  • Anonymous

    Did you expect the song to sell 0 copies that week?  Sales of the single doubled the week of the performance, so we can’t attribute all of the total sold to the appearance.  At the time the song was getting a lot of airplay, and those songs tend benefit more from one off tv performances than new songs that aren’t getting airplay.

  • Anonymous

    Stefano’s I’m On a Roll debuted with 20,000 downloads updated numbers from Brian.

  • AllenTX

    Exactly, there is no way Adam will get as big bump as he got for WWFM. radioplay aside, back then, Adam was still relatively “fresh” on viewers’ mind.  It’s a bit like this, right off idol, you song sells 100k first week after idol performance, a year after, you can get like 50k top bump, 2, 3 years later, you’re lucky to get 5-10k bump.

  • Anonymous

     Lol, the Wikipedia #s for Free vary each day – basically everyone is guessing (and/or being mischevious)! The figures published have been
    week 1 (20 Mar – 25 Mar) 35,292
    week 2 (26 Mar – 1 Apr) 12k, total 48k
    and no info since! :)

  • mmb

    The kids fresh off idol aren’t selling 100K the week of or after their idol performances this year.  Nor did they last year.  Nor did they the year before except Adam’s WWFM.  And the reason WWFM sold so well was, as others have mentioned,  it was just a tiny bit past its radio airplay peak and was hovering around 12/13ish on the pop chart and in the top 10 or top 5 on hac and ac at the time.  The song had been out since November and the performance was in, what, April or something? (i would also note that a few years ago fans could purchase the same song on itunes more than once — so if they wanted to support their fav after an idol performance they could spend another buck on itunes– you can’t do that anymore.  Probably only accounts for a few thousand downloads, but…)  If Kelly performed WDKY last month it would have sold a ton; Carrie will likely get a huge bump from Good Girl.  Because they are popular songs heard on the radio.  But brand new songs with no airplay just aren’t getting huge sales from Idol anymore, regardless of who you are or when you graduated from idol.

  • Trina

    I dont put Scotty, Daughtry, Kris and Adam in the same boat at ALL. There is a huge difference between having an album out a few months that already sold 400k-1 million and having a new single out that sold 20,000+ copies.  I dont expect NCOE to get a WWFM level bump but I strongly disagree that the core fanbase all bought it already. Hell I just talked to a friend yesterday who LOVES Adam but has been so buried in studying for a major exam that she had no idea about NCOE. How much of a bump former Idols get when performing a new song is never going to be equal and impossible to predict. 

  • AllenTX

    Didn’t No Boundaries go right up to #1? and even those moldy covers those contestants sang on all sorts of singing shows routinely shoot up Itunes ranking? The problem is where those buyers go after the season is over. 

  • Anonymous

    LOL, so according to the posters here, Adam’s going to sell between 5k and 110k downloads of NCOE when he performs. Whatever he sells, it’s great promo, as it is for anyone who performs on idol. I’m just excited to see the performance. Can’t really be bothered to worry about the sales.

  • Pam

    From UK Mix:

    Pop Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “We Are Young” fun. Featuring Janelle Monae
    Greatest Gainer No. 17 “Payphone” Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa
    Debut No. 32 “Scream” Usher
    Debut No. 38 “I Won’t Give Up” Jason Mraz
    Debut No. 39 “How We Do (Party)” Rita Ora
    Re-entry No. 40 “Paradise” Coldplay

    After charting for a week at No. 37 almost six months ago, “Paradise” re-enters Pop Songs at No. 40 with a 77% increase in plays on 31 reporters, according to Nielsen BDS. Capitol is now promoting the song after two tracks from “Mylo Xyloto” reached the chart’s top 25: “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” (No. 25) and “Princess of China,” featuring Coldplay (No. 24). “Paradise” topped Alternative Songs the week of Dec. 3 and has sold 2 million downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    Adult Contemporary
    *** No. 1 *** “Set Fire To The Rain” Adele
    Greatest Gainer No. 6 “Someone Like You” Adele
    Debut No. 29 “Eyes For You” Daryl Hall

    Adult Pop Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “We Are Young” fun. Featuring Janelle Monae
    Greatest Gainer No. 13 “Payphone” Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa
    Debut No. 37 “Boyfriend” Justin Bieber
    Debut No. 38 “The A Team” Ed Sheeran
    Debut No. 40 “Free” Haley Reinhart

    Dance/Club Play Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Part Of Me” Katy Perry

    Perry scores her ninth leader on the list, all consecutively beginning with “Waking Up in Vegas” in 2009.

    Greatest Gainer No. 6 “Dance Again” Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull
    Hot Shot Debut No. 39 “Climax” Usher
    Debut No. 44 “The Night Out” Martin Solveig
    Debut No. 46 “Capture Your Love” Laura LaRue
    Debut No. 47 “Trust Me” Matt Zarley
    Debut No. 50 “Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker” Dada Life

    Rap Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “The Motto” Drake Featuring Lil Wayne
    Debut No. 24 “Beez In The Trap” Nicki Minaj Featuring 2 Chainz
    Greatest Gainer “Work Hard, Play Hard” Wiz Khalifa

    Rock Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Somebody That I Used To Know” Gotye Featuring Kimbra
    Hot Shot Debut/Greatest Gainer No. 31 “Days Go By” The Offspring
    Debut No. 48 “Headlong Flight” Rush
    Debut No. 49 “Weatherman” Dead Sara

    Alternative Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Somebody That I Used To Know” Gotye Featuring Kimbra
    Debut/Greatest Gainer No. 31 “Days Go By” The Offspring
    Debut No. 35 “Hold On” Alabama Shakes

    Country Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Banjo” Rascal Flatts
    Greatest Gainer No. 6 “No Hurry” Zac Brown Band
    Hot Shot Debut No. 53 “100 Proof” Kellie Pickler
    Debut No. 55 “How Country Feels” Randy Houser
    Debut No. 59 “Guy’s Girl” Jaida Dreyer

    Latin Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” Michel Telo
    Greatest Gainer No. 27 “La Mosca” Los Horoscopos de Durango Featuring
    Chuy Lizarraga
    Hot Shot Debut No. 34 “La Banda” N’Klabe
    Debut No. 37 “Dance Again” Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull
    Debut No. 39 “El Pasado Es Pasado” La Adictiva Banda San Jose de Mesillas
    Debut No. 46 “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” Kelly

    Debut No. 48 “Sin Respiracion” Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga

    Regional Mexican Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Llamada De Mi Ex” La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de
    Rene Camacho
    Greatest Gainer No. 13 “La Mosca” Los Horoscopos de Durango Featuring
    Chuy Lizarraga
    Debut No. 27 “El Heredero” Los Morros del Norte
    Debut No. 38 “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” Michel Telo

    Latin Pop Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” Michel Telo
    Greatest Gainer No. 20 “Dance Again” Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull
    Debut No. 33 “La Diabla” Romeo Santos
    Debut No. 34 “Back In Time” Pitbull
    Debut No. 38 “La La La (Hot Girls)” Da’ Zoo
    Debut No. 39 “Hasta Que Salga El Sol” Don Omar

    Tropical Songs
    *** No. 1 ***/Greatest Gainer “La Banda” N’Klabe
    Debut No. 35 “Someone Like You” Adele
    Debut No. 37 “Una Noche No Es Bastante” Alex Matos

    Christian Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “Where I Belong” Building 429
    Greatest Gainer No. 8 “Carry Me To The Cross” Kutless
    Hot Shot Debut No. 42 “The Proof Of Your Love” for King & Country

    Gospel Songs
    *** No. 1 *** “I Feel Good” Fred Hammond
    Greatest Gainer No. 10 “Awesome” Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago

  • Stefan Wind

    I’ve seen it change every week though. This week it went from 67,000 – 68,000. 

  • Anonymous

    1D will likely have a good 2 year run, then break up. One of them will become a solo star, one will go into acting, one will enter rehab, one will disappear from public view, one will do a reality tv show for Seacrest. I’m calling it now.

    I’m voting on Harry for rehab.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt that the covers are shooting up Itunes.  We saw that earlier this season, when the numbers were leaked, and only three or four of the current idols had songs in the top 1000, and only two were in the top 200.  If that wasn’t a clue that American Idol fans aren’t buying as much music that their favorites release, then the dip in idol studio singles and compilation albums since season 7 is a bigger clue.  It’s not a great comparison, since Cook and Archie’s singles were only available for a week, Kris and Adam had compilation albums available from Itunes, and the season ten people had compilation albums that were available elsewhere, but the number sold each season has seen an obvious decline.

    We don’t even see the original recordings that the idol alums perform each week race up the chart, as we’ve seen in the past.

  • Anonymous

    It has also been 110,000 and 199,000 at different times during the last week, and there’s no citation for the sales, just chart positions, which makes me think nothing’s confirmed!

    Lol people have fun with Wikipedia!

  • CSFan

    It was easy to miss but I just noticed Diana DeGarmo’s song Good Goodbye, has sold 13,000 copies without radio play or any national publicity beyond the one performance of it on Y&R. Nice to see her doing well.

  • Taylor

    From the top 10 this season:

    Colton reportedly got as high as #20

    OOPS. The American Idol studio performances are showing up on the iTunes
    rankings. Before Idol and Apple close up the breach, let’s take a look at the
    iTunes rankings as of 9:15 on Thursday morning.

    25 Piano Man (American Idol Performance) – Colton Dixon
    83 Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) [American Idol Performance] – Phillip Phillips
    215 Vienna (American Idol Peformance) – Elise Testone
    266 Everybody Has a Dream (American Idol Performance) – Jessica Sanchez

  • Roger Kramjet

    So if Adam sells more than 10k singles it will be an earth shattering event. Those sales numbers will dash your expections and leave you cheering from the rooftop Go Adam Go Adam! If I were a betting man I would take that bet. I look forward to you celebrating with everybody after the Idol performance encourages the audience who have been missing Adam so much to remember why and buy a piece of the magic to hold onto. lol

  • Roger Kramjet

    Bieber unfortunately is like the Wanted and One Direction at the moment. You cannot avoid them if you are sitting in your car driving somewhere. Bieber’s lyrics for Boyfriend are laughable and predictable. I heard it once and that was enough for me. The Wanted song was on Serius SO many times as I was driving around town yesterday I actually screamed at the radio. I cannot change the channel fast enough and I like the song but OMG overkill. One Direction same thing overkill. We all know they are the boyband flavor of the moment. Maybe if they and we are lucky they will go away and come back in 20 years to tour for their aging fans like NKOTB and BSB but for now I would love for them to go away. 

  • Anonymous

    How did Adam selling half as many singles after an Idol appearance as Stefano turn into a big deal. I’m confuzzled. ;0

  • Roger Kramjet

    Hopefully since Beiber looks surprisingly similar to Adam Lambert’s new album Trespassing his fans mistakenly buy Adam’s instead. lol I don’t follow the Beeb but if he or his people are in a happy of copying other artists ideas I doubt he will be around for the long haul. Especially when it is so apparent to everybody that he did not have an original idea. Isn’t he Ushers puppet?

  • Anonymous

    Why would Bieber try to do what Adam is doing? Bieber is way more successful. It doesn’t really make much sense. Plus they seem to have totally different fan bases.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I am not so sure about that. Radio seems to be bending over backwards for the 1D fans and they try to stir up the prepubescent girls into a frenzy it is actually funny to listen to and watch. Why can’t I spell lately btw? lol

  • Roger Kramjet

    That would be a blessing. The lyrics of that song are laughable in my opinion. Go away boyfriend. lol

  • Roger Kramjet

    Because Bieber is an Usher puppet that doesn’t have an original bone in his body. Swagger coach! lol Original indeed.

  • weezle

    Good question!  Could be they ran out of ideas for Beibs, but the truth of the matter is…..his management copied very closely Adams image …thats all there is to that,  no one was disputing Beibs success!!!!  Just the lack of creativity from his management..

  • Anonymous

    I think Adam will sell well, he has a good performance slot and he’s good, live. I have no idea how much, and I’m no good at predicting.

    But WWFM was a very special case, he was on the show for 2 nights. He got a lot of promotion, there were a lot of headlines due to a former contestant being asked to mentor for the first time. Seacrest mentioned the title numerous times, the whole performance was built up to. Very few if any non-winning finalists from the previous season – or their current singles – have ever been accorded that kind of on-air promotion on AI.

    So that’s one way I’d explain the high sales. Not saying they weren’t deserved – it’s a good song and Adam’s performance was huge – but it’s not just talent that sells things. If they’re promoted right it helps a lot to drive up the numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for confirming what I said.  I didn’t remember the numbers specifically, but I thought I remembered only two people being in the top 200.  Compare that to Nigel Lythgoe remarking last year that every week they usually have at least one person in the top ten.  Maybe Colton got there towards the end of the day, since both he and Phillip’s performances started rising on Thursday.

  • Anonymous

    How did Adam selling half as many singles after an Idol appearance as Stefano turn into a big deal. I’m confuzzled. ;0

    I don’t know how it became the subject.  I don’t think that anyone can predict how many singles he will sell after the performance.  I just know that it makes no sense to expect someone to sell the same amount of a single that’s not getting a lot of airplay as they did of a single that was getting a lot of spins, and that would be familiar to people, even if they were not fans of Adam’s.

  • julia

     How did Adam selling half as many singles after an Idol appearance as Stefano turn into a big deal. I’m confuzzled. ;0

    I’m even more confused.  Are you pretending this actually happened or is it a prediction?

  • Anonymous

    I agree about Kris Allen, something doesn’t sound right. He is not getting the proper credit for his music. The Vision of Love is a great song and RCA should be really promoting this song and his upcoming CD. I will buy Kris’s new CD!

  • Anonymous

    I think Kris Allen is not being promoted very well by RCA. His new song is really good and should be a big hit. I don’t think it is getting the airplay it deserves, while most radio stations play the same 10 songs over and over and over. I will buy Kris’s new CD I think he is a real talent! I also think something is fishy too concerning his CD sales for the Vision of Love.