Idol Headlines for 9/20/12 – The Evening Edition

Lee DeWyze has some new concert dates. His mini-tour begins on October 27 in Fairfield CT. Check out the dates and ticket information HERE.

Christina Grimmie Presents “The Road Show” – Episode 5 Idol Chat

Christina and Colton Dixon interview each other.

Carrie Underwood Among Stars Set for CMT’s ‘Empowering Education’ Initiative

CMT, a unit of Viacom, Inc., has launched a new pro-social initiative, CMT EMPOWERING EDUCATION, which challenges CMT viewers to pursue post-secondary education with the creation of the website, – a one-stop resource providing information on schools, career paths, motivation and financial resources. CMT has recruited some of music’s biggest names to motivate and inspire viewers with their own education stories, including Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, who are all featured on the site. Broken Bow’s Dustin Lynch performed at a CMT-hosted event last night in Washington, D.C. to launch the initiative.

Kris Allen Continues Curse Of ‘American Idol’ Male Winners – he “American Idol” gender gap is turning into a canyon. While the four female winners have all maintained varying degrees of success from smash (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson) to respected and solid (Fantasia) to multi-disciplinary good (Jordin Sparks), the same can’t be said for the male champs.? With the news this week that Kris Allen has parted ways with his major label home after two modestly selling albums, all but the two most recent male “Idol” winners have lost their label deals. Meanwhile, the four women have kept theirs. In fact, out of the first five male “Idol” champs, only one has made it past their second major label release. – Read more at MTV

Pia Toscano Interview: New Music, Working with Harvey Mason Jr, American Idol

Why Is Demi Lovato Hesitant To Be Critical On The X Factor?

Demi Lovato chats with Access after speaking at The Young Women’s Leadership School in East Harlem about bullying. Why does she find herself hesitant to be critical of contestants on “The X Factor”?

Casey James Interview: Singer Dishes on Acting Anxieties, ‘Homeless’ Days and What He Does With Fan Phone Numbers – In his new ‘Crying on a Suitcase’ music video Casey James makes his acting debut, and he admits he was nervous about it. One would never guess as much after watching the finished treatment for the clip, however, as James plays the part like he smiles or plays his guitar — naturally. The 30-year-old’s follow-up single promises to best his debut in terms of chart success, but even if it doesn’t, it sounds like James will still be at peace with his music and career. During a recent phone interview with Taste of Country, the one-time ‘American Idol’ contestant shared that there are certain things beyond his control, and how much airplay he gets may be one of those things. – Read more at Taste of Country

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Kimberley Locke’s ‘Free’ From ‘American Idol’s’ Shadow – Locke’s successes don’t stop there. Following a memorable stint on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and has kept all the weight off. She recently launched her own online series, Cooking with Kimberley, which helps people eat in moderation like she does. But let’s get back to the music. Locke has her own company (I Am Entertainment) and recently dropped the EP “Four For The Floor” and a remix album. Last week, she filmed an A-Sides at the Music Conservatory of Westchester and performed new single “Finally Free” in stripped down fashion. Watch. Listen. Love. – Watch the Videos at Huffington Post

Phillip Phillips unlike other AI winners – MANILA, Philippines – For many a singer, the first public performance would probably count as the most unforgettable memory, and Phillip Phillips, American Idol Season 11 winner, remembers his own experience very well. Talking to the media in his charming southern drawl during a presscon at the Manila Hotel last Tuesday, the 22-year-old singer from Georgia said that his singing was an accidental discovery. Phillip and the rest of the Season 11 finalists, including Fil-Am first runner-up Jessica Sanchez, are in town for a concert tonight, the final and only overseas stop of their 45-date American Idol Live Tour. – Read more at

‘Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars': First Rehearsals (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) – “Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars” is almost here (two-night premiere begins Mon., Sept. 24, 8 p.m. ET on ABC) and we’ve got the exclusive sneak peek at all 13 pairs in their very first rehearsals. Who wore matching track suits their first day back in the studio? And which star’s dance pants from last time no longer fit? – See the Video at Huffington

Glee’s’ Ryan Murphy: ‘I Have a Really Renewed Passion’ for the Series – What I wanted to do with Glee was get back to the roots of what it was. We got back to the idea of looking at a long-term goal; to really take it back to its underdog roots. That was a natural choice we made to send Rachel and Kurt to New York because once again, they are little fish in a big pond. That opened us up to write stories where you could root for them, and follow them and invest in their hopes and dreams like people seemed to have done at the beginning of the show. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Glee’s New Girls on Rachel-Quinn Comparisons, Rivalries, and Being “Thrown in the Deep End” – “The New Rachel.” That title may have gone to Blaine (Darren Criss) following his “Call Me Maybe”-off with Tina, Unique and Brittany, but after Glee’s season premiere, fans seem to think there may be another worthy candidate — new girl Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist). “It’s a lot of pressure because obviously I have some really big shoes to fill,” Benoist tells of the comparisons to New Directions’ former shining star. “But I think that Marley is so different from Rachel and will just bring a new fresh attitude and energy.” – Read more at TV Guide

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  • ri2

    CaseyJ has gotta just be the sweetest guy ever.

  • ladymctech

    Two of Lee’s shows are near me. Decisions…

  • merkureye

    That Christina Grimmie and Colton vid was really cute.  Both so talented.  May be some chemistry there.  Budding romance?

  • lisa

    I 2nd that!

  • Caro3278sweet


    I would never set a goal that I don’t have control over achieving. 

    And wise too.

  • justmefornow

    James’ StageIt show starts in 30 minutes. Thought I’d share a bit of news that makes me feel poor, or not much of a diehard fan, lol.
    The show hasn’t even started yet and James has over $2000 dollars (not notes) in tips! 
    Don’t know much about StageIt is this normal? If it is I can see why so many artists are now doing this!

  • Eilonwy

    WHAT?Don’t know much about StageIt is this normal? If it is I can see why so many artists are now doing this!

    While I can’t give you real numbers for comparison, in a very broad general way I can tell you that generous tipping is part of the event with StageIt shows that get a decent-sized (150+) audience. What Durbin’s getting is a very nice amount, regardless of what anybody else gets.

    StageIt gets 40% of the tips as well as 40% of the original ticket price, but yeah, there are artists who make what they consider “real money” on StageIt (Business Week from February). And 40% is not AT ALL out-of-line for a venue’s cut of ticket prices.

    It turns out to be an interesting business model, as what you’ve essentially got here is a “set your own price” model for ticket prices, but with a guaranteed minimum.

  • gatorgirl5028

    I’d vote for both lol! Of course I’m lobbying hard to get Lee to come to Florida :)

  • justmefornow

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting.
    Looks like pretty easy money.Gotta go!  :)

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Carrie Underwood ?@carrieunderwood
    Does anyone know how to get rid of hiccups? I’m going in for the show and have them bad! They need to stop or I can’t sing! Ahh!!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I already saw that and pitched in with my advice:))  I’ve often wondered how performers deal with just every day body stuff…it’s bad enough being a teacher.  Now, that I think about it, I’ve never had a problem with hiccups but my stomach has growled…very loudly…ugh.  Poor Carrie!

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Carrie’s been performing for years, even prior to Idol. I guess she’s never had hiccups right before she had to sing before? It’s just funny to think about.

  • Van

    Adorable. Kelly tweeted a picture of her and her boyfriend’s dog.
    Kelly Clarkson @kelly_clarkson:twitter Meet our new puppy y’all! This is Bear! 

  • Larc

    That looks like a “puppy” that will grow up to be half the size of a pony.

  • justmefornow

    James’ StageIt show was great!!! They played for 45 min. or so. In addition to songs from MOABD, he sang “In the Name of Love”, a more rockin’ version than the first ballad version, and two more new songs called “Not Alone” and a bit of one called “We All Go Marching On”.
    He also mentioned the names of other new songs they are working on called: “Beg, Borrow or Steal”, “Everything”, “Change the World”, “Love and Lies” and “Santa Cruz”.
    Also a mention of doing possibly another StageIt show.
    VERY excited for the new album!

    (Oh and he mentioned he’s now going back to work tonight to do more recording. I wish I had his energy. lol)

  • girlygirltoo

    Interesting that Kris is evidently also playing a show in Fairfield, CT — on the day before Lee (10/26) — part of Kris’ fall tour that is starting to take shape… 

    ETA – and another show date that isn’t listed yet on the Fleming Artists site. This one in Nashville :)

  • girlygirltoo

    IKR? But it’s so cute…those ears :)

  • heartly

    That dog is going to be huge!  Guess Brandon wanted a real dog and not those little mutts she already has.  ;)  lol

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris raised over $15,000 for his StageIt show, but 50% of the amount raised was for charity, so I doubt that is standard for a non-charity-related show on that site. I believe Lee got at least $2-3K in “tips” for his last StageIt show, although someone who actually saw that performance would likely know better than me.

  • HMc

    Liked James show too ! I really liked the last song :) ” Not Alone” (is that the title ?) I hope his 2nd album will rock !!!

  • durbesque

    “Love is all I have for you”, love and a boatload of talent.  10 songs, 46 minutes, got it all on CD.  James writes like he sings…open, full, rich, passionate.  The total package, and then some.     

  • sabbia

    I was looking for you. Were you “gs”? 

    I thought James’ voice sounded great tonight. My favorite song of the night, by far, was the different twist of HTH. 

    I know it is sometimes difficult to know the true sound/style of a recorded album from acoustic versions but from what I heard of the new songs, I just am not getting the impression that it will have a much harder rock sound/flavor overall than MOABD (without the bonus tracks). I guess we shall see.

  • justmefornow

    That is so great to hear about both of them too!
    James was getting tips steadily throughout the show too, so his total should really be up there!

    The studio looked great too. It was set up similar to a stage setting with Jeff in back on the drums, James and Blake up front on guitars.
    They had a large lit sign on the wall behind them of James name in the same font from his album cover.
    Is this a standard setup too, or was this because it was broadcast from a recording studio?

    And you could hear James Michael off camera talking to them sometimes. I kept asking in my messages for him to sit in with band, lol.

  • justmefornow

    Yeah, that was me ;) 
    HTH was great, it almost sounded like it was done in a minor key.
    As for the sound of the new album, with all of the new songs being acoustic it’s really hard to tell.
    Look how HTH sounded tonight, for instance, compared to the version on MOABD. Very stripped down, almost a different song, so who knows?
    The basic melodies and lyrics are what I wanted to hear, to get a general idea of his writing style.
    I liked what I heard. He has grown so much as an artist in the last year, it’s remarkable.

  • Haventsleptyet

    Pretty sure Lee got way more than 3K :) He’s doing a 2nd Stageit show for a charity called the Playing For Change Foundation 9/25 9pmET Its pay what you can and Im sure it will be awesome like the last one!  
    So glad he’s finally getting another tour! More shows are coming. @RedBeanieblog will have all the dates as they get released! I’ll be at the Chicago show Nov 5th!!!!!

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Carrie Underwood ?@carrieunderwood
    Whew! Hiccups went away just in time for the show! That was a close one! Thanks for all the remedies! 

  • girlygirltoo

    It might be because they are using the same booking agency, but Lee and Kris are playing a lot of the same cities, and some of the dates are pretty close together.

    Kris’ StageIt show this coming Sunday is for charity as well (to help pay for medical costs of this kid who suffered traumatic brain injury). They are hoping to raise at least $20,000 between the livestream “tips” and ticket $ and the actual in-person revenue (the show is taking place in a venue outside of Seattle).

  • thirdtime

    I had no idea they brought in that kind of money for the StageIt shows.  No wonder the Idols are all doing them!  I was stunned to see tips to James in the hundreds at a time – one woman tipped throughout the show $50 at a shot at least six times – and ended up coming in as the second highest tipper of the night.  I couldn’t believe people were tipping $100, $200, $300 or more for a 50 minute online show.  Just wow, I was impressed.  People are really big spenders!  Really great for James and all the other Idols who do these shows, and the fans really seemed to enjoy it too.  Great all around.

    BTW, I absolutely love that last song he sang – one of the new songs – I think it’s called Not Alone.  I think that is my favorite of the new ones he sang tonight.

  • DragonFly

    Didn’t have a good connection but very much enjoyed the “live” conversations, new songs…. & when James picked up Hunter for a really quick camera shot (lol Hunter’s not expecting it) plus…. he & Heidi becoming the messengers w/questions.  Would have liked a few harder-hitting questions that we all want answered about the album, oh well.  Heidi had posted on her site days ago that the tips were 100% the artists & 40% of the ticket purchases were StageIts.  Hope that’s true.  I think it also becomes a real confidence builder to know fans will throw tips your way.  Neat show, been awhile.  Would love to have heard more about touring.  And last…liked James word for fans–loyal, & their having his back.  His fanbase is truely that!

  • thirdtime

    I think StageIt usually takes 40% of the tips but Heidi said James could keep all the tips for this show.  So I’m wondering if they can negotiate with StageIt on things like that – or maybe with only their first show they get to keep all the tip money.  Who knows.  I also think James is probably splitting everything he made tonight with Blake and Jeff, because when James thanked everyone for being so generous with the tipping Jeff nodded and put his arm up.  The guys looked really, really happy tonight.  And they sounded great.

    ETA: I also liked when a fan asked the question, use one word to describe your fans James included the guys and let them each choose one word. Jeff: Steadfast. Blake: Awesome. James: Loyal. Steadfast, awesome and loyal, that’s how they describe their fanbase. Lol.

  • thirdtime

    I’m watching Simon and Brittney Spears together on Jimmy Kimmel – they are both really funny and Brittney is coming off as so sweet (and humble).

  • Hugh29

    I loved James show tonight, he sounded extremely polished, the new songs are going to be amazing.  It was funny seeing all the usual suspects of his fanbase scroll by, even at the very end ‘voltech’ chimed in once.  I agree he had a pretty good haul, I bought two tickets and tipped two different amounts on them to get an idea based upon the resulting rankings.  What a great medium for his fans to ‘invest’ in his career.   His guitar is getting better, he played some chords that were more complex than usual – definitely been practicing.

  • Kariann Hart

    That’s great Heidi said that James got to keep all his tips. The group obviously appreciates their fans!

    For me, Kimberley was such an important part of Season 2, adding more excitement than I imagined with Clay and Ruben.  She’s very talented and I am she’s having this success!

    CaseyJ is a sweetheart, and I appreciate Carrie’s involvement in good causes!

  • girlygirltoo

    Heidi might be misinformed.

  • Gretchen

    Kris is scheduled for Fairfield, CT the day before Lee is? Cool! That is my hometown!

    Though it is funny (funny-strange) that neither show is listed on the Fairfield Theatre Company’s website… 

  • thirdtime

    Is anyone else watching Jimmy Kimmel?  So funny – he had Simon and Brittney playing a game to see who knew each other best and the winner got a copy of Randy Jackson’s book – What’s Up Dawg.  Lol.

  • shamrock

    Loved James Stageit show, too. o/ It was well worth to get up for… but is there a voluntary to go in for work for me today? LOL.

    I think I agree with Sabbia that the bluesy version of HTH was my overall favourite, didn’t expect such an arrangment for the song at all, and it sounded just great. :D

    I think all of the new songs have the potential to be awesome, they have a good melody structure and can showcase James voice. I guess the recorded arrangement can sound pretty different, underlayed with heavy guitar riffs and such – we’ll see. *drums with fingers impatiently and wishes the new album was already there*

    I also saw people “throwing in” 50 $ after 50 $, and the top bidder never once changed place, though I didn’t notice she tipped at all during the show. :o

  • thirdtime

    A couple thousand dollars of tips were placed before the show even started, in this past week.

  • shamrock

     Yes I know, but so the top-tipper placed more than the 200, 300, 400 $ that people were placing during the show – colour me impressed.

  • girlygirltoo

    Did James have prizes for the top tippers?

  • girlygirltoo

    I just went on the StageIt site and saw that Kris added more tickets for his show. That’s either the 3rd or 4th time the tickets that were available have sold out :)

    Also, I saw that Haley is doing a StageIt show on October 16

  • Haventsleptyet

    Oh that’s very cool. A live stream of a show….hmmm I’ll have to tweet that to Lee!!! I might buy a ticket for Kris’s show. Thanks! 

  • GaryOC

    This is another good interview with Pia Toscano and Harvey Mason Jr. that talks a little more about what Pia’s album will be like. Harvey sounds pretty damn excited to be working with Pia.

  • DragonFly

    Stated prize for James StageIt show: Top tipper won a personal phone call from him and a handwritten, signed lyric sheet to their favorite song! 

  • DragonFly

    Listed prize for James StageIt show was: Top tipper will win a personal phone call from him and a handwritten, signed lyric sheet to their favorite song! 

  • justmefornow

    Here’s a fan embellished screen shot that shows a little of the studio setup for the StageIt show last night.
    (It was taken during the song “All I Want” if you couldn’t guess. lol)

  • girlygirltoo

    ah that’s a cool prize

  • Isye8586

    Can’t wait for Lee doing his world tour.. I’ll go to where ever country in Asia..

  • Leandro

    I liked the whole show with James, except for LMB. He really has some kind of psychological issue with this song with this song and i guess he’ll struggle with it forever. It’s just not his thing. ITNOL is even better now and the last one, (Not Alone) is catchy but I don’t know if it’s the direction James should follow.

  • julesb2183

    LOL you can tell Christina and Colton have a thing for each other :)