Idol Headlines for 9/18/12 – The Evening Edition

Kellie Pickler To Flip Switch For “Opry Goes Pink” – The Grand Ole Opry is joining Women Rock For The Cure™ in the fight against breast cancer on Tues., Oct. 30 with the Opry’s fourth annual “Opry Goes Pink” show. Kellie Pickler, who recently shaved her own head to show solidarity to a childhood friend facing cancer, will flip the switch on the Opry’s barn backdrop, turning it pink for the night. The special show will also include performances by Jana Kramer, The Farm, and others as well as activities recognizing breast cancer survivors and the continuing fight against the disease. – Read more at

Kelly Clarkson Reveals the One Thing She Would Never Do For ‘American Idol’ – Kelly Clarkson won the inaugural season of “American Idol” in 2002, and diversified her career by serving as a judge on the reality singing competition “Duets” earlier this year. But don’t expect to ever see Clarkson as a judge on “American Idol.” She told the Journal in an interview that she would “never” appear as a judge on the hit show that helped launch her singing career. – Read more at

Samuel L. Jackson, Laurence Fishburne & More Pass On Lead In ‘Black Nativity’ – Boasting an all-star cast including Jennifer Hudson and Angela Bassett, the Langston Hughes adaptation “Black Nativity” seemed like the perfect Christmas release when it was announced this summer. However, as the film geared up for its start date and a variety of leading men surrounded the project, it now appears that casting hesitation has spelled doom for the film and its future. Weeks before its October New York production was booked to begin, Fox Searchlight has announced they will instead be shelving the Kasi Lemmons-directed project, after several male leads including Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne passed on the script. – Read more at IndieWire

Birmingham’s Martie Duncan, Taylor Hicks to appear at ‘Seafood, Science and Celebrity’ (video) – BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — You loved them on reality TV. Now meet them in person.
Martie Duncan, a 2012 finalist on “Food Network Star,” and Taylor Hicks, the 2006 winner of “American Idol,” will host “Seafood, Science and Celebrity,” an Oct. 13 event at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and Estuarium. – Read more at

Keith Urban Gives Advice on Forgetting Lyrics

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  • Jordana33

    Does anyone remember Pip from The Voice’s team Adam? He left the competition after the Instant Eliminations (top 16), but still managed to acquire a very devoted fan base that actually rallied together to help raise the funds to produce his upcoming  EP album called “No Formalities”. Last week, he also released his first new single called “Who Cares”, now available on itunes. 

    “Who Cares” lyric video + review:

    itunes link:

    Below is an interesting interview where he talks about how it’s been since The Voice. Apparently, the 2nd season’s contestants were very close-knit and proactive about supporting each other.  Currently, Pip, Lindsey Pavao and Karla Davis have been performing together at various small venues.

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris’ benefit show for Colton Can on 9/23 is sold out — well the tickets if you are attending the show in person up in Washington, that is. I think they are currently on the third set of tickets for purchase if you want to watch the show online on StageIt — the first 2 bunches of those sold out as well :)


    #Tickets to the show on sunday are SOLD OUT! Thanks for your support! You can still stream Kris’ performance on @Stageit …

  • tucker davis

    Keith’s tip is really pretty good…he seems like a fun guy!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That interview with Kelly was interesting. I didn’t know that she had been offered 2 recording contracts before Idol and had turned down both of them.

  • Van

    On 20/20 they had Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time. American Idol was the 2nd Best Reality Show (Dancing With The Stars was #1). They showed the winning moments of Kelly, Jordin, Carrie, and Phillip. Ryan talked for a little bit saying how he was terrified the first few episodes and that many AI contestants are on the charts. Adam and Jennifer were also talked about as non-winners that did well.

  • jcabby

    Keith Urban is a really cool and funny guy. He’s extremely popular in the country scene and a smart man.

  • Taylor

    You didn’t know the first ever winner of American Idol, the show that takes kids straight from singin’ in the shower or out in a corn field, was actually a “plant”? ;)

  • wkstrack

    Lol Wasn’t Kelly an “actor” too? Or being an extra on Sabrina The Teenage Witch doesn’t count?

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Adam Lambert featured on 20/20 Barbara Walters Special Best of TV: as a non-winner who did well.(AI is 2nd Best Reality Show)

  • blackberryharvest

    Video of the judges together. Short, but it is interesting to look at. A little hard to tell the chemistry so far.

  • lovesickheroine

    Here’s a video of Heejun, Hollie and Colton eating some filipino delicacies. They’re such a good sport

    Heejun is pretty funny on this one:

  • Connie

    Ben Folds Five! I miss the Sing-Off…

  • Li Wright

    Why are there four judges again?

  • Li Wright

    I used to be able to get the concert stats here at MJ’s, but not anymore….would anyone know the site where I can get the concert stats?

  • Incipit

    AFAIK, You can still get them here, when the are reported, Li Wright. Do you mean Idol Tour Concert stats, or just any concert stats for acts covered here? That’s up to the venues to do…if, for some reason of their own, they aren’t reporting, not much can be done about that. I don’t know of any central clearing house where the intel is kept. The Idol Tour stats ought to show up, eventually.

    If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will say so.

  • irockhard

    James Durbin ?@DurbinRock

    James Michael ?@james_a_michael@DurbinRock 
    DAMN YOU!!!! you KNOW it’s not til the 26th! But for all of you that wished me a happy birthday today…thank you!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m not sure about the “plant” (since she hadn’t had a contract before, like some of the later “plants”, e.g. Carly, KLC), but I honestly don’t care. lol I’m just glad that Idol had her as their first winner and I’m sure that they’re very happy too.

  • elliegrll

    Just a slight correction, the promoters report concert stats (AEG, Live Nation, etc.), which is why we may not get them for some shows, like one off performances, that may not have a promoter.

  • justmefornow

    I think he picked that up from Casey A. He used to pull that one a lot.

  • girlygirltoo

    You can still get them on here in the sales thread. Or you can go directly to Billboard Biz and get them:

    But I’ve noticed that very few promoters or venues tend to report these numbers. We generally don’t get a lot of information when it comes to ex-Idols on tour, unless they are doing an arena type tour (either as an opener or a headliner). If they are playing smaller venues, we seem to get an occasional report, but nothing consistent.

  • Taylor

    Yeah, I don’t care either. It doesn’t make a difference to me if they have lost a contract, turned down a contract, had Broadway experience or walked in straight from singing in local talent shows. I’ve never understood why this is an issue, but Idol does like to portray their contestants as coming straight off of the farm, when that is generally not the case.

  • J

     Kelly wasn’t a plant.  Tamyra and Justin were the TCO’s and given the “winner’s edit” until Kelly proved to be popular with the viewers.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Idol does like to portray their contestants as coming straight off of the farm, when that is generally not the case.”

    Of course they do, because it fits the “Cinderella” story that Idol wants to promote and that appeals to the romantic side of the viewers. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    True. Also, I remember that Simon was a great advocate for Tamyra, and was the last judge to “get” Kelly. lol