Idol Headlines for 6/9/12

Season 6 Idol alum, Melinda Doolittle performs with the Boston Pops tonight for Gospel night. You can listen to it live on WBGH Radio at 8 pm ET. Click the Link.

Jessica Sanchez sings the National Anthem before the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight in Las Vegas today.

The City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge took place today in Nashville. Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreeryLauren Alaina and The Voice contestant, RaeLynn participated in the game. The event raised money for cancer research.

Season 10 Idol alum, Thia Megia will help the Girls Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary in Washington DC today. The “Girl Scouts Rock the Mall” will feature performances from Thia and The Voice finalist, Erin Willett (that should be interesting!) Read more at The Republic

Checking In with DeAndre Brackensick of American Idol – The Idol finalist takes a break from rehearsing for the upcoming 45-date U.S. tour to chat about his experiences. – Read more at The Morton Report

Steven Tyler Taps Former “American Idol” Finalist to Sing on New Aerosmith Album – I reported this before, but here’s a little blurb about Lauren Alaina’s cameo appearance on Aerosmith’s forthcoming album. Lauren contributed backing vocals to a tune called “Oh Yeah,” and she says, “I don’t know if it’s gonna be on the album or not ’cause they’re making final decisions, but the fact that I got to go in the studio with Aerosmith, that’s fine with me. I mean, who gets to say that? Not many people.” Actually, the tune DID make the final cut, so you can count on hearing Lauren’s lovely background vocals as well as Carrie Underwood who is rumored to have a duet with Steven Tyler on the album. Read more at ABC News Radio

Jessica Sanchez met President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III of the Philippines yesterday. You can read about their encounter HERE. The president was vocally supporive of Jessica as she competed on American Idol. Watch their meeting below. Tonight, Jessica sings the National Anthem before the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight in Las Vegas.

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  • jen

    Actually, a lot of Filipinos are more excited to see Jessica than the fight itself. Good for her to be exposed to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Paqcuiao fights are always the bestseller of HBO’s pay per view.

  • Guest

    When two worlds collide!! The Voice’s Raelynn and Scotty McCreery at the City of Hope softball game.

    And Scotty and Lauren!

    Scotty’s friends also got to meet Carrie Underwood, which I’m sure was thrilling for them!

  • No Thanks

    According to that article, JLo is rumored to have Jessica opening for her for her Manila show in November.

  • Guest

     Ill be at the Melinda Doolittle concert tonight! stoaked!

  • Anonymous

    In a tweet, Kevin Frazier indicates that Jordin Sparks has a new movie that is coming out in October.

    Fame has not changed @JordinSparks one bit, i love that about her! ?#Sparkle? hits in fall, then a new movie in oct. ?#realStar??#hometraining? 

  • BonnieDee

    Lauren and Carrie at the City of Hope Softball game.

  • Axxxel

    if that rumour is true… wow !! then I hope Jessica will do at least a few upbeat songs…I mean, she is warming up for Madame “Dance” J-LO !!

  • Chris

    I was scanning twitter, sounded like fun.

  • BonnieDee

    Lauren and Mallary Hope are cracking everyone up.  They both tweeted “Chuck Wicks is hot” at the same time.

  • heartly

    Kelly Clarkson

    Met @carlyraejepson & @justinbieber at Ball in London! Both are so sweet! Here’s our “call me, maybe” pose ha!

    Evidence that Kelly got her “cool girlfriend points” by getting a picture with the Biebs… plus an added bonus.  haha  Wonder if she remembers meeting CRJ back when she mentored on Canadian Idol?  I think she also maybe ruined who Justin’s surprise guest is at the Summertime Ball.  Oops.

  • Van

    Kelly performed at Capital FM Summertime Ball in the UK today. The station talked to her after she performed. She mentioned she was stalking Justin Bieber to get a picture with him, because she’s trying to get “girlfriend points” with her boyfriend’s kids, lol. 

    And she got her “girlfriend points” …

  • heartly

    Thanks for posting that interview as I just realized that my post probably didn’t make sense without that.

  • Van

    The band Lawson met Kelly backstage at the Summertime Ball. Of course classic Kelly they met her in the men’s bathroom, haha. She looks great! 
    @lawsonofficial So excited for Summertime Ball today! We just met @kelly_clarkson ! In the gents toilets of all places. 

  • Anonymous

    I will watch Pacquiao’s Fight only because of Jessica Singing, lol

  • Jake Williams
    X FACTOR related-
    Here is Rachel Crow’s album list of songs. And it comes with snippets of “mean Girls” as her single. She sounds amazing in the studio! Even better than live!

  • Anonymous

    Grand opening & red carpet event in Atlanta tonight with James.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Looks like Jim Cantiello is doing the commentary for XF USA auditions. At least XF USA twitter account said something like that.


  • Chris

    I looked him up, he is kinda cute but 30+ so more Mallory’s speed. As someone posted about Skylar, I won’t be mad if Lauren finds her own “hockey player husband.” Boyfriend in her case but Nashville is filled with hunka hunka burning loves. I am sure once she turns 18, her dad will need another shotgun.

    Lot of tweets that Lauren was: a) good at playing and b) entertaining. I think that helps her go a long way networking at these events.

  • Anonymous

    Did Simon ever hire a host for the X Factor?  Jim Cantiello working on the twitter account made me wonder if he’s trying out for the job.  It will be weird if they have the auditions without one, but as I remember, Steve Jones was rarely on screen during last year’s audition round, he did everything via voice overs.

  • Anonymous

    Kris is headlining this WRMF radio show “Party in the Park” in Boca Raton today. He should go on sometime around 8 p.m. Eastern.

    Twitter list HERE:!/KrisAllenLists/june9wrmfpartyinthepark 

    ETA: his set just started:

  • BonnieDee

    Actually I thought he was 23.  Is he over 30?  I think she was just fangirling regardless. Yes I heard she was a good softball player too.  Buzz on Twitter is she’s getting her nose pierced.  Wonder how that will go over if it’s true.  Great news about her background vocals making the Aerosmith album.

  • justmefornow

    I saw that press release earlier in the week too, but isn’t James at his sister-in-law’s wedding today in Santa Cruz?

  • Chris

    Yeah, I know she just likes to admire Cuties. She’s single, no harm. My daughter loves Taylor Lautner.

    We’ll have to see if it was true or just someone starting a rumor. She has changed her hair 5 times so maybe she moved on to other items. Hopefully she has the good sense to know when to take it out. A lot of church folks oppose piercing and tattoos. She must go to Carrie’s type of non denominational, no judgment kind of place.

    In an Aerosmith kinda world, who cares. At the Opry, no.

    Good news about her vocal tracks making the album. There is a whole lot of crossing over happening with country.

  • YankeeFan08

    Adam performing at Heaven G-A-Y in London tonight.  Looking HOT as usual!

  • Anonymous

    Melinda is in her element with this music… Better than she ever was on Idol.

  • Anonymous

    Blake Shelton weighs in on the back to back seasons of the Voice.

    “So far, I’m doing the back-to-back seasons,” he said backstage at the CMA Festival Friday night, shortly before taking the stage at Nashville’s LP Field. His emphasis was on the so far part of that equation. “At some point, something’s gotta give. I’ve been very vocal with the network and Mark Burnett’s production company. It’s like ‘Man, this sucks, because the reason that you want the four of us is because we’re viable artists right now—current. And we can’t do both, if we do back-to-back seasons.’ I’ve been hammering ’em about it.” 

  • Anonymous

    I love the boots with the leather pants. I can’t wait for videos.

  • windmills

    From what I’m reading Blake’s exhaustion from working on a new studio album, recording a Christmas album, and getting ready for another season of The Voice was reflected in his performance at LP Field last night at CMA Fest. This is just a sample but even CMT’s recap of last night’s LP Field performances (which included Carrie, Blake, The Band Perry, and Jake Owen) talked about Blake seeming dead tired while talking about the high energy of Carrie’s and Jake Owen’s sets.

    I’m sure Blake’s hustling to take advantage of the career momentum he has right now and also fulfill as many obligations as he’s taken on. It’s definitely a very tough thing to manage, as in demand as he is. But, I noticed he didn’t seem able to get himself up for the ACMs which he cohosted with Reba either, and I do think he’s at the point of having to say no to stuff. Like the spring season of The Voice possibly though I actually think it’s his next studio album that should wait. Even though his current album has sold decently, he’s gotten passed up by others with a lot less hype and promo and his material is the problem IMO.

    In other news, Scott Borchetta (head of Big Machine Label Group and much discussed industry mover & shaker if you read the daily numbers thread here) is on Twitter and he tweeted this today:

    For Samantha: if we could have any artist on our label, it would be Carrie Underwood.

    That’s a DNW for me (there were rumors recently about Sony buying Big Machine in which Borchetta would take over Sony Nashville). This is the same Scott Borchetta who lashed out at critics of Taylor Swift’s disastrous Grammy performance with Stevie Nicks by saying this wasn’t American Idol so it wasn’t always about hitting the high notes, leading to this epic takedown by Kelly Clarkson (I miss her blogs by the way though I like hearing from her on FB/Twitter). Great businessman but, not for everybody IMO.

    Here’s video of Carrie performance footage mixed with Carrie interview footage from last night at LP Field.

    Here’s more interview footage, where Carrie talks about how planning is going for her next tour.

  • LVD
  • mchcat

    The Grand Ole Opry telecast of the radio show for Scotty, Brad and Carrie was on GAC tonight.  Scotty nailed the Dance and WTT.  Does anyone know how many were at his fan club?

  • OffLeash

    Phil is finally awake enough to tweet! I’m glad he’s feeling better.

    Phillip Phillips ?@PPhillipsAI11Just want to tell everyone thank
    you for the concerns and prayers, it means a lot to my family and I. Im
    just resting and healing. #fb

  • Anonymous

    Both of my talented and handsome guys, Casey J. and Adam, are looking mighty fine on stage.  Thanks for posting.

  • Thorne Brook

    Jessica sang so beautifully. And that was some BS scoring, Pacquiao clearly won the fight. :/

  • Kariann Hart

    Speaking of hunks, I’d like to see Bucky and Casey doing a number together.  Wishful thinking.  Of course, I’m the one that wanted Adam and Siobhan to sing together!

  • asifclueless

     Adam’s performances at  G-A-Y Club, London 

    Lollybug.  ?@omgelvis:disqus
    Naked love (part)



  • asifclueless

    Photos of Adam and Sauli.

    The paparazzi spotted Adam and Sauli   in
    front of Cirque du Soir nightclub in London last night.


  • asifclueless

    Adam is working hard, no break at all.
    Good thing Sauli is with him.

    nom de guerre ?@josirose
    Mannn he doesn’t even get Sunday off!  RT  QueenRockBand 

    QUEEN+ADAM LAMBERT BEGIN Rehearsals for the shows with Adam Lambert commenced today!!

  • Linda
    Vids from last night’s show for Kris are popping up. BWY was oh, so good. Can’t wait to see all the others later today. His choice of clothing was very nice too:)

  • BonnieDee  Funny video from the softball game. Lauren being tagged out in hilarious fashion.

  • Chris

    She is so crazy. And nice intro with GP playing as she head up to bat. She will forever have a theme song.

  • asifclueless

     Leona Lewis And Adam Lambert Rock London Charity Show

  • Whiskey

     Short interview with Adam in Montreal on “District V” TV Show

  • Anonymous

    From what I was hearing it sounded like one two many Red Bulls for breakfast. LOL!

  • Li Wright

    Can someone verify if Jessica is both Mexican & Philipina?

  • Li Wright

    Jessica signing autographs — Jessica smile!

  • Ali Goria

    Oh yeah, I remember the epic takedown. It’s the first thing I thought of when I read this Carrie comment lol. I seem to remember Taylor was sandwiched in between two Idols on Mediabase at the time, in conjunction with that Grammy fail, too. 

  • Anonymous

    Video of Kris’ entire set from WRMF radio concerts in Boca Raton last night. They changed up the beginning of the girl pop medley. And o/ Rooftops! Must have been hot & humid in Boca – shock, huh? – because he gets a little sweaty :)

  • asifclueless

    Very good quality of YouTube videos, the  whole set of 6 songs at Heaven, London.


  • asifclueless

     Here is the link for the whole set of 6 songs at Heaven, London.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing that they are doing rehearsal on Sunday, so Adam can have some extra time during the week to do promo for his own music. I just can’t wait to see a whole concert with Adam performing with Queen. It’s going to be very exciting and a great moment in his career. 

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see Phillip is feeling better. 

  • Anonymous

    No I think the wedding was Friday.  He was being advertised as being at the Grand Opening and Red Carpet event for last night so I can’t imagine that changed. 

  • justmefornow

    I think you’re right. I’m suprised no twitter pics of the opening have surfaced. This was the advertisement:

    Inkaholiks ?@InkaholiksLLC
    Grand Opening of the newest lounge in Buckhead, Inkaholiks!!! **TONIGHT** Saturday 6/9. No cover!!!

  • Lexie O’Neill

     I was there…sold out at around 800.;))