Idol Headlines for 6/30/14

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Interview: Phillip Phillips on ‘Behind the Light’ – Q: Obviously, “American Idol” plays a huge role in breaking you to the American public. How do you look back on that experience?
A: “Idol” was a great experience. It was a great stepping-stone. I got to meet a lot of amazing people through that and learn a lot of great things. But afterward — that’s what I tell a lot of people — it’s up to you to represent it as an artist. And I feel like I’m doing that. I’m working really hard and writing songs. I wanted to show people that I’m a songwriter and a musician as well. And I feel like I did that with the first album, even though we only had three weeks. And now, this new album, it really represents me. I feel like you’ve got to just keep working hard. – Read more at AZCentral

Kellie Pickler Celebrates 28th Birthday, Jokes With Ellen DeGeneres About “Hooch” – Cheers, birthday girl Kellie Pickler! The American Idol season 5 alum, country singer and North Carolina native turned 28 on Saturday and got to reunite with her husband, Kyle Jacobs, after being away from him during her tour, E! News has confirmed. The singer is promoting her 2013 album The Woman I Am and had performed several concerts over the past few weeks. She is currently taking a break before heading out on a road again at the beginning of July. – Read more at EOnline


Zendaya Explains Why She Dropped Out Of Aaliyah Biopic

She felt the project was rushed (But I’m sure it was really about the intense backlash that came after the announcement).

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Watch Nicki Minaj Throw Shade at Iggy Azalea at the BET Awards – When Nicki Minaj accepted the BET Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist on Sunday, she appeared to make some indirect jabs at fellow artist Iggy Azalea — at least, if the wild response of the crowd is any indication. It’s been rumored that Azalea, whose chart-dominating single “Fancy” has emerged as the song of the summer, may not actually write her own songs — instead using ghostwriters like fellow rapper T.I. So when Minaj made a point in her speech to say that her songs are authentically Nicki, it sounded like some serious shade. “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” said Minaj. As the audience responded enthusiastically to this apparent call out, Minaj added, “No no no no no shade,” followed by a mischievous grin. Watch her speech HERE. – Via Time 

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  • Trina

    Riiight. If Zendaya really expects people to believe thats why she dropped out I’ve got a bridge to sell ya! MJ like you say, the backlash was ugly. Even her hoards of tween fans are whining that she got “bullied” into backing out. She was so wrongfully miscast for the part. Not just her coloring, but the way she carries herself just wasnt Aaliyah.

  • Holden17C

    A good Aaliyah biopic will have to delve into her relationship with R. Kelly — and Aaliyah’s family doesn’t want to go there.

  • 1RealityCheck

    Zendaya does what every celeb does – lie and think the public is stupid. And yes, Jenny McCarthy didnt get fired from The View and just left cuz Sherri did…(who also was fired, esp after she got greedy after finding out the world wasn’t flat)

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Zendaya does what every celeb does – lie and think the public is stupid

    To be fair, the purpose of the lies is to arm the uber-fen to go post that “official truth” everywhere that the issue is discussed. The dynamic doesn’t depend on other people being naive enough to believe it, so much as other people being sufficiently wearied and annoyed that they figure it’s not worth participating in the discussion, so the official version gets the field to itself.

    I’m gonna be agnostic on this for the moment, as I’ve seen this technique manifest as really nasty bullying (on a business site, of all places!), but I’ve also applauded some persons telling really transparent lies to halt rumors that would have interfered with their career negotiations, so my ethics are pretty clearly situational.

  • Holden17C

    Zendaya is probably just reciting the script her PR people gave her.

  • Dianne

    People who aren’t in the public eye smooth out their resumes all the time, how is this any different and why should we care?

  • jeffreyd95821

    Maybe this Zendaya person is telling the truth? Maybe she looked past the “This will make you a star!” talk she no doubt received from both her reps and the people at Lifetime, actually read the script, and knew it would be terrible. I actually don’t know who she is so I guess there’s no reason for me to worry about it. Just don’t see the need to make a federal case about it.

  • Mel432

    You are exactly right. They cover up certain aspects (bad performance reviews, even getting fired), as well as fluff up their responsibilities on their resume.

  • lkingcorn

    Nckii is the master at throwing shade and saying she didn’t. Lol. Not easy being the new kid on the block. Iggy has the number one single, so guess the last laugh is not on her.

  • Thicket

    Interview: A revealing Phillip Phillips brings better songs to Artpark

    “…If we’re asked to watch the solo dancer dance, what are we
    missing by not seeing the other dancers, or the crew working backstage, or the backdrops shifting in and out of the background? How many times have we missed a band’s masterful, cohesive artistry because we were focused on the frontman?
    In the case of Phillip Phillips, are we so blinded by his
    “American Idol” title and commercial hit song, “Home,” that we’re missing his talent? For this writer, the answer was “yes.”
    Phillips’ gifts were obscured by his pop culture
    achievements. The other things – the better things, such as singing ability and guitar prowess – were wrongfully veiled.”

    “…It’s been two years and two winners since Phillips was crowned “American Idol.” In the meanwhile, he’s worked hard to establish himself as more than that. Still, hefinds himself on the receiving end of “Idol” questions.
    He could be jaded, and just refuse to answer. Instead,Phillips takes it all in stride.
    “It’s something I’ll always be thankful for, for that stepping stone, but, you know, I kind of get like, ‘Alright, it was two-and-a-half-years ago; I’m sure there’s more questions that you can ask. I’m sure you can Google some of these questions that you’re asking me,’ ” he said.
    “But I’m a chill guy. So I’ll just answer it and repeat myself (laughs).” “

  • Incipit

    Looks like DC and the band get two days off before the next gig on their military tour – and they are spending them in Spain before performing there on the 2nd – there are already sightings. Heh. He may have thought he could walk around as an unknown before the show – not happening.

    >>COOKistas ?@COOKistas 2h

    David Cook sighting (presumably in Spain) ;-) Photo by josebcortez

    (And Photo Bombing by Nick Adams!)

    >> @darenreynolds1: Just saw singer @thedavidcook right outside of my work! Awesome day!

  • Mel432

    Phillips won AI two years ago, and they are still asking him American Idol questions? OMG! What a bunch of idiots.

  • Holden17C

    Go, Cookie! I love this guy!

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Kris Allen won Idol five years ago and still gets questions about his “rivalry” with Adam Lambert (as does Lambert, vice-versa).

    David Cook won Idol six years ago and has gotten questions about it continuously ever since. When he mentored this past season, the topic was actually relevant, but relevance was pretty dubious in the intervening years.

    I have not paid attention to whether Jordin Sparks and earlier winners still get questions about it, but I’ll bet the answer is “yes” as often as “no.”

    The press is not very good at digesting new information.

  • Leo Incredible

    Fifth Harmony released the cover art for their upcoming single.

  • Incipit

    Heh. Two years is just a drop in the bucket. All the winners get it to some extent – many times from interviewers who ought to know better – or be able to prepare better for an interview. (OK, maybe not Kelly, unless she brings it up. Sometimes she does.)

    There’s a certain element of the listening audience that needs an anchor to something familiar to start out an interview, but too many interviewers don’t use that as a segue to the Alum’s current affairs – they are stuck in asking Idol questions because that’s exactly how bad they are at their job…IMO. Of Course.

    Some of the Alums laugh or poke fun at this situation because WTH else can they do – If you’ve ever seen “A Ficus Flows Between Us” – especially the out-takes – you’ll see what I mean.

  • Marko

    Lol. Justin Guarini loves Idol related questions.

  • heartly

    All the winners get it to some extent – many times from interviewers who ought to know better – or be able to prepare better for an interview. (OK, maybe not Kelly, unless she brings it up. Sometimes she does.)

    She still gets it quite often even without bringing it up herself.

    As long as the show is still on the air, they’ll all get questions about it. I find that it’s brought up in overseas interviews most often, but I attribute that to them only being visited by some of these people every couple of years and it’s a familiar talking point for them and the listeners. Here in the States? Pure laziness.

  • Mel432

    Hope ya know I was being facetious. Looks like Phillips would like to “move on” from American Idol and would like not be associated with them (probably soon after he won).

    All the idols I’ve heard just answer the questions w/o any gripe, even when it’s uncomfortable as in Kris’s situation.

  • H.A.

    Cyndi with Adam Lambert in Vancouver during a stop on the “Dressed to Kill” Tour!

    Cyndi Lauper is opening for Cher on their tour. Adam was her guest for the night. Also it looks like the Adam/Queen tour has been following their tour at some of the same venues.

  • Adrian Sewell

    To be honest I actually like the cover. Hope the song is good

  • Guest

    I did not get the impression that he was complaining or being ungrateful. Nor did I perceive it to be anything negative against Idol. As noted, there is a laziness factor with some interviewers. I personally think there are way more interesting questions to ask Kris Allen, than what others from his season are doing.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    P2 demonstrates that attempting to distance oneself from Idol (as he’s been doing since he won, though he’s gotten way more gracious about it) makes not the slightest dent in interviewers’ eagerness to ask about Idol.

    Fact-checking is pretty clearly not a thing, since the same WNY article interprets P2’s “we made the album in three weeks” story as the label rushing to get his debut out sooner than other winners, which isn’t at all what happened. (It was about 3 weeks of studio time [so the problem’s not with P2 here], but the album was made in the fall and released at the usual Idol-winner time around Thanksgiving.)

    The irony in telling a reporter to Google it is that I doubt most of them know how.

  • Mel432

    Awwww. How sweet of her to invite Adam as her guest. They must have really hit it off when he guested on her charity concert. I wonder what Rufus did that night.

  • Sharon S.

    Adorable photo. :-) Adam seems to make a deliberate effort to maintain the connections he’s made in the business – which is something he advocates when “mentoring” as well (I remember him urging the young contestants on “Majors and Minors” to do that). You never know when it will pay off, a la Nile Rodgers hooking Adam up with Avicii. I’m glad he’s apparently kept in touch with Cyndi.

  • girlygirl

    yeah all the ex-Idols get questions about the show thrown at them in interviews (some more than others, of course). I doubt this will change much until after the show is actually off the air for a couple of seasons.

    But as long as the interview focuses mainly on what they are doing in the present (touring, new music, etc), I think that’s ok. What’s annoying is when the interview doesn’t ask them about anything other than the show

  • Tess Herself

    Nobody can convince me that those legs weren’t photoshopped, especially when they are the same pair of legs in virtually identical poses.

  • raya

    The backlash was ugly but people know absolutely zilch about Zendaya if you think she got bullied out of the part. This girl is way stronger than anybody gives her credit for honestly. Most people claiming she got bullied out of the part are people that have only been paying attention to her for the last two weeks.

    Yes, celebs lie to save face. But the bigger issues behind the picture have to do with Aaliyah’s family who is in the process of stopping Lifetime from not only using Aaliyah’s music, but also re-recording her music (Missy Elliot, Timbaland and etc. have a lot of the rights). Lifetime’s original intention was to have Z re-record some of A’s music, but the family is working on blocking that too. How the heck would anybody make a biopic without access to Aaliyah’s music? Why would anybody want to? So the production itself has tons of issues and I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing got scrapped right now.

    That said, the arguments against this girl have been completely insane. She is bi-racial and the idiots coming out of the woodwork to tell her that she isn’t black, but yet in the same breath they want to claim that we have a black president. She’s too young, but yet she’s just about 18 and Aaliyah was all of 22 when she died. She doesn’t look like Aaliyah? You mean the way Angela Basset looked like Tina Turner? That’s what hair and makeup were invented for. The only thing people really have against her is she’s from Disney and as usual people can’t wrap their minds around Disney stars actually growing up and taking more mainstream roles. Hence all the digs about her tween fans and other similar things.

  • raya

    IMO it’s called acting. How anybody can criticize an actress for a part she never got to play I have no idea. I wouldn’t expect Zendaya to carry herself like Aaliyah in her personal life. Why would she? That would be creepy. The only thing that would matter is if she could inhabit the role on screen. I don’t know if she would be successful, but I don’t get the whole condemning people before they even have a chance to try.

  • Leo Incredible
  • HKfan

    Zendaya reminds me of a young JLo in that clip.

    Kellie Pickler is lovely, but I hadn’t realised how young she still was, she looks a lot older than 28.

  • hayes

    They’re on a fast track to grown up status huh? They go from name-checking 1D and Bieber on a song to being pantsless on the cover without even releasing a full length album. They look good tho, channeling early Danity Kane. I wish them well.

  • Karen C

    I’m so glad he’s getting to do this tour, and it has been so well received.

  • girlygirl

    Kris Allen is one of 14 artists who has joined Musician Coalition to work with Invisible Children. Two of the other artists involved in the project are Paramore and Switchfoot. The goal is to raise $150,000.

    IC is encouraging people to tweet their favorite artists about joining the Musician Coalition. Info about the project is HERE: