Idol Headlines for 6/25/12

The Voice Blind auditions were taped last week. The warm up comic Cory (same dude warms up Idol crowds) uploaded a few short videos of the crowd getting pumped up via music.

Call Me Maybe gets the crowd excited.

Tim McGraw Duets ‘I Like It, I Love It’ With Scotty McCreery as Surprise in Charlotte – Tim McGraw had a special guest at the Charlotte, N.C. stop of his Brothers of the Sun Tour on Sunday, June 24. After performing alongside wife Faith Hill in Nashville on Saturday, he brought out local boy-done-good Scotty McCreery to sing the second verse of ‘I Like It, I Love It.’ To say that it was met with a resounding applause from the crowd would be putting it mildly. – Read more at Taste of Country

Backstage Crash With Adam Lambert

Marcus D successfully backstage crashes Adam Lambert’s dressing room at Alice’s Summerthing at Golden Gate Park – June 24, 20

Alice 97.3

Adam Lambert Extra – This month’s Pride issue of GCN is now available on our app and in print across the country with our cover star Adam Lambert talking openly about his journey as an openly gay popstar. We got some great stuff from Adam that we couldn’t quite squeeze into the final piece so below check out Adam talking in detail about his new album, Pharrell Williams and his loyal fanbase. Still not enough Adam? We’ll have a track-by-track review of Trespassing online on Monday! – Read more at

‘The Voice’: Cee Lo Green Concerns Bird Activists With Cockatoo Plans – The singer is being urged not to replace his season two mascot — a cat — with an endangered bird species out of fear that stress from the show could cause the bird to self-mutilate. Cee Lo Green’s plan to judge the third season of NBC’s The Voice accompanied by a cockatoo is drawing heat from an animal rights group concerned about the bird’s welfare. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

NBC Series Saved by Delayed Viewership – Negative reports about the performance of “Smash” generally took into account only how it had fared on the first nights that it was shown on NBC. As is now the case in prime time, however, a show’s true popularity can no longer be assessed by instant analysis. The first-place 18-49 ranking for “Smash” occurred in what is known as the “live+7” ratings, which include playback of recorded television shows over one week. On average, “Smash” added 2.5 million viewers over seven days of playback and averaged a 3.3 rating in the 18-49 category. No 10 p.m. network show did better in that category. Two CBS dramas, “Hawaii Five-O” and “C.S.I.,” each scored a 3.3 also.- Read more at The New York Times

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  • raya

    Interestingly, or not so interestingly, I’m pretty sure The Voice blind auditioners have been staying at the same hotel as the S11 Idol finalists.  Many of them have been hanging out with each other and having jam sessions at night.  When reality singing shows collide…

  • Anonymous

    Great for Scotty! That was so cool of Tim McGraw.

  • Anonymous

    Lauren Alaina covers Johnny Cash at Casino Jazz Night:
    This is a cool vid of Lauren in NYC at a small fundraiser for the boys and girls club.

  • windmills

    Nice moment for Scotty, cool of Tim to include him in the show!

    Here’s a CMT graphic of the number of tweets generated by various acts during the CMTs. The top filters were:

    CMT — 187k
    Luke Bryan — 51k
    Carrie Underwood — 44k
    Jason Aldean — 15.6k
    Darius Rucker — 13.3k
    Pistol Annies — 12.8k
    Scotty McCreery — 12.0k
    Eric Church — 11.5k
    Rascal Flatts — 10.7k
    Kenny Chesney — 10.6k
    Jake Owen — 9.4k
    Brad Paisley — 7.0k

    The graphic at the link breaks down the tweets per minute for a variety of moments during the CMT show.

  • Tiffany

    Re. Celo Green and that cat on the Voice last season, I read online that he rented that cat.  It wasn’t his.  Is that weird or what?

  • Anonymous

    The New York Times has an article about how SMASH got renewed because it’s week + 7 ratings are high enough to justify it:

  • Anonymous

     I don’t know where NYTimes got that idea. Advertisers look at Live+3 ratings at most. +7 is really only for networks PR to trot out those numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Any spoilers coming out of those The Voice auditions? I’m not really excited for this next season yet, so I’m hoping someone good came and auditioned to make me more excited.

  • iani

    Lol, there were some discussions here about the rented cat, the conclusion was, the rented one knows to behave better(some special obedience training) under  some special circumstances like crowded room, strong lighting…It seems to be pretty common in Hollywood(maybe other places too) to rent animals. I remember K Kardashian talking about (J Leno I think) her trip to Africa where she wanted so badly to see a giraffe and she couldn’t, for some reasons… Then she came back to her home in Hollywood, where the neighbors were having a party and a rented giraffe was there, right in the backyard, lol (she got invited to the party).

  • Larc

    I especially like one part of the Tim McGraw/Scotty McCreery article in Taste of Country that MJ linked:

    Judging from the reaction, country music fans like it (and love it) when
    Scotty McCreery makes an impromptu appearance. Sure, he’s a local boy,
    so that ups the ante, but he’s pretty much a beloved country star at
    this point.

    That says a lot about how much country music has welcomed Scotty into the family.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Video Kris, Cale & Torres:
    Cover of Beach Boys “God Only Knows” Go to“god-only-knows”
    to check it out as well.

  • Anonymous

    That God Only Knows cover by Kris was really nice. Good harmonies from Cale & Torres. 

    And lol at the “watermelon with sunglasses sidekick”

  • Lexie

    I liked the Charlotte Observer review…the best line was, “When North Carolina native and “American Idol” champ Scotty McCreery appeared from nowhere to help out McGraw with his 1995 hit “I Like It, I Love It,” it got so loud in there you’d have thought the Panthers had just clinched a Super Bowl berth.”

    Read more here:

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Hicks w/his sax and keyboard player on Las Vegas’ “Morning Blend” TV show this morning doing an excellent cover of Stephen Still’s Love The One Your With in promotion for his opening night show tomorrow at Ballys.

  • Anonymous

    Re. Celo Green and that cat on the Voice last season, I read online that he rented that cat.  It wasn’t his.  Is that weird or what?

    Not when you consider that Cee Lo, like Lady Gaga and every other artist, is trying to build up an image and a brand.  The cat, and now the bird, just goes along with how he wants to be perceived, and not who he actually is.

  • justmefornow

    “Five Albums That Changed My Life: James Durbin”
    A Noisecreep interview.

    (An interesting mix of musical influences) 

  • Enough already!

    So renting an animal makes a star more interesting?   I find that interesting.  IMO and OAN does Adam ever do a bad interview?   We virtually have musical contestants coming out of the woodwork these days with no end in sight.   That’s all folks!

  • justmefornow

    James kicks off his summer leg of the tour on Friday in Tacoma, Wa.
    Nice poster. (“Girl on Fire” opening act I presume?)

  • OffLeash

    Cee Lo rents his cat? Really? Does it mean he only has it when he’s on the show and the cat goes back to someone’s home or some animal shelter or pet shop the rest of the time? Does Cee Lo rent that cat to change his image as a former animal torturer?

  • SaSa8

    How great for Scotty to be invited on  stage by Tim McGraw.  What an honor.  Saw the video and the crowd of 50,000 goes crazy when Scotty comes out.  This is so great for Scotty – you could tell he was lovin’ every minute of it.  Great performance and hands up to Tim for embracing Scotty like that.

  • Anonymous

    New Pia song has leaked . It is labeled as Jordin Sparks who actually had a shorter version called Enough Is Enough which leaked over a year ago. Pia confirmed on Twitter it is her . This might me taken down though.

     Pia confirmed it is her.!/Cbarnes45!/Cbarnes45/url

     Chris Chris ?@Cbarnes45
    @PiaToscano Isn’t this your song? [url=][/url]. Unless I’m crazy it sounds like your voice…lol
    2:45 PM – 25 Jun 12 via web”!/PiaToscano!/PiaToscano/url
    “Pia Toscano ?@PiaToscano
    @Cbarnes45 how did it get on here..
    2:48 PM – 25 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPad”
    “Pia Toscano ?@PiaToscano
    @Cbarnes45 yes it is actually
    2:47 PM – 25 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPad”

  • Sue

    I’m so glad James is hitting the road again this weekend, new pics, vids and new stuff to talk about again, yay!

    ETA: This is a headlining gig so Girl on Fire is obviously the opening act. It’s probably a local band.

  • Anonymous

    So renting an animal makes a star more interesting? 

    It’s no different than Lady Gaga wearing meat.  These stunts are annoying, but it is true that in order to build an audience that artists have to build a brand, and doing things like this helps them to do that.  It’s all about creating a character, so that people just won’t be invested in a song or two, they actually become invested in the artist.

    This is gossip, and I don’t know how they would know this, since it hasn’t happened, but a radio station out of Chicago posted on their facebook page that Kelly is about to get engaged.  The way that they present it is a little insulting, since they imply that she’s getting fit for her wedding.

  • justmefornow

    Long month for us, probably very short for them. lol

    BTW, I just listened to some “Girl on Fire”. They’re an alternative rock band from Seattle, a very nice compliment to James’ sound. Should be a good show.

    Edit: Google, them, I think you’ll like them.

  • Larc

    I have a hard time believing Brad Paisley won’t do something similar when his tour is in Raleigh on August 24.  As you know, Scotty isn’t scheduled to open for him then since he will probably be busy with the start of college.  But not much early college stuff happens on Friday night, and Scotty doesn’t currently have anything on his events calendar for the last half of August.  So I’m definitely expecting him to join Brad on stage for at least a song or two.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t bad, although I felt she got a little screetchy in her upper register

  • Axxxel

    Like “playful” Adam Lambert… usually he is a tad more serious in  interviews. Maybe he is just happy to be back on an US stage after being abroad for a short while.

  • YankeeFan08

    Billboard:  Adam Lambert Talks Gay Pride, Being a Reluctant Role Model

    Articulate and thoughtful as usual.

  • it’s me

    Yay, SMASH!

  • halo9125

    One has to wonder how these songs leak. No wonder it’s so difficult for artists to make money off of album sales.

    Having said that- I love this track, it sounds very current- wtg Pia :)

  • Eilonwy

    Cee Lo rents his cat? Really? Does it mean he only has it when he’s on the show and the cat goes back to someone’s home or some animal shelter or pet shop the rest of the time?

    Cee Lo Green rents his cat: NY Post article.

    It’s a professional cat that hires out through a pet-acting service and has its own trainers. So while it has a home, it’s presumably working other jobs when not with CLG, rather than moping around, batting dispiritedly at catnip mice.

    ETA: According to the FAQ for the cat’s agency, ordinarily when one rents a cat, one actually rents a team of identical cats. One cat knows how to lie still, one cat knows how to walk from point A to point B, and one cat will allow itself to be held without ripping a stranger’s arm off. I now feel like I demand an awfully far-ranging variety of skillz from my lone amateur house cat.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Jason Farol, Kelly’s remaining contestant on “Duets” has uploaded videos of him singing at a recent visit to the Little Company of Mary Hospital in San Pedro, Ca.



    He’s pretty good within a narrow range, and he still has problems in enunciating lyrics well. His voice almost disappears when the melody is too low.

  • Tinawina

    I don’t like that song for Pia.


    Scotty was so smiling when he came out last night with Tim. He looked as comfortable there as he would be in a small venue with 100 people. He is being acknowledged by his peers as well as the fans. 

  • OffLeash


  • Anonymous

    That’s what always impressed me about Scotty. He doesn’t seem to be nervous at all no matter how big the event, occasion, or person he is singing with or to. People always say “don’t be nervous.” That is easy to say, but hard to do especially for a teenage kid who before Idol had played for only small crowds. Not being nervous is always hard to do for any artist no matter what age. Scotty always seems cool, calm, & collected which is amazing not just looking at the teenage contestants that come from talent shows, but new artists in general.

    IMO Scotty being able to not show nerves for 70,000 people like during CMA Fest means this is the career he was meant to have no matter what happens to him in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Cute interview with Adam.  I think I was smiling throughout the entire thing :-) 

    Adam seems very low maintenance with regards to his “demands”.  Carrots and crackers, that’s it?  He even brought his own water LOL

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the rented cat!

  • Anonymous

    I guess the Tacoma show was totally last minute. That bar is known for having local bands, and the local bands do their own marketing, hanging their own flyers etc. So, hopefully Girl on Fire has done it’s work! I wonder why they threw that show in at the last minute. Maybe to give them a chance to warm up before hitting the Canadian festivals. That concert is not even listed on James’ official website.

  • Gadfly

    Actually Scotty said it was because of some contractual problem with another show he already booked that he cant perform with Brad in Raleigh

  • justmefornow

    Probably a warm up, I agree, since they’ve been off for a month. Maybe they’re trying out new material, didn’t James say originally they would be doing some other covers as well?
    Funny thing about “Girl on Fire”. They are signed to an Indie label ‘Hollywood Waste’ and are on their 3rd album.
    It’s amazing the amount of bands on Indie labels making music without national recognition. These Idols are truly given a golden opportunity with AI and need to make the most of it.

  • Larc

    Actually Scotty said it was because of some contractual problem with
    another show he already booked that he cant perform with Brad in Raleigh

    Thanks, Gadfly.  I hadn’t heard that.  I wonder if it’s a Raleigh performance.  The only one I know he has is at the NC State Fair in October.  That one has been sold out for months.  Scotty will be opening for Brad in Charlotte on September 14.

  • Anonymous

     Well I guess that explains why their name is as big as James’ on the poster.

  • Loretta

    Ahh Scotty was so into it with Tim.  Loved
    Like Kris cover of the Beach Boys
    YESSSSSSS James back on tour.  Come to NY please.
    Adam is so incredible in interviews.  I could listen and watch Adam just talk for hours.  Very entertaining.