Idol Headlines for 6/14/13

Jerrod Niemann, Jake Owen, Lauren Alaina and Others Head to Summer Camp – It’s a different kind of camp with very special campers. And the counselors? Well, they’re the best in the biz!
It’s the ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp for individuals with Williams syndrome—a genetic condition that causes mental and developmental problems. And this year’s counselors include Jerrod Niemann, Jake Owen, Lauren Alaina, Love and Theft and hit songwriter Dallas Davidson. – Read more at Country Weekly

Steven Tyler: I wasn’t honest with ‘American Idol’ hopefuls – Rocker Steven Tyler has revealed he was far from honest when he was a judge on “American Idol” because he let too many singers he didn’t care for make it through to the finals. The Aerosmith front man spent two seasons on the TV talent show alongside Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez before he quit last year, and now he admits that although he liked being a judge, he didn’t have the necessary mean streak to tell wannabes they couldn’t sing. – Read more at

Lakisha Jones talks appearance on NBC’s ‘And The Winner Is,’ future plans – Jones said she is “still in disbelief” at the results, but that her experience of being eliminated as a finalist from “American Idol” helped her deal with the loss. In the meantime, the episode was still “great exposure” for a return to TV. “It was bittersweet, because I did have a goal of staying on the show. But I still left the show with the same thing I went with: my voice. No one can take that away from me,” she said. “…It’s great to hear from fans, and people tweeting me, telling me that I’m still giving them chills after six years.” – Read more at MLive

Sting, Billy Joel, Elton John at Songwriters Hall – Sting performed in honor of Elton John, Billy Joel sang snippets of Foreigner’s hits when introducing the band and Smokey Robinson debuted part of a new song he wrote about Berry Gordy. The 44th annual Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony was full of star power that included Alison Krauss, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Nickelback, Petula Clark, Wiz Khalifa, Jordin Sparks and a video message from Bill Clinton. – Read more at the Associated Press

Jordin tweeted, “It was an absolute honor to perform ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by the incomparable Sam Cooke. The song received the ‘Towering Song Award’ tonight. (Pictured) I’ve never performed/sang that song for anyone, ever, so….Singing it in front of some of Sam’s family & important people in his life was nerve wracking! I had a blast!”

Flora-Bama, Taylor Hicks ready for first ‘Shindig on the Sand’ this weekend (photos, video) – Hicks, who played the Flora-Bama many times before making it big on Idol, got to see the main room for the first time since its renovation. The main bar was demolished after Hurricane Ivan in 2004, but last year the bar’s owners painstakingly recreated the treasured main room with mostly original materials salvaged from the old bar. “It reminds me so much of what it was,” Hicks said after seeing the renovations. “I’m really excited to get back and play here because I had so many special moments in the main room growing up as an entertainer.” – Read more at

Q&A: Sasha Allen Reflects on Her Time on ‘The Voice’ – After putting her career as a backup singer for the likes of John Legend and Christina Aguilera on hold to raise a family, Sasha Allen auditioned for The Voice in hope of making a comeback. After the blind auditions, she nabbed a spot on coach Adam Levine’s team, only to be cut during the battle rounds after losing to Amber Carrington. That’s when Shakira scooped her up with a steal – and Allen wound up keeping Team Shakira alive week after week, becoming a fan favorite before being eliminated from the competition earlier this week alongside Carrington – one week shy of the finals. – Read more at Rolling Stone

Blake Shelton tweets, “Had such a great first date last night… I’m so glad we’re finally going there!!!” Trying to make Adam jealous, Blake? Ha.

‘X Factor': No Divas Here, Says Kelly Rowland – Veteran judge Demi Lovato insisted there won’t be any drama between the foursome, saying, “Nobody likes to watch drama unfold on a panel… we’re having fun.” Kelly added, “We’re here to find talent, we’re not about judging each other.” Paulina told Mario, “I’m really happy. I’m learning and enjoying the moment, and Simon is being nice (laughs).”

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Sebastien De La Cruz, 11, Sings National Anthem at NBA Finals, Sparks Racist Tweets – Sebastien De La Cruz’s performance of the national anthem at Game 3 of the NBA finals on Tuesday, June 11, should have been one of the best moments of his young life. But while he was greeted with applause inside the arena, the reaction on Twitter wasn’t as kind, with some basketball fans unleashing racist comments about the 11-year-old singer’s heritage — he’s Mexican-American — and his outfit — a mariachi costume. Sebastien, a San Antonio native who first gained fame on America’s Got Talent last season, was asked to sing at the Spurs game after country star Darius Rucker had to cancel. He took the court confidently and delivered a spirited, patriotic version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” — at one point gesturing proudly to the American flag — but still some Twitter users slammed him as an “illegal” (among other things). – Read more at US Magazine

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  • Lexie O’Neill

    That’s really cool of Lauren–good for her!!

  • SteelWauhterz

    Sweet! Jordin had quite the honor last night. I am very curious and excited about the new “adult” material she is writing and selecting for her new CD.

    Think I’m going to load up the jalopy, leave the Everglades and head up to Flora-Bama to catch Taylor. This is the perfect setting for Alabama’s answer to Jimmy Buffett.

  • chillj

    Well, Stephen Tyler, I am just shocked! Shocked, I say!

  • curly_yenta

    Another great article on Taylor and his appearance this weekend headlining the Shindig on the Sand. Looking forward to the new “soon-to-be released” country/soul album! Hope he means it this time ;)

    “Even though Hicks commands a headlining gig in Vegas and worldwide success including a Grammy Award, platinum-selling albums, appearances on Broadway and winning season 5 of “American Idol,” he said his heart will always be on the Gulf Coast.”

    “In 2012, Hicks became the first “Idol” winner to earn long-term residency on the Vegas strip. “I’m pushing 240 (shows) right now with five nights in Vegas gigs,” he said of his exclusive deal with Caesars Entertainment. “That’s from June to June, dude.”

    “Hicks also spends time in Nashville, where he is recording a soon-to-be-released “soulful country” album.”

  • Ari

    Steven Tyler just looks like more of a jerk (not to mention I Never understand why people find his looks attractive – he looks like a five cent drag queen)…Im waiting for some Idol judge to finally come out and say producers affected who moved on. I wish he would have come clean with that if it is true. The thing with the AGT boy is awful ; I saw it on The View and just shows what this country has come from – people hate blacks, asians, hispanics, gays, any minority group or someone not like them. Just saw an interview with Bill Clinton where he said while those biases have gotten a bit better, the new thing is hating people who have different political beliefs. If youre a Democrat or Republican, the party will kill you (esp the GOP) if you dont fall in line and god forbid try to compromise and work in bipartisan matter. Chris Christie gets slammed just for playing a game with Obama on the boardwalk.

  • Ari

    he also said he was on drugs and he joined Idol to spite his bandmates cuz he was angry at them. I never liked him but this just confirms it. Dude looks like a lady

  • Incipit

    “Im waiting for some Idol judge to finally come out and say producers affected who moved on.”

    Heh. They all probably signed a non-disclosure form – the producers, OTOH, don’t give a Flying Fig Newton – and have already come out and said it, like a casual throwaway, as in ‘everybody knows’. (see the thread re Cowell’s disagreement with Lithgoe)

    I back away from people who hate as a way of life – they could be contagious – and sadly, hating is like taking poison, and hoping the other person will die. But I also think it’s also an easy trap to fall into, Ari…heavy bias can be unbalanced – – when people try to make alternate life styles into an insult, like ‘cross-dresser’ and ‘drag queen’, I don’t see an essential difference. That’s sad too. IMO. Of Course.

  • BeBe Chez Fans

    DeAndre Brackensick’s video for his new single ‘Her Crazy’ is out. Really nice video with a gorgeous girl he gets to kiss.

  • lexa

    This is really cool. Adam’s wells being completed with funds he asked fans to donate to for his birthday through Charity Water.

  • irockhard

    LOL at Tyler not having the balls to admit that the judges don’t pick the contestants, that the producers do.

  • Larc

    Wonder what FOX/Idol could do if judges revealed things covered by a non-disclosure agreement? Surely they wouldn’t want to take legal action since that would really put a spotlight on the situation. Retribution for telling secrets wouldn’t look very good if the public basically sees those secrets as wrongdoing.

  • Sassycatz

    I don’t think the producers care if they get someone on the panel who has an opinion or cares if they have to ditch it to suit “the script.” All they want is a name and a face. That’s why we keep hearing about people who are “names” but with no substance. Now, I see why they haven’t had Connick on the panel. He clearly has an opinion, seems to care enough, and probably would buck at being told otherwise.

  • Incipit

    Wonder what FOX/Idol could do…”

    Heh. Probably nothing. Larc. Although a penalty may have been built into the contract – the judges are no longer employees. As you say, I don’t see anyone wanting to sue.

    But agreeing, in essence, to be a puppet doesn’t make the judges look good either – so we pick up crumbs…Like Kara’s admission.

    Tyler is trying to have his cake and eat it too – I imagine that’s nothing new. *snerk* Yes, OK. He lied to the auditioners. That was his choice to try to avoid saying anything negative, when there were others there to handle it…he could just say ‘beautiful’…and not look like a Bad Guy.

    But he also lied to the contestants, often by omission – but sometimes by ‘ovation’…and that wasn’t his own agenda. That lie, he doesn’t cop to. The few times he was negative it was mostly so wrapped up in a positive most folks didn’t even catch it.

    And TPTB would just say, ‘yes, of course, didn’t you know?’ – with a wink – so the show goes on.


  • Larc

    Maybe one way Pers could revamp Idol successfully is to play it straight up and honest with no underhanded manipulations for a change. Actually make Idol into what it claims to be on the surface. Given the massive failures of their behind-the-scenes engineering in recent years, it at least ought to be worth a try.

  • mjsbigblog


  • H.A.

    Very nice that each well gets dedicated with a plaque to Adam.

  • H.A.

    No Divas Here, Says Kelly Rowland. Ouch!

  • Incipit

    Heh. I saw that dig, H.A.. I guess she doesn’t count the Drama from her disagreement with Tulisa on XFUK, since that was all supposedly ‘Backstage Drama”?

    Besides, that was 2011, like, centuries ago! *snerk*

  • YankeeFan08

    How wonderful that so many people have benefited from Adam’s campaign for Charity Water! I’m so happy I was able to make a donation to support this project.

  • Incipit

    IDK, Larc. If they get judges who care about the music more than the ‘whole package’ and commercial viability, the always run the risk that those judges will tell the truth as they see it, if they let them. Especially about song choices and arrangements, not just how the contestants are singing. So, Producers notes.

    As long as Idol is selling iTunes and Tour tickets and compilations based on what the audience believes, I don’t think too much ‘truth’ is what TPTB have in mind. The fact that they ‘may’ benefit doesn’t seem to be worth the risk to their agenda.

    JMO. Of Course.

  • mtlfan2

    re Steven T., I’m sure i’m not the only who tought that the guy came across insincere sometimes on AI with his ‘standard critic’ like ‘beautiful’

    poor Tyler. I guess his band mates didn’t phone him after he fell off stage because they were sick tired of his addiction (likely tied as o why he did fell off the stage); it seems it was the right message for him since he checked in rehab after. That he signed for AI to make his band mates wrong… lol .. it’s so aberrated

  • Liteasy

    I don’t know how Taylor keeps up with his busy schedule. He may not sell millions of albums, but he sure is busy in many other fields, and I imagine making a lot dollars.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Tyler just needs to STFU about his Idol stint as judge.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Taylor is not listed on the site as having won a Grammy.

  • lollamape

    Oh Steven, I knew you’re not 100 % clean from whatever your addiction was when i saw your gooesiieeesss face with JLO. It’s like they were sniffing a crack and became addicted to it. oh at least it seems like that because their faces look so stupid.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    What kind of lowlife slams an 11 year old child who did nothing wrong?

  • Mateja Praznik

    Even the singer from The Script admits The Voice is broken. That’s it. It’s all over.


  • bridgette12

    Because they are cowards who won’t say something like that to the child’s face, instead goes on the internet and get’s attention from other bigots who thinks every Hispanic, is in this country illegally.

  • bridgette12

    The man is just an embarrassment. The more he talks, the more he reveals just how big of an ass he is.

  • irockhard

    “There are some amazing singers on the show. But although they have a great skill, that’s the tip of the iceberg. It’s about how well-rounded they are. We only get to sing for about 5% of our careers. The rest of it is how you conduct yourself, your plans.

    So it’s not ‘all about the voice’.

    It’s 5% about the voice.

    Yes what Danny said about the industry is true, the voice is not the most important thing, it’s actually one of the least important.

  • usedtobelucy

    “No Divas Here, Says Kelly Rowland. Ouch!”

    No one’s introduced her to Simon yet?

  • H.A.

    In the music industry most artists will tell you 10% is about the talent the rest is all about the promo. It’s a business and you have to sell yourself. It’s not a surprise the artists that can’t sing a lick are successful. It’s all how you market yourself, right timing and most of all a lot of luck.

  • suenigma

    Dude looks like a BABY!

  • H.A.

    Danny O’Donoghue was a little pissed at Brian May for dissing The VoiceUK when he appeared on Chatty Man last week.

  • jdanton2

    A 30 Second preview of Fifth Harmony’s new song Miss Movin On. is out . the full version debuts tomorrow night .

  • elliegrll

    I’d add that a large part is about how the artist promotes him or herself, and not just the promotion that they get from the label or management, even though they need both to achieve a high level of success.

    “The rest of it is how you conduct yourself, your plans.”

    This is true. I wish more alums would realize this while they are on the show. Many of them make their biggest mistakes while they are on the show, and then just make things worse from there.

  • dd999

    With all these singing shows that are similar to AI, I think, its to be expected ratings will be down. The Voice, if it does nothing else, it gives the contestants, public awareness, of who they are and their talent, which in itself, is huge. I like the Voice, and the format they have, of turning their chairs,. and the fun they have as a panel. They are certainly giving Cassadee Pope a boost by negotiating to have her song on the country charts. Its also a boost for the contestants to have their songs each week listed on I-tunes.

  • curly_yenta

    Perhaps it’s not updated? More than few sources have him listed as having one and more than a few articles mention him as having a Grammy for the appearance on the CD, including himself, but admittedly I have no idea about how those are given out and to whom. It could be that a featured artist on a Grammy award winning album isn’t listed on the site?…. just the main artist? Who knows…..

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yeah, Tyler is just a classless jerk.

  • curly_yenta

    I have no idea how he does it either…. so many appearances alongside his 5 night a week show in Vegas is making him a very wealthy man, no doubt about it.

  • H.A.

    Everybody has big balls behind a computer. These type of people who like to spent there time insulting or being passive aggressive behind your back are always the ones who will never tell you in your face.

  • milwlovesadam

    I just got my message from Charity Water about “my” wells via Adam’s Birthday donations. I donated three times, and I received info about three wells. I am simply overwhelmed with this. Not just that my donations made a difference which is visible and real, but that this charity is so thorough and followed up with it’s donors.

    It’s not just about the singing that makes me a fan. It’s this kind of choice that makes me respect the man so very much.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Here’s the link to the Grammy winners for Best Comedy Album:

    Year Category Title Winners

    2012 Best Comedy Album Blow Your Pants Off Jimmy Fallon, artist. Lawrence Manchester, engineer/mixer. Gerard Bradford, Mike DiCenzo, Jimmy Fallon & Lawrence Manchester, producers.

    It appears that the other artists do not receive a Grammy.

    A search for “Taylor Hicks” gives this result:

    No winner results were found for your search.

    If Taylor won a Grammy, his name would be on the website.

  • curly_yenta

    Next time I see him, I’ll ask him and report back. That would be the ultimate answer, eh? ;)

  • fuzzywuzzy
  • Tinawina

    I vaguely remember Simon saying something along those lines around the time The Voice debuted in the U.S. He scoffed at the idea of picking contestants with your backed turned to them, he implied that if they did not have charisma and/or a look, it would be useless exercise. But the public voting on them can certainly see them so I’m not sure how much of a factor it is once the blind auditions are over. I guess if there is no charismatic types left once we get to the voting rounds that’s an issue, but you can say that about any singing show I suppose.

  • LeoCS

    I agree the UK version is broken. However, it’s working in several countries.

  • Liteasy

    I’ll also ask him the next time I see him which will probably be in a couple of months.

  • curly_yenta

    How do you explain all the references to his Grammy win as a featured artist on Fallon’s CD, including the article above and the original one from the Hollywood Reporter? Have you heard the cut? He’s not only sings on it, but is the harmonica player as well.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    No. The ultimate answer would be from the Grammys.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    A good publicist? lol

  • curly_yenta

    Riiight! And this publicist is right there, at all times, all over the country, making sure they mention Taylor’s “fantom” Grammy in their articles! That must be it!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    This article in the Huffington Post only names Jimmy Fallon (the artist) as winning a Grammy for his comedy album.

    That is consistent with the posting on the website. Also, there’s no mention anywhere of any of the other featured artists on that CD receiving a Grammy for their participation.

    I think that THR made a mistake and it was picked up by other articles.

  • BonnieDee

    Umm, you think the GOP isn’t persecuted for their beliefs? Ask the IRS.

  • H.A.

    I’m sure he’ll tell you and you’ll have that on tape, right?

  • windmills

    There are people in the media who mix up appearing on a Grammy winning CD with actually winning a Grammy for contributions to the CD.

    In the non-general field categories, only the main act named on an album receives a Grammy if it wins the Best Album Grammy in that field.

    Example: Tony Bennett won a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album in 2011 for Duets II. Carrie Underwood duets with him on that album, but did not receive a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album, and nor did anybody else who sang with Tony Bennett on that album.

    The only category where all participating acts win a Grammy if the album wins is Album Of The Year in all genres. So if Jimmy Fallon’s album had won Album Of The Year, then Taylor would’ve won a Grammy, or if Tony Bennett’s Duets II had won Album Of The Year, then Carrie would have another Grammy to add to her 6.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks for that clarification, windmills.

  • girlygirl


    #Band practice ya’ll.

  • BonnieDee

    This is why I like giving to smaller, “hands on” charities rather than big charity conglomerations that use a large percentage of donations to pay huge salaries to executives. You get to see results. Very nice.

  • curly_yenta
  • BonnieDee

    At least get rid of the power texting and make everyone’s vote count a little more. The Voice method of voting is fairer, I think

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yes. I think that as windmills posted above:

    “There are people in the media who mix up appearing on a Grammy winning CD with actually winning a Grammy for contributions to the CD.”

    I believe that is what happened with that THR article.

    Plus, as windmills explained, only if an album wins Album of the Year would all of the artists who appeared on the album win a Grammy.

  • SteelWauhterz

    I’ve had students and singers who have gone through the process, and can tell you without hesitation that Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick had final say on the choices. The show is also tightly scripted.

  • SteelWauhterz

    The reality is, this reality show has always been managed (manipulated) by its godhead. The problem is, they’ve just gotten lazy, and didn’t really care that we could see behind the curtain.

  • curly_yenta

    Well, bottom line, I don’t know whether he has a physical statue or not, but I do know that perception is reality, and the statement has been repeated enough times to cement the fact. Moving on……

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol It’s not true, that’s been confirmed on the site and you want to perpetuate a lie? I guess that Taylor wouldn’t deny it either. What a joke.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    This article is accurate:


    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Taylor Hicks’fans were giving each other digital high-fives tonight, during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

    No, the Hoover native and former “American Idol” winner didn’t take home a trophy at the ceremony in Los Angeles. He’s in Las Vegas, performing a multi-week run at the Paris hotel.

    But Hicks, 36, did have a hand in Jimmy Fallon’s “Blow Your Pants Off,” a Grammy winner for best comedy album. He’s featured on “Friday,” one of 15 tracks on the record.
    Today, after Fallon’s award was announced during an early ceremony for the Grammys, Hicks weighed in by phone.

    “I would never have thought that cameo would be involved with a Grammy win,” Hicks said. “It just goes to show you how crazy show business is. You never know.”

    Hicks said he was happy for Fallon, and offered his congratulations.

    So, Taylor did NOT receive a Grammy for his participation in Jimmy’s album.

    NOW, we can “move on”. lol

  • Miss Blue

    Better hit the Google, Bonnie. A made-up non-scandal.

  • macfae

    That young boy’s response to the insulting tweets show so much maturity – those cowardly a$$hats out there throwing insults at him should feel ashamed. Of course, they won’t.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That plaque should say “Adam Lambert’s Fans on his 29th Birthday”.

  • curly_yenta

    Would you feel better if we just said he the first male Idol Winner to appear on a Grammy Award winning album? That would still be an awesome accomplishment, huh?

  • BonnieDee

    No it isn’t. You can find anything you want on Google but heads are rolling over this at the IRS. People are taking the fifth and getting fired.

  • BonnieDee

    I remember Steven saying while he was on Idol that he didn’t like to tell young kids they could’t sing. This isn’t new. I just saw he and Joe Perry were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jerk or not, he’s already made his mark, good and bad.

  • Karen C

    I kind of wonder even with a similar type of show, that there are differences in formats that work better for a particular country for some reason. Something about the Voice and Idol formats worked better in the US, and something about X Factor works better in the UK. I know there are also differences in production among the different shows, but I still think there might be something else to it.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It’s not a matter of me “feeling better”, it’s a matter of the truth, not in “cementing” a false impression through repetition of an error so that people will believe something that isn’t true. IMO, it does an artist no favors when fans decide to embellish and spread lies in order to make that artist seem more accomplished that he/she really is. Fortunately, Taylor doesn’t seem to feel the need to do this.

  • HermeticallySealed

    You mean the investigations which were initiated by a Republican IRS agent? Yeah, real persecution. Just so you know, there were several progressive groups also investigated, and had their non-profit status revoked. bet Fox didn’t report that though.

  • Johnny King

    No Grammy and platinum albumS? He only has one album certified platinum, not multiple. Did I miss something?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Nope. You are correct.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    One downside of the internet is that it helps nutjobs, paranoid conspiracy theorists, and dangerous people find others who will validate their thoughts and opinions and encourage them.

  • Liteasy

    Yeah – but he’s laughing his way to the bank!



    MuchMusic @MuchMusic
    Make this place your home… rehearsal time for @phillips! #MMVA

  • Goodvibes27

    For the record, this Grammy story was not started by Taylor’s fans or PR team. It was an article that first appeared in Hollywood Reporter, then picked up by multiple outlets. This is really a rare case of the press making Taylor look more successful than he is. In most cases, the media portray Taylor as having less success than he actually has enjoyed.

  • macfae

    YAY I’m glad it’s being televised even if just on Fuse. It will just be great seeing him again He has looked really healthy in the last pictures of seen.
    I’ll be taping the show though because other than Phillip there’s very few that interest me.


    This is from today too. NEW INTERVIEW

    We call this “ghetto record” lol, but they’ll maybe upload the video here

  • Trina

    So Taylor himself said he has one has despite that article that clearly says (and the Grammy site not listing him). Nah of course he wouldnt lie to help make his accomplishments sound better than they are. Grammy winner sounds way better than Vegas lounge act. That other article is hysterical “platinum albums! A grammy!” You would think he was Carrie.

    Oh and is he taking money for this Alabama appearance, his hometown, then he really IS a colossal douchebag.

  • Trina

    An album that didnt even actually sell a million. His one “platinum” album sold around 750k. Today that would be an accomplishment, back then it was a joke and probably why hes still viewed as a joke and the real winner who went on to sell over 7 million albums is still viewed as a superstar.

  • macfae

    Thank you! I’ll take whatever is available… lol
    He seems very upbeat and easy going as always.
    I had never seen that video from Feb before ..gosh, he was pretty scruffy looking, wasn’t he, haha….love his Southern charm.


    He looks healthy again and that by itself is great.

  • Kariann Hart

    He really did a nice job with the N.A. Twisted minded people are so ignorant.

  • Face

    more like dude looks like an idiot…

  • Madilo

    Happy to see Phillip in action again omg it’s been a long time, welcome back and please stay this way :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That just makes him a rich, classless jerk. lol

  • bridgette12

    Peace of mind and class is certainly two things he can’t buy with his money and it’s sad, that at his age and with his wealth, he’s still drugged out and acting like a slimeball.

  • Ria.

    I don’t know. XF in the UK is really fun. They have a lot of characters who are contestants and they encourage them. In the US I don’t think they would let those kinds of contestants thru. If they did, the show would be more fun and probably get much higher ratings. In the US show it seems like Simon and whoever is just trying to use the show to pimp the few contestants they already know they want to promote. The show itself is controlling, not very spontaneous, and not particularly fun in the US. But that’s because of the producers and not because of the audience.

  • Ria.

    I saw one episode of The Voice in the UK and I lost interest. It was the first episode of season 2 I think. The problem was the judges. They all turned in lock step and overly praised a number of contestants. Then none of them turned for better contestants. Danny in particular kept looking like he wanted to turn many times but wouldn’t until someone else hit their buzzer first. Then no one did so the contestant got sent packing. So I take any of Danny’s comments about the show with a grain of salt. If the whole season got low ratings, I am not surprised given just the little bit I saw.

  • Mateja Praznik

    On the XF UK they also have favorites that they want to see making it until the end. Just like in the XF US or AI. I do think that they XF UK is better at entertaining with joke acts in the live shows and a judge that supports the madness (Louis Walsh).

    I also think that it would help XF USA if the let the creative director (Brian Friedman) do his thing. Last year, he was working on XF UK before the live shows of XF USA started. And he managed to put together some really awesome performances. I just feel like he has his hands tied together on the US show in a way.

  • springboard2

    I have been wondering the same thing, specially about the X Factor.

    The X factor UK, despite its OTTness had a charm that made it compelling viewing (at least until season 7, just prior the US launch) and that in my opinion never happened with the X factor US. But what is weird is that Simon Cowell took the top producers of the UK show with him to the US, and also the choreograph Brian Friedman who was artistic director on the X factor.

    It’s not just that what clicked with the UK audience didn’t with the US one, imo, it is also that the US show has had something missing.

    Although the UK show has gone steeply downhill this last two seasons.

  • Ria.

    I don’t just mean joke acts in the UK. Cher Lloyd, for instance, was fantastic. But she we also quirky and fun. They let her stay quirky on the show. There are many more that I do not remember their names, and they made it well into the voting rounds. Even some of the ‘joke’ acts were still good singers and justly stayed thru several cuts. US XF watered down all their acts and tried to groom them to be the next someone else. US XF deserves its poor ratings for not allowing unique acts to get on the show and do what they want.

  • tucker davis

    IDK if this is already posted but Kellie Pickler will be on ‘The View’ on Tuesday and sing her new single.

  • Miz

    It sickens me. What is amusing though, is that this kid’s ancestors could very well have been ‘Americans’ long before his detractors.

    Sebastian sang the anthem beautifully and respectfully. He has also displayed total class for such a young boy in response.

    I love this kid.

  • Miz

    Toddrick Hall made the local news when his iPhone and wallet were stolen while doing a performance at an elementary school here.

  • Sandy

    I love watching the friendship that has developed between Blake and Usher.

    Okay, off to watch their performance of “Home” once again.

  • BonnieDee

    It was established that there was specific targeting of conservative and Christian groups. Everyone is reporting it, not just Fox. Where is your information from? Sounds like a very partisan news site. MSNBC perhaps?

  • Karen C

    I’ve seen both the UK and US versions. And I’ve been in the streams with chats while the UK versions were airing that had US and UK viewers. I think that it is also US viewers that look for something different than the UK viewers do. Seems to me that the US viewers take the contestants more seriously as artists, and do not like the OTT ness or joke contestants, and definitely take the Overs more seriously as artists. On the US shows, even when joke contestants made it through to voting rounds, they haven’t become finalists, or made it as far as they do in the UK. Also, I think US viewers tend to like contestants that know themselves as artists, and not changed by the mentors like happens on X Factor.
    The differences in production might be because they know what works in the UK might not work in the US.

  • dante

    Will make sure I DVR The View as I love Kellie!

  • Karen C

    I agree that is part of the problem with the US X Factor. I especially thought the mentoring with Jennel and CeCe last year changed them too much. Demin turned Jennel into a copy of herself, and CeCe into Lady Gaga.