Idol Headlines for 4/25/13

Tonight another contestant is eliminated on American Idol. Plus, Season 9 winner, Lee DeWyze and Season 10 alum, Stefano Langone perform. FOX 9/c pm.  And “Lights Out” on Glee tonight! American Idol alum, Jessica Sanchez, makes her debut as the tiny powerhouse lead singer of the Hoosierdaddies! FOX 9/8c.

The Eagles Take Issue With ‘American Idol,’ ‘X Factor’ – While admitting to watching the singing competition shows with what he described as a “morbid curiosity,” Fry criticized the way such shows make the wannabe popstars “over sing” everything during a recent press conference. “Yeah, they’ve turned it into Glee,” added band mate Don Henley, referencing the high school show choir comedy drama show. Said Frey: “This doesn’t have a lot to do with our DVD, but I’m going to deal with this quickly. Can you call it art if you have a contest? That’s the first thing I wanna ask.” Frey said that at least the shows, while not promising a “tremendous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” gave certain people the chance to tick a box off in their lives to say they were a singer for a year. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ interview: Kree Harrison talks about her tough Top 4 night – If the constructive criticism is helpful, what will you take from what the judges told you tonight? Kree Harrison: What Keith said really stuck with me, because he has been rooting for me since the beginning, fighting for me actually. I mean every word that I sing and you ought to believe me, so I guess I’m going to have to show that more and literally tear down every wall that is there. I’m going to try and do that and hopefully I will be here again to do that. I hope no one goes home this week!- Read more at Zap2it

Is ‘American Idol’ Having Its Worst Week Ever? – Fox’s “American Idol” is having a really bad week. The network’s big revenue generator is showing signs of distress. “The falloff has really been the last two years,” Brad Adgate of media-buying firm Horizon Media told TheWrap. “You have to look at what’s happened since then with the competition and the audience fatigue and the judges and the number of choices out there.” – Read more at The Wrap

How Good Are “The Voice’s” Ratings? How Bad Are “American Idol’s”? – The story in The Hollywood Reporter asserted that the Idol braintrust wanted Lopez back, but Carey then “responded with a threat of litigation.” And that the main source of consternation is the strength NBC’s The Voice, which has two new judges of its own, Shakira and Usher. So how concerned should Fox be? Idol was always going to fade into death someday — are we there yet, after 12 seasons? – Read more at Buzzfeed

American Idol Backstage Scoop: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Don’t Sweat the News Producers Planned to Replace Them – If Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were ruffled by the news that producers had considered replacing them midseason on American Idol, they didn’t let it show tonight. From their perches at the judges’ table, the two divas were business as usual during the two-hour Top 4 performance show. Mariah especially seemed to be in good spirits, taking time out from hair and makeup touch-ups during one commercial break to sign posters for a couple in the audience who are expecting a baby and plan to name her Mariah. (All together now: Awww.) Meanwhile, Nicki was seen chatting easily with Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who frequently hung out with the judges during breaks, just as he does each show. – EOnline

4 Mormon contestants advance on ‘The Voice’ – Four members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints advanced past the battle round on “The Voice” this week. Team Usher’s Ryan Innes and Team Adam’s Amy Whitcomb as well as Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes from the duo Midas Whale survived the battle round on NBC’s talent show. All three male contestants are also returned missionaries. Innes served an LDS mission to Portugal, Lewis served in Spain and Hayes served in Ecuador. Lewis and Hayes even showed off their Spanish to Shakira during their audition, explaining that they both knew the language from living in Spanish-speaking countries. – Read more at the Deseret News

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ star Maroulis goes retro in Kips Bay pad – Though there’s a full bar cart in the living room of his Kips Bay apartment, Constantine Maroulis has been abstaining. “Seven months not a sip. I knew I was going to go on the road and get dehydrated. I wanted my voice to be the best it can be,” says the actor/singer and “American Idol” finalist, who recently wrapped up a national tour of “Jekyll & Hyde.” Now Maroulis, 37, is playing the dual role on the Great White Way, where the musical will have a limited run at the Marquis Theatre through June 30. But the Brooklyn-born, New Jersey-raised performer is no stranger to the Broadway stage, having been nominated for a Tony Award for “Rock of Ages.” In fact, it was after Maroulis got the lead role of struggling musician Drew in late 2009 that he moved into this 700-square-foot rental. – Read more at the New York Post

‘Dancing With the Stars’ judge Bruno Tonioli: NBC is ‘stupid’ for putting on ‘Voice’ at the same time – SURE, HE can dance — but give him a little competition and this bloviating ballroom buff wilts like a jellyfish on hot sand. “Dancing With the Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli whines that pitting NBC’s “The Voice” in the same time slot against his dancing show is “not fair.” “It is stupid that NBC is putting on ‘The Voice’ in the same time slot as us,” he told the Daily News at the BritWeek red-carpet launch in Los Angeles. “It is not fair for the viewers putting it on at the same time, they are the ones losing out. They don’t want to have to switch all the time,” he said. – Read more at the New York Daily News

The Voice Exclusive: Coaches’ Game of ‘Guess Who?’ Uncovers [Spoiler]’s Pageant Past – Doesn’t it seem like The Voice‘s quartet of coaches has such a hoot hanging out together that they probably shouldn’t be getting paid for it? In the following exclusive clip, social media correspondent Christina Milian sits down with Usher, Adam Levine, Shakira and Blake Shelton for a goofy game of “Guess Who?” — and the results are…well, unexpected, to say the least. – See the Video at TV Line

With a new Hall of Fame exhibit and a second soundtrack on the way, it’s time to unpack the impact of ABC’s Nashville – ou’d think the sparkly, strapless minidress now on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum came from the closet of Taylor Swift; it’s proving to be a magnet for tween girls. They press in to see it up close — as close as the glass partition will allow — with a level of excitement that indicates it’s been worn by somebody they’re really into. And it has. During an episode of ABC’s Nashville, Juliette Barnes (played by actress Hayden Panettiere) strutted across the Ryman stage in that hot little number. The thing is, she’s a compelling and believable enough country-pop diva on the small screen to attract these tweens’ off-screen fandom. – Read more at Nashville Scene

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    Slezak is still really steamed:

    Yes, yes, I know…Idol has always been the kind of show that wears its agenda on its sleeve — usually spelled out in the blood of the contestants it hasn’t pre-selected as its Chosen Ones (TM) — but tonight, the commentary from Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson was so despicably biased against Candice Glover and Kree Harrison that I half-expected exec producer Nigel Lythgoe to send a marching band across the stage to drown out their voting numbers as they were read. You know, just in case you hadn’t gotten the message.

    Add to that the Ringling Bros.-esque parade of dancing ladies, cartwheeling elephants and tightrope-walkers to herald THE OFFICIAL SEASON 12 ARRIVAL OF AMBER HOLCOMB (hinky upper register, occasional flat notes and coma-inducing song choices not included), and you had a recipe for one of Idol‘s most blatantly manipulated, blood-pressure raising, franchise-destroying nights of all time ever.

  • Tommyo2000

    Not Surprised about the AI having its worst week ever commentary … last night might have been the low for the series, possibly eclipising Randys beatdown of Haley. That was mean-spirited, but they judges werent outright lying to the audience and taking us for fools as they were last night… Dont they get that the audience wants to be able to rely on and believe the judges?? Cant do that now … And BTW I was a Nicki fan at the begining, but she has to go now … she is rude and unprofessional. Mariah should go too because she doesnt bring $18mil in value … AI pays, by my estimate, 35-40 mil for the judges… bring Keith back, maybe Adam Lambert and then find a female name, with some personality, and that do it for less than 20 mil total. Keep Jimmy as the insider, bring back mentors, and clear more songs. Whole thing could be done for 35-40 mil…

  • Myrrna

    Annie Barrett has a clever recap counting the judges’ lies (23) at

  • db987

    The show was a joke thats for sure but If it were Amber and Angie who got that treatment he wouldn’t have cared he has tunnel vision about the artist he supports.
    He uses his platform to promote his favs which is his right and the judges use their platform to promote the producers favs which is less right.

  • JD

    I don’t think that anybody is being eliminated tonight. Ryan said he had a surprise and they’ll come up with some story to explain why. Just read the voice has 2weeks of going up against IDOL…the potential damage to IDOL is Huge!! Mariah and nicki signed 1 year deals…don’t think they’re necessarily coming back. Whatever you want to say about nicki,she’s right most of the time

  • Li Wright

    This is a bit off topic: I was thinking about Nicki Minaj….it must be awfully expensive being Nicki Minaj….she is so FAKED UP…fake eyelashes, boobs, hair…and her face just looks “extreme”….I would be curious to know what she looks like w/o the faked stuff. And can she look more “natural”?

    However, for TV purposes Mariah (and JLO& Paula) look young and soft…soft skin….natural hair with weaved in hair…soft makeup….

    It was just a thought I had to put out there.

    On topic: I like that there are five girls in the finals….I just wish they were not “safe” singers. And wonder how much the producers — or the voice coaches — are holding them to the “safe” system….I think it’s the voice coaches. Because if everybody remembers, the last two seasons the “mentors” told the singers to go for it.

  • Li Wright

    It’s too “safe.” Blame the voice coaches? Blame the producers? How can you have mentoring in the past that told the singers to let it out and go for it and this year the singers are all safe singers?

  • Jenny Williams

    Excited for Jessica’s cameo on glee tonight. Even though it will probably only be a few seconds. haha!

  • EmmaCT

    But how did he really feel? :>

  • elliegrll

    The judges have always lied. Last night wasn’t out of the ordinary at all.

    Simon was a master at taking the focus off of the performers, especially someone who was supposed to be fodder, but who had delivered a better performance than his favorites. He even mentioned this a few years back, when he wrote about being afraid that Kimberly Locke would have a better top 3 performance than Ruben and Clay and make it into the final 2. He said that he had to figure out something to say, so that people wouldn’t vote for her. His banter with Paula about Kris Allen shopping in the women’s department was all about not wanting to give Kris a positive critique on She Works Hard for the Money.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Disqus is having a meltdown in last night’s recap thread. Seriously that comments system just wasn’t made for 1200+ comments posts.

  • elliegrll

    With all of her endorsement and sales she has the money to look anyway that she wants. The same is true for Mariah and Jennifer, who received plenty of insults from viewers over the years about the way that they look.

  • Incipit

    Heh. It wasn’t made for 100 + comments posts – Truth is, it can’t handle mj’s.

  • LA944

    IA that Slezak has tunnel vision–in a way. I don’t always agree with him, One season he was so down on one of the (very talented) contestants –I didn’t get it at all. That same season, he was in love with a contestant who did deserve his accolades. I was angry and happy with him at the same time LOL
    However, IMO he is totally on the mark about last night. It was freakin ridiculous!

  • Mateja Praznik

    I just want this blog to go back to normal WordPress comments.


  • fuzzywuzzy

    Here’s a suggestion that may help. I learned last night that clicking on the “new comments” orange bar is what brings up all of the old posts and reposts them as “new”. OTOH, if you just refresh the page (and ignore the “new comments” bar), then the actual new posts are posted in chronological order (you can re-sort, but I don’t think that it’s necessary), and you avoid the reposting of older posts. Also, rather than click on the “— new comment below” bar at the bottom of the page, I simply scroll down and use the “new reply” label to identify the new posts that are nested below. I’m finding that this works today as well (yes, Disqus is still having a meltdown in last night’s thread).

    I’m using Google Chrome and signed in with WordPress (which may make a difference).

  • Incipit

    Very true – the judges spin – when that doesn’t work, they lie. A credit to the School of Hyperbole – positive and negative applications. But people would be hard pressed to find anyone on the panel speaking truefax, at this point…as Cowell flat out copped to re that Kimberly Locke story – saying of course he lied…it was Top 3.

    That’s one reason I have to *chuckle* at the nostalgia for the “honest judge” meme that resurfaces from time to time – because no – Cowell didn’t have a personality transplant for his own show – that’s who he always was – and that’s alway been SOP on Idol.

  • windmills

    Page 2 of the Billboard Midweek Country Update takes us behind the song on ‘See You Again,’ talking to cowriters David Hodges, Hillary Lindsey, & Carrie on how they came up with the song and also talking to producer Mark Bright and Carrie about how the record came to sound like it did. It’s a cool read. A couple quotes:

    David Hodges on writing with Carrie:

    The funny thing with Carrie—and I haven’t had this with many artists I’ve worked with—it’s a little bit scary when you’re in the melody department because everything she sings sounds unbelievable. Every little line she sings, she makes it sound great because she’s such a great vocalist, when it really may not be the best line.

    A number of subtleties added to the song’s emotional progression. It shifts after the bridge from a keyboard base, built around Jimmy Nichols’ acoustic piano, to a guitar foundation to “give it an edge and lift,” Bright says. Percussionist Eric Darken stacked multiple tracks of bell tones, including chimes and glockenspiel, to enhance the spiritual overtones. Charlie Judge meticulously added a series of computer-generated string lines to build a sound so effectively dense it’s easily mistaken for a real orchestral group.

    “Each one of those sounds is recorded individually like a real string player
    would do,” Bright says.

    Carrie also had Hillary Lindsey and David Hodges record background vocals for the song, and talks about how many times she sent back the mix of SYA because she wanted something in, something taken out. She said it took a lot of tries to get it to where she felt it was right, because she wasn’t sure they could live up to the demo.

  • gatorgirl5028

    Really looking forward to seeing Lee tonight! I’ve already downloaded “Silver Lining” and can’t wait for the album release!

  • girlygirl

    Although he actually did give him a very good critique on that song. All the judges did. But yeah, in S8 I noticed that the distracting banter between Paula & Simon (or the other judges) came a lot of times after either Kris’ or Allison’s performances. It’s been clear for years what contestants the judges want to deflect positive attention away from in any particular season (Kris, Haley, etc), even when they didn’t openly throw them under the bus. But last night was a new low, even for Idol.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Well I use Firefox and it takes forever to get from the beginning of comments to the newest ones. It’s a total mess, browser is freezing and reporting errors in Disqus’ script.

  • usedtobelucy

    “Very true – the judges spin – when that doesn’t work, they lie.”

    So you’re saying they should run for office ….

    Thanks for reminding us about the judging history. Oh so true what you say.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I used to order the posts from oldest to newest, but now I list the posts from “newest”, so that I don’t need to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the newest posts. Maybe, you might try this? Once you get used to it, it’s much better.

  • Kariann Hart

    Yes, one week Kimberly did get more votes than Ruben. TPTB were very upset. Clay was number one in votes every single week from Wildcard through TOP 3.

  • artemis112

    I’m so glad that Vanguard decided to release Lee’s new single Silver Lining to ITunes and Amazon in time for his Idol appearance instead of waiting until June as they originally planned.
    Vanguard may be a smaller label than RCA, but it must feel good for Lee to be signed to a label that believes in him and supports his music.

  • Kariann Hart

    I felt that Candice was willing to take risks; however, she was not rewarded last night with tackling the Drake song. Go figure…

  • Kariann Hart

    I know I had lots of problems getting through and actually posting. It was busy,busy, busy.

  • Jason Gorny

    There was a magazine cover where nicki went natural. I can’t remember which magazine it was. It was definitely a fashion one tho.

  • Madilo

    You guys should watch this performance of Justin Timberlake on Ellen
    omg so good
    that’s how you do it !!

  • elliegrll

    The song choice was a risk, but unfortunately the arrangement was the same old same old. It’s what AI has been doing over the past four years. Plus, if Candice was going to (be forced to) pick an AC arrangement for that song, she should have picked a more upbeat song for her second performance.

  • windmills

    New Lauren & Scotty cowrites (not with each other :p):

    Barefoot & Buckwild (Lauren Alaina, Chris DeStefano, Jon Nite)
    Every Little Thing (Lauren Alaina, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)

    Before Midnight (Scotty McCreery, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)

    Jon Nite cowrote Chris Young’s Save Water, Drink Beer, Jana Kramer’s One Of The Boys, and Tim McGraw’s Book Of John (which is a really strong track IMO). He & Jimmy Robbins cowrote Home Is You on Thompson Square’s new album. Jimmy Robbins cowrote Blake Shelton’s Sure Be Cool If You Did.

    Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins definitely appear to be label hookups for both Lauren and Scotty, as is Heather Morgan who’s been writing with/for Lauren. All 3 songwriters have also been writing a bunch with Capitol Nashville’s Kelleigh Bannen. They’ve also been writing a bunch with Jana Kramer but she is signed to Warner.

    Chris DeStefano cowrote Good Girl with Ashley Gorley and Carrie, Jana Kramer’s Why Ya Wanna, and Scotty’s Better Than That.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks, Windmills! I can’t wait to hear “Before Midnight!” I love Book of John, not so much Save Water, Drink Beer, just basically want to hear more Scotty cowrites.

    Glad to hear more about Lauren’s album, too.:)

  • DB987

    It seems pretty clear from the hints Lauren has been dropping that she will be releasing her single soon. She was in LA earlier this week and there was some indication that a AI guest spot is coming up. Glad to see things moving along on all fronts for both she and Scotty.

  • Tusk

    Several tweets from Indonesia that Haley will be appearing on XFactor, Indonesia, tomorrow

    FIC Indonesia ?@FOXChannels_ID 9h

    Btw, FOX People. Besok malam Haley Reinhart akan tampil di @XFactor_ID lho. Jangan lupa nonton, ya


    FIC Indonesia @ FOXChannels_ID 9h
    Btw, FOX People. Tomorrow night Haley Reinhart will perform at the @ XFactor_ID know. Do not forget to watch it, yes

    By most accounts these shows through SE Asia have been extremely well received with many excited fans (14 songs in Okinawa). Say what you want about keeping associated with FOX, it has been a great way to get Haley’s brand and songs out. Her Asian fans have been a buzz trying to get tickets to see her. (There’s a contest for 30 winners to attend a dinner with her)
    Let’s just say, her amenities have been 1st class for this ‘tour’

    Where’s a sexy cabana boy when ya need one…..And yes those are rose petals….

  • Larc

    I wish there were some way to turn off real time updating. There was in the version of Disqus MJ used before this one. Don’t know why they did away with that option.

  • Amy Beth

    OMG, Pentatonix have the coolest announcement! Check out any of their social media to find out what it is.

  • windmills

    That’s fantastic! I had all but written off the possibility of an AI performance for Lauren this season. Excited to hear what she’s got, hope it’s something I dig!

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Lee Dewyze just released his new single on iTunes and Amazon.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t have ongoing real time updating, I have an orange bar that appears at the top of the comments section which indicates ” x new comments”. Now, I just ignore the “… new comments” button/bar and just reload the page to avoid all of those older posts reposted as “new” posts. It appears that Disqus has been tinkering with the system, since some people’s experiences have changed over time, as posted here:

    So at some point, they may “fix” the problems with the older posts being reposted as new when one clicks on the “…. new comments” bar.

    ETA: I’ve also noticed that the “new notifications” listing goes berserk too when the thread is moving fast and reaches over 100 posts. Suddenly, I get all of these notifications (often from the same person), listing posts that were made days, weeks, even months ago. I just ignore those notifications and scroll down to search for responses (which are labeled).

  • Incipit

    “Vanguard decided to release Lee’s new single Silver Lining to ITunes and Amazon in time for his Idol appearance instead of waiting until June as they originally planned.”

    Hey, that’s great. Good for his Label – I hope this gives him some sweet initial sales – waiting until June would have frittered away the exposure from being on Idol – and it’s only one month early, so it ought not to affect any of their other roll-out plans. Nice.

  • Sharron Gail Taylor

    THAT IS SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!! cause it will be Excited to see her. I am on facebook as friends with her. and with Scotty.

  • Sharron Gail Taylor

    Me too can’t wait to hear ” Before Midnight” from cowrites with Scotty. I want to hear more cowrites with Scotty. as he gets older he will be great at this writing gig. cause “See You Tonight” is super great song that he cowrite.