Idol Headlines for 2/7/13

The American Idol 12 Hollywood Rounds continue with The Boys last chance solos, tonight at 8/7c pm on FOX.

The Glee “Diva” episode airs on FOX at 9/8c PM

From ‘American Idol’ win to megahit ‘Home,” Phillip Phillips going with the flow – “I don’t feel too famous,” he said in a recent telephone interview. “I guess my only thing is that you don’t have as much privacy anymore.” “This whole past year is just a blessing,” Phillips added. “And I’m thankful for that. It’s definitely a tough year. Definitely went through a lot, but it’s a year that I won’t forget and I’ll always be thankful for.” While the whirlwind pace of the last year is evident in Phillips voice, he does seem to exude a confidence and maturity that is disarming for someone so young. Phillips said he likes to meet with people while he’s out on the road and often tries to mingle with them and talk if he can. He is fully aware people are curious about him, and he can relate to how they feel. – News-Sentinel

Red Carpet Confidential: Does ‘American Idol’ Winner Phillip Phillips Make A Jealous Boyfriend? – “I don’t think she gets that jealous,” the Home singer, 22, tells me this week while promoting his March 23 performance during Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras Celebration. “I think we all get jealous a little bit — even I’ll get jealous. If you’re not jealous, I don’t think you really care much about the person. That’s my opinion. We’re doing really good. She doesn’t get too jealous, though.” Instead, he cherishes her for being the yin to his yang. “She actually speaks up [laughs] and will tell you the truth, even though it hurts. I’ll keep quiet at times because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. [laughs]” There is one person she’d have to step aside for, though. “Kate Beckinsale,” he says. “She is just absolutely amazing. It’s breathtaking. [laughs]” – Read more at OK Magazine

OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Says There’s No American Idol Checklist – American Idol, you’re going to Hollywood! The auditions are over, and now American Idol is ready to move into Hollywood week. “I think you know what will work when you see it,” Carrie Underwood says. “I don’t know if you can have a checklist of ‘this is what I’m looking for.'” She was the big winner on the show’s fourth season in 2005, and she’s pretty sure they didn’t have that checklist during her Hollywood week. “When I was on there, I guarantee you they weren’t looking for a blond little country girl from Oklahoma singing country music on a relatively pop TV show,” she said. “They weren’t looking for me, and they found me.” – Read more at CMT

Carrie Underwood Grammy Performance Is a Chance to ‘Represent’ – “I’m excited to be performing on the Grammy awards and honored that they would have me back,” says the superstar entertainer. “I’ve been lucky enough to have performed on it several times and have been a part of some cool moments on the show, like the Michael Jackson tribute with Celine Dion, Usher, Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson.” Carrie notes that the Grammys remain important to artists like her because so many musical genres are jockeying to be featured on the live show. “I definitely feel like a representative for country music. The Grammys represent so many types of music and there are only so many slots available for people to perform. I’m honored and want to do the best job I possibly can to represent our format and show everybody what they might be missing in country music, and make them jump on the bandwagon for country music.” – Read more at The Boot

American Idol Season 8 Alum, Allison Iraheta, performs at the Grammy Camp Basic Training

Allison Iraheta performed yesterday at the Grammy basic training held at USC. On the wire image photo she was billed as a “Tonight Show Vocalist.”

Jordin Sparks: Grammy Producers Brunch 2013 – Jordin Sparks is gorgeous in white as she arrives at the 1st Annual Grammy Producers Brunch held at Xen Lounge on Tuesday (February 5) in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old singer mingled with other attendees, including Rodney Jerkins and Trevor Jackson. – Read more at Just Jared Jr.

Jim Cantiello’s Idol in 60 Seconds

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  • tripp_ncwy

    Vice President of Corp Comms at FOX:

    Gaude Paez Morose @GaudeP
    Last night’s #AmericanIdol posted a 4.6/13 and drew 14.2 Mil. Viewers, dominating the night across all major demos.

  • dd999

    Jim Canteillo’s assessment on his video, says it all for me . Yikes! Its gotta get better. Surely, it can’t be any worse than what I witnessed last night!!!

  • elliegrll

    I always love Hollywood week/the group rounds for the hot messes that they are.  For example, take Lauren Alaina’s group performance, she was out sung by every member of her group, but they were all cut, and she made it through.  I just chalked it up to two things, one being that the producers wanted to show teenaged girls giving Steven Tyler a lap dance, and two being that Lauren must have impressed the judges and producers during her off camera performances, but the other girls didn’t.  That’s pretty much how Hollywood week always goes, there will always be people who make it through for no logical reason, but then most viewers wind up falling for them once the live rounds start.

  • girlygirltoo

    Here’s the playlist of vids from Kris’ show last night (more should be going up on the site later).

    I recommend you check out the banter vids as well as the performances — there was some interesting back & forth going on last night, lol

  • dabney c

    Allison Iraheta is billed as “Tonight Show Vocalist” — what does that mean?

  • Eilonwy

    Allison Iraheta is billed as “Tonight Show Vocalist” — what does that mean?

    It means that whoever provided the photo to wire services decided to define Iraheta by her current job, rather than as “Idol S8 3rd place.”

    Honestly, “currently working in the music industry” is a better message to have attached to Iraheta than “briefly famous four or five years ago.”

  • lovetheusa1776

     Agree about the “reax” comment – great live.

  • durbesque

    Kris is already completely changed.  If he continues to develop as an entertainer, there’s no telling where he will go.  It even affects his songs…take ‘Monster’…it has become a fascinating expressive musical experience.  I believe his new-found freedom will spill over into his writing, and who knows where that will lead?  The “accident” was exactly what he needed.

  • GRjourney1

    Heard a bit of David Archuleta’s “Running” from his first album on the Today Show on a segment about running.

  • dabney c

    Thanks. I didn’t realize Allison was currently singing on the Tonight show. Not a bad gig.

  • pj

    I had no idea Allison was on the Tonight show.  Since when?  I knew she started a new band..

  • girlygirltoo

    I know Allison was one of the backup singers when Cassadee Pope performed on the Tonight Show. I don’t know whether Allison has a regular gig as a background singer for the show, though

  • Lobilobi

    Phillip Phillips + Matchbox Twenty Put on Amazing Show at Longview’s Belcher Center

  • tucker davis

    What is it with Kate Beckinsale and these young guys…lol.   P2 says in his OK Magazine interview that he’d drop anybody for her…didn’t Kris Allen say the same thing ?? Of all the beautiful celebrities, both young guys zeroed in on Kate!

  • Hazehel

    The American Idol website seems to be blocked to users from outside of US (never happened before), so a question to those who can access it – however many contestants who reached the Hollywood rounds are listed there?  Also how many of those came from the San Antonio audition? 

  • wordnerdarchie

    I counted 8 pages of 33 plus last page with 13 for a total of 277 going to Hollywood.

    I saw 31 from San Antonio (but I didn’t go back & count a second time – I could have missed some).

  • milwlovesadam

    How about Alison Iraheta: Adam Lambert’s opening act?

    She was quite awesome in that capacity on tour.

  • KelseyW

    Umm…….No. lol It was nice of Adam to bring her on his tour though. :)

    Jive sure as hell didn’t do much in that department. I didn’t get to attend one of the Glam Nation tour stops, but I’m glad she had the opportunity to gain touring experience. Unlike my other fave Haley. :/ I hope things get rolling for the both of them soon so I can finally see them on their own solo tours.

    Oh, and I like that Allison’s name wasn’t immediately associated with Idol, but with a recent big name singing gig. Things like that can only help to increase her creditability as a vocalist and an artist. Whoever’s in charge of all things Grammy is awesome. They’ve given some love to several of my Idol faves recently. Both on their website and off.

  • Roque Antonio Mocán Quan

    About Allison Iraheta: it goes to show how loved and respected she was inside Idol. Rickey Minor, who is the current Tonight Show musical director must have brought her there, even if it was only to sing as a backup singer just one time…

  • girlygirltoo

    so Kris has 2 openers at his show tonight (no Jillette, who was shooting his music vid today). The first opener is Zak Waters, who has worked with both Kris and Adam before. 

    From the twitter list, people loved his set tonight

  • tripp_ncwy

    Request song for Kris tonight at the Canyon Club is 
    Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

  • tripp_ncwy

    Video: Kris Allen  Wicked Game – Chris Isaak  (Cover) Canyon Club

  • girlygirltoo

    great choice! He sounds amazing



    Phillip Phillips – Home – Normal, IL – Braden Auditorium: vía @youtube

  • girlygirltoo

    closer view of Kris performing Wicked Game

  • DorkAngel-GBW

    Random question for MJ’s experts: Are VEVO accounts tied to record labels? Can an Indy artist have VEVO? Thanks

  • H.A.

    Vevo is co-ownership with Sony and UMG. Smaller labels license their artists video to Vevo. Independent and unsigned artists also can have VEVO through Ditto Music which helps those artists get access.

  • Hazehel

    I counted 8 pages of 33 plus last page with 13 for a total of 277 going to Hollywood.
    I saw 31 from San Antonio (but I didn’t go back & count a second time – I could have missed some).

    Thank you. I expect not everyone is shown in the American Idol website (same thing last year) so the actual number is probably higher.  

    I wonder what the reason is for the American Idol website to block readers from outside the US.

  • DorkAngel-GBW

     Thanks for the info. :)