Idol Headlines for 2/23/13


Justin Guarini performs at Justin Guarini in Concert: The Media Theatre 2013 Gala in Media, PA.
Constantine Maroulis performs in Jekyll & Hyde the Musical at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.
Taylor Hicks performs at Paris Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
Daughtry performs at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Pensacola, FL.
Mandisa performs at the Brandisa Tour in Columbia, SC.
Jason Castro performs at the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular 2013 in Chicago, IL.
Adam Lambert performs at Shi Bunka Hall in Kanazawa, Japan.
Casey James performs at Denim and Diamonds in Temple, TX.
Scotty McCreery performs at Clay Center for the Arts in Charleston, WV.
Phillip Phillips performs at Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ.

X Factor Alum, Rachel Crow, Joins Cast of Rio2 – The singer/actress announced the news on twitter: “In case u missed my #bignews I’ve joined the cast of RIO 2! I’ll be playing the daughter macaw of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway! #Rio2”

Life falls into place for Bowersox – That’s the chorus of a jaunty love song called “Fall Into Place” from Crystal Bowersox’s forthcoming disc, “All That For This.” “That song’s really special; my husband [Brian Walker] and I wrote it together, and we finished it up with [musician and producer] Jono Manson in Santa Fe,” she said. “I feel like my life has fallen into place. Everything is as it should be, and I’m very happy in this place and time.” The singer-songwriter sounded content during a call from her home in Portland, Ore. “I’m just kind of laying low until the tour kicks off,” Bowersox said as she finished breakfast. “I just made some bacon and eggs.” – Read more at Toledo Free Press

Skylar Laine chats about ‘American Idol,’ her future – “But I was lucky to have been there when (Aerosmith lead singer) Steven Tyler was a judge. The others … Jennifer Lopez always had bodyguards surrounding her. Randy Jackson really didn’t say much. But Steven was unbelievable. He is one of the most genuine, humble people I’ve ever known. He was always like, ‘Hey, how ya doing? It’s gonna be a great night.’ He was always positive, and I think he ‘got’ me. I think he understood that I didn’t want to be a cookie-cutter country singer. Skylar is moving March 13 to Nashville without a record deal in hand. She has already secured a condominium within 20 minutes of downtown. “I want to meet with writers I’ve already worked with, and also start writing with new ones,” she says. “And I’ll perform whenever and wherever I can.” She has written “dozens of songs” and believes the one that could launch her post-Idol career might be among them. “But it all depends on what people in the music industry think,” she says. – Read more at Clarion Ledger

Pia Toscano of ‘American Idol’ Hits a High Note for Animals – In her debut single, “This Time,” Pia bids a powerful adieu to a bad boyfriend. And she thinks it’s time that everyone broke up with two businesses that are bad for animals: the fur industry and circuses.


Jermaine Jones Holds No Grudges Against ‘American Idol’ – American Idol season 11 semifinalist Jermaine Jones is moving on with his career and harbors no ill will toward the show, despite his dramatic disqualification by the show’s producers after it was discovered he gave fake names to Gloucester police for outstanding warrants. “To sit and dwell on the negative, you will always be in that dark place. I decided to pick up and move forward from that,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

STAGE TO SCREENS: Katharine McPhee and Krysta Rodriguez, On and Off-Screen Friends in NBC’s “Smash” – “I went to Boston Conservatory for like three semesters,” said “Smash” leading lady Katharine McPhee on the Brooklyn set of the NBC musical drama, as she began to explain her first encounter with Krysta Rodriguez, one of the many new cast members featured on the show’s second season. “I dropped out early on because I wanted to start working. But it’s so funny because [during] our freshman year of college…this guy named Jesse — this really talented guy — his girlfriend who went to NYU was coming into town to stay with him for the weekend. And, she was going to sing at one of the vocal recitals with him because they were ‘madly in love,’ and it happened to be Krysta Rodriguez!” – Read more at Playbill

‘DWTS’ News: Derek Hough Will Return for Season 16 – “Just got the call,” he wrote. “Wasn’t sure if I was able to do this season because of my other projects. But worked it out so I can do both. #pumped.” Back in November “Today” asked him about this “DWTS” future and he replied, “I can’t say right now,” calling his “All Star” win with Shawn Johnson a “perfect ending.” – Read more at ExtraTV

Jane Lynch Hosting New NBC Game Show, ‘Hollywood Game Night’ – Jane Lynch is hosting the new NBC game show “Hollywood Game Night,” which will pit A-list contestants against mere mortals in a cocktail-party atmosphere. NBC has ordered eight episodes of the series, from Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner.
“With Jane Lynch on board as our host, we now have a key component in place that will further enliven the sheer fun of a raucous Hollywood party that will include real everyday people,” said NBC president of alternative and late night programming Paul Telegdy. – Read more at The Wrap


Not to be missed. Jim outdid himself this time.

Martha Heredia, “Latin American Idol” winner, arrested for allegedly smuggling heroin – (CBS/AP) SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Martha Heredia, a winner of the TV talent show “Latin American Idol,” is charged with drug smuggling after police found heroin stuffed in the heels of her platform shoes, authorities said Thursday. Martha Heredia was arrested late Wednesday as she was about to board a plane from the Dominican Republic to New York, said Frank Duran, the National Drug Control Agency’s director for the city of Santiago. He said police found 2.9 pounds of heroin in the heels of three pairs of shoes packed in her suitcase. Police also ordered Heredia to undergo X-ray tests to determine whether she had any drugs hidden inside her body, but none were found. – Read more at CBS News

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  • Nadine_Bitch

    MJ, today is 23:)

  • seashellz51

    LOL @ Idol In A Minute with Jim C. That was hilarious. :D 

  • No Thanks

    You know, if you check Astro’s Twitter and Facebook feed you see he’s been up to a lot.  He’s Teen Nick’s artist of the month.  And will be interviewed by Sway on MTV pretty soon.  And he’s been making a lot of the rounds with Rap and Hip Hop media.  

  • No Thanks

    Congrats to Rachel on her sweet gig!

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Adam fans might want to check this YT channel of Riddle601b who was in today’s Kanazawa Japan show.

    Believe me, you want to watch Stay/Underneath —>

    Next stop, Nagoya Japan on the 25th:)

  • girlygirltoo
  • girlygirltoo

    Nice gig for Rachel. Good to hear Astro is getting some notice, as well. I still think they were too young to be on X Factor or to become stars in the music industry, but at the very least, they are trying to build a foundation for what could be nice long careers.

  • Leandro

    I literally thought Pia would hit a crazy high note when I clicked on the But she’s just saying some politically correct stuff.

  • mjsbigblog

    Beginning next week, I think I’m going to start a daily appearances post where commenters can post videos from concerts so they don’t overwhelm the headlines threads…

    Think that will begin on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • mjsbigblog

    I follow Astro, so no worries. If he got cast in a movie, I would=definitely be posting it here.

  • curly_yenta

    Taylor Hicks is co-hosting the Iron Dogs Best of the Best Championship TV Special on the OUTDOOR Channel along with Eva Shockey. The hour long special originated from the Rio Suites Hotel in Vegas a few months ago and will air tomorrow, Sunday, February 24 at 12:30p ET/9:30a PT.  Read more about the show here:×510.jpg

  • asifclueless

    Adam Lambert – IIHY + Naked Love + Cuckoo in Kanazawa, Japan 2013-02-23

  • Incipit

    I like that idea, mj. Also makes it easier to find the current videos I am interested in seeing. JMO.

  • windmills

    According to this tweet from a guy who meet up with Kelly in Americus, Georgia this week (he also tweeted a pic of himself with Kelly), Kelly’s been filming a show this week about her family history that airs on TLC. That should be Who Do You Think You Are. Should be fun!

    Looking ahead to next week, Wednesday marks the official beginning of Country Radio Seminar, which as I’ve mentioned in the numbers thread is 3 official days (plus unofficial events that start earlier in the week) where radio programmers all descend on Nashville and get schmoozed by labels, who showcase their rosters in various events. Here’s a little preview of where the country Idols will turn up.

    Scotty and Lauren are officially confirmed as performers at the annual Team UMG At The Ryman luncheon, where most acts typically perform 1 song apiece. I expect both of them will perform new songs, and odds are the song they perform will be the label’s early frontrunner for their next single.

    On Wednesday night, Sony Nashville has a Girls Night Out event that is basically a mix & mingle event for all female CRS attendees plus the female acts on the Sony Nashville roster. Typically no performances there, but a tweet from a few weeks ago confirmed Kelly Clarkson will be attending. Carrie usually attends and may be there this year, but she has a show in California the night before and her husband has a game in Anaheim that night. That being said, Carrie cleared her tour schedule for CRS and I’m sure she’ll be back in time for Sony Nashville’s main CRS showcase (which isn’t officially on the CRS schedule but is a big event during CRS): the General Jackson boat cruise on the evening of Thursday February 28. Sony Nashville trots out most of its roster for that. The lesser known acts generally perform 1 song apiece, and the more established acts perform 2. The night ends with a surprise guest from outside the genre, who duets with a few of the higher profile Sony Nashville acts. I expect Carrie, CaseyJ, and Kelly to all perform that night.

    Black River Entertainment has its luncheon on Friday March 1 featuring Kellie Pickler, and the PR teases new music.

    I’m sure Broken Bow Records will have a showcase but I don’t know if Kristy Lee Cook will be able to participate because I’m not sure whether she is off vocal rest yet. I haven’t seen anything yet about Bucky Covington and eOne Nashville. Josh Gracin has parted ways with Average Joe’s Entertainment so I’m not currently expecting him to show up at CRS.

    I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on CRS so the blog is up to date on anything new that comes out of the coming week. Should be fun!

  • Tess

    the daughter macaw

    Would someone translate this.  Thanks.

  • windmills

    Tess: Would someone translate this.  Thanks.

    Rio2 is a big budget animated sequel to Rio, which was distributed by 20th Century Fox and was a big box office success. Rachel will voicing the part of the daughter macaw (a colorful parrot), whose parents are voiced by Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg, who are returning from the 1st movie.

  • Incipit

    Tess, Rio2 is a 3D animated movie sequel – the original released in 2011 – plotline involves the adventures of a blue Macaw –  Here’s the WIKI – so I’ll assume the ‘daughter macaw’ is a new character? 

  • roarpen

    ” Beginning next week, I think I’m going to start a daily appearances post
    where commenters can post videos from concerts so they don’t overwhelm
    the headlines threads…”

    mj that is a great idea! I really look forward to it.

  • MellyPer1692

    Isn’t that write up of Kris’s show just a fan blog?

  • elliegrll

    Outside of the US Rio made $341,015,951, and over 146,000,000 domestically.  So, this is a big opportunity for Rachel.

  • merkureye

    Pia’s PSA breaks my heart.  Anyone who can be cruel to animals has the capacity to be just as cruel to human beings.  Linkage between criminal behavior and cruelty to animals is well known.

    Animals can be trained and managed without being cruel to them.  Dogs for example only need love and discipline because of their innate loyalty and will to please.

  • Xentusk

    MJ, Although a very important message from Pia on Peta, might I suggest a warning of ‘graphic’ images for the vid?

    I know a strategy that Peta uses is revealing ‘the real and graphic truth’ in the way these industries treat and abuse animals , just that I imagine some of your readers may be younger and at least be forewarned before they click ‘play’…

    Just a suggestion…

  • shell29

    Good for Rachel! I’m also happy to see the positive news regarding Astro. I know X Factor US gets a lot of flack for not producing instant superstars like 1D (so far). I still think that eventually Simon & Co. will have US alums whose success they can brag about.

  • heartly

    Beginning next week, I think I’m going to start a daily appearances post where commenters can post videos from concerts so they don’t overwhelm the headlines threads…
    Think that will begin on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    I love this idea along with the appearances post you mentioned earlier in the week.  

    According to this tweet from a guy who meet up with Kelly in Americus, Georgia this week (he also tweeted a pic of himself with Kelly), Kelly’s been filming a show this week about her family history that airs on TLC. That should be Who Do You Think You Are. Should be fun!

    I’m happy that tweet turned up last night because she was being spotted in all these random places this past week (including Columbus, OH) and it wasn’t making any sense. She spent several days in Americus and seemed to be a big hit there, even making the local paper. lol Then tweets started coming in that she was filming something at an old Civil War cemetery in Andersonville, GA. Other possible locations are somewhere in West Virginia and maybe something overseas. I agree, this should be fun. I’m also inclined to say that this is one of the several projects she’s been talking about doing this year. After last year, I thought 2013 was going to be a relatively quiet one for her with a little touring, wedding and maybe working on an album. HA! 

    windmills, I’ll be looking forward to your CRS tidbits. :)

  • Caro3278sweet

    Jim outdid himself this time.

    Yes, he did, didn’t he. LOL

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the potential singles are for Scotty and Lauren. It will also be interesting to see if CaseyJ does “Drive” for his one song or tries one of his new ones. 

  • mjsbigblog

    I love this idea along with the appearances post you mentioned earlier in the week.

    The two will probably be combined. Just a general daily appearances post, a catch all for all appearances news, including videos.  And if anything special comes up. it will be pulled into a separate post.

  • girlygirltoo

     Most of the recaps that are posted on here about any Idol’s concerts are written by fans, not professional journalists. Newspapers rarely send professional reviewers to cover shows anymore.

  • Kitwana

    X-Factor USA needs Rachel or Astro to break and break big to gain some legitimacy.  The Season 1 X-Factor winner and runner up have all but disappeared off the radar.  I’m not sure Rio2 will do it for Rachel but people here seem convinced that a faltering Glee will launch Jessica Sanchez into superstardom so I guess anything is possible.

  • Lobilobi

    Chart News

    US top-selling songs of 2013: #7
    Suit & Tie 835,100 | #8 Girl On Fire 768,915 | #9 Home 749,552 | #10
    Beauty And A Beat 728,896.

    so proud of my boy

  • No Thanks

     Rio 2 won’t be out until 2014.  Astro is slowly but surely building up his rap career and also dabbling in acting.  It will be several years before they “break big”.  But they’re steady working and doing quite well for such young performers.

  • Incipit

    Well, I think this would fit nicely into the Daily Appearances theme, except it’s over by Sunday. Heh.

    I don’t actually expect to see appearances for DC right now, he’s only tweeting about writing, even as late as yesterday, and fan tweets are just about spotting him around Nashville – but this showed up, and it IS an appearance…VH1 is showing David’s appearance as The Musical Guest on SNL, November 1, 2008, seventeen days before his debut album with RCA even dropped – on Saturday (today) and Sunday.

    Check your local listings. 

    David Cook on SNL (2008) showing on VH1 today Feb 23 and tomorrow Feb 24! His Declaration :)

  • steph6449

    Danny has an appearance together with Phil Vassar in Milwaukee on March 9th, for a fundraiser benefiting children of fallen U.S. Service Members.

  • Mateja Praznik

    One Direction started their Take Me Home Arena Tour today. Today and tomorrow they are doing two shows per day.  Camryn and Australian boyband 5 Seconds of Summer are opening for them.

  • wordnerdarchie

     Incipit, did you see the latest tweets with RFH info?

    @DeanaRFH: @thedavidcook’s RFH Team4aCure exciting Team Updates! Fan Event & David Cook designed Team Shirt!

    I’m disappointed that there won’t be a concert this year, but curious what David’s take on a team Tshirt will look like. 

  • Incipit

    did you see the latest tweets with RFH info?

    I did see those, wordnerdarchie, took the intel right over to the PB! I wish I could go to Washington in May, but virtual participation raises money to fight brain cancer too, and friends will be there. 
    Yes, I didn’t expect a concert this year without new music ready to use, but I agree, this “Event’ has me curious, and so does the tee shirt design! Wanna see what DC comes up with for that one.

  • MissMyEm

    I don’t wear fur and I hate the circus.  I love animals.  It also breaks my heart to know what is done to these poor innocent victims of greed, under the name of “fashion” and “entertainment”.   If it were feasible, I’d adopt every stray dog and cat who crossed my path.  

  • BonnieDee

    Lauren performed at the Country Music Hall of Fame today and signed copies of her CD.  Here’s a pic of her performing.
    And here’s a picture of her signing autographs there as well. She looks beautiful.

  • Lobilobi

     DEBUTS at #34 this week, +206 spins!

    New adds this week include:
    KSTP/Minneapolis, WMTX/Tampa,
    WPTE/Norfolk, WVMX/Columbus,
    KIMN/Denver and more!

    Phillip will perform “Gone, Gone, Gone”
    on American Idol on 3/14!

    Almost 700,000 albums sold!

    i did not know that Phillip will perform on Idol 14 of march

  • asifclueless

    Adam Lambert BE, Stay, Underneath, OOL, WWFM- Kanazawa- 23.02.13

  • Ria

    That David Cook episode of SNL is a classic!  It had so many great skits like the spoof of The View, “Giraffes!”, and “Family, where are you?” There are others I don’t remember off the top of my head.  Plus David Cook gave 2 great performances that night!

  • Namarinad

    “Gone Gone Gone” by Phillip Phillips: With the word “Gone” mentioned
    three times and the name “Phillip” mentioned twice, saying the name of
    this song and artist out loud seems kinda funny, but the person who is
    (so far) “American Idol’s” sole folk-rocker is no comedian. It’s
    honestly unbelievable to me that Phillip would have another song besides
    “Home” getting attention, since “Home” was in so many places in the
    fall of 2012 that it seemed like one of those songs that just couldn’t
    be topped. Though “Gone Gone Gone” hasn’t had near the level of success
    “Home” has so far, Phillip Phillips seems to know what the basic formula
    is for having one of his songs becoming a hit. Positive message (“I’ll
    love you long after you’re gone”)? Check! Acoustic guitar in the verses
    and bright shiny horns in the chorus? Check! A bouncy, irresistible
    earworm of a song? Well, “Gone Gone Gone” is different than that. It’s a
    bit more poignant than it is happy, but there is still plenty of charm
    and warm, cozy vibes to be found in “GoneGoneGone”!

  • girlygirltoo

    The San Diego Reader did a brief review of Kris’ San Diego show:

  • Beaugard Stevens

    Jermaine Jones certainly acts like an outstanding person, it’s hard for me to believe he is anything but a nice decent person no matter what he did- the way he handled his exit, with such grace, sets a great example for other people.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks as always for the info.!  By the way, what date is the UMG event?  Thanks…

  • TheOther

    Phillip will make his comeback to AI on Thurs 3/14 to perform Gone, Gone, Gone. According to the AI schedule, that will be the first elimination of the Top 10.

    IMO, between now and then, Home likely will take over Stronger as the best selling Idol song of all time:)

  • Incipit

    That David Cook episode of SNL is a classic! 

    Yes, the Ben Affleck, John McCain, pre election show actually has some good skits – and that particular episode gets replayed a lot, Ria…I catch it every time I can, because –  DC on my TV. *snerk* 

    And David and the Boyz absolutely slayed that Saturday Night Live Sound System Beast – they sounded great on “Light On” and awesome on “Declaration” – pretty rad for a debut performance as a band.

    It’s fun tonight watching the reaction on Twitter, as people are noticing.

  • asifclueless

    KICKIN IN, FYE,Fever,Dragon Attack, Shady, Trespassing- Kanazawa- 23

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Nevermind, I found it–this Wednesday.:))

  • Kariann Hart

    … the person who is (so far) “American Idol’s” sole folk-rocker is no comedian.
    It’s strange that Phillip is the sole folk-rocker and yet Idol won’t use this genre as a theme. Come on Idol…

  • windmills

     Yes, the UMG luncheon is Wednesday Feb 27th at noon Central time.

  • Bug Menot


  • Namarinad

    1- Phillip Phillips tops 4 million: ‘Home’ is where the platinum is

    “American Idol” may not be experiencing its best numbers ever, but its most recent winner, Season 12’s Phillip Phillips,
    certainly is moving in that direction. As of Thursday (Feb. 21),
    Phillips’ coronation song, “Home,” climbed over the 4 million in sales
    mark, pulling him to within a little over a hundred thousand behind the
    No. 1 selling “Idol” alum single of all time, Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).”

    some mistakes in the numbers and season but i love how Examiner is always here for Phillip
    He’s so lucky that people find him talented and sincere, the global impression is so important for an artist these days that i’m happy he’s in the good side.
    Keep the milestones coming !

    2- CD Review Phillip Phillips The World From The Side of The Moon

    TJR discusses the debut album from American Idol Winner Phillip Phillip’s “World From the Side of The Moon”.

  • Karen C

    Did they show Declaration too?  I just saw the second half with Light On. Even so, I can’t help thinking that was the first time I heard Declaration, and it turned out to be one of my favorite songs.  That’s also when I knew I would be a fan of his original music, because i loved both songs so much.

    And Neal deserves way more than a burritto for that ;) He tweeted and said that’s about what his residual would be.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Last night I guess I was sort of out of it (get these awful headaches)….this morning, I see that you had a link embedded…ah, well, I’ll pay more attention next time.:))

  • Jaejae1

    Oh Jim Cantiello!  That was hilarious!  And so true!  LOL!

    And yay for Rachel!  That little kid totally had the Xfactor.  Her people are handling her just right.  When she is 16-18, she can come back to the singing word.  

  • Indigobunting

    That event is sold out.

  • girlygirltoo

    He’s not, though — both Lee and Crystal could be considered folk rock in some shape or form.

  • girlygirltoo

    Danny’s Sophia’s Heart Foundation Cruise sets sail this afternon, with him, Kris and Jamar Rogers all set to perform (and whatever else they are supposed to do — mingle, I guess? :)  ). The cruise runs through Thursday. I know there are a bunch of Kris fans who will be on the cruise, I assume there are a bunch of Danny fans who are going as well, so hopefully we (eventually) get some news, photos and vids from this.

  • mjsbigblog


    Aaaaannnnd for the 7,444,355,112 time? NO NUMBERS IN THE HEADLINES THREAD.


  • steph6449

    Is it known yet who is going with Kris?  

    Danny seems to have his wife going (in-laws are babysitting), and “Two Story Road” is along — that is Brandon and Jamie Fraley, former back-up singers with Carrie (Jamie) and Danny (both of them), who have recently set up as their own country duo. Lots of AI ties on this cruise.

    Brandon and Jamie are reportedly going to do some of their own new songs and back up Danny. If Kris doesn’t have a musician along with him, possibly also they will play with Kris?  They are quite talented, if so I imagine it will work well.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m already going through Kris withdrawal so I sure hope some news, photos, vids show up from the fans on the cruise.  Also hope Kris is able to get some deserved R&R.

  • steph6449

    The past two years a good amount of concert video and photos have come out of the cruises, so I would hope so. I know some Danny fans who are good videographers / photographers will be there.

  • girlygirltoo

    Just Cale and Sean (his tour manager). Katy couldn’t get off work, I guess.

  • steph6449

    Great for Kris and his fans that he will have Cale there.  

    I imagine Danny’s new manager (Penny) is probably going, but haven’t heard specifically.

    No idea if someone is traveling with Jamar, but I’d assume so. Last year Matt Giraud brought his “little brother” which was sweet.