Idol Headlines for 2/19/13

Smash returns tonight with an all new episode titled “Dramaturgy”. It airs on NBC at 10/9c PM.

Ten girls take the stage tonight at the Mirage in Las Vegas for the beginning of the American Idol Top 40 semi-final round. The episode airs tomorrow night a 8 pm on FOX. The guys tape Thursday’s show tomorrow night.

Scotty McCreery Hosts CMA’s “Keep The Music Playing” Nashville Concert – Scotty McCreery will host CMA’s fourth annual “Keep The Music Playing” All-Stars concert tonight (Feb. 19) at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The free concert begins at 6 p.m. No tickets are necessary and seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The fourth annual “Keep The Music Playing” event is presented by the Metro Nashville Public Schools and the CMA, and honors the best elementary, middle and high school music programs in Metro Nashville public schools. – Read more at Music Row

Wayne Rooney Invites ‘American Idol’ Contestant With Cystic Fibrosis To Match The Man United star contacted Kayden Stephenson on Twitter – Kayden Stephenson may have been eliminated from American Idol, but the 16-year-old with cystic fibrosis who emerged as one of this season’s fan favorites won the attention of one of the world’s most famous sportsmen — and an all-expenses-paid trip to one of the biggest soccer matches of the year. Wayne Rooney was so moved by Stephenson’s story that he reached out to the Oklahoma native on Twitter and invited him to Manchester United’s upcoming Champions League match with Real Madrid at Old Trafford, offering to pay for his flights and hotel. Rooney, 27, lost his childhood friend Stephen Johnson to the terminal illness in September. Read more at Sports Illustrated

Jordin Sparks tweets, “Catch me 2morrow on the @KatieShow! Ill be w/ the guest of honor, @clivedavis! Dont miss it!”

Idology: The Rise of American Idol’s Season 12 Women — But Is It Too Much Too Soon?

Jennifer Hudson Is Back in the Recording Studio – Jennifer Hudson spent her first day in the studio recording music for her next album. She tweeted a photo, “OK here I go guys! First day of recording my album! @Salaamremi is everything!!”

Phillip Phillips performs at JFK Airport – NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) –

Phillip Phillips, the winner of “American Idol” Season 11, performed for fans and travelers at the JetBlue Terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday. He played his hit “Home” as well as other selections from his debut album, “The World from the Side of the Moon.” The show was part of JetBlue’s Live From T5 concert series, which is for ticketed customers and contest winners.

New York News | NYC Breaking News

Read more at FOXNy

Lauren Alaina meets Paula Deen – Lauren Alaina tweeted, “Great time in Savannah with the lovely @Paula_Deen. Thank you for dinner & for teaching me a few of your Best Dishes!”

Adam Lambert: Hello Tokyo! – Continuing his tour of the Far East, Adam Lambert showed up at the Narita International Airport just outside Tokyo, Japan today (February 18). The “Trespassing” singer was in a good mood as he strolled off the plane in an all-black ensemble and greeted some fans and photographers. – Read more at Celebrity-Gossip

Video: Watch Leah LaBelle Choose Her Performance Look for the Boy Meets Girl Fashion Show – OK! met up with Boy Meets Girl founder Stacy Igel and singer Leah LaBelle the night before Leah performed at the BMG New York Fashion Week show, presented by Conair STYLE 360. We got a sneak peek at the awesome clothes that would be appearing on the runway and Leah got to choose the outfit she would be wearing during the performance of her new single “Lolita”. The runway was packed with stars that day as Gia Giudice also walked in the show! – See the Video at OK Magazine

Harry Styles on Taylor Swift Split: “I’m Good” – In an interview with Capital FM, Styles tells the U.K. radio station that he’s doing “OK” since he and Swift broke up in early January. “Yeah, I’m good,” Styles said. This sense of contentment also applies to Swift’s possible diss of the 1D frontman during her Grammys performance, in which she tried her hand at a British accent during “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” “She’s a great performer,” Styles said. “She always performs great and she’s always good on stage. She’s done it for a long time. She knows what she’s doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance.” – Read more at TV Guide

Smash’s Megan Hilty on the New Ivy: Is She Heading Back to Bombshell? – “It’s funny, she goes through so much change in Season 2 to the point where she’s even questioning whether or not she wants to stay in the business,” Megan Hilty told But don’t worry, Ivy fans, the diva will be on stage again soon! “There are several different shows that come into play and she’s a part of them,” Hilty revealed. Unfortunately, one of those shows isn’t Bombshell — at least for now. In the premiere, Karen (Katharine McPhee) had her former rival fired “to protect the work,” but the new Marilyn seemed to immediately regret her actions. Does that mean it’s possible Ivy could return? “There is a chance,” Hilty teased. “You know nothing is set in stone until they open on Broadway.” – Read more at TV Guide

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  • Axxxel

    Idology is so entertaining…

    Adam Lambert fans in Japan are so lucky. 6 concerts !

  • Dancin VI#81

    lol Roll Up the Rim to win started at Timmies
    and one of the online spin prizes is a meet and greet whith Phillip Phillips & concert tickets
    and when you sign in Home Plays (canada site not sure bout US)

  • tripp_ncwy

    Announced today; 

    A FREE concert?! Yes! Check out a FREE concert on April 18 feat. Tristan Prettyman and Lee DeWyze w/ Jillette Johnson!

    ETA: This goes along with Lee hosting Cyclone Idol the 18th also. Kris is playing the main concert Friday 2/19.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    The first of 3 Tokyo shows, which were SOLD OUT, and the first of 6 shows in Japan has started today! He’s in Japan, means super great HD videos!

    Here’s the cover for stay & underneath. This is what I love about Japanese, the audience listens when you sing, applaud when you finished, then scream at the beginning and at the end of the show. One of the Best videos of GNT were in Japan.!


    Tonight, tonight

    Scotty McCreery Hosts CMA’s “Keep The Music Playing” Nashville Concert

  • Chrissie H

    Hooray for the Scotty appreciations coming in now. How nice to see things are going the way my crystal ball told me in 2011. :)

  • Axxxel

    Already today ? Tight schedule…wow for those Japanese… I have to control my screaming.. Maybe I will only scream during the fast or the dance numbers and keep quiet during the ballads…   :-)

  • girlygirltoo

    That’s very nice of Wayne Rooney.


    Phillip Phillips Impresses With Show at JFK
    “Phillip sang for the crowd gathered around the JetBlue stage at Terminal 5 five songs in total from his debut album “The World from the Side of the Moon”. These were; the hit single “Home”, the second official single “Gone, Gone, Gone”, “Hold On”, “Man on the Moon” and “A Fool’s Dance”.
    A usual, Mr Phillips delivered BIG time! It was all acoustic, him and
    his guitar and his God-gifted folk-y, tender vocals. Enjoy!”








  • Incipit

    Here’s a case of worlds intersecting – but ‘Outside the Box’ – and the interesting new approaches artists are taking.  Does anyone recall Season 8’s Matt Breitzke?

    He made it in front of the judges, into that awkward Top 36 TPTB was Beta Testing that year – and I sorta recall a sing-off between him and Matt Sarver; Sarver got the judge’s nod – and that was that?

    Seems he was from the Tulsa area, and I ran into his name again today – because Andy Skib, MWK’s lead singer, DC’s long time friend, rhythm guitarist, keyboard player, back-up vocalist, and writing collaborator who recently moved to Nashville has set up a Private Concert Series Tour for his THH project – where the fans request the bookings – and one of the posters for a show in Tulsa on March 30th has the bill – Andy Skib, Matt Breitzke, and Bryan Jewitt.

    Andy and his friends would hardly attach a stigma to someone coming from Idol – they, of all people, know better, Heh. so I’m gonna figure he sounds good – and since Matt is playing a show with Andy, who is connected to DC, I’m sure to read about his performance from someone(s) in the fandom.

    Interesting to hear from Season 8 in this capacity, and I will admit some curiosity to see how Matt does. Plus, the intertwined connections and support among the musicians are just cool – IMO.

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris was one of the clues in yesterday’s New York Times’ crossword puzzle

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Enjoy your concert, bb. Scream if you feel like to, I know I’d go nuts if I were on your shoes:)

    Dragon Attack – Tokyo Day1:
    OOL – Tokyo Day1:


  • girlygirltoo

    I think I remember him…a big dude who had some sort of blue collar job like Sarver did…which I thin is one reason why the producers had them face off against each other in the sing off?

    That’s cool that he’s still pursuing his career. 

  • Aavari

    Played my first Roll up the Rim this mornign with my daily coffee,and was surprised to see my local Tims has several displays in store announcing the P2 meet and greet prize. (I didn’t win anything. I rarely do. Better luck tomorrow.)

    This is a big departure for Timmys, I don’t think they’ve ever put celebrities in the prize mix before. (Not sure how I feel about the current AI winner being embedded into my country’s national identity, lol. But good for Phillip.)

  • girlygirltoo

    Idology remains more entertaining than Idol itself. My favorite part of this weeks’s episode — watching Keith sing (and move) along to Melinda’s solo :)

  • BigNLiddle

    holy cow, lauren alaina looks way too old for her actual age

  • asifclueless

    FYE – Tokyo Day1

    Great rendition with new arrangement.  Adam has sexy moves which remind me of the Revue from Tarakazuka, Japan.  Adam must have studied about them.
    Any Japanese here agree?

  • turquoisewaters

    This video mentioned by Nadine_Bitch of Adam singing Stay/Underneath is just breathtakingly gorgeous.  Don’t miss.!

  • asifclueless

    Watch out for this person … es2012v.
    She is from Japan … has excellent quality 14 videos.   (all Adam’s from Queenbert to Tokyo).      
    I think there will be a lot more from her.

  • Landon Cox

    Lauren and Paula look related omg

  • bridgette12

     It’s beautiful, it’s makes an impact the same way Mad World did when he performed that  on Idol. It’s minimal instrumentation and the Voice, plus a great song, makes magic on stage.

  • Incipit

    ..a big dude who had some sort of blue collar job like Sarver did..

    Yep. That’s the one, girygirltoo. He was a welder – Sarver worked on an oil rig. What a cliched choice for sing-off criteria, appearance and professions, not music… but they were all that way in Season 8, IIRC.

    I plan to keep an eye on this, see how Matt does appearing with Andy Skib, who has a nice mixed group of fans, and they are generous to share the attention with people Andy recommends. Could be good for him.

  • asifclueless

    With all the praises and the press about his cover of Rihanna’s “STAY”, Adam stays humble and gracious.

    Here is his classy tweet.

    Adam Lambert ?@adamlambert                

    And let me say- @rihanna and @mikkyekko ‘s album recording and Grammy performance of STAY were so gorgeous and inspirational!        

    He is sweet, kind and thoughtful.

  • curly_yenta
  • Jepoy Ramos

     Jessica reaches 1M followers on twitter

  • Larc

    Lauren and Paula do look a little alike.  Maybe like granddaughter and grandmother?  With Lauren 18 and Paula 66, their ages work.


    IMO Lauren has always looked somewhat older than her age. However, some people may not think so.

  • ptslittlecomment

    Anjelica Huston pretty much spoiled the TV Guide Story ( and any build up of suspense for the next few episodes fo the season when she told the folks on the TODAY show this morning that


    There were two musicals this season and “Karen” was headlining HIT LIST while “Ivy” was headlining BOMBSHELL.

    Of course most of the SMASH fans who had gone to the website probably had this figured out by now, (and this confirms the photo MJ posted here a few weeks ago)  but I am sure the SMASH execs were screaming at their sets. But I guess if ratings do not pick up the TV audience will never get to see it.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Lÿndsey Parker @lyndseyparker:disqus 

    Allison Iraheta and Halo Circus jamming at Yahoo!

  • irockhard

    James Durbin ?@DurbinRock
    Woke up. Got outta bed. Dragged a comb across my head. Day one of what could be the final writing sessions before we start recording!!#yes


    Wicked Game – Phillip @Phillips – Live From T5:  via @youtube

  • justmefornow

    I guess these dates are coming after recording is done?
    ……(And when is he ever going to announce that bassist!?)

    Heidi Durbin

    Very excited for @DurbinRock’s coming west coast shows! Beer in my hand and screaming for my hubby up on stage #theGoods

  • mouse999

    I’ll never forgive P2 for murdering Wicked Game, one of my favorite songs.
    Just saying.

  • Caro3278sweet

    What is Lauren doing? It’s been kinda quiet.

  • irockhard

    My guess is the Santa Cruz gig is kicking off the tour and he’ll officially announce and debut the bassist there.

  • TheOther

    Sophia Bush?
    @SophiaBushThis is for all the lovers, who know that “home is where the heart is.” ? Home by @Phillips

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I’ve been checking over at her thread on Idol Forums…she’s not had a lot…guess she’s busy going to school and working on her album.:)

    January11 – TheNew93Q – Private Radio Show (Houston, Texas)
    29 – Special Olympics World Winter Games (PyeongChang, South Korea)

    February01-05 – Special Olympics World Winter Games (PyeongChang, South Korea)
    22 -Performance at the Grand Ole Opry – Show starts at 7:00 P.M (Nashville, TN)
    March07 – Girls With Guitars – Patchogue Theatre – (Patchogue, NY)
    09 – WIRK Rib Roundup Country Music Festival – Cruzan Amphitheatre (West Palm Beach, FL)
    April19 – Crawfish Music Festival – MS Coast Coliseum and Convention Center (Biloxi, MS)
    July19 – Lakefest with Gary Allen and Lee Brice – Warnock Lake (Atchison, KN)

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Sarah Darling talks about being on tour with Scotty…

  • mmb
  • Lexie O’Neill
  • roarpen

    So, he is on a 2 week LA songwriting trip right now and then he heads to Nashville to record. If he got to LA Monday that means he should be finished the very first of March, which gives him 2 weeks before his first two concerts March 15th and 16th. Is the North Carolina gig acoustic or full-band?
    I wonder if he is going to Nashville right after LA or after his west coast dates? And I wonder if there are many dates? I know there will be Santa Cruz – but what else? We are talking about just 3 weeks between now and when his first concert starts. The fans need info asap!!

  • girlygirltoo

    Sorry, but I really don’t like this cover. Phillip basically ignores the actual melody of the original song. 

    Kris did a fantastic job covering this song, Phillip, not so much.

    I do really like some of P2’s other covers…just not this one

  • tucker davis

    I have P2’s CD that includes ‘Wicked Game’, and it’s one of my favorites on the Deluxe version…very hotttttt!

  • girlygirltoo

    So Kris did a Beatles song as his request pick at tonight’s show. Which Beatles’ song is a mystery. No one who has tweeted about it seems to have recognized the song. 

  • irockhard

    So many questions, we’ll get the answers soon enough. I’m just glad that waiting for new info is now a matter of weeks instead of months.

  • opalruby

    I remember back in Season 7 Chikezie performed “I’ve Just Seen a Face” as a kind of romantic ballad that halfway through turned into a manic bluegrass ditty. I’d never heard of the song before that either. Those were the good old days, when the contestants had to make their own decisions.

  • Namarinad

    Phillip Phillips was at The Morning Show to talk about his new album ‘The World from the Side of the Moon’.

    With ‘Idol’ win and hit record, Phillip Phillips keeps pushing forward

  • Namarinad

    i guess it’s different strokes for different folks and that’s why all kind of genre of music are selling, you don’t like others do and so goes the world

  • justmefornow

    lol. That’s a lot of questions! 
    I guess we’ll find out more soon. My guess is he’d probably want to get the recording out of the way first. Didn’t he say he and the band had already recorded the first 25 songs back in the fall? That would leave only the new 10 or so to record, so very doable in a couple of weeks.

    Oh and I like his new twitter profile pic…..

  • irockhard

    That’s a really nice pic of him, looks like he’s lost weight again.

  • Namarinad

    Universal Music FR

    Phillip Phillips vous invite à son showcase privé le Lundi 4 Mars à Paris !

    HP France

    Tweetez une photo de vous dans votre chemise préférée sur #HPPhillips pour gagner deux places de concert et une rencontre avec @Phillips


    CINEMODE MAGAZINE et Phillip Phillips vous invite pour un showcase très très privé à Paris le 4 Mars 2013. @philipphilips6 #concert #music

  • jpfan2

    I can’t read French but it looks like P2 is doing a few very, very private concerts in France for some magazine.  Does that sound right?



  • Namarinad

    He’ll do a private (acoustic i guess) concert in Paris mars 4th and the Label which he’s signed, the mags and blogs and twitter and all are covering it.
    You can win tickets by sending a pic wearing your favorite shirt at HPPhillips

  • jpfan2

    How the heck does anyone in France know who Phillip Phillps is? Do they show Idol there. Did they even release Home there? That guy may be the only one who shows up for the show. ;0

  • Namarinad

    yes they (not everyone though) watch American idol every season but via streaming because the sites are blocked

    Home is being played on radio because it went to add in december, Home is on itunes France too (in january 2013).

    i only posted that guy’s pic but don’t think that he’s the only one lol

    i can’t post all the things i found here but i’ll try to gather max infos