Idol Headlines for 2/18/13

Hey Americans! Happy Presidents Day!

Haley Reinhart Heading to Japan – American Idol HALEY REINHART to perform April 13th at the Foster Festival Okinawa,Japan. presented by Mega Concerts. – Read more at Facebook

Adam Lambert – Adam Lambert Axes Philippines Gig – Pop star Adam Lambert has axed an upcoming gig in Philippines due to “unforeseen circumstances”. The former American Idol contestant was due to perform at the Skydome venue in the capital city of Manila on 1 March (13), but he has now cancelled the show and fans are being offered refunds. A statement from SM Tickets, the promoters behind Lambert’s show, reads, “Please be informed that due to unforeseen circumstances, (the) Adam Lambert concert on March 1, 2013 at… Skydome is cancelled.” – Read more at Contact Music

‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery visits with Aquarium of Niagara stars–  Country music singer Scotty McCreery got up close and personal with some of the Aquarium of Niagara’s biggest stars on Friday, Feb. 15. McCreery was in town for a performance at the Rapids Theater, which marked the second stop on his Weekend Road Trip tour. Just after the 1 p.m. sea lion show, McCreery, his band, management and family arrived on site at the Aquarium of Niagara. The group was greeted by AON personnel, and split into smaller groups to enjoy a VIP experience like never before. McCreery’s first encounter was on stage with “Arie,” a 4-year-old female California sea lion. 

Read more at NFP

Q&A With Jason Castro – A lot has changed since Jason Castro released his eponymous debut album following his fourth place finish on the seventh season of American Idol. He has a new wife, a new baby, a new record label and, now, a brand new album. Castro’s sound hasn’t changed much – he’s still a soulful singer-songwriter with an affinity for acoustic melodies – but this time around his message is much different. – Read more at Breathecast

Katharine McPhee Of Smash Won’t Bash Her Idol Past

Local American Idol Semifinalist Reflects on Church Roots – She’s San Antonio’s last remaining contestant on American Idol. But before she heads back to the competition, Cristabel Clack treated her church to one final performance. These services that Clack started with her husband have helped showcase her “Idol-worthy” talent. “I’ve been doing it my entire life, you know, I’ve been singing in church,” said Clack. “Born and raised in church.” From the early audition rounds of Idol to the golden ticket to Hollywood — to now as one of the Top 20 Girls of Season 12 — the 29-year-old San Antonio native and mother of three knows what’s gotten her this far. “Being on stage all the time, Sunday in, Sunday out — I think it has definitely prepared me.” – Read more at FOX29

‘Harlem Shake': The Making and Monetizing of Baauer’s Viral Hit – But also aiding in the song’s sales and ultimate revenue potential is YouTube’s Content ID system and a company called INDmusic, which inked a deal with Mad Decent in early 2012 to help monetize the label’s video views through pre-roll ads — like a Vevo for indies, essentially. Since last Thursday, Feb. 7, INDmusic and YouTube’s automated ContentID have manually and automatically claimed over 4,000 user-uploaded videos featuring the song totaling over 30 million views by the afternoon of Feb. 14, according to YouTube’s Vivian Lewit, director of music content partnerships. Content ID allows rights holders to receive reference files on content they own, metadata describing that content and policies to help them choose what they want YouTube to do with that content — monetize, track, or block it — once they find videos that match. – Read more at Billboard

WGA Awards: ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ ‘Argo’ Take Top Screenplay Honors – Mark Boal’s Zero Dark Thirty and Chris Terrio’s Argo, two movies inspired by America’s involvement in the Middle East, won top honors at the 2013 Writers Guild Awards. Boal was in the midst of his acceptance speech for the original screenplay prize when he realized that Kathryn Bigelow, the film’s director, had slipped into the ballroom. “Kathryn,” he said, “you took this script, and you made it live and breathe and fly and you led all of us unflinchingly and bravely to a place of truth and beauty.” – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Richard Marx Apologizes For Comparing Dr. Drew To Jack Kevorkian In Wake Of Mindy McCready’s Suicide – Singer Richard Marx apologized Monday morning for his shocking comparison of Dr. Drew Pinsky to the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was often referred to as “Doctor Death” for his role in assisted suicides. Writing his mea culpa on Twitter Monday, Marx said, “I went too far with the Kevorkian crack. It is, however, my opinion that what Dr. D does is exploitation and his TV track record is not good.” – Read more at RadarOnline

Justin Bieber & Patrick Carney: The Black Keys’ Drummer Feuds With The Biebs On Twitter – At first Carney seemed remorseful, posting on his Twitter, “It’s cool when you get cornered outside your hotel by a guy with a camera and they ask you a dumb question and then put it on TV. :(” He also responded to Bieber’s comments with a sad face. Things took a turn, however, when Bieber’s Beliebers started attacking Carney on Twitter, saying things like “he needs a punch in the face with a brick,” ” just die.. DIE,” and accusing Carney of being a closeted gay man. Carney has now responded by changing his Twitter name to Justin Bieber and using a picture of The Biebs in hipster frames much like his own as his icon. He is responding to tweets of death threats from Biebers’ fans and emulating the teen star with tweets reading, “To all my peoples U make make my life so full of swag. I swag out all day just thinking about all the swag u guys inspire me to swag with.” – Read more at Huffington Post

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  • steph6449

    I don’t remember Cristabel but I tend not to register the names til the AI process advances further. She’s 29? Must have just sneaked in under the age cutoff

  • jpfan2

    Today’s the day P2 does his concert at the Jet Blue terminal at JFK. Not quite sure when but it sounds like it’ll be a fun  event.

  • MissMyEm

    I’m thrilled for Jason and so happy that he’s working in the music industry as a legitimate artist.  Idol tried to throw him under the bus so many times I thought they’d need to get to Goodyear for new tires.  I’m unfortunately not really into his new music, but I’m glad he’s found a niche.  Good for Jason.  I saw him in concert after the first CD (which by the way, was great) was released and it seemed he grew so much as an artist and performer after the Idol.   He is also very approachable and sweet.  I think it’s important for any singer getting off Idol to be approachable.   

    Kudos to Jason.  I’m happy for everything he’s achieved.  He deserves it.

  • G

    YAY!  Smash is on tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Another review from Scotty’s first weekend on tour…:))

  • HermeticallySealed

    Looks like Blake Lewis is finished up with production on album no. 3.

    @BlakeLewis 8 more days!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! It’s all happening.

  • MissMyEm

    Is this in a private room off the main terminal where perhaps the VIPs congregate?  I can’t imagine it would be in the terminal itself.  JFK is crazy with traffic.  Although..good exposure I guess.   

  • mmb

    no its not in a private room.  Its on a platform in the middle of the (relatively) new  JetBlue domestic terminal at JFK.  They have a regular concert series there…several times a year –maybe as often as once a month.  It isn’t nearly as chaotic as you might think.  There is a really large open space there. The concerts are mid-day.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • Kesia Monteith

    I don’t know if this has been seen yet, but this Idol ad for this weeks Vegas rounds is somewhat funny. Reason being, they are introducing us to people we hardly got to know before Vegas

    I mean, Elijah Liu is a ladies man? LOL! Would anybody have known that from 5 seconds of screen time he got. And who would have known Kevin Harris existed? Anyway, not many people watched Hollywood Week this year, so maybe it doesn’t matter. It’s nice for the unknowns to get some shoutout.

  • Stefan Wind

    Great for Haley!

  • MissMyEm
  • Chrissie H

    “Another review from Scotty’s first weekend on tour…:))… ”

    So now we have one more great review to add to the others with praise to his voice, tour concert and career. I´m loving it.  And then me being such a huge animal lover and seeing that picture with Scotty and the sea lion – Yes. My day is made

  • Namarinad

    Roll Up The Rim Message from Phillip Phillips

    Tim Richmond
    ?@Savelander  free coffee for a year, a trip to see Phillip Phillips, Tim cards and more: Enter Tim Hortons’ Rockin’ RRRol…

    JetBlue’s Live From T5 Concert Series Presents Phillip Phillips

  • suenigma

    That is a fun blog! Kris Allen is lucky to have such devoted uber-fans!

    I really, really hope Kris makes it up to my neck of the woods soon (Vancouver, Canada), because I am getting more and more anxious to see him live and in person. This tour, and all of the great covers he’s been doing, have really been building buzz and excitement.

  • girlygirltoo

    It’s too bad you weren’t able to go to the Seattle show last night. Sounds like it was a great show

  • girlygirltoo

    That’s too bad about Adam cancelling his Philippines show. Hopefully he can reschedule it

  • Lobilobi

    JetBlue Airways
    ?@JetBlue Thank you @Phillips for a great show! #LFT5

    Phillip Phillips!- Home (JetBlue’s #LFT5)

  • tripp_ncwy

    Yahoo Music:
    Listen To Astro’s New Mixtape, ‘Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics’

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, I feel for his Philippino fans… Watching Adam visiting neighbouring or other Asian countries like Japan, Singapore and Hongkong on his current minitour … and not passing by in your own country…

    I had a similar  feeling in 2010.. I was able to see Adam in neighbouring Singapore but I still felt so bumped that Adam and co were not able to book a venue in “my” place, Jakarta at that time… So fingers crossed for Adam’s concert in Jakarta in March 2013…


    Flatiron Hot! Critic: American Idol Star Phillip Phillips Plays JFK Airport Terminal 5

    “A pleasant blend of teenage heartthrob, adult contemporary
    singer-songwriter, and hipster, Phillips is as comfortable strumming his
    guitar as he is singing.
    Mothers, daughters, and to a lesser extent, fathers and sons, all
    seemed to enjoy what the artist had to offer. Meanwhile, cameramen stood
    on an elevated platform, capturing videos that will likely get
    thousands of views on YouTube.

    While far from revolutionary, Phillips’ music effortlessly appeals to
    a wide swath of demographics one would not expect to fall for the same
    star. Phillips’ stage presence likely goes some way towards explaining
    his success.

    He performs with an effortless charisma, exuding emotion and intimacy
    even in the least intimate of places: arenas, large venues and, in this
    case, an airport terminal.”

  • Miz

    I’ve heard about the Jet Blue concert series. It’s pretty cool. Nice that they’re having Phillip do one.

  • mmmtx

    Thrilled about Jason’s success with his new album. Very excited about another great review for Scotty’s Road Trip Tour.  Yes! Been a good day all around.



    Don’t worry, #AmericanIdol fans: Last year’s champ Phillip Phillips still loves you … on his new single.


    IDOL fans, did you see this? Phil Phillips plays at JFK >>

  • milwlovesadam

    To my knowledge Adam has never cancelled a show before. There must be a very good reason. I’m so sorry for his disappointed fans over there. 

  • sdmama

    Adam may not have cancelled his concert, but Sonisphere festival he was supposed to play with Queen was cancelled.  They rescheduled and replaced it with Queen only concert with him. Must have been hard on people who had to change travel plans.  If they reschedule it for Philippines, I hope they will do it quickly. 

  • wordnerdarchie

    I’m not sure that Adam was the one who cancelled.  There’s problems with the “Smash Project” concert too in Manila.  It could be lack of promotion which results in lack of ticket sales.

  • hellomusicgirl

    I remember reading this article from Manila last month with regards to the venue issues with Adam’s concert in the Philippines:

    It sounds like a fubar on the part of the promoter / promoters given that it changed venues three times (MOA, Araneta, then, in an odd move, Skydome — vastly different capacity) and then changed promoters mid-stream. Nothing worse than a promoter that can’t do their job. Hopefully there will be an opportunity later this year for Adam to go back to Manila. Not sure how quickly they could secure that though since any good promoter needs a while to get things in place and promote to ensure a successful show.

  • Kariann Hart

    I love hearing all this GOOD news about Jason Castro!  To this day, he remains my favorite male on American Idol!!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    MJ, Scotty’s team is doing their part to give this blog hits…has linked to your page several times lately.:))

  • lovetheusa1776

    JC has such a sweet, beautiful voice – have dl’d a bunch of his tracks – love “It Matters to Me,” and “If I Were You” is such a happy, feel-good song.

  • merkureye

    Good for Kat McPhee remaining thankful to AI for what is has done.  Although it didn’t do much.  What she has accomplished she has done on her own.  This girl would have every reason to harbor resentment since she was totally robbed on S5.  She should have won hands down.  However, as a talented second place finisher her post-idol music was bad IMO.  She was just totally mishandled at that point and no one really cared.  After all, the show is about the winner is it not?  I’m glad things are going her way on Smash. 

  • KelseyW

    So awesome that Haley’s going to perform in Japan! :D

    I hope she gets to perform live a lot this year. I’m very excited for the EP she’s working on. Can’t wait to hear her new music! Crossing my fingers that 1. I’ll get to see her live this year. and 2. Her new music will be available as a physical EP.

  • Jonins

    Am sorry for Adam fans here in Manila but I guess they have to cancel due to poor sales. I agree with earlier posted that it’s mainly the fault of promoters here. I didn’t know that they have changed venue a lot of time though at first. I thought the show will be at Smart Araneta. But I was surprised earlier this month when I went to SM North Edsa and saw Adam’s face on the side of the Skydome. There was no TV or print promo of the show even it will be on March 1. Whereas for other shows like Jessica”s show in Araneta, they’ve been promoting it since December or January.

    Poor job of promoters caused that cancellation.

  • blackberryharvest

    Including his parents!

  • Emmuzka

    I doubt that Adam’s gig was canceled because of poor sales, but mainly because of promoter’s problems. This gig was originally supposed to be in a huge venue (15 000) but thngs happened: The production of a boyband performing the next day was so huge that they needed an additional day to build the set. As the venue’s revenue logic is offer the venue for free but taking a percentage of sales, no pre-payment had been made to the venue, and because of that it was easy for the venue to un-invite Adam and his promoter, favoring a sure-shot seller boyband for a foreign artist with no guarantee of selling out. 

    At this point Adam’s promoter scrambled to discover a new venue, and the one they could manage was quite small (1 500). Adding some other vague problems that we aren’t sure of, it looks like Adam and his touring management made a decision that it was financially not worth it. One can made a nice profit touring venues of that size, even with band and other tour ensamble, but not when it’s a foreign individual gig with additional costs and ticket prises set according to the local concert culture.  

  • Nadine_Bitch

     I think it was messed up since the beginning. They changed the venue 3 times originally MOA arena, then Smart Araneta(where Jessica & Colton had their concert) then lastly in Sky Dome. They switched between 3 promoters too. The new promoters failed(or could be lack of funding) at promoting the concert in the short time frame.

    Just sad for those pinoy fans who were excited. Some were even flying out to Philippines from other neighboring country like Malaysia. Maybe next time though:(

  • blackberryharvest

    Apparently Clive Davis “came out” in his new book.

    Marc Malkin ?@marcmalkin #clivedavis comes out of the closet tomorrow on #katiecouric. Talks about marriage ending, relations w/men, including the one he is in 2day.

  • suenigma

    Apparently there is some dish about working with Kelly Clarkson too! And Bruce Springsteen. And MIchael Jackson. I may just have to read this book.

  • mjsbigblog

    Yes. I noticed! :)

  • MellyPer1692

    The problem seems to be with the promoter. Another of their concerts to take place on 3/5 was also cancelled and apparently the promoter has been banned from using some venues. Adam drew very well the last time he was in the Phillipines. On another note, it’s snowing in Tokyo, lol. Bet California sunshine Adam is loving that right now.

    Oh, re Sonisphere, Adam and Queen did everything they could to still provide a show, the concerts they did book were the same week that Sonisphere was originally scheduled. A lot of people who were going still went. Considering they sold out all 3 nights, not a bad rebook.

  • MellyPer1692

    Never mind already covered

  • irockhard


    Very excited for @DurbinRock’s coming west coast shows! Beer in my hand and screaming for my hubby up on stage #theGoods

    Thank God James is going back on tour soon, yay!

  • Namarinad
  • Shoriagirl

    I am surprised that Adam didn’t issue any statement for the Filipino fans. I am sure they would like to hear from him.

  • Namarinad
  • jpfan2

    From the review posted below:

    “To my ears, the new single is even stronger than “Home.”   I sure hope lots of people feel that way. Home is such a monster P2 needs to move out of its shadow pronto. If GGG hits, then it’ll be more about P2 and not just one song.

  • Namarinad  much stronger release than “Home”

    Phillip Phillips announces next single ‘Gone Gone Gone': Hear it here!  could easily cement Phillips’ status as a relevant 2013 artist      should soon be a certifiable hit, or someone’s not doing their job.     Phillip Phillips reaches all ages (i love it)   received positive reviews from music critics.

    Lot of people on the net think it’s the best sog on the album and that it’ll be a hit, the review of the song has been good and positive so far so i don’t think ou have to woory about that