Idol Headlines for 1/3/13

‘American Idol’s’ Competition: No Big Breakout Stars Yet – “The Voice” has given NBC a ratings boost, while Fox’s “The X-Factor” upped the production ante — but can their winners deliver a hit song or album? – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ behavior let down ‘X-Factor’ boss Simon Cowell: source – Britney Spears has been for months exhibiting signs of her old, not-so-stable behavior behind the scenes at “The X Factor” and during a commercial she filmed for her new perfume, Fantasy Twist.
“She acts like she has a different contract than everyone else,” a source tells Confidenti@l. “She shows up late, she wanders around aimlessly and she is in her own world. She wasn’t ready for this responsibility.” The source adds that the “Toxic” singer, who earned $15 million for her single-season run as a talent judge, reportedly let down her boss, Simon Cowell. He expected Spears, who’s on the verge of being canned, to draw huge ratings for his show, which debuted in the fall of 2011. – Read more at NY Daily News

American Idol Phillip Phillips not your average contest winner – eason 11 American Idol winner Phillip Phillips sure doesn’t come across as your average reality TV show contestant — i.e. a keener. The 22-year-old Leesburg, Georgia native, is low-key with a dry sense of humor and humble about his talent. “I’m not a great singer,” he says, looking cute if dishevelled in a plaid shirt and jeans with his hair messed from a recent nap. – Read more at IFPress

615 Spotlight: Jason Castro Moves ‘Mountain’ – “American Idol” alum Jason Castro is counting down the days until the January 15 release of his new album, “Only A Mountain.” “It’s been quite some time since my debut came out, so I’m anxiously looking forward to it,” Castro tells Billboard. “I remember that in the beginning when we started writing and recording it, I thought ‘Is this really going to happen? Are we really going to do this?’ I’m so excited. It’s all kind of surreal, in a way.” Castro explains that many of the tracks on the new disc represent a growth and maturity of his personal life over the past few years. “I think a good portion of the album has been directly influenced or inspired by family life, and things that have gone on the past few years. It’s definitely a snapshot of the last few years of my life. I hope they inspire people in their own journeys.” – Read more at

Jennifer Hudson – Holiday Toy Drive & Giving Back – Happy holidays from the Julian D. King Gift Foundation toy drive! Here’s a recap of all the wonderful moments and blessings we had this holiday season.

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  • girlygirltoo

    Another “Best Albums of 2012” list, with Kris’ album making the Top 5.

  • girlygirltoo

    Radio interview with Kris talking about his upcoming tour. Sounds like it was probably recorded before his accident.

  • YankeeFan08

    Here’s another “Top 20 Albums of 2012” list.  Adam’s Trespassing is #5.

  • jpfan2

    Album and singles numbers from Billboard.
    No Idols in the top 10 albums and Home is #10 single for the week.….008067172.story

  • justmefornow

    The “Grind Out Hunger” Organization that James Durbin and Chris Rene are a part of in Santa Cruz, uploaded a new montage video of James singing the NA at the Warrior’s game, with pre-game and game footage. Nice video.

    (And nice dunking by their Forwards, #32 & #33, I might add.)

  • seashellz51

    Adams’ press conference in Ho Chi Minh City in  Vietnam!

  • dy

    Yes, the DJ said prior to the interview that it had been taped beforehand.

  • Axxxel

    Good thing Adam declined to answer that reporter’s question about his Les Miz tweet comments…

    Then again, nice to hear that the korean and portugese female singers are going to sing Umbrella by Rihanna… cute when Adam’s jokingly saying that he will be doing Gangnam style with an umbrella backstage when the ladies will be singing Umbrella……

    Adam has already done a duet with Aurea (Portugal), hopefully he will do a duet with the Korean singer.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Good to see Kris and Adam on these lists – don’t know the importance of them, but still great.  Enjoy these lists because of album picks that I wouldn’t have heard of without them.  See Sergey Lazarev is on one – picked up a song called “Shiver” quite a while ago.  Lists definitely offer quite a variety – nothing like discovering new music – one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  • David Facenfield

    totally agree with the description given, well done Kris and speedy recovery…

    5. Kris Allen, Thank You Camellia
    The best pop album of the year is the one you never even heard. The American Idol winner returned with his sophomore album and it got lost in the shuffle. His debut was rather cookie-cutter except for one track, “Alright With Me”, and it seems as though he took the energy of that song and applied it to the entire length of his follow-up.  It’s playful, buoyant, fun, and you can sing along to each one of the catchy tracks.  It’s pop music at its best!

  • Huba Buba

     Real Music Live

    Critics’ Choice Haley Reinhart will amaze you on Jan 5th after SNL on NBC!


    Jeez, I feel sorry for Britney. I thought she was doing ok on x-factor.

  • Larc

    Simon really expected Britney to draw huge crowds of viewers to XF?  Makes one wonder who’s the more delusional.

  • Huba Buba
  • Huba Buba
  • tripp_ncwy

    From today’s USA Today print edition

    Good Day/Bad Day

  • hellomusicgirl

    A few things from David Archuleta today — first, the music video for the next single off his album Forevermore will premiere this Saturday at 7pm local time on MYX Philippines, according to the OS. 

    Second, they posted a short New Year’s video greeting that David recorded before leaving:

    It’s cool that they thought to record videos for release while he’s gone — both music videos and little personal greetings. I think there are more things in the plans to be released throughout 2013 as well. One of the songwriters he worked with on The Other Side of Down indicated (in a non-specific way lol) that she was working on something for release from David. There’s also an entire photoshoot that David did with photographer Matt Clayton about a week before leaving for his mission that has yet to surface. Some people are speculating perhaps an EP or even just a song or two will be coming this year and that the photos are for use in conjunction with that. Just this week, a single photo from that shoot appeared on Matt’s website so we know the photos exist somewhere anyway ;)

  • tripp_ncwy

    Allison Iraheta @AllisonIraheta
    #remember when i said i felt like doing something different?

    #Troubadour. Los Angeles. January 26th 2013. My new band Halo Circus will be playing our first show, and giving people a taste of the new.

    #We will be opening for @TeddyCampbell Tickets available at :) ALL AGES, ONLY A FEW SEATS AVAILABLE!

    #I’ve been very quiet over the past year, taking much needed time to re-group, find myself and re discover my voice.

    #Thank you for being the greatest fans in the world. I’m going to need all of you this year to make this happen.. – Love, Allison

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Britney is still under a judge-mandated conservatorship and I suspect taking some pretty potent meds just to get through each day. Being a mentor on any show wasn’t a good move for her in her current condition. 

  • Nadine_Bitch

    A nice review of Adam’s NYE Bali Concert:

    ”Interview US singer enjoys Bali, delights in his music”

    I left the interview impressed. Despite all the success, Lambert seems
    very genuine, at ease with himself and infectiously delighted with his
    opportunity to do what he loves. His fun with artistic exploration is
    reflected in his performances, his song choices, his outfits and his joy
    in life. His New Year’s Eve concert in Bali was electrifying and I was
    delighted to be there. I wish him all the best for 2013 and beyond.

  • MellyPer1692
  • bridgette12

    I don’t understand why Simon think he has the right to complain. Britney is under a doctor’s care, taking meds to help her keep it together. He knew this going in and to now act like he’s surprised that she was a little disconnected with reality, is a bunch of bullshit. 

    Poor Britney, I guess now they will do another album and then go on another long world tour. She’s like a little puppet and daddy dearest is pulling the money strings.

  • raya

    Deandre video interview from right before Christmas.  Blogger ran into him in Milwaukee where he was working on music after seeing him at a show that Naima & Kimberly Locke were doing.

  • bridgette12

    You can tell, he’s really excited to be there and perform for his fans. Look like the press was into it also.

  • bridgette12

    Great review, glad to see they were impressed by his performance.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    From USA Today clips from the Vietnam press conference for Adams music concert:

    Adam Lambert makes Vietnam Debut

    “American Idol” WINNER Adam Lambert holds a press
    conference in Vietnam’s southern Ho Chi Minh City for his first ever
    concert in the country. (Jan. 3)”

    Another fail journalism.

  • bridgette12

    It don’t take but a  few seconds to google someone and make sure that your information is correct.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh, I think that Simon was hoping for on air meltdowns or “incidents” from Britney. He wanted to exploit her condition, but it didn’t turn out the way that he had hoped.

  • Nadine_Bitch


  • fuzzywuzzy

    Adam acquitted himself very well in that press conference. He also looked gorgeous. lol

  • girlygirltoo

    USA Today covers Idol in depth, yet they can’t be bothered to take 10 seconds to check the simplest of facts. *sigh*

    It’s great that they posted the video, though — that’s cool :)

  • bridgette12

    If he was hoping for that, shame on him. 

  • bridgette12

    A little eye candy is not a bad thing. He did a good job at the press conference.  

  • bridgette12

    They cover Idol and the people who come off that show religiously, how can they screw something like that up. 

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Apparently even publications in China didn’t do their homework well before printing something:

    alidol ?@glam_alidol

    hongkong headlines mag. about @adamlambert hongkong concert…but they said “adam is English and is the winner” ..

  • bridgette12

    This is a first, Adam being called English. 


    I agree he looked amazing. I even like the stubble here, lol. Adam’s skin looks the best I have ever seen and he seems to be glowing with health and happiness for a while now. Thank you Sauli?
    And he was his usual charming, giggly, smart self. He just always seems so at ease without seeming arrogant. Even when he seems tired he still looks so enthusiastic abou whatever he is doing. I kind of envy how he lives each day to the fullest.


    This is just sad. Britney has done so much in her young life and it is shame she is so troubled now. If Simon wanted to take advantage of her, what a douche.

  • journey1

     David is such a happy,handsome young man.  Can’t believe all of the videos and pictures that he left behind to be strategically given out to keep his fans happy.  He certainly has proven, too, that you don’t need a label to be successful.  Of course, he is a very frugal young man.

  • HKfan

    I got my ticket to his HK concert yesterday:)

  • wordnerdarchie

    Katelyn Epperly

    Back in the studio finishing mixes for my upcoming EP
    Southern Gothic! The 1st single hits iTunes in a few weeks! SO EXCITED
    for you to hear

    Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check this out, I really liked her performance of The Scientist on Idol.

  • tucker davis

    Noticed in two different football bowl games (Sugar & Fiesta) this week, Vizio is using ‘Home’. It may be the same commercial…but the beginning of ‘Home’ is used prominently.

  • mjsbigblog

    They just copied what was on the AP You Tube video. AP made the mistake first.

  • girlygirltoo

    Doesn’t make it less inexcusable. At journalism school, we were given AP style guides to follow. It was like “do it this way or else”. So shouldn’t that organization be the most factually accurate news organization out there.

    Just sloppy all the way around.

  • girlygirltoo

    yeah they’ve been running that commercial during all the bowl games I’ve seen.

  • Taylor

    I’ve seen that mistake time and again (too many times to remember) from all sorts of reputable news organizations over the past three years.

    Didn’t Ryan Seacrest even call Adam “the winner” of AI at some point? He’s the one who announced the winner! LOL

  • Nadine_Bitch

     o/ Have a blast, girl;)

  • Nadine_Bitch

    ”Didn’t Ryan Seacrest even call Adam “the winner” of AI at some point? He’s the one who announced the winner! LOL”

    He did? That was so unprofessional if true.
    But what I can remember was the one when he interviewed Simon the day after(?) the finale and they talk about how Adam should win etc etc. That was so uncool though.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “If Simon wanted to take advantage of her, what a douche.”

    That’s what sociopaths do. They don’t have any real feelings towards others, which is why they can use/abuse them without any feelings of conscience or sense of morality.

  • girlygirltoo

    Hope everyone here will keep their fingers crossed that Kris’s surgery on his wrist goes well today! Thanks :)

  • bridgette12

    No problem MJ, I was just surprised they thought he was English.

  • bridgette12

    I hope it goes well and he recover without having any problems. 

  • Axxxel

    yeah everybody is a winner hehehe

  • Axxxel

    English ? Queenbert ?

  • Axxxel

    maybe because he was the temporary frontman of the british group Queen ?

  • bridgette12

    You could be right, I didn’t think about that.

  • Axxxel

    @HKfan congrats and enjoy !!