Idol Headlines for 12/5/12 – The Evening Edition

Jessica Sanchez tweets: “Me and @dizzyfeet reunited

American Idol Season 8 alum, Felicia Barton tweets, “in the studio with @msleamichele and @AnnePreven SOUNDING AMAZING!!!!” Felicia is Glee star, Lea Michele’s new songwriting partner!

Kris Allen Shares His Favorite Christmas Memory – The American Idol winner’s mom and dad sent him and Daniel on a wild goose chase, finding clues around the house that would lead them to their special present. Looking back, Kris says, the hour-long maze wasn’t actually that fun. “You know, when you’re a kid, you want to get the present,” he said. But finding the gift, a brand new basketball hoop in his front yard, made it all worth it. “[My dad] had put the basketball goal in the ground over night,” he said “And we were stoked about it.” – Read more at CBSLocal

The Suprising Way Jordin Sparks’s Grandma Influenced Her New Perfume – Most celebs who create fragrances are most focused on what notes go in the perfume, but when it came time for Jordin Sparks to concoct her newest scent, Ambition, she was more focused on what to leave out. Specifically, anything that would make her grandmother sneeze or break out in hives! “My nana is allergic to everything!” Sparks tells PEOPLE. “So for me, one of my big things was that I wanted my nana to smell it and not have an allergic reaction.” Ambition is Sparks’s third fragrance and it features notes of white tea, orange, lemon zest, mint, raspberry, vanilla and musk. So, did it pass the nana test? “So far, so good!” Sparks says. – Read more at People Style Watch

Former ‘Idol’ contestant Erika Van Pelt to perform in Providence Dec. 9 – For the holiday show with the Beantown Swing Orchestra, she said she’ll be singing a couple of duets with Stevens and another one with Hirsh, in addition to singing all together. The audience can expect an evening chock full of “lots of fun songs,” including the “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” “Santa Baby,” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” With the reality television show behind her, and the follow-up three-month American Idol tour that took her across the country and to Canada and the Philippines becoming a distant memory, Van Pelt is looking ahead to her own projects, including working on a new EP with a songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. – Read more at Herald

‘X Factor’ Redux: Why CeCe Frey Is Actually Cool – Although she was often showcased as a diva in early audition episodes, Frey is increasingly revealing herself to be quite the opposite offstage. The most recent example? Telling reporters that she refuses to use the F word to describe her supporters. “I feel really weird calling them fans,” said the Texas postal worker on Monday. “That’s a weird word for me.” As a matter of fact, a humbled Frey said she feels a kinship with anyone who picks up a phone and throws a vote her way, and is grateful for those who went out of their way to select her song for the week: “Part of Me” by Katy Perry. – Read more at Hollywood

Cece Frey Preps for ‘X Factor’ Top 6 Show Interview

Emblem3 ‘X Factor’ Talk Top 6 Performance- Backstage Interview

Holy sh*t…these guys are just….OMG. Listen for yourself.

Photo Coverage: Justin Guarini, Lauren Molina, Jill Paice, and More in Rehearsal for IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE at Bucks County Playhouse – Bucks County Playhouse will present much anticipated 2012 holiday production, It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry. Performances run from Thursday, December 13th through Sunday, December 30th at the Bucks County Playhouse (70 South Main Street). BroadwayWorld brings you photos of the cast in rehearsal below! It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play will feature Doylestown resident Justin Guarini (“American Idol”, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, American Idiot) as “Jake”, Garth Kravits (The Drowsy Chaperone) as “Harry/Jazzbo”, Lauren Molina (Rock of Ages, Sweeney Todd ) as “Lana”, Jill Paice (Curtains, The 39 Steps) as “Sally”, and Kevin Pariseau (Legally Blonde) as “Freddie”. Additional cast members of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play will be announced shortly. – Read more at Broadway World

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contributed To ABC’s Ratings Woes, Exec Says: UBS – The season finale “didn’t work out” and symbolized the kinds of ratings troubles that ABC and other major broadcasters have seen recently, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo says. “Most of the networks are down and frankly a lot has to do with single shows” as opposed to troubles at ongoing series, he told the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference. When Dancing With The Stars decided to bring back celebrities from previous seasons “we thought it was a great idea,” Rasulo says. “Turns out people didn’t want to see people who could dance. They wanted people who couldn’t dance. So it’s not easy to be a taste-master in programming a network.” Unlike CBS’ Les Moonves, Rasulo doesn’t blame DVRs for the networks’ troubles. Although DVR penetration is up about 7 percentage points this year, “the number of individuals who are fast-forwarding through ads has declined, so it’s had a net benefit.” – Read more at

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  • Bazzle

    Please be on pitch tonight CeCe. You actually have a chance in the slightest if you do well and Diamond and FH do bad lol. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Emblem3 ‘X Factor’ Talk Top 6 Performance- Backstage Interview
    Holy sh*t…these guys are just….OMG. Listen for yourself.”

    Just when I thought that these guys couldn’t get more obnoxious, they prove me wrong and raise the bar again. lol

  • Eric Ascher

    Ok, I’m going to step to Emblem 3’s defense-something I never expected to say. I agree that they come across as d-bags. They have an image problem. But to be honest, I respect them for being honest and saying that it is difficult being on the x factor. I might not like them musically, or even as people, but I respect them for at least not hiding their emotions.

  • Eric Ascher

    And totally rooting for Carly at this point.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Wow…those Emblem3 guys are…really not that bad. I thought I was going to see some truly obnoxious behaviour. I’m not much of a big fan of these guys myself, but I honestly feel these guys are just typical boys under 21 that I’ve seen around in my neighbourhood. I don’t to excuse their curt mannerisms, but I have seen guys like them behave a lot worse.

  • Ira

    At this point, I’m still rooting for Melanie Amaro……. Simon should work for witness protection.

  • No Thanks

     THANK. YOU.  They seem like pretty typical “young dudes” to me.  Yes they need some media polish, but that can be worked on.

  • wkstrack

    Lol yeah, same here. I think some people that watch shows like Idol are use to the favorite male contestants being so humble/cookie cutter in terms of personality when in reality  you’ll see guys in their late teens/early 20s acting more like the dudes from Emblem 3 than say guys like Scotty or PP.

  • Henrique Mendes

    Oh god, emblem 3… They are just unbearable. I don’t wish anything bad for them, I’ll just stay away from their interviews from now on.

  • Kesia Monteith

    And I seriously don’t care for dudes like P2 or Scotty, to be frank. Then, if you’re too nice, then you get called generic or boring. You can’t win on these shows.

  • John S

    Who knows, some of the guys on idol could be like that also-but they play up the humbleness for the camera, aka playing the game. For all we know, Phillip or whoever else could have been the arrogant kid in High School, but he put on his respectful face for interviewers.

  • tucker davis

    This may already be posted. EW listed “Home” as one of the five best songs of 2012 by artists not-named Adele.

  • Robert D’Angio

    I didn’t like Emblem 3 from the first time they showed them on the show. They sat there and made of fun of that other guy who called them a boy band and then inevitably turned into one. Now apparently you’re only a really musician (which anyone with ears knows that those guys are mediocre singers on their best day and not even close to (in my opinion) being artists) if you can get men to like your music. I think they are just full of themselves and their ego needs to brought into check. Musically they are like watching paint dry.

  • wkstrack

    I think Lee is actually like that. Or was. Didn’t he say he was “bad” or something in school?  I do hear that he’s not shy at all. That’s he’s really nothing like the Idol made him out to be personality wise I think.

  • Leandro

    Douchebag3 basically tell their female fans vote with their clitorises and they just need media training. LMAO

  • Axxxel

    I do notice that there is one of the member who said that working on X factor is “hard work”… which I think it is good for him to say that..but his colleague before that said bluntly that he did not like all that workbesides singing in X factor… that is a a different thing…

  • tripp_ncwy

    Billboard:Concord Music Being Shopped to Private-Equity Firms, Not Strategic Suitors 

    ETA: Isn’t this Casey Abram’s label?

  • Axxxel

    and what is wrong with that if girls just love them for their looks ? I still remember my shameless fangirling in my teenage years to male gorgeous singers even though I don’t understand at all what they were singing about… and even if their voices are mediocre…

  • Erlinda

    I love Emblem3. They are so much fun to watch! I will keep voting for them. They make me happy.

  • Erlinda

    Oh, Jessica is so cute! I can’t wait to see her in Glee come January.

  • Mike

    ‘Home’ really is everywhere…they just used it on the show ‘Suburgatory’..was really fitting.

  • Kariann Hart

    I am wondering what part Jessica will be given?  I wish her the best on the Glee project!

  • Axxxel

    I hope she will be in Vocal Adrenaline or another rival group of the “New Directions”… Then again, aren’t the New Directions disqualified ? dum dum dum dum….. I guess we will soon find out tonight….

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris Allen, host of the World Vision 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour blog

    “Yesterday, we introduced you to Mary, a woman who
    tragically lost everything in a flood. Goats from the World
    Vision Gift Catalog were a vital part of her regaining hope and stability in her

    [Video] The ‘new’ sustainable gift

  • Lion's DENN

    Adam Shankman tweeted this a few days ago, after Jessica performed at Trevor

    Adam Shankman @adammshankman 2d @JessicaESanchez I cannot wait to see you tear up Lima Ohio next year on @GLEEonFOX ! You are straight up Amazing. Xo ·
    Adam Shankman @adammshankman 2d @JessicaESanchez I can’t wait 2 see you tear up Lima Ohio! You’re just straight up amazing. Xxoxo a