Idol Headlines for 12/23/11

Matt Giraud will play a mystery show at the Wild Bull in downtown Kalamazoo, MI 8 pm. All Ages, $5 cover.

Ruben Studdard plays with Just A Few Cats at the Workplay Theater in Birmingham AL

The Today Show will air Daughtry’s “Renegade” performance on January 1.

Matt Giraud says ‘American Idol’ is better than ‘X Factor’

But the topics of “American Idol,” “The X Factor” and judge Simon Cowell were bound to come up.

And it’s no surprise the Season 8 star said that he prefers “Idol” over all of the other singing competitions out there, including “X Factor.”

After calling “American Idol” the “biggest show in the world,” he said many reality TV shows are too slick.

“‘American Idol’ is a good show, and I think it’s better than some of the other things out there and ‘The X Factors’ of the world,” he said on the air.

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‘X Factor’ Finale Accident Leaves 3 Stagehands Injured

Tragedy nearly struck in the last minutes of the X Factor finale as a stair riser came unhinged and hit two stagehands in the head and another in the elbow.

The paramedics were on scene within minutes at stage 36 of CBS Television City, where X Factor and American Idol are both filmed, and treated the injured just off stage feet away from where the judges were watching 50 Cent perform for a studio audience of 700 and a TV viewing audience of millions.

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Country stars reflect on the holidays

Carrie Underwood remembers a family tradition that brought joy to others: “We would all go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve, and we would go to local nursing home, and sing Christmas carols up and down the halls and pass out little bags with goodies in ’em. We would sing carols like ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’ and ‘Silent Night.’ We sang all those songs that everybody knows, and it was just a really cool thing that we did. I wish we still did it. We quit when my grandma got sick, but it was just one of those things I’ll never forget.

“American Idol” winner Scott McCreery says spending time with family in the holidays is special to him. “It’s tough being on the road and not seeing the family as much during the year. The holidays are when you can get together as a family and reflect on the year and spend some quality time together.”


Former NBC vet Marc Graboff set to run ‘American Idol’s’ parent company

After a six-month search, “American Idol” owner CKX is close to naming a new boss, The Post has learned.

The entertainment company, which also owns the “So You Think You Can Dance” TV brand, is parting ways with current CEO Michael Ferrel, who helped private-equity firm Apollo Management take the company private in July.

Sources said that Apollo-owned CKX is close to hiring former NBC veteran Marc Graboff after talking to scores of executives about their interest in the top job. An announcement could come before the end of the year.

Read more at The New York Post

The Cricket: Archuleta’s mission call, and what comes after (video)

What a difference two years make.

Not the two years that Utah singer David Archuleta soon will serve on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as he announced Monday night at Salt Lake City’s Abravanel Hall. No, let’s consider the two years since Archuleta was one of the rising stars in pop music.

Read more at Salt Lake City Tribune

Simon Cowell picks up £27m in Sony Music deal

Simon Cowell made £27m as part of the deal to create a new entertainment joint venture with Sony Music, according to documents filed at Companies House.

Syco Entertainment was formed in 2010 out of a deal that saw the music mogul win back a share of formats such as The X Factor and … Got Talent from Sony, having been forced to hand the rights to the record label over in 2005 after Simon Fuller, the tycoon behind Pop Idol, brought a copyright infringement claim.


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  • steph6449

    Set of photos with Danny and Gary LeVox are up at Getty Images from the other night

  • musicality

    I can’t even begin to imagine what Simon is worth now.

    I like Matt Giraud. Always thought he had a good voice. I love that duet he did with that Anna woman.

  • Anonymous

    Based on the preliminary household ratings, the X Factor might have its best ratings since the premiere.  Last night it averaged an 8.2 rating.  The premiere was 8.7.   

  • Kitwana

    Still surprised at the amount of media attention to David’s mission announcement since most of the media basically ignored him for the past couple of years . Over 500 news articles on Google News at last check. Still strange to not see any mention of it at all on the website or twitter. Wonder why? The site and twitter have been updated a few times since the announcement. I guess they deemed it not newsworthy lol.

  • Anonymous

    Great article on the State of American Pop and review of BTIKM

  • Anonymous

    I just hope David gets this kind of publicity when he returns.  It is kind of funny reading some of the articles.  They still can’t get it right that David left Jive.  They love to use the word dropped.  With what happened shortly after with Jive, it makes David leaving them an even smarter move than it seemed when it happened.  David is no fool.  He could see the writing on the wall.  David also may have known he was going to do the mission at that time, too.  I do believe the biggest reason was because they wanted him to be someone he could not be.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this means that RCA will start to push Renegade to Pop and HAC stations. From RCA’s homepage.


  • Anonymous

    A bearded/scruffy Taylor Hicks Merry Christmas message video!  Short and sweet.

  • musicality

    My mom called me today and said “you know that David Archuleta” (except she totally butchered his last name. I said yes. She told me about his trip. My mother is a really on the outskirts fan of Idol.

    I think the two years will be good for him. David may not want to be a “pop star”. He might refocus and go down another road. He should do what is right for him. 

  • djafan

    I wonder why american idol has ignored the news when everyone else seems to be talking about it.  Today I even got google alerts about David A’s tweet about being stuck in the Colorado mountain snow. lol

    Today David A spent part of his day singing for burn patients in Utah.  David A never mentioned it but a nurse tweeted he was there singing to some very happy patients. 

  • Goboywonder

    Here is someone tweeting a thank you to David seeing her niece.

    Erin McCafferty

    @DavidArchie Thank you for seeing my niece! U made her day!! :D

  • Anonymous

    That is another reason why I love David.  Every good thing he does is not a publicity opportunity.  Without twitter, we wouldn’t have known this.  I know someone in the media, and he said they get calls from celebrities’ management teams telling them that their celebrity is going to do some charitable act, etc.  I guess that does give the charity publicity, too, but I for some reason love the fact that David still rakes his elderly neighbors lawn when he is home, and visits people just because.  You find these things out from friends and neighbors not David.

  • judie miller

    Yes David does things without many knowing about it. I traveled to Myrtle Beach,S.C.on memorial Day weekend to see him perform. We were there early in the morn. Jeff, his father was working with sound check. We approached Jeff, Having met him many times. We asked where David was? He said Oh. he’s at a childrens hospital visiting the children.He is a sweetheart. David is so caring and selfless.

  • Kariann Hart

    Thank you Matt, for telling it like it is.  I can’t wait for American Idol to begin!

  • Kesia Monteith

    It’s nice that Matt G. still respects Idol and appreciate what this show has done for him and others…even after they shafted him in the season 8 finale, and gave a duet to poorly performed seventh place finisher instead. But he is a better man than I am. I’m clearly still bitter. LOL

  • Kesia Monteith

    That article made Adam Lambert sound like some fucking pop music saviour or something. Yuck. Then he went ahead and dissed my boy Bruno Mars, and goes and trash today’s hip hop, saying things I’ve heard and complained about myself numerous times now. Why don’t this guy just whine about MTV NOT playing music videos anymore? You know, if people actually take the time to know what hip hop really is about, they wouldn’t always base it off of the nonsense they see on BET.

  • Anonymous

    Scotty named top 10 hottest new music acts of 2011 by Aceshowbiz;

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m an Adam fan, and I didn’t like the trashing of Bruno and other artists in that article as well.  It was obviously written by a mega-fan who is based in the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    Adam fan here too and I totally agree. It’s nice to hear but I don’t know how you can not give Bruno credit where it is due. He is so talented not only as a singer but a writer. I also don’t consider hip hop- pop per se. It is played on pop stations if it is a crossover hit just like country or rock, but it’s not pure pop. That’s the problem with those types of blogs though- anyone can write an opinion piece. I also feel the same about articles written from the idol’s hometown. Or the usually idol bubble writers. There is going to be that bias there.  When Adam gets kudos from radio stations and major publications ( like the RS article) then I consider it a plus. I am pretty sure that is why MJ doesn’t post those kind of articles but I could be wrong.

  • Lexie

    So that makes…Billboard, ABCNews, TVGuide, a number of country sites (Roughstock, Taste of Country, etc.)…as having Scotty as one of the top new artists of the year.

    Lauren Alaina was named by Yahoo (of course, they mentioned Scotty and why he wasn’t in their opinion, none of the other sites brought up Lauren)…

    There are also two sites that put Scotty on negative lists…Entertainment Weekly and TVWithout Pity…

    Oh, and Love You this Big video is #15 on CMT’s Top 20 for the year…

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Archie sounds like a genuinely kind person.  Very cool.