Idol Headlines for 12/19/12 – The Evening Edition

Cassadee Pope’s Vision for Album: Edgy, Mature With a Lil’ Blake Shelton– “If you were to take Taylor Swift, make it edgier with a just a little hint of country and make the lyrics a little more mature, that would be the direction I’d like to take,” Pope told Billboard. She said she has already asked her coach on the show, Blake Shelton, to be a part of her album, to which he said “I would pay her to be on her record. I wish I could scientifically describe what it is about her, but I can’t explain it – she’s just one of those people destined to be a star.” – Read more at Billboard

‘The Voice’ Winner Cassadee Pope: ‘A Part of Me Didn’t Want to Do This Show’ – Not surprisingly, Pope has no regrets now. “Doing the show was, I think, the best career decision I’ve ever made,” she says. “It got people to really take a second to listen. It’s not going to be Hey Monday; it’s going to be something entirely different.” That’s not to say Pope didn’t have second thoughts throughout the season. The singer admits she was taken aback when many on the Internet protested that her previous music-industry experience put her at an unfair advantage in the competition. “When I came into [the show], I got a lot of that and it was discouraging,” she says. “But I had to just prove myself and try to prove people wrong. I thought it was kind of crazy to think that someone like me – who’s been working towards this my whole life, since I was four years old, and then toured in bands and did all that, and really has been working hard – doesn’t deserve it as much as someone else next to me who’s never done it before. I feel like if you have the heart and the passion for it, you deserve it.” – Read more at Rolling Stone

Exclusive Video! Backstage At ‘The Voice’ Season 3 Finale – Notable takeaways from Reality Rocks’ finale night interviews…–Cassadee hopes to get a single out by next month (fantastic idea)–Terry has awesome musical tastes beyond classic rock (Tame Impala! Wye Oak!) and really wants Kellogg’s to make a special box of Totes Amazeballs cereal for him–Nicholas really knows how to accessorize–Blake doesn’t mind uttering the words “blood in my stool” in a public interview (yikes)–Adam has some damn funny advice for new “Voice” judges Usher and Shakira–And Peter, who performed “Baby, I Love Your Way” with Terry on Tuesday’s finale, has mixed feelings about the very different version that Emblem3 performed on rival show “The X Factor” last week. – See the Videos at Yahoo Music

Cassadee Pope Interview- Winner – We talked to ‘The Voice’ Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope right after her big win! She tells ClevverMusic what it’s like being the first female winner of ‘The Voice’ and what kind of music she will make going forward. Check out the full interview!

‘The Voice’s’ Blake Shelton on Cassadee Pope: She’s ‘Destined to Be a Star’ – Shelton says it was when Pope performed his wife Miranda Lambert’s song “Over You” that things started to change for her on the show. “We both went, ‘What do you think it was about that? Why did you think that happened?’” Shelton says. “We all figured out that Cassadee has a gift of telling the story and making people feel what you’re thinking and what you’re talking about. You can’t teach somebody that.” “She’s magic. She’s just a special artist that god gave a little extra to,” says Shelton of his contestant. “I wish I could sit here and scientifically explain to y’all what it is about her, but the truth is none of us can explain it. She’s just one of those special people that is destined to be a star.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Terry McDermott Interview– ‘The Voice’ – We talked to ‘The Voice’ Season 3 runner-up Terry McDermott right after the finale show. Terry tells us what is next for his solo career and his plans to work with his coach Blake Shelton!

Emblem3 Part 3: Acoustic Jam Session! – Now that the boys of Emblem3 have been fed and had a chance to relax, time to kick back at the Young Hollywood Studio with some trusty instruments and have a little jam sesh! The “X Factor” finalists give us an exclusive acoustic performance of their original tunes “Grind On” and “Sunset Blvd”! Hosted by Tracy Behr (@tracybehr).

The X Factor: The Inside Story on Season 2?s Wildest Production Numbers – As Creative Director for The X Factor, Brian Friedman has to keep a lot of people happy: the show’s quartet of mentors, their various contestants and a demanding viewing audience. The key to his success, he says, is picking his battles. “I feel like I’m editing myself every 30 minutes of the day. But you have to know whether an element of a performance is really important to the overall vision,” he says. “And if I know an act especially wants something, then I will do a little extra fighting.” – See the Photos at TV Line

Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, LA Reid & Simon Cowell Talk Finalist – X Factor judges Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, LA Reid & Simon Cowell talk about how talented the finalists are, Carly Rose Sonenclar shares her celebrity crush, & Simon talks about Demi performing a duet with Fifth Harmony.

Simon Cowell Gives “X Factor” Deets – Simon gets super-candid about One Direction, L.A. Reid’s departure, the mysterious Britney Spears, and if his fave judge Demi Lovato will stay on the show!

Simon Cowell Confirms He’s Dating Carmen Electra! – Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra are an item! The British music mogul confirmed the news to Ryan Seacrest Wednesday, saying he and the I Like It Loud singer are “people who date. “She’s adorable, isn’t she?” the wry personality joked. – Read more at Radar Online

X Factor’ Sees Significant Social Media Strides – With the X Factor finale mere hours away, it’s an appropriate time for reflection on a second season that, at first, struggled to find its footing. According to data released by Fox and citing Bluefin Labs, X Factor is the most social broadcast show and has quadrupled its social TV activity with its second season. What kind of numbers are we talking about? Some 522,000 social media comments per episode; In 2011, the show was averaging 132,000. (Fox scored top three status for Glee and American Idol as well, the latter of which logged 1 million comments during a single season 11 episode). Other impressive X Factor factoids: the Dec. 5 performance episode spurred 112 trending topics and its social comments generated an estimated 858 million impressions, according to Bluefin. What were people talking about? Finalist CeCe Frey, for one. Her Twitter handle was mentioned over 89,000 times and her name another 73,000. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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  • girlygirltoo

    So basically Cassadee is going to go country-pop?

  • DB987

    So its Avril meets Taylor just what Country music has been missing.

  • BigNLiddle

    Social Media Strides for X Factor? Does that mean anything significant?

  • Eilonwy

    Social Media Strides for X Factor? Does that mean anything significant?

    It means XFUSA is likely to expand its trainwrecky qualities, since those created Twitter chatter. Expect to see a repeat of the CeCe Frey character (mediocre singer given Mean Girl edit, then used to eliminate better singers in the bottom 2 sing-offs), since that she elicited a lot of chatter. We’ll see if that pays off in attracting viewers for S3. Since a noticeable amount of chatter is about how awful the show is, I’m not so sure. (But social media gurus love to count without doing full content analysis. It’s unclear whether there’s any way to do content analysis other than hand-coding, which is slow and expensive.)

    Also, TPTB either loved or hated the results of the Pepsi challenge week where fans chose the songs. The article says they loved it, but often when jargon is piled on that thick, it’s disguising hostility or that something didn’t go right.

    “[C]ontrolling more than 25 percent of the social conversation every time our show is on the air, and often double digits when it’s off” is pure bullshit that THR should have called the source on.  There’s no way that 25% of total Twitter traffic is about XFUSA when the show’s on. Maybe the source means that of XFUSA chatter, 25% of it follows the storylines that TPTB are trying to manipulate us into believing. That, I could buy. But I’m not sure public self-congratulation on manipulating the results is appropriate.

    The Twitter follower counts of the finalists are neither impressive nor meaningful, so *shrug*.

    Basically, XFUSA was looking for something to brag about in comparison to The Voice or Idol, and since social media is “hot” (and Nielsen also wants to sell their social media “ratings” product next year), it was easy to get an article out of it.

  • windmills

    DB987: So its Avril meets Taylor just what Country music has been missing.

    LMAO. A+ comment.

    I also had to laugh a little when Cassadee described her music as Taylor Swift “with just a little hint of country” and more edge and maturity. Unintentionally dissing her label’s biggest act is probably something she’ll need to avoid in the future. But, that description makes sense to me. I was saying a few weeks ago that Taylor’s emergence at CHR and HAC radio could open up some space for Cassadee as a similar act. Making country her primary format would be a mistake like I was saying earlier.

    girlygirltoo: So basically Cassadee is going to go country-pop?

    No, I watched the Yahoo and Clevver video interviews and read the others: Cassadee said her heart is in pop/rock but she wants to bring just a touch of country into it, likely from the storytelling side. She’s already been writing with a bunch of Nashville writers, some of whom have a background in country/pop and  others who are more in the pop/rock arena.

    I knew next to nothing about this girl beyond her Voice performances. I’m not really fan but, I like hearing her talk about how much she wants to make it big. She talked about leaving her band in that context, which makes her more interesting to me. I’m also definitely curious about how her album will turn out.

  • Ronny Dias

    Now whenever I feel the question ‘How low can sub-celebrities go to get some media attention?’ pop in my head, I simply have to remember that Carmen Electra is dating Simon Cowell.
    That’s pretty much rock bottom to me.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    It seems another concert in Singapore for Adam this coming March:



  • Reflects On Life

    Rock bottom for whom – Simon or Carmen??

    IMO they do not seem like strange bedfellows.  He makes her more relevant than she is now, and she’s exactly his type (judging from his prior paramours).

  • Ronny Dias

    “He makes her more relevant than she is now”
    That’s exactly my point. When all the relevance you have in the world comes from how near Simon and you get to a bed, it’s definitely time to stop and go back to being completely unknown.
    IMO as well.

  • girlygirltoo
  • Nadine_Bitch

    OT but Congrats Ms. USA for winning Miss Universe 2012 and Miss Philippines for being the 1st Runner up. Philippines are consistently on Top 5 for 3 years now. 2011- 3rd runner up and 2010- 4th runner up. They might take the win next year!

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Top Music of 2012 – Trespassing by Adam Lambert #8 (People Mag 12/31 iPad edition) @adamlambert

  • sweetmm

    Cassadee going for what Kelly Clarkson is doing right now I think is pretty a wise move :)  All the best to her.

  • Sharon S.

    Aww, that listing in Top Music of 2012 for “Trespassing” warms my heart.  I love the album, start to finish; it deserved so much better than it got.  I know the bottom line is the almighty dollar, but I hope RCA realizes what great work Adam did.

  • YankeeFan08

    That’s awesome that Adam is the first Idol alum to ever make People’s year-end Top 10 list.

  • loveroftalent

    So happy to see Adam’s album getting the recognition it deserves…It is a really great album…It would have sold so much better if radio would have supported it more…Oh well, it is what it is..

  • Kariann Hart

    Am I the only one that feels having the Finale for both THE VOICE and the X-FACTOR in the same week takes attention away from each other.  Why do that?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Cassadee just sang “Over You” on Kelly and Michael. She was noticeably pitchy on the lower notes, but was OK for the rest of the song. Pretty underwhelming.

  • justmefornow

    Cassadee Pope is singing right now on Live with Kelly and Michael. This is the first time I’ve heard her sing live, wow some real clunker notes, lol.
    Still glad I didn’t waste my time on that show.

  • vdawg

    So I guess they are going to push Cassadee Pope on country music,  I wonder if she can name five country artists  not named Blake and Miranda.  This is a joke.  Lauren can’t get airplay and Skylar can’t get a contract but Blake has Cassadee sing a few country songs and now she is “country”.

  • irockhard

    ITA. I wonder how Cassadee feels about selling out, is she happy?

    Note to contestants: it pays to stay in your lane while you’re on the show as circumstances could force you to go in a direction you don’t want to.

  • milwlovesadam

    Jeepers. Cassadee was really pitchy on Live with Kelly.  Not very impressed here.