Idol Headlines for 11/27/12 – The Evening Edition

Haley Reinhart performs a Holiday Homecoming Show at Stageit on December 18 at 8:30 pm ET. Get your tickets at this link.

Beats commercial with Phillip Phillips-Gone Gone Gone

Check out this Beats headphones commercial featuring Phillip Phillip’s “Gone Gone Gone”. Doesn’t that look like Jessica Sanchez at the very beginning?

Phillip Phillips on Nicki Minaj’s “American Idol”

From FUSE. Phillip plans to begin touring in February.

Scotty McCreery donated $5,000 from ticket sales to World Vision’s Hurricane Sandy Relief during his show at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on November 23. After seeing the devastation that struck areas in and surrounding New York City, McCreery made the decision to turn the tour date into a benefit concert, and partnered with World Vision. McCreery also invited his friend and American Idol fan favorite Pia Toscano to join him for the performance.

Via Music Row

Adam Lambert’s New Tattoo

Adam Lambert tweeted a photo of his new tattoo and explained its significance via twitter, “It represents my Astrological Birth Chart, along with Pagan, Buddhist, and Greco- Roman Archetypes related to balance and the life cycle. My chart is AQUARIUS Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon. All three are represented.

Skylar Laine – Holy macanoli! That’s how I would describe watching Skylar Laine, 18, perform on “American Idol.” Her mother, Mary Harden, says that growing up Skylar reminded her of the spirited television character Punky Brewster. At age 5, when she first performed at the Mississippi State Fair (she placed second out of seven), people noticed her stage presence. #”She just gave it her all … full of fire … always a ball of energy. Just what you see on stage is what she was and what she always has been,” Harden said. #Growing up in Brandon, Laine performed with the Mississippi Showstoppers as a child and attended a summer performance program on scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. – Read more at JacksonFreePress

Behind the Scenes of The Music Video “Catch My Breath”

Fierce Five Members McKayla Maroney, Gabrielle Douglas Would “Definitely” Do Dancing With the Stars – There are plenty of things McKayla Maroney is not impressed with. Something that she is a fan of, however? Dancing With the Stars — plus a fellow former Team USA member, Shawn Johnson. Maroney and her Fierce Five teammates Gabrielle Douglas and Kyla Ross, all 16, talked to Us Weekly backstage at Dancing With the Stars Monday, Nov. 26, after taking part in DWTS finalist Johnson’s supersized, freestyle routine. – Read more at US Magazine

‘Dancing With the Stars’ All-Star Season 15 Finale: Donald Driver on 3 Finalists’ Performances

The Voice’s Bryan Keith on Channeling Amy Winehouse, Dueting With De’Borah and More – His dad may be a Grammy-winning Latin artist, but Bryan Keith was determined to forge his own path in the music business. “For the last few years, I’ve been busting my ass working at a deli and playing at bars and clubs in Manhattan and the Bronx for lame pay,” he explains. When Bryan decided to go the reality competition route, he says he gravitated to The Voice because there’s a “realness” that comes from the show’s coaches needing to make all their initial decisions on vocals alone. TVLine caught up with Bryan to dish how he felt about falling short of the Season 3 Top 8, why his Amy Winehouse cover was his favorite moment on the show, and who among his ousted Voice comrades he’s hoping to snag for a duet. – Read more at TV Line

The Voice’s Adriana Louise Talks Katy Perry Tunes, Audience Clapbots, Xtina’s ‘Diva’ Status – Less than a year ago, Adriana Louise was working a waitressing job in New York City and singing into a mirror, unsure of whether she had enough talent to try to pursue a music career. “A lot of my friends are in the business, taking the Broadway path,” explains the 22-year-old vocalist. “And I was struggling with confidence issues, letting time go by.” A fateful invitation from a pal to accompany her to an open-call audition for Season 3 of The Voice, however, altered the course of Adriana’s future. After a four-chair turnaround for her rock-solid Blind Audition, Adriana made it all the way to a Top 12 finish. TVLine caught up with Adriana to dish the songs she covered over the course of the season, the hidden talents she never got to share with the Voice audience, and whether or not her mentor Christina Aguilera deserves her diva rep. – Read more at TV Line

Smash is Coming Back. Will It Learn From Nashville’s Success? – But what we got instead was catfights between two rising young actresses competing for the same part, lots of telling rather than showing about Julia and her writing partner Tom’s creative process, the world’s most annoying teenager, and only the glorious spectacle of Anjelica Huston tossing martinis to compensate. The just-released trailer for the new season of Smash, which returns in February with a new showrunner and absent a number of its original stars, sadly seems prepared to retread the same old dynamics, with the addition of Jennifer Hudson: In the meantime, Glee has recovered a step in its fourth season, and Nashville, ABC’s musical drama about country singers, has completely swiped the sophisticated musical-for-adults title Smash had hoped to claim. Here’s what Smash should learn from those shows: – Read more at Slate

Kimberly Williams-Paisley Getting Promoted To Regular On ABC’s ‘Nashville’ – EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly Williams-Paisley is poised to make her guest-starring stint on ABC’s new drama Nashville permanent. The According To Jim alumna in August signed on for a multi-episode arc on the soap set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene. She ended up appearing in six of the original 13 episodes of the freshman drama, which was recently given a full-season pickup. Now she is set to appear in at least three episodes of Nashville‘s back nine with an option to become a series regular in Season 2 if the show is renewed. On the Lionsgate/ABC Studios series, Williams-Paisley plays Peggy Samper, an old flame and former co-worker of Rayna’s husband Teddy Conrad (Eric Close). – Read more at

Michelle Branch Defends The Roxy After Adam Levine’s ‘Voice’ Tirade – “I’m sure it wasn’t the Roxy’s fault,” says Branch. “Most likely my band was given one room and I was given the other per my contract” — though she seemed somewhat perplexed as to how the club still is “paying for it.” In an interesting twist, Branch tells THR that she knows the singer — Cassadee Pope — who sang her 2003 hit “Are You Happy Now” on Monday’s episode, sparking Levine’s trip down memory lane. “I love Cassadee, and she was sort of brought to my attention via Twitter long before The Voice,” says Branch. “I knew she was a fan, and we talked about writing together.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Haley Reinhart dropped by Interscope: What all reality competitions can learn from this tragedy* – Yet when Interscope released Reinhart’s debut single, “Free,” I was a bit taken aback. The song, while pretty, was a standard adult contemporary ballad. Sure, the AC format has been kind to the Idols of yesteryear (Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson in particular), but Haley Reinhart didn’t quite fit there. Where were the horns? Where was the sass? Months after “Free” failed to take off, a lyric video surfaced for a second potential single, “Undone” (the song never got a full push), another pretty but edgeless effort. Interscope, which took the Idol reins from RCA starting in season 10, has taken a different approach with Phillip Phillips, who was crowned Idol‘s latest victor this past May. Rather than try to shoehorn the gravelly-voiced Georgia strummer onto AC-radio with a schmaltzy coronation song, the label made the bold decision to pursue a sound that fit Phillips’ established style and one that was fresh and current. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

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  • ?Marie Theresse??
  • Lexie O’Neill

    Yay!!  What a great early Christmas present.:)

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

     Yeah, it is Jessica in the beats commercial. some people saw the ad and tweeted about it. the guy looks oddly similar to DeAndre but isn’t DeAndre. lol Makes sense, since Beats is owned by Dr Dre who is 100% affiliated with Interscope.

  • jdanton2

    Jordin Sparks will be on the Wendy Williams show tomorrow with boyfriend Jason Derulo. At the link is a little promo video of what to expect.

  • girlygirltoo

    That’s nice for Scotty, but to me, this again underlines the flaw in the RIAA system when they are certifying an album gold when it has only sold around 200K. Maybe the answer is to make 2 gold and platinum awards — one for units shipped and one for actual copies sold. I know it’s the same system for every artist, but in my opinion, it cheapens the value of the award when albums that don’t come close to actually selling 500K are certified gold. To me, it’s false advertising, since most people have no clue that a lot of albums that are “certified” gold or platinum in actuality come nowhere near selling 500K or 1 million copies.

    But as always, YMMV.

  • Lori

    Wow! Gone, Gone, Gone in a commerical already and the record’s only been out a week. P2’s “luck” (I say that totally with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek) continues. ;)  By the way, great song. I found myself singing along and smiling when it came back around on repeat. It will be a good follow-up single to Home. Jimmy and Interscope got it right.

  • jlscott13

    Scotty’s Xmas album is now Gold! via @allaccess:twitter 

  • hellomusicgirl

    Wow. That gold certification for Scotty. I mean, like girlygirltoo said, it’s really awesome for Scotty but how are they allowed to certify it gold when its not even to 200,000 in sales yet? Does that mean they really have shipped over 500,000 copies and there are more than 300,000 sitting on shelves now waiting to be purchased? Just trying to figure out how the certifications work.

  • Latin2

    That is soooo sweet of Scotty. 

  • Garrett Clayman

    Gone, Gone, Gone will be the send off song this year. it makes sense

  • No Thanks

    That IS Jessica.  I hope she got paid for that.

  • Stefan Wind

    I’ll be watching Haley from StageIt again. Make sure and tip too. She can use all the help she can get now to hopefully get an indie label contract. =/

  • Enough already!

    Gotta say that’s one hellva tattoo Adam.   Also congrats to Scotty for his gold.  Don’t watch DWTS or the Voice so looking forward to your recaps as usual. 

  • Xentusk

    Grady Smith from wrote a complimentary article about the Haley/Interscope split.  Who knew he was such a Halien :D

    I would argue that the jazzy Chicago native is the best singer to come out of the Idol machine since Jennifer Hudson (and when I say “singer,” I don’t mean a bellow-by-the-numbers diva like Jessica Sanchez — I’m talking about a powerhouse vocalist who still understands restraint and lyrical interpretation). And Listen Up! was one of the strongest post-Idol albums ever produced — a sexy, Motown-tinged retro-pop delight.

    Thnx Grady :)

  • jpfan2

    Ha, ha I forgot that Jimmy I. owns Beats with Dr. Dre. No wonder Jessica and GGG are in the commercial. That tattoo is amazing but I can’t figure out where on the body it is!

  • girlygirltoo

    This same writer (Grady Smith) was tweeting about Phillip and how he’s saved Idol, so I asked him if he thought P2 not writing Home or GGG would hurt him in terms of cred, and he said it would have a couple of years ago, but not so much now, calling alt radio the new pop. I thought that was interesting.

  • Ronny Dias

     Such a pity all the rave reviews about Haley and her album couldn’t translate into solid sales!

  • Xentusk

     It’s not that dire though

    Alot of the failure, perhaps, was in the choice of the first single, “Free” (I still love it, but it seems most think it put Haley at a disadvantage from the start, saying it wasn’t ‘radio friendly’), and pretty much no follow through in promotion.

    …and, I’ve posted many times, that they spent no effort in recordig/promoting Haley @ Lollapalooza or Carnegie, which should have been a red flag and a portend to the eventual split.  They might have lost impetus to promote her even way back then. :P


    We have seen, time and again, this kind of appreciation for her innate talent and future potential.
    -She crafted LU, with writing credit for all but one of the songs (which speaks loudly of her versatility as an investment)
    -Ole is doing a bang up job placing her other songs (“Oh My” most recently on Gossip Girl)

    and that no stage is too big for her. (Carnegie and Lolla)

    The ‘failure’ was in the handling and promotion, and not with the talent or her potential.  Even if she didn’t hit it, this time, she comes equipped with so many tools in her bag and a very good work ethic, that we have years of Haley’s music to look forward to in the future.

    It’s not imperative that she be the biggest pop star in the world.  I’m happy that she was given just enough time to show what she’s got and the Network of people she’s come in contact with that will want to work with her, given her track record, in the future. :D

    I just want a future where she makes a great living doing what she loves and I can look forward to new Haley music and see Haley perform live

  • YankeeFan08

    Another concert has been added to Adam’s international “non-tour” tour:

    March 1 – Manila, Phillipines, Mall of Asia Arena

  • Sharon S.

    And another in Kiev as well, for March 18th!

    Venue capacity – 7,000 for sporting events, 10,000 for concerts

    Tickets are already on sale:,522

  • bridgette12

    That’s great news, I expected one in Manila, but thought it was a slim chance for one in Kiev. I hope that for this non-tour, they will add a few dates in NZ and Latin American.

  • mmb

    Interesting — so looks like initial swing through South Korea, Japan, Phillipines (and I suspect a Singapore date will get added as well) in
    February and early March, and then on to Moscow, Helsinki (and rumors of Kiev and St. Petersburg)…I guess a few more European dates will be added as well…shaping up for a nice little Int’l swing.

  • mmb
  • elliegrll

    I’m talking about a powerhouse vocalist who still understands restraint and lyrical interpretation)

    I can’t agree with the understands lyrical interpretation part, that was always a weakness of her’s while she was on AI.  It’s not something that will hurt her now, since any good producer can just tell her how to sing the songs.  She is amazingly talented, and i agree with Smith, when he says that Interscope did give her an album that fit her style.  That’s not something that Sony usually did.  It’s a shame that that part was accomplished, but nobody could figure out a way to market her.  Haley has received a lot of critical support, which is something that can help her in the future.  At the very least, it’s a lot better than being ignored by the press.

  • springboard2

    I can’t agree with the understands lyrical interpretation part, that was always a weakness of her’s while she was on AI.

    I don’t agree about the weakness in interpreting lyrics during or after Idol. I played her songs many times, and they never came across that way for me.

  • elliegrll

    Like I said, after idol isn’t an issue, because a producer can always help her with interpreting the lyrics, or maybe she’s just better at interpreting her own songs.  But, I do remember Haley getting criticism for not understanding the meaning of some of the songs that she performed on AI, even one of her best performances, “Bennie and the Jets” was pointed out by some as being a great performance, but indicative of her issue of being able to deliver a song’s meaning.

  • hillstreetblooz


  • tripp_ncwy

    WorldVisionUSA: .@KrisAllen shares his thoughts and feelings about what he has experienced so far in Kenya

  • Tommyo2000

    I love Haley and a lot of people who like her are upset at Interscope for her lack of album success.  I think her album is solid, but lacked that one song with a  wow factor  to push it over the top.  She doesnt have her Home or Call Me Maybe on it … its kind of like getting all B’s on a report card, you can be proud of it, but its not going to knock anybodys socks off …  Haley had a developmental deal so they just cut their loss quickly on it …  She will be fine she is just going to have to do it the old fashion way, by working her butt off and building her following by doing a lot of shows and small gigs …

    I thought it was a  pretty lazy cheap shot at Jessica .. she showed plenty of subtely in her performances, her Beyonce, Jazmie Sullivan,  The Prayer were nuanced, restrained and mature way beyond her age of 16 …

  • irockhard

    She struggled with interpreting Rolling in the Deep, we saw this with her interaction with Jimmy before she performed that song.

  • Kesia Monteith

    He made cheap shots of contestants for the past 5 or more seasons. I mean, I like Haley, but best singer since Jennifer Hudson? What!? Really? Oh and I love his quotation marks around “singer”. Whatever, Haley is great and all, and put out a real solid record, but I don’t think she’s that amazing. Either way, that’s how the critic feels and his opinion. But as much as I’m not a big fan of his, no one is gonna tell me Haley’s better than Adam, or even Melinda. 

  • Kesia Monteith

    It’s interesting because he’s back tracking. Alt radio the new pop? Really? 
    Or does he realize that NOT always writing your own is not such a terrible thing, especially when you can get a quality hit record out of it? I hate music critics.

  • standtotheright

    It’s interesting because he’s back tracking. Alt radio the new pop? Really?

    I can maybe interpret that in a way that makes sense. CHR got really rhythmic for awhile, and then HAC did the same thing. So if you’re a listener who wants melody with instruments (which used to be considered pop), you might head to Alt radio, which is having a resurgence of the power pop and shoegaze rock from the early 90s.

    That said, most of those bands still did write and cowrite their material, so I don’t know if the PDs at those stations will be as sanguine as he is.

  • Tinawina

    Oh I LOVE the rose-colored glasses some people put on for JHud once she won that Oscar. LOL. I adore her, but she did not have a lot of control over that big ol voice of hers when she was a contestant. She does now, but she didn’t then, then she was mostly loud. Don’t get me wrong she was great and went home too soon, but she was not better than Latoya or Fanny IMO. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Haley’s voice, but is she really better than every female contestant from seasons 4-9? Really? Hmm. I’m gonna say no on that one.

    But I do like it a little when media tpes get all uber stan-ish for a contestant. It’s kind of nice to see anyone to be that big of a fan.

  • Xentusk


    But I do like it a little when media tpes get all uber stan-ish for a
    contestant. It’s kind of nice to see anyone to be that big of a fan.

    That’s the best part of the article for a long time Halien, like myself, after pretty devastating news, whether we suspected it was coming or not, it was pretty depressing when the reality of the split hit.

    I appreciated the uber STANing after practically no support other than the initial couple of weeks’ push for “Free” from Interscope for “Listen Up!”.

    Sure, it was at the cost of other’s favorites, but this Halien, for one, appreciated the commiseration :P :D

  • El oh El

    And Bennie and the Jets is a song with deep lyrical meaning?

  • El oh El

    She slayed that song. The recorded version is exquisite. The lyrics were shoved into her hand right before she met Jimmy as I recall.