Idol Headlines for 11/21/11

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams on Windy City Live in Chicago 9 am CT
Jordin Sparks kicks off “Winter in Venice” at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.  More info HERE.
Lauren Alaina performs at the White House. The 2 p.m. EST workshop and the 7 p.m. EST concert will stream live on . More info HERE.
David Archuleta will appear on FOX 13 News: Good Day Utah at 8:20 am MST
David Archuleta will appear on ABC 4: Good Things Utah at 10 am
James Durbin will sign CDs at Streetlight Records  in Santa Cruz, CA 4:30 – 9 pm more info HERE.
Nigel Lythgoe will be presented the honorary International Emmy Founders Award on Monday night at the International Emmys at the Hilton New York Hotel.

Crystal Bowersox tweets, “For the questions about new music: I will be releasing an EP before Christmas. No other word than that right now”

Ruben Studdard completes his first race to benefit his foundation supporting young Birmingham musicians (with video)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Ruben Studdard ran with nearly 200 other runners in a 5K race this morning [Sun Nov 20] through downtown Birmingham as part of the Ruben Studdard Celebration Weekend to benefit his foundation that supports young local musicians.

Another approximately 650 runners registered to take part in a 13.1-mile half-marathon.

More at

Jennifer Lopez ripped by John Legend, Questo over Fiat performance

Questo of The Roots took to Twitter to express his disbelief. “Yo. i know i just didn’t see that damb (sic) fiat. i KNOW i didn’t just see that friggin FIAT,” he says.

Questo’s comment brought on a flurry of responses. One of them came from John Legend, who was a presenter at Sunday’s awards.

Legend writes, “That had to be the most shameless thing I’ve ever seen in a performance. I was genuinely shocked.”

Read more at Zap2it

Exclusive First Look: Pia Toscano on ‘So Random!’

Pia Toscano may not have won American Idol, but she’s definitely taking a winner’s lap around Hollywood thanks to a hotly anticipated debut album and a guest spot on the Disney Channel’s So Random!

ETonline has your exclusive first look at Pia performing her hit single, This Time, on the show.

See the video at ET

James Durbin: On His Debut Album, American Idol, and Dream Collaborations

James Durbin is a fighter with the heart of a lover. He has managed to not let personal struggles hold him back and has had success on Broadway and American Idol. It doesn’t even matter that he was voted off in the top 4 because he releases his debut Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster today, so the sky is the limit for Durbin. We spoke with the man behind the music about recording his album, American Idol, and his dream collaborations.


AMAs 2011: James Durbin’s Debut Album Brings ‘a Whole Lot of Rock and Roll’ (Video)

“It’s a whole lot of rock and roll,” he promised. “It’s just everything and more I wanted in a debut album. It’s unbelievable.”

See the video at THR

Visiting With American Idol’s Casey James

“Did you like Simon Cowell?” I asked Casey between bites of salmon cake while he was visiting my kitchen.

His blue eyes danced when he replied with a laugh, “I’m not sure he liked me. He never did speak a word directly to me.”

Read more at CMT

First Look: Is This the Show That Will Save NBC?

AOL has a first look at the new poster for “Smash”, the new NBC show premiering on Feb. 6. It stars American Idol alum, Katharine McPhee. Check out the album art below:


Anthony Fedorov Blogs

What a crazy week! I am really sorry for not posting my weekly blog on time. This week it’s been all about rehearsals for “Hairspray”. This is a huge show, and I only had a week to pick it up.

The most difficult part about it has been learning the dancing. I am not a dancer so it’s been a challenge getting my body to do what I needed it to do, but nevertheless, I did it.

Read more HERE

Int’l Emmys to honor ‘Idol’ producer Nigel Lythgoe

NEW YORK (AP) — “American Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe might have to print some new business cards after he receives a special honor at the 39th Annual International Emmy Awards Ceremony.

“I’ve been nominated (six times) for an Emmy for ‘American Idol’ … and haven’t won any of them,” Lythgoe said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’ve even got printed on my business card ‘multi-Emmy loser’ so it’s going to be wonderful to actually accept one.”

Read more at Associated Press

Every Single Performance Ever Done On Glee

Hey Glee fans! This is fun. It’s every single muscial performance of Glee–from the Pilot through last Tuesday’s “Mash Off” episode all in one reel!

Every single Glee performance! from Natalie Landers on Vimeo.

Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy Perform on the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Finale? Although Maks and partner Hope Solo’s bad-tempered and uneven run on the show has come to an end, they’re still due to perform on Tuesday night’s live finale when each of this season’s 12 couples returns to the dance floor for a special performance. But will they show up? After their elimination Maks and Hope were conspicuously absent from the post-show press lineup, and he rattled fans by writing in his blog: “What’s next for me? I have no immediate plans at the moment. I’m not even sure if we’re going to be at the finale!” Read more at

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  • windmills

    Tanya Tucker did a radio interview and was asked if there were any current country acts she likes. She answered:

    “Carrie Underwood does a fantastic job. She’s…perfecto. I haven’t seen anything wrong with that girl yet.”

    That’s actually a little surprising because Tanya Tucker identifies more with the outlaw side of country but it’s nice to hear the compliment!

  • tripp_ncwy

    Brian Mansfield IdolChatter:  
    Daughtry’s ‘Break the Spell’: A track-by-track review

    “Five years after releasing its four-times-platinum debut, Daughtry remains a
    reliable radio staple. Third album Break the Spell doesn’t break the
    Daughtry mold, but it does find the group stretching out a bit.”

  • fuzzywuzzy

    From the THR article:

    Memories of a Beautiful Disaster is produced by Grammy Award winner Howard Benson

    As far as I know (and can find info), Howard Benson has been nominated for a Grammy twice, but has yet to be awarded one.  Has he won a Grammy?

  • LJR

    He’s not on the list of appearances, but David Cook has a show tonight in Milwaukee, after one day’s break on his current tour.

  • Miz

    I hope that Hope and Maks are dancing at the finale. I’d be terribly disappointed if they are not there. I really felt sorry for her and do not feel they were jugged fairly. I think she paid for Maks’ bad attitude and Len didn’t like her from the start.

  • ShreddingHalien

    And of course Windy City LIVE’s feed was broken this AM. The life of a Halien. 

  • Kariann Hart

    I also hope that Maks and Hope will be on the Finale.  It wouldn’t seem right unless physical injury was involved.  Let’s show the audience that you two can dance good together!

  • Chris

    I think Maks in an excellent dancer but he is a hot head.  This is a repeat of the Brandy season (except Brandy was a better dancer than Hope.  They had perfect scores, so it was unusual to not make the finale.)  When Brandy was eliminated one week short of the finals, he threatened to not show, but of course, he played nice and attended.  This is his livelihood, so he needs this show even though he hates losing.

  • Anonymous
  • everything

    I don’t care about Maks and Hope.  I’ve had enough of their drama.  And Hope is nothing more than a sore loser.  She is hardly the victim here.  I am more looking forward to people who were undeservingly eliminated early like Chynna Phillips and Kristen Cavallari.

  • ShreddingHalien

    Haley and Casey Interview on Windy City Live!

  • mmb

    I’m really looking forward to Smash! They’re filming in my neighborhood today. I think this show is gonna make Kat McPhee a big star ( or at least as big as the Glee contingent)

  • Anonymous

    Whoa–Katherine McPhee gets the prime spot in that SMASH poster. Good for her. With the hands reaching up, the spooky background, and all the grey this looks like the horror movie version of a Broadway backstory. It makes being a star kind of creepy, as if zombies are after her.

  • Anonymous

    Lauren is a performer who can go from Walmart (recent CD signing ) to the White House.  Love that about her!  All-American in a good sense!

  • Anonymous

    After 2 twitter fails, Kris finally posted a picture to update us on how his mustache is coming along :)

  • Anonymous

    Video from David Archuleta’s interview this morning with Fox13:

    He talks about the CD/DVD with MoTab, the PBS airings of the concert, his upcoming Christmas tour & appearances, filming his music video in Hong Kong, possibly releasing the Asian Tour Edition songs here in the US and his love for funeral potatoes. LOL that boy does love him some food.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t know why I am always so entertained by David A.’s interviews, but I just am.  He is just so personable.  Glad to see he is getting much better about doing some promotion of himself.  That used to be so hard for him.  He would talk about it if someone brought it up, but now he is bringing things up without the nudge from the interviewer.  Way to go, David!

  • djafan

    Another interview!

    David Archuleta- Good Things UT/MOTAB 11/21/11

  • Anonymous

    Another David A. interview at Studio 5.  They are just getting cuter and cuter as the day goes on.   This one he surprises his “#1 fan”, 97 year old Edith with balloons and a gift.  She is just the cutest thing.  He sings Happy Birthday to her. She is quite smitten with him and he is really getting a kick out of her.

  • Enough already!

    Thought the Fiat another WTF else will Jlo do for money moment.   Bad taste no matter how you look at it. 

  • djafan

    All three David A interviews today are great.  The surprise for his #1 oldest fan is so heartwarming.  MJ how about it putting them up? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll put a couple of them up in tonight’s headlines.

  • djafan

    Thank you!!!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Haley looked great in that interview, but there wasn’t enough of her talking.  I wish that she had talked more about her upcoming album.  Casey’s hair and beard are out of control, so much that he looks like a mountain man.  lol  I’m amazed that he had never heard of BICO.