Idol Headlines for 11/17/12

‘Idol’s’ Jessica eager to do hometown show Saturday The Chula Vista vocal phenom, now a Los Angeles resident, talks about music, acting and more – Since concluding the 2012 “Idol” concert tour in Manila in September, Jessica, 17, has been hard at work on her debut album at various Los Angeles recording studios. It’s due out in March or April, following the January release of her first single, which she describes as a love song with an up-tempo dance beat. Jessica is also taking acting lessons, in preparation for her multi-episode role on the hit TV series “Glee.” But first comes her homecoming mini-concert, which takes place tonight in the Palm Plaza at the newly refurbished Westfield UTC shopping mall. Jessica will perform four songs at the conclusion of a two-hour show that is being billed as “Holiday Escape” — Carols by Candlelight.” Admission is free. The diminutive singer with the big, big voice won’t be previewing any songs from her upcoming album. But she promises to do at least one seasonal favorite, which may provide her fans with a rare opportunity to sing along with Jessica. – Read more at UT San Diego

Phillip Phillips Talks Winning American Idol & New Album

Pop star Lambert ‘having a blast in SA’ – American pop star Adam Lambert waited for over two years to visit South Africa. But the wait has been well worth it, according to the 30-year-old, who says he is loving his time in the country. Lambert arrived this week for performances in Cape Town and Joburg. “Wow, my trip to South Africa has been way overdue,” an excited Lambert told the media at a press conference in Sandton yesterday. – Read more at Tonight

Adam Lambert Press Conference in Johannesburg 11-16-2012

Katharine McPhee: ‘Working With Jennifer Hudson Was Fun!’ – Katharine McPhee chats with co-star Krysta Rodriguez while filming Smash on Wednesday (November 14) in New York City. Katharine recently spoke to Hollywood Life about Jennifer Hudson‘s guest appearance on the upcoming season of Smash. “It was really fun working with her,” Katharine shared. “No one can sing quite like her. She’s incredibly focused when she’s on set. She has a great work ethic, and I really respected that. She brings a great energy to the show.” – Read more at Just Jared

Jordin Sparks Says Jason Derulo Is ‘The One’ – Still, she admits that it hasn’t been all roses — especially when she and the “It Girl” crooner headed into the studio together to start working on their next albums. “The first time we got into the studio together I thought it was going to be World War III. We work so differently,” she laughed. “I want to go, get it done, and then have the rest of the day to go see a movie, eat, or do whatever. He could be in the studio for hours and hours on end!” Despite their contrasting approaches to making music, they did manage to write and record a “cheeky” song, “Flirt,” together for Sparks’ upcoming album. – Read more at OMG Yahoo

Christina Aguilera: CeeLo Green is Fearless! – Christina Aguilera dons a low cut Mickey Mouse t-shirt while heading to a romantic dinner date with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler at Bouchon restaurant on Friday (November 16) in Beverly Hills, – See the Photos at Just Jared

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  • kcostell

    I’m never sure where to post this sort of thing — apologies if it’s the wrong place.

    For Black Friday week Amazon’s having a pretty massive .mp3 sale.  Among the Idol-related Highlights:

    -Phillip’s new album (non-deluxe version) has the .mp3 version priced at $5.99 starting on Monday’s release (this may be separate from the Black Friday Sale).
    -Both “Clear As Day” and Scotty’s new Christmas Album are on sale for $3.99.
    -Lauren’s “Wildflower” is on sale for $3.99
    -Carrie’s “Carnival Ride” is on sale for $5
    -Kelly’s “Breakaway” is on sale for $4.99, and the deluxe version of “Stronger” for $7.99

  • Cherry

    Thanks, I’ll check out Kelly!

  • Cherry

    Glad to hear about Jessica. Hopefully they can find really good songs for her.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Lambert’s reception in SA has been impressive.  Very happy to see that.

  • curly_yenta

    Taylor Hicks will be in an upcoming movie documentary about Nashville.  It’s titled “Music City U.S.A.” and here is the trailer. He comes on at about the 30 sec mark:

  • hoosiermama2

    “Home” used in a pre-game piece on Notre Dame, before the game today (on NBC). That song is everywhere!

  • usedtobelucy
  • heartly

    Perez (oh I hated typing that) has AMA setlist spoilers posted on his site.  Quite a few medleys being done including one by Kelly (with dancers again this year) which is going to consist of Miss Independent, Since U Been Gone, Stronger and Catch My Breath.  Christina is doing Lotus, Army of Me and Let There Be Love.  Carly Rae Jepsen with The Kiss and Call Me Maybe.

  • Axxxel

    So much fun to see Adam Lambert’s interview…Don’t know if that is the correct definition of a Glambert LOL…. I would say a Glambert is someone who is just hypnotized by Adam’s voice, attitude and beauty and does not want to get out of that Glam spell.

  • MellyPer1692

    Adams Trespassing Deluxe is also par of the sale at $6.99. With the digital booklet it’s $8.99.

  • S

    Did anyone see the new Extreme Makeover commercial? They have Phillip Phillips song “Home” on their new commercial.


  • tucker davis

    This may have already been posted. If so, please delete.
    Billboard article discussing how Phillip gained access to Triple A chart. Especially encouraged that they asked their fans to give his album a listen.

  • hellomusicgirl

    I saw Phillip’s album on the shelf at Walmart today. Looked good!
    I was kind of confused though. Did it come out this week? I thought it was coming out on Tuesday. 

  • Incipit

    hellomusicgirl, sounds like that could be a Street Violation at that particular Walmart – you’re right – it’s supposed to drop on Tuesday, the 19th.

  • ZsusK

    Honestly? I’m starting to count the commercials that DON’T use “Home.” It’s easier. ;) 

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Scotty to appear on Good Morning America on Black Friday!:))  Does anyone watch tv on Black Friday (I don’t watch the morning shows at all unless someone I like is going to be on, so I don’t have a clue)?  

  • YankeeFan08

    Too funny!

    @ENewsNow: VIDEO: Adam Lambert’s “VH1 Divas” Promo 

  • hellomusicgirl

    Woop, that sounds serious. I just thought I was confused about the release day lol. Well there were only 2 or 3 copies there so maybe they were grabbed by mistake when putting out other CDs.

  • Jim

    Pia Toscano and Jared Lee sing a beautiful rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You” to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Listen here:

  • Goodvibes27

    I also saw a snippet of Bo Bice in that Nashville Clip as well as Taylor. 

  • loveroftalent

    brianlondon South Africa, you were amazing! Had some LIFE moments here! Now off to China….I don’t know how to spell the city name, but we’re comin!

    Adam and crew are off to China…

  • raya

    Apparently Deandre played the uke for Jessica while she performed tonight.  He didn’t sing, he was just backing her up.  I think he just happened to be visiting her at the moment, so no idea if it was planned.

  • Incipit

    Apparently, David C is already in KC for the Holidays, and the upcoming events on Tuesday. He’s also at the Springsteen concert there tonight, according to Stevie Van Zandt:

    >>@stevieVanZandt: Edie’s godfather David Cook is in the house! And posse!

    Edie is that little Cavalier King Charles spaniel that David got for the Van Zandts at a charity auction in 2009. Wonder who the Posse is, besides Andrew?

  • girlygirltoo

    why is Scotty going to be on GMA? Is he promoting something specific?

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

     he went to L.A yesterday! they were celebrating Jessica’s mom’s birthday at some restaurant in L.A last night! They must have driven or flown in to San Diego earlier today! I think it was planned!

  • wordnerdarchie

    Wonder who the Posse is, besides Andrew?

    Mom and step-dad?  She tweeted about some other concert attendees behind her at the concert smoking something questionable. ;)

  • Incipit

    Mom and step-dad?

    Makes sense, wordnerdarchie. Cool if the family can enjoy the Springsteen concert together – they are all in one place for a minute.
    The “Edie’s godfather” bit from Stevie Van Zandt is cute – like a little Mob Dog. Heh.

  • lovetheusa1776

     Paula was sure right about those frequent flier miles.

  • Van

     Randy will be introducing Kelly too :)

  • Nadine_Bitch

    I don’t envy the Jetlag though;)

    but I heard once from one glittery fierce man that ”it is just a small price to pay”:)

  • loveroftalent

    I was just thinking about that earlier…She called it right didn’t she…

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Adam Gossip ?@AdamGossip
    Fans called & got confirmation Adam will perform at The Music at the Beach festival in San Ya, Hainan (China) 11/23/12

    So what gig he apparently get cancelled because he doesn’t have the time to squeezed it in?

  • bridgette12

    Happy that Adam is performing at the Music at the Beach Festival, that’s great publicity for him in China. This must be an amazing time for Adam and his band, they have been to China, Japan, Australia, South Africa and heading back to China. 

  • Taylor

    why is Scotty going to be on GMA? Is he promoting something specific?

    Probably his new Christmas CD. Tis the season! :)

  • lukien

    Adam is after the title world superstar that Simon Cowell bestowed upon him way back in Idol. Therefore he performs here and there, but no in the USA. When was his last performance in America? Thus the tanked album and singles are to be expected. No worries tho, many make it big outside the States and the UK anyway. So good for him.

  • springboard2

    Adam is after the title world superstar that Simon Cowell bestowed upon
    him way back in Idol. Therefore he performs here and there, but no in
    the USA. When was his last performance in America? Thus the tanked album
    and singles are to be expected. No worries tho, many make it big
    outside the States and the UK anyway
    . So good for him.

    …and outside Europe (except Finland), Australia, New Zealand, looks like Japan as well…
    One performance in China doesn’t make an act an international superstar..and a handful of performances here and there neither.
    Adam is living on his Idol fanbase in the countries where the show has a big impact, but that’s it because the Trespassing era tanked almost everywhere.

  • Taylor

    If Adam is living off his Idol fan base, why don’t you see other Idols in China? . Adam is one of the rare Idols to get any attention and any performance opportunities in China. After this month, he will have had three performances in China, not one. The event in Shanghai this week is the same one where Pharrell, Kanye, Kelly Rowland and Train performed over the past couple of years. China sees Adam on the level with these artist, he is a superstar in their eyes.

    Adam just
    sold out two very nice sized venues (ticket prices $50-$60) in South Africa,
    one at 5,000 and the other somewhere around 17-19,000 capacity. This last
    venue, the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg, is the venue that SA posters said it
    rarely sells close to capacity. They said that only artists like Gaga sell out
    the venue in Johannesburg. Like Gaga, Adam sold out the Coca Cola Dome. They
    held a press conference for Adam because there were so many media outlets
    wanting to interview him. He has sold close to gold in South Africa with this
    last album. Adam is a superstar in their eyes.

    Adam has upcoming
    concerts scheduled in Japan and he also had concerts and private events there
    during the FYE era. He also played to thousands in Russia, Canada, Australia,
    New Zealand and all across Europe. Adam gets
    media attention, opportunities and
    sells tickets all over the world. He is successful on an international scale.

  • lovesickheroine

    Jessica Sanchez performed 4 songs at the UTC mall christmas event and Deandre made a special appearance. The video in which Jess and Dre plugged the xmas tree lighting together was so adorable

    Try A Little Tenderness (BB Chez totally came out in this performance)

    I’ll be there

    I Have Nothing …

    Have A Very Merry Xmas (accompanied by Dre)

    Christmas tree lighting

  • raya

    Ha ha.  Jessica & Deandre were kind of a total fail at “lighting” the Christmas tree.  An adorable fail though.

  • Sharon S.

    Adam is living on his Idol fanbase in the countries where the show has a
    big impact, but that’s it because the Trespassing era tanked almost

    Idol was three years ago for Adam – which, as we’ve seen, may as well be a hundred years ago where the typical Idol fan is concerned, even in the country from which it originates.  There have been many Idols, before and after Adam, who have had the same platform from Idol that Adam had.  The vast majority cannot “live on their Idol fanbases” in the U.S., much less anywhere else around the world.

    As far as I can recall, Adam had never so much as set foot in China nor South Africa until this year (SA for sure, and I’m pretty sure about China as well).  Nonetheless, he was the only Western artist invited to perform on the finale of The Voice of China, with a total audience in the hundreds of millions.  I have to believe that’s a gig any artist would like to have.  He is booking additional appearances in China.  For whatever reason, he is making an impact in that very huge market (even if it is, unfortunately, a market beset by music piracy), and deserves credit for doing so.  

    And as noted by Taylor, he sold out two substantial venues – one of which was a large arena – in South Africa.  Again, without ever having stepped foot there.  He deserves credit for that, too.

    Japan booked him for the Summer Sonic Festival.  He has some concerts booked there.  Not huge venues, but not club-sized, either. 

    Even in the U.S., where radio has been a bitch to him this entire era (as far as terrestrial radio in my own market is concerned, he hasn’t released a damn thing since 2010), he has still been booked for many radio concerts and has sold well in his one-off performances.  He’s also still considered enough of a name to get that hosting gig for the VH1 Divas concert, which is one of VH1’s most high profile events.  I’m not saying it’s the equivalent of hosting the Oscars or something, but it’s a very nice opportunity, and a nice compliment to Adam that he was asked to do it.

    I’m not saying that adds up to “international superstar.”  But it looks to me as if he can’t be written off, either, no matter what the challenges have been during this current era.

  • stargazed

    For me, the word Superstar is defined by Taylor Swift and her abilities.  Her sales for her last debut:


    She is everywhere!

  • YankeeFan08

    It’s hard for me to consider anyone a “superstar” who can’t sing …. Taylor Swift can’t sing … neither can Bieber … but good for them that they have found massive audiences for their “music”.

  • YankeeFan08

    Here’s Adam on the marquee of the venue in Shanghai where the Hennessy event will be held on Dec. 2.

  • calla_lily

    o/o/o/ Adam will perform at The music at the beach festival in San ya Hainan, China this 23/11/12 … in front of HUGE crowd!!!.. Phewwww he is everywhere this day and the next few weeks/months ( SA,China,US,Indonesia,Japan n maybe Russia)

  • HKfan

    Re living off his Idol fanbase….just wanted to say that yes Idol is shown in China, but only on paid tv, i.e. cable and broadband, which realistically only a very, very small percenatge of households in China have.

  • calla_lily

     they chose a gorgeous pic to!!!! Thumbs up to China!!!

  • HKfan

    His last performances in America were
    3/11 in Napa
    29/10 in Texas
    17/10 in Arizona
    25/9 in Washington

    plus 13/10 in Australia

  • jpfan2

    Selling out a stadium of 17-19K is a pretty big deal so it does seem like Adam is a big star in South Africa and probably other countries as well.

    I think Adam be a success as a touring act even though his current singles failed to make a dent. There are artists with hit singles who can’t sell albums, artists who can’t mount decent tours. It’s a complicated situation.

    Superstar to me means someone who can do it all: hit singles, big album sales, sold out arenas.

  • MellyPer1692

    Please. If its only because of Idol, why aren’t other idols popular in those countries? He’d never done promo in China or South Africa before, yet look at the popularity of those two concerts in SA and now two huge gigs in China plus the huge gig when he was on THe Voice there. Idol was three years ago and I think some people overestimate its importance in other countries. Hell, some people overestimate it in the US too.

  • calla_lily

    and Can’t wait for the  Hosting gig For VH1 Divas :)

  • springboard2

    OK, let’s assume he is a star in SA and China, and don’t say he is because we don’t know since they are countries we have no sales information from.
    This is a far cry from an international.
    The era failed in Europe (one or two small countries don’t make it a success), Australia, New Zealand, and there no evidence that it did well in Japan.
    Why isn’t Trespassing (the single) killing it worldwide at the moment since he is an international superstar? For example, Adam did a lot of promo in New Zealand in October for his new single Trespassing. What happened: It reached #113 on iTunes on 10/13, #226 on 10/16 and then out of top 400.. and this is basically the same pattern everywhere.

    Is the album even gold anywhere, are any of his singles gold or platinum?

  • MellyPer1692

    Who here, besides the person putting him down in the post you replied to, is saying he is an International Superstar?? I see fans talking about the great gigs and reception he received during this trip. Something I’m sure every fan would be happy about. I think fans are happy that there is an ancillary revenue stream for Adam from other countries and its cool to see him getting great opportunities and its exciting to get to witness those concerts and events in other places.

  • marmom07

    The exact qualifications to be called a Superstar (international or not) are highly subjective.  Event promoters are almost always exaggerating the success of the artists they get for their events. They want to brag about how big the talent is at their event. It’s the way the game is played. Even my crappy DC radio station introduced him as a big star for the radio gig he did for them and the *holes still won’t play his music. Blood sucking scum! (sorry still pissed that two weeks ago DJ tweeted to glamberts to stay tuned they would be playing Adam later today….yea right, finally a whole day later they played WWFM; I’m over radio!!)

    Adam is working hard all over the world and his fans are happy for him. We want to see him continue his success and continue to grow his talent and career. Radio play or not Adam is a powerful live performer and will continue to tour. I think he’s using the SA and Japan concerts to develop and test his concert ideas for a world wide tour. If US radio won’t play him enough to grow his fan base then he needs to tour and do TV. If he’s heard he will gain fans. It’s just going to take time.

    Regardless if promoters want to call Adam an international Superstar then I see no reason why his fans can’t say the same thing. Why other people need to expend so much energy trying to disprove his career is beyond me.

  • MellyPer1692

    Omg, the promo vid for the China event:

    Sooo many people wow.

  • bridgette12

    I think Adam and the band are going to have a lot of fun at this event. 

  • Nadine_Bitch

    LOL I don’t know how Adam having good opportunities internationally can be interpreted in negative way.Living off of his fanbase outside the US or not– what matters is ”He is one of those few(actually it’s only two-Kelly and Daughtry) who sell out Arenas outside US”. I’m sure ALL the idols(and their fans too) wish to have gigs like that.

    and I don’t know Russia and Mainland China(not HK)are like Phillipines, Indonesia, NZ in which AI have a big impact.

    Anyway International superstar or not he’s sure a superstar to me, heh:)

  • Larc

    Singers such as Swift and Bieber should be very grateful for Auto-Tune and the fact that the public is generally far less demanding of genuine quality talent now than they were in past times.

  • bridgette12

    I think all of the Idols and their fans seem to get excited when their favs get an opportunity to tour outside the US/Canada. Who wouldn’t want to perform in Paris, London, Melbourne or Moscow alone with many other beautiful cities around the world? I don’t know how people classify Adam, but I put him in the damn lucky category to have these opportunities.  

  • bscfan

    I agree with the earlier poster than Adam is using these concerts to try out ideas for a more organized tour next year.  For the US, I bet he’ll book the same size venues as last time (2-3 thousand) but with fewer dates. I think he has really upped his game since the last tour, and I am eager to see how his tour is received. There are still musicians out there who make it on their reputations for live performances.

  • Axxxel

    I guess I am part of that “Idol fanbase” Adam has… As I don’t have cable TV, I cannot watch American Idol on TV… I only know Adam Lambert from The American Idol website…. and I have been following his journey and his interviews for the last 3 years all through browsing youtube, entertainment  blogs and websites.

    So with all those foreign performances I also wonder like some of you whether this is a prelude to a world tour.. that may start in South America and ends up in North America… (wishful thinking)…

  • girlygirltoo

    How do we know they aren’t? I see people imploring Idol XYZ to come do a concert in country XYZ all the time.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Could you be a bit more specific, please?   Thanks.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    ”I see people imploring Idol XYZ to come do a concert in country XYZ all the time.”

    and what country was that?… Philippines? Singapore?
    Yeah, we knew that those countries loved their Idols but not so much in China and or SA as we see not much Idols are doing concerts there.

  • springboard2

    Yes, I was wrong about South Africa, and possibly China. I am taking back my original comments.

  • Taylor

    What people? A few fans?
    Have you seen event organizers in countries like Canada, Russia, China, Japan and ones in Europe asking certain Idols to come and do concerts for tens of thousands of dollars? Can you share the names of the concert promoters in these areas and which Idol contestants they have been begging to come for concerts?  

  • MellyPer1692

    If they were being asked, I would think they would do it. Why would they turn it down? It’s not like most idols are too busy to perform in front of huge crowds of people lol.

  • Enough already!

    Adam has that superstar factor which one must have naturally.   Obviously Trespassing didn’t sell like it should have in the US in an election year, where everything one does makes a statement.  Adam is being embraced internationally, and if its not on the level of Gaga, we know why.   Bieber just won all the awards at the AMAs and to me this is a crying shame, but teens love this kid, and I will never understand why!  And teens buy Taylor music because they are all frustrated in love as teens and she sings for them.  OMG can’t someone make all this stop.

  • Ordained

    girlygirltoo 12 hours ago in reply to MellyPer1692
    How do we know they aren’t?

    Because if they were, they WOULD be playing concerts there. There was demand for David Cook in Philippines so he played a concert there. There was demand for Adam Lambert in South Africa, so he played a concert there. There was demand for Carrie Underwood in Australia so she played a concert there. 

    I see people imploring Idol XYZ to come do a concert in country XYZ all the time.

    Are you serious? It takes more than a few fans tweeting their love or posting on fanboards to prove an artist is popular in a given country enough to have a concert there. If the imploring was sufficient for a concert, Carrie Underwood would have toured the entire Europe and Adam Lambert would have spent months in South America.

  • mchcat

    His Christmas with Scotty CD and appearance at the Beacon Friday night