American Idol Headlines for 11/09/10 - The Evening Edition

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Carrie Underwood (Cowboy Casanova), Kellie Pickler (Best Days of Your Life) and Chris Sligh (Here Comes Goodbye) all won songwriting awards at the BMI Country Awards tonight. Check out the list of winners at


You can listen to snippets of Lee DeWyze Live It Up album on his Facebook page, but you have to “Like” him first.


According to twitter reports, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean will perform about 1/2 through the CMA awards tomorrow night (9:30ish). Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood start the show with a parody of a Beverly Hillbillies song.

Jason Aldean’s concert tonight in Nashville will be live streamed HERE. You never know who might show up!


Carrie Underwood set to perform at the CBS Thanksgiving day parade, according to her official fan club. The parade will be broadcast on CBS 9:00 AM-Noon, live ET; 8:00-11AM, live CT; 7:00-10:00 AM, live MT; 9:00-Noon, delayed PT.

Carrie will be taping the performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City on Sunday, November 14.


Jason Castro’s record release party at BB Kings in New York City will be live streamed tonight, as will a post concert chat. Check HERE for more details. The concert begins at 9 PM EST.


Don’t miss Lee DeWyze on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35/10:35c on NBC. He’ll be performing his new single, “Sweet Serendipity.”


Crystal Bowersox tweets, “Just did a great interview and got to perform for the staff… thanks!!!!”


More Headlines after the JUMP…


CKX CEO Expects American Idol Renewal Talks With Fox Early Next Year

NEW YORK – CKX Inc., the company behind American Idol, expects to start serious talks with Fox about a renewal of the show about half-way into this coming 10th season, or around late February-early March, CEO Michael Ferrel said Tuesday.

Fox’s current Idol deal ends after this coming season.

On his company’s earnings conference call, Ferrel also touted positive developments so far in the production process for the hit show.

Management said it expects significant upside to next year’s financials from a restructuring at Idol producer 19 Entertainment, on which it has focused and which it recently said will yield annual savings of $20 million. Ferrel said the staff was reduced by more than 50% – from 244 to 95.

“They will be well poised to continue to be the top-rated show in 2011,” Ferrel said.

Read more at Hollywood Reporter


David Cook and Melinda Doolittle with Mike Woods of Fox 5 New York

Via RubenStuddard

Ruben, Melinda, and David Cook attended a Ronald McDonald House benefit in New York City tonight.

David Cook performed three songs – Living on a Prayer, Light On, and Radiohead’s High and Dry. Thanks LadyMadonna

More photos at Beauty By Benz


George Lopez to serve as Master of Ceremonies at MTIFF Gala

Actor and talk show host, George Lopez will serve as Master of Ceremonies at the inaugural Museum of Tolerance International Film Festival Gala honoring acclaimed filmmaker Clint Eastwood on Sunday evening, November 14, it was announced today by Museum officials. Officials also announced the line-up of entertainment for the evening including special guest performances by this season’s America’s Got Talent grand prize winner Michael Grimm and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

Read more at Hollywood News


Anoop sings “All Is Fair

Via Rolling Out


Nigel Lythgoe tweets from the San Francisco Idol callbacks, “We are happy in SF”


Lee DeWyze: The Reality Rocks Interview, Pt. 2

In the second installment of Reality Rocks’ two-part interview with Season 9 “American Idol” champ Lee DeWyze–in celebration of the November 16 release of his RCA Records debut album, Live It Up–he discusses former love interests, autobiographical lyrics, his small circle of trusted collaborators, and life after “Idol.” And he even strums a chord or two and sings a few bars!

Read more at Yahoo Music


American Idol Finalist Sanjaya To Sing National Anthem

Tacoma, WA – Season Six American Idol Finalist and soccer fan, Sanjaya Malakar, is scheduled to sing the National Anthem this Saturday, November 13th at the Tacoma Stars home opener.

“It’s a special night for the team and I am excited to be a part of it.” Sanjaya explains, “I have always been a soccer fan and it’s cool to be part of the return of professional soccer to Tacoma.”



Anoop Desai rehearsing for The Mo’Nique Show

Via Anoop Desai News


Constantine Maroulis Preps New Album During ‘Rock of Ages’ Tour

“Sometime early next year, I’d like to start putting out some of the songs,” the Season 4 “American Idol” finalist tells about his follow-up to 2007′s “Constantine.” Maroulis began working on the album at his studio in Brooklyn and plans to continue recording on the road, even having engineers fly out to the cities “Rock of Ages” is playing.

“I wanted to get back to just rock-and-roll,” Maroulis says of the new material. “I love what people are doing on the radio with pop music now, all these sounds and cool stuff. But I want to get back to a straight rock ‘n’ roll record with some edge — modern rock ‘n’ roll but not forgetting the stuff I grew up loving, which is 70s classic rock with kind of soulful vocals.”



Photos: Disney Store New York Grand Opening – November 9, 2010

The new Disney Store is officially open in Times Square and a cast of characters led the way in grand style to celebrate the unlocking of magic!

Jordin Sparks performed the beloved theme song to Beauty and the Beast in celebration of the grand opening of the Disney Store in Times Square!



Steven Tyler, ‘American Idol’ and the Certain Disaster That Can’t Come Soon Enough

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing this great man, you know that part of his brilliance is that he has no attention span — his brain zooms from topic to topic, as he jabbers entire paragraphs of surrealist prose poetry, defying you to guess what the hell he’s talking about. But now the plan is for him to concentrate on the same topic for an hour at a time, two nights a week, on live TV? Gosh, what could go wrong?

On Idol, Steven Tyler will be sitting at a table with two other judges, and part of his job will be keeping his yap zipped while they talk. This makes no sense at all, since Tyler has zero yap-zipping skills. Even when it’s not his turn to sing, he can be counted on to twirl the mikestand, play harmonica, get fellated by the front row, yell “bippity bippity skow-yippity-pow!” or whatever else he can think of to hog attention while Joe Perry is trying to play the guitar solo. Letting other people share the spotlight, even for a few seconds at a time, is not what Tyler can or should be doing. Not once in his professional career has he heard the words, “Excuse me, Mr. Tyler? Somebody else is talking right now,” or “Hold on a sec, Mr. Tyler, the kid is still singing.”

Read more at Rollingstone


Backstage at Dancing With the Stars: Anger on the Dance Floor

The stars weren’t the only ones battling it out on the Dancing With the Stars dance floor Monday night. Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy went after judge Carrie Ann Inaba on the air, fighting back verbally after Inaba dissed the slow opening to his “instant dance” cha cha choreography with Brandy. But backstage after the show, long-time choreographer and dancer teacher Buddy Schwimmer, father of pro Lacey Schwimmer, went after Maks.

“I would’ve thrown him off the show,” said Schwimmer. “You don’t do that to a judge. It’s very unprofessional. Afterwards, if you want to say something, that’s one thing. But not on the air, when all you’re trying to do is make them look bad. If someone did that to me, I would kick them out of the studio.”

Read more at TV Guide


DWTS’ Maksim Apologizes for Outburst: “I Lost My Temper”

You guys came out on top of the leader board last night. How do you feel about how the night went?
I feel great about everything. Actually, I wanted to apologize, I guess, to all the fans. There was a bit of lost temper on my part and it’s not something I always resort to. I’m not like that. I just felt so proud of Brandy’s performance. I think she’s doing phenomenal, and she’s really trying so hard and I felt like she was maybe a bit overlooked and that caused me to speak out. I’m just sorry because the fans. …They don’t want to see all that drama, they want to see us composed and professional, and I lost my temper a little bit.

Read more at EOnline

  • sma11ie

    Wow… I get that she’s at a Disney gig, but I kinda hate that Disney princess look on Jordin. She’s a beautiful girl and what, 20 now? I think it’d suit her to dress a bit more mature now.

    I didn’t know CBS had a Thanksgiving parade… wait, Carrie’s pre-taping her segment indoors? How do you have a live parade that’s indoors and pre-taped? Confused.

  • OvenMitt

    Anoop on the Mo’Nique Show?! Sweet! I usually prefer wendy Williams, but I’ll tune in to Mo’Nique if Noopkins will be there.

  • LaRue

    Jordin is going for the wrong princess. She should think Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) rather than Disney’s Belle. She has all the features to pull off the strong, independent woman of the world persona. I’d like to see her try it.

  • luvadamlambert

    cool beans anoop :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    There’s another co-composer on “Lonely Won’t Come Around”. From twitter:

    its officail ladies and gents check out “lonely wont come around” by @crystalbowersox written my Me and David Ryan Harris ;) about 3 hours ago via web

    * Reply
    * Retweet


  • tripp_ncwy

    Mix 94.1: @KrisAllen At Your School! “Las Vegas School that can collect the most food for our Four Corners Food Drive”

    “Good luck! Maybe Kris Allen will be in your school, eating square pizza and performing in your cafeteria! Good luck!”

    :-) :-)

  • Indigobunting

    Lol at the Rolling Stone article; I don’t call it disaster; I call it entertainment! Can’t wait to see what Mr. Tyler comes up with ;)

    Go Anoop, go!

    I also can’t wait to see if Lee can get all the words in on Sweet Serendipity; will be interesting to see if he has to slow it down.

  • Valentin432

    That RS article is a better ad to watch Idol than anything Nigel could come up with.

    Was there some problem between Lee and Crystal? It did seem kind of strange how he answered Lynday, I get that they are very busy but he could say that they planned to stay in touch or something like that. After all, counting the Chicago auditions, they have known each other for the past year.

  • tierbee

    That RS article is a better ad to watch Idol than anything Nigel could come up with.

    Haha, I thought so, too. And I am looking forward to the Steven Tyler crazy ;)

  • Trina

    OMG just got the email that I won tickets for Lee’s I Heart Radio show!

    IZ DEAD!

  • Studio57

    Steven Tyler is a God to me. I can’t even remember how many times I have seen Aerosmith. He is always so quotable and my favorite Tylerism has always been ” Of all the things I’ve lost before I miss my mind the most”. He will be GREAT TV. He is the perfect Paula replacement. Some other Tyler quotes if you are interested:

  • Powter48

    Really looking forward to seeing Lee on Leno tonight! :)

  • 10DogMom

    Yikes on lowering the staff at 19E from 244 to 95… does this mean no replacement for the band?

  • steph6449

    Today, November 09, 2010, 4 hours ago |
    WisconsinVision (Wisconsin Vision)
    Guess what? So far @wisconsinvision has collected 800 nonperisable food items and 500 prs of glasses for the @dannygokey event nxt week

    Sounds like the charitable part of Danny’s WV appearance next week is going well…

  • steph6449

    Danny’s apparently at the BMI awards. I guess that is a dress-up plaid shirt? lol :) I like the color, and the glasses.

    #Recording artist Danny Gokey arrives at the 2010 BMI Country Awards Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010 in Nashvi #photo #2space

  • stay4awhile

    These new 60 second snippets are so incredible!!! Brooklyn Bridge is just amazing! All the songs…I don’t even have the words…they’re just so good! So proud of Lee!

  • tigervixxxen

    OMG just got the email that I won tickets for Lee’s I Heart Radio show!

    IZ DEAD!

    Awesome Trina, hope you can give us a recap!

    The new snippets are pretty special. Gorgeous intros and really highlight Lee’s voice.

  • Ever_wonder_why

    The 60 sec song samples on Lee’s Facebook are incredible! He has created exactly the kind of album I was expecting and hoping for. I won’t name them now, but I hear several that will make excellent future singles. :) Waiting until next week to hear the whole deal is going to be tough! Hide the chocolate! ;)

    Trina, congrats on winning the tickets!

  • idolfan92

    Lee’s album sounds amazing!! I’m loving the longer snippets :)

  • TheRedBeanie

    Lee’s album sounds freaking incredible! I’m so impressed with his song writings and the production is awesome! I couldn’t be happier with this album. Oh my heart! Brooklyn Bridge sounds so dang good. I can’t even pick which one I love the most. Lee did a amazing job, I’m so proud of him. :)

  • windmills

    I didn’t know CBS had a Thanksgiving parade… wait, Carrie’s pre-taping her segment indoors? How do you have a live parade that’s indoors and pre-taped? Confused.

    CBS broadcasts a bunch of the same floats as NBC does but from a different location. Carrie’s not actually in the parade but they’ll be playing her taped performances during their broadcast of the parade.

  • Landmd

    Congrats Trina!! We will need recaps please! :)

    The 60 sec snippets on Lee’s FB page are Incredible!! It’s so Lee!! Can not wait till the 16th!!

  • Indigobunting

    Danny’s apparently at the BMI awards. I guess that is a dress-up plaid shirt? lol :) I like the color, and the glasses.

    Aww, he looks so handsome! Love him with the plainer glasses and less product in the hair. Classic.
    Don’t know how those country artists survive this week! It must be exhausting!

    BMI’s 58th Annual Country Awards will honor the songwriters and publishers of the top BMI country songs from the past year.

    The invitation-only ceremony will take place at BMI’s Music Row offices.

    Congrats on your tix Trina!

  • anovich

    Fox 5 News in NY did a story about the “It Gets Better Campaign” tonight. They included bits from all sorts of celebrities that have been part of the campaign and showed a large section of Adam’s message for the campaign.

  • artemis

    The longer song snippets are amazing. This is the most romantic album I’ve ever heard. Brooklyn Bridge…Earth Stood Still…A Song about Love…I can’t stop smiling.

    I really enjoyed both parts of the interview with Lindsey Parker, hearing Lee talk about what inspires his songs and the writing process. One can’t blame him for not wanting to talk about Crystal during his interview; perhaps David Cook told him what happened during his LP interview where so much time was spent discussing Kris and Adam. I doubt there is any problem between Lee and Crystal-they were joking a lot with each other during the Ford Concert.They’ve both been rather busy lately.

  • Indigobunting

    Anoop sounds good in that Roll out video. He sang that really well a capella on the spot like that.

    I am hoping he can get somewhere on radio.

  • wordnerdarchie

    Please, please, please, let there be a video of David Cook doing a cover of Radio Head’s “High & Dry”. He sang it at a charity for the Ronald McDonald House in NYC tonight. And wouldn’t you know it? No fans knew about it until someone that attended tweeted.


    I don’t think David Cook appreciated my amazing sense of humor tonight. But I appreciate that he did a radiohead cover! Great voice

    @Rellen2 He did High and Dry and it was awesome!!!!!

    @Brisblondie He did High & Dry and it was amazing! No video, but a ton of pics. Will post to tonight ;) Incredible voice

    p.s. David Cook fans… He also sang Living on a prayer (his audition song!) and Light On. Posting pics on momentarily

  • ladymadonna

    Ruben, Melinda, and David Cook attended a Ronald McDonald House benefit in New York City tonight. Ruben tweeted this pic:

    @RubenStuddard: It’s always good to see my Idol family. Shout out to @Mdoolittle and @Thedavidcook

    Haven’t seen reports yet of Ruben or MindyDoo singing, but sounds like Cook performed three songs – Living on a Prayer, Light On, and Radiohead’s High and Dry. Here’s hoping for video.

    From the weather guy on Good Day New York:

    @mikewoodsfox5: Just mc’ed a great fundraising event at the Ronald Mc Donald house featuring American Idol greats like Melinda Doo

    @mikewoodsfox5: And David Cook! What a good dude…and so great with the kids… Like me! #myfoxny

  • Trina

    I get all warm and fuzzy when Idols from different seasons hang out together especially for charity <3
    MUST have High and Dry video!

    Thanks for the nice words guys! So excited about the concert!

  • mj

    Somebody’s been raiding my comments section again! Tsk Tsk. lol. You’re welcome! *waves*

  • ladymadonna

    Sorry mj – should have emailed you. :(

  • wordnerdarchie

    The pictures of David are up!

  • gigglesmo3

    Thanks for bringing the link to the pics over wordnerdarchie

    I see that Mountain Man Neal has returned *snicker*

    I really really really hope someone has video of Cook singing “High & Dry” (can the universe be that cruel?)

  • wordnerdarchie

    Maurine Van Zandt was there tonight. Here’s her comment about David Cook’s appearance.

    @BrevityDC. He was amazing. Audience applauding in the middle of songs.

  • wellhesback

    Love those photos of David Cook and the others! sure hope videos of the performances show up.

  • onenineeight

    Loving the new Lee snippets! :)

  • Brisblondie

    DAVID COOK! I so need that High and Dry video. Radiohead and David Cook colliding in a perfect musical moment that I CANNOT HEAR! But, he looks ever so loverly. :)

  • girlygirl

    I’m not on Facebook so I’ll have to wait to hear Lee’s album

  • girlygirl

    Kris is headed to NYC tomorrow to tape an appearance on a telethon for Alzheimer’s research that will air on NBC on Dec. 4th

  • girlygirl

    would love to hear David’s cover of High & Dry…one of my favorite Radiohead songs

  • Imkhemari

    Girlygirl, there’s another place, to listen to the latest snippets of Lee’s album.

    I was tweeted it earlier by @SonyMusicNZ, it appears Sony is directing people from outside the US to this page on the American Idol Facebook, and it doesn’t seem to require people to be on Facebook or to “like” the page. However its a little difficult for me to be sure since I was already on Facebook and had ‘liked’ Lee’s page before coming to the site!

    I really enjoyed these snippets with intro and verse rather than chorus. I’m really impressed with Brooklyn Bridge, Me and My Jealousy, Dear Isabelle and Song About Love. Looking forward to getting the album, even if a little late in NZ!

  • Incipit

    Checked the Headline OP – and didn’t see these – a really great collection of pictures from Startraks Photos of the event last night for the Children of Ronald McDonald House of New York – at Warnaco’s Make A Difference Nigh in Soho. David, Neal, Ruben, Melinda, the Van Zandts – the kids, nice pics.

    No audio has surfaced on the RadioHead cover that I’m aware of. Fingers crossed.

  • reinharv

    The cover David Cook did of Radiohead’s High and Dry is on YouTube. It is a partial song but it was stunning.