Idol Headlines for 08/10/10 – The Evening Edition

Whitehouse corn maze honors Crystal Bowersox

The Butterfly House in Whitehouse has announced Crystal Bowersox as the theme for this year’s corn maze. The 16-acre maze features a portrait of Ms. Bowersox, an image of her with her guitar, a flower, guitar, and her name etched in corn.

The maze is open from Sept. 11 through Oct. 31 at The Butterfly House at 11455 Obee Rd in Whitehouse, Ohio.

Read more at Toledo

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Singer Matt Giraud on stage in Battle Creek

“American Idol” finalist and singer Matt Giraud will perform at a concert with the Battle Creek Boychoir and Girls Chorus at W.K. Kellogg Auditorium at 7 p.m. Aug. 19.

The 2010 Bob and Patty Miller Champions for Children Concert will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Read more at Battle Creek Enquirer

“Holiday” Acoustic World Premiere!

Check out this backstage version of “Holiday”! As Allison says in the video, this is the world premiere of the acoustic version, only on! What do you think of the stripped down new sound of the track?

Adam Lambert Sings “Born to be Wild.” A Party City Exclusive.

Kimberley Locke on debut episode of You’re Wearing That

Kimberley Locke and her mom will be on the premiere episode of WE’s , You’re Wearing That?!? Check out a preview:

Cat Deeley talks ‘SYTYCD': Why she sticks up for the dancers, and who bumped his nose in her pool

America’s (newest) favorite dancer will be crowned Thursday night. And even though we have to wait two days for our winner’s name to be revealed, So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley has an early prediction: “If I was a betting woman, and I had to put some money where my mouth is, I would probably go for Kent [Boyd],” Deeley said in a conference call with reporters this afternoon. “But that’s not to do with his technical ability, it’s more to do with the reaction that I see from the screaming girls in the studio. It’s literally like Beatle-mania when he hits the stage, and hormones are just crashing everywhere and the general high-pitched screaming.” Deeley also shared her feelings about how the show’s seventh season has played out, and gave us a brief preview of the Wednesday/Thursday finales shows.

Read more at Entertainment Weekly

‘Angry’ Mia Michaels Says Claims of ‘Dance’ Racism Are Ridiculous

So You Think You Can Dance’ judge Mia Michaels has been stung by some of the criticism of her criticism that’s broken out in blogs and comment areas since last week’s elimination of AdéChiké Torbert (right) on the show — specifically, remarks to the effect that she has it in for black male dancers.

“It’s just ridiculous, honestly. I actually Twittered because there was so much negativity coming at me, because they think I was coming at him for really stupid reasons,” she tells PopEater. “I had to make clear that I as a judge, as a person, don’t care what somebody looks like. I could care less what color their skin is, or how big they are, what their weight is. I look at their performance. I look at their integrity as an artist. I look at their technicality. I look strictly at that. People are trying to find something that isn’t there. They’re digging into the wrong areas.”

Read more at AOL Popeater

In case you didn’t see it…Late Night Sandwich Afternoon edition (On The Road)

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  • smeggingnuts

    ohhh nice version of Holiday

  • phil25

    I like the Holiday performance, too. It’s my favorite song from Allison’s album.

  • smeggingnuts

    yeah Holiday is my fav as well then Robot Love hehe

  • deez

    I LOVE Holiday!!!! (shoulda been the first single…wish fans could’ve voted on that!)

  • girlygirl

    Didn’t Dilana release Holiday as a single? That’s probably one reason why it wasn’t considered for Allison

  • luvadamlambert

    LOVE Holiday!!

  • AIaddict

    Love the Crystal corn maze!

  • jersey

    LOL at the Crystal corn maze!

  • AIaddict

    Love Allison’s voice too. great song!

  • tierbee

    Since moss is now growing in the Busch Gardens thread, I am going to post this tweet here for you Cookie fans (and anyone else, heh) because these pics are just lovely. If you didn’t see the first set, look at those two. We are promised one more set!

    DiamondDPhoto Want more @thedavidcook photos, anyone? 2nd of 3 installments – click for slideshow!

  • wellhesback

    Hi tierbee – thanks for the photos link. there are oodles of goodies from those two concerts this weekend. still trying decide if I like David’s look better on Saturday or Sunday. off to do more research.

    ETA – my fav photo from that slideshow is the one showing the etch-a-sketch & Monty

  • tierbee

    off to do more research.

    I have done a considerable amount of studying and my conclusion is that… I need to study more. ;)

    It is amazing how many absolutely fantastic pictures are surfacing. I get sucked into that Twitter feed and cannot.get.out.

  • tierbee

    (Confesses to watching stored away video of Happy Together performance to feel awed once again that *that* David Cook is the same as the BG pictures David Cook)

  • wellhesback

    Its hard to believe, isn’t it, Tierbee?

  • tierbee


  • gigglesmo3

    Posting this here in case Tierbee doesn’t see the tweet I sent to her.
    Here is the MJ banter video you are looking for from the DC concert at BG

  • tierbee

    Yay, gigglesmo3, thank you!!! I feel like my rewatching experience is complete. Plus it’s good for a laugh, which is a good thing when proofreading at 1 am! You rock. I swear for a while I thought I’d imagined it…

  • tierbee

    *Must send video to vascot who was looking for it, too*

    Maybe now I’ll pry myself off that Twitter feed… it’s been a rabbit hole for me for way too long. (Orrrr, maybe I won’t).

  • Curlin

    Thanks for the additional pics and video! Those BG pics are just excellent! I also noticed that there are 4 other DC concert sets on that site. The MJ video was funny, too bad you didn’t get a full body shot of the movements! Hilarious! I don’t know how to link videos but I found one where he mentions the travel ordeals they went through and it was just too funny. Much Cookie goodness this past weekend! :)