Idol Headlines for 05/23/12 – The Evening Edition

Phillip Phillips Has ‘American Idol’ In The Bag, Experts Say – Even if she hadn’t been saddled with what is possibly the worst “American Idol” finalist song in the show’s history, the chances of Jessica Sanchez beating Phillip Phillips seemed slim. The guitar-strumming, foot-swiveling, five-o’clock-shadow-having Dave Matthews doppelgänger was many critics’ early pick to continue the recent trend of cute white boys who strum guitars winning the crown. So MTV News asked some of our favorite “Idol” experts to place their bets on who will be dusting confetti out of their hair when Ryan Seacrest reads the final results Wednesday night (May 23) and, well, it was (almost) unanimous. – Read more at MTV

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips Talk About Choosing their songs

Jessica says she had very little time to choose her song. But stresses, that musically she knows exactly who she is. BOTH Phillip and Jessica were rejected from America’s Got Talent!

Scotty McCreery Offers Advice To Idol Hopefuls: ‘Go Out There & Learn’ – “Go out of this thing looking to still learn,” Scotty told’s Laura Saltman at “American Idol” on Tuesday night, when asked what tips he’d share with the remaining two “Idol” hopefuls. “Don’t go out of the gates and just try to do as much as you can and conquer the world your first year out. You wanna go out there and learn.” Through “Idol,” the 18-year-old star has been afforded the chance to learn from some of the biggest stars in country music – an experience he doesn’t take lightly. – Read more at Access Hollywood

Steven Tyler and Jordin Sparks Say Phillip Phillips to Win ‘American Idol’ – After the “American Idol” finalists performed for the last time Tuesday night, “Extra” went backstage to ask America’s burning question: “Who is going to be crowned the season 11 champ?” When judge Steven Tyler was asked his prediction of Georgia boy Phillip Phillips or 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, he said, “I would say Phillip. Plus, I think that Phillip is going to… he’s going to be a big actor too.” Phillips commented on Tyler’s remark, “An actor? I don’t know I get nervous… I hate talking in front of people!” – Read more at Extra

‘American Idol’ Winner Lee DeWyze on His Career – After I won, I definitely would have done some different things. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have released some of the singles. I don’t want to represent myself in a way that isn’t me. I wanted to be a part of the writing process. That made it more stressful; having to write an album while you are on tour is overwhelming. I just don’t think RCA and I were on the same page. It wasn’t their fault or my fault; I think it was the kind of music I was making. I don’t think we were a really great fit together from the beginning. I was really looking forward to making a second album with them and taking it in a slightly different direction, but it just didn’t pan out that way. – Read more at The Daily Beast

Season four ‘Idol’ runner-up Bo Bice, now in Cumming, grapples with alcoholism. And who will be on the finale tonight? – Bo Bice, season four “Idol” runner up, last fall realized his life wasn’t in order. Blame it on the alcohol. On September 25, he had his last drink and entered rehab. He said in an interview last week that he has remained sober ever since.
Under the influence (Heineken was the standard though he did love whiskey), “I tend to sometimes act like an idiot,” he said. At age 36 at the time, he said it was time for him to grow up. – Read more at AJC

Kelly Clarkson’s New Boyfriend Is Her Exercise Inspiration – He may have limited some of her songwriting subjects – especially those angry, brokenhearted ones – but Kelly Clarkson says her boyfriend has fueled her desire to work out. “I would love to say that it had something to do with my work, but it doesn’t,” Clarkson, 30, whose new singing competition Duets premieres Thursday, told reporters during a conference call. “I have a boyfriend, and if I’m being completely honest, no one likes to be not toned when you are dating someone.” – Read more at People

Dumped ‘X Factor’ judge Cheryl Cole eyed for ‘American Idol’ – LOS ANGELES — Discarded “X Factor” judge Cheryl Cole could be headed back to TV, sources said. Fremantle and 19 Entertainment executives reached out to Cole on Monday to see if she would be interested in joining “American Idol,” either alongside Jennifer Lopez or as a replacement if J.Lo jumps ship.
The two women appear in the movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” The British pop star has a cameo as a talent show judge in the movie’s opening scene. Lopez, who earns $22 million from the FOX network gig that revived her career, said she may not return when filming starts in late August for season 12. – Read more at MYFox

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  • Anonymous

    Cheryl Cole on idol? No thank you.

  • Lexie

    For any Scotty, Casey J., Bucky Covington or Lauren fans who might be at CMA Fest:)  The country idols are going to be all over Nashville that week:)))

     CMA Fest VIP

    Exclusive performances and autograph sessions at #TheLodge during #cmafest! @Lauren_Alaina @jakeowen @ScottyMcCreery

  • Tiffany

    JLO will never sit still for another woman on the panel with her.  Nope.  She barely tolerates the female contestants, especially if they are any good.  We don’t need another Brit, find an American judge.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  Lee seems like a deer in headlights American Idol.  He has a good voice; I have no doubt he can put out something he feels represents him well.  I’m not really sure he was given much of a chance; his album was awful.  There is a time to just say no, Lee.  People need to train in saying it before they compete; they get swallowed.

  • Lexie

    Oh, and just to share, here’s Scotty’s schedule (the part that’s not exclusive aka in the above)…

     Scotty Heads to Nashville for CMA Music Festival: June 7-10!

    Are you headed to Nashville to meet, greet, eat and hear some of country music’s best artists? Here’s where you’ll find Scotty:
    June 8: Signing at CMA Booth 2:00PM-5:00PM
    June 9: City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge @ Greer Stadium – 9:00AM. Buy tickets here
    June 9: Fan Club Party @ Rockettown – Doors 11:30/Show 1:00PM. Details at
    June 10: Signing at the CMT Booth – 10:30AM-11:30AM
    June 10: Signing at the GAC Booth – 1:00PM-2:00PM
    June 10: Performing at LP Field

  • DavieP

    Contrary to reports, Jess wasn’t ‘saddled’ with the coronation song.  On AH, Jess & Phil just said that they chose the song (obviously from a list)…and it also shows that Jess at 16 doesnt really know what suits her voice or how to change up songs (which is ok but lets just call a spade a spade).  She’s had a big voice since a child (see all the clips) and she’s just been singing the same way since she was a little girl.  They showed one of the AGT clips and she sounded the same – growl and all.  She’s been imitating the divas all along…INterestingly, Philip said he also auditioned for AGT but was rejected and never even appeared on tv, being rejected by the producers (funny, thats the same thing that lauren alaina said so theres a story there on AGT producers vs Idol and what they look for , esp since AGT often has such LAME LAME LAME singers)…A lot of polls keep saying they want Jess to win but think Phil will.  I think so too but I feel Jess has had really weak 2 weeks and I think Idol needs to do away with this idea of other people (judges, Nigel, Simon, producers, Jimmy etc) picking songs – esp when they admit song choice is so important…We’ve seen this sabotage certain contestants year after year with bad song choices or finale singles that fit one contestant more than another (i.e. This is My Now or NO Boundaries)…But they’ll both get signed and if Jess can mature and get the right songs and management, she can have a major career long term….Funny the woman on AH predicted even though she thought Jess would lose (despite 90%+ of AH viewers thinking she should win) she thought in 20 years JSAN would be the new JLO – with massive success in all areas 

  • BonnieDee

    Lauren in her dress for tonight’s finale.  Wow, she’s grown up so much in a year!

  • Anonymous

    And throw in a high school graduation on June 7th. Busy kid! 

  • Tinawina

    Somewhere on here(?) today someobody posted they had an hour to pick from 2 or 3 songs. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know I read it sometime today.

    I would have to hear what she had to choose from to call it. I think she knows who she is, but was trying too hard to play the idol game as opposed to being herself. Either way if there was a better song in the bunch then it is totally her fault.

  • Lexie


    “@MikeMGarner: @ScottyMcCreery @Lauren_Alaina and @raychewlive on the red carpet before @AmericanIdol finale.”

  • Anonymous

    Steven Tyler…while he is my favorite judge on the show, he has changed his opinion every week. I really don’t think anyone should predict anything based on last night’s show. Seriously. Jessica and P2 came into last night with their fans and votes already set in stone. That wasn’t going to change even if one of them sat there and burped. Despite all of these articles, I still have to say that Jessica has the advantage because I believe she was probably the beneficiary of the majority of the votes that used to go to Joshua. This will swing what otherwise would be an extremely close match-up.

  • raya

    Phil just said on Access Hollywood or one of those shows, while being interviewed with Jess, that they “kinda” got to pick their coronation song.  Whatever that means.  Jess then kind of makes reference to the fact that they basically had very little time to pick a song, though doesn’t reference how much time they actually had. 

  • exe grl

    The American Idol ‘people’ have already predetermined, predecided and preprogrammed who should win this season’s show from the very start. Jessica may have been saved from elimination in the early stage of the competion but they did it not because they believe she has a shot at winning (even if she really has) but because they needed her to save the show from further decline. So, who saved who now? 
    Jessica will soar higher and higher even without the title.

  • Anonymous

    Just listened to an itunes version – the first of anyone’s songs this year – and I have to say that Phillip definitely has a sound of his own.  If he can break in, in the future, people (Idol judges…) will say “that’s a Phil Phillips kind of sound”.

  • Tess

    I remember last year when Scotty and Lauren (whatever their personal thoughts) ALWAYS waxed enthusiastic about their singles…even though the blogosphere may have been ripping them a new one.  At no time were they negative…they just sang the songs well and with a smile and consequently the universe bought it and them.

      I think part of my displeasure with season 11 is that I get a lot of negative vibes from some of these folks….sure it is hard to stay posititive, but gee wizz this is a chance of a lifetime that some 100k kids out in idol land would be selling their first borns for.  I think back at some of the drek that Idols have been saddled with…nothing will ever match season 8 for suckiness…but for the most part the kids kept their heads up and went with the flow.

    Standing up for yourself should be done behind closed doors for the most part…not out in public using the blame game.

  • Thorne Brook

    I don’t know why, but I find it incredibly cute that both Phillip and Jessica got rejected in AGT.

  • Sim Ai Khaw

    got link live streaming finale today

  • lisakn

    I went to town, missed the “dim the lights” moment, but didn’t need to see it to know Phillip would win, predictable. Now..Finally…We can move on to Big Brother!!! Just as long as Rachel is no where near the BB house, it should be a good summer. 

  • musicality

    and the new winner is…….drumroll please

  • Pam

    Here is the official press release for Aerosmith’s new single (performed on AI tonight), album, and tour.

    Aerosmith Debut Brand New Single “Legendary Child” With Performance on American Idol

  • Raftrap

    CHERYL COLE! Yes please, I’ll freaking start programing my DVR right now.

  • heartly

    Good for Bo!  I’ve always pulled for that guy.

    “Kelly Clarkson’s New Boyfriend Is Her Exercise Inspiration” – well that’s a fun one to read soundbites out of context and give them unintentional (maybe intentional?) meanings.  lol

    Here’s a 7min raw video from press day last week with Kelly and her two contestants. She talks about her strategy on the show, how and why she picked her two people and how she’s stepped into the teaching side of things.  There’s a funny little thing when asked about mentoring on The Voice and she points out that Jermaine was her guy.

  • Anonymous

    Stefano Memorial Day weekend event;

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing about that is Lindsey Parker said that Phillip told reporters that this song is not representative of the type of music that he wants to make.

    That’s not really the best way to get this song some spins.

  • Anonymous

    If this was posted before, I missed it.

    Video made at Seattle Children’s Hospital to the song Stronger.  I saw a news story that said this video has gone viral – made by a 22 year old Leukemia patient at the hospital. Apparently Kelly saw it and is going there to meet them.

  • Kylee


    She barely tolerates the female contestants, especially if they are any good.


  • Anonymous

    Kris and Stefano performed at the KIIS-FM Idol viewing party/after party tonight.

    Photo of them with the DJ and Mike Lynche and Andrew Garcia (who I don’t think performed, but not sure) 

    ETA: the KIIS DJ posted video of Kris covering Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” :)

  • Zarke

     Its still the song choice really > Dialidol has P2 up by only 1.4% for his win….the chance voters turned the tides…

  • getoutofmyfandom

    ETA: the KIIS DJ posted video of Kris covering Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” :)

    omg he is totally shameless in his attempts to hook on to larger fanbases isn’t he?  i wish rca would abandon this strategy, his covers really aren’t that special and it just makes him look like every other wgwg on youtube.

    he has just released a new album – he should be trying to sell his own material.

  • Anonymous

    With @andrewagarcia @Stefano @KrisAllen @BigMikeLynche (I’m in the middle)…

    Michael Lynche ?@BigMikeLynche
    Just saw my man @krisallen at kissFm studios

    JoJo Wright ?@JoJoWright
    Me & @KrisAllen sang a lil duet. It kinda rocked. (I’m on the left)

  • Anonymous

    Everybody does covers, so why shouldn’t Kris.  I’m also not sure what the problem is with trying to gain new fans.  That should be a good thing.  Doing the covers is fun, and a good way to grab people’s attention.  Kris was doing it at a party sponsored by the second biggest pop station in the country.

    On a semi related note, Justin Bieber has a youtube channel, where all he does is post videos of himself covering other people’s songs.  I think that his willingness to do that appeals to his fans.

  • YankeeFan08

    Of course everyone does covers, but since Kris’ album just dropped this week I would think he would want to keep the focus on his own music.  IMO it would have been better if KIIS posted a video of him singing TVOL.  Wouldn’t that have been more beneficial for him than singing a Bieber song?

  • Anonymous

    It’s in the eye of the beholder. Someone at the station may thought it interesting that KA covered JB, probably because Boyfriend is a hot song right now. He has no control on what the station posts and at least they deemed him worthy to be on their website. And it’s not like KA isn’t pushing TVOL.

  • Anonymous

    Video: Kris Allen @ KIIS FM Party – Monster (from his new album Thank You Camellia)

  • YankeeFan08

    To me it just seems that with his album just being released, he shouldn’t be singing ANY covers right now.  Of course singers do covers of other songs … when they’re in concert … not when they’re promoting their own music.  Hey, it’s just my opinion.  If the Kris fans are happy with him singing someone else’s songs, then that’s great.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not about what fans may or may not want.  It’s about getting as much exposure as possible, something that fans and non-fans alike have noted. If the cover opens the door to Kris’ own music being heard: it’s a win.

  • Anonymous

    Considering KIIS plays the crap out of “Boyfriend” but doesn’t play TVOL at all, I’m not surprised that the DJ posted this. The station will probably post other videos of Kris performing his own music later on. Except for this mashup, all the songs he performed were his own music (TVOL, Monster, BWY, LLWD), so it’s not like he got up there and just performed covers.

    The people at this event were KIIS listeners, who may or may not be familiar with Kris’ music (since this was an Idol viewing party I’m guessing most people there at least knew him from the show, but may not have followed his post-show career). So maybe he won over some new fans.

  • Anonymous

    um, what? His set consisted of several of his own songs, plus this mash-up. It’s not like he was ignoring his own material and got on stage and just sang covers — it was one 3 minute mash-up. Kelly Clarkson does a different cover song every night at her concerts — she picks out a different fan request for every show. Is she trying to latch onto other people’s fanbases by doing this? When I went to Adele’s concert last year, she performed a couple of covers. It is very common for artists to perform at least one cover at their shows.

  • Nele621

    I also would prefer Kris to sing songs from his new album, rather than any covers. He has so many good songs, and that is all he needs to do. I’m talking about promotion, and not concerts.

  • 4crynoutloud

    If Cheryl would replace her then J.lo couldn’t leave fast enough for me. :P