Idol Headlines for 05/10/12

Adam Lambert will appear on Chelsea Lately tonight at 11 pm E Network.

Carrie Underwood will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC 12:05 am. According to her tweet, she’ll be debuting a “new duet”.

Carrie Underwood Explains Why She’s ‘A Little Schizo’ – Country sweetheart Carrie Underwood called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday morning to talk about a song from her new album called “Forever Changed“, her upcoming “Blown Away“ tour, and how she developed her sexy ankles. (Carrie will attend the Idol Finale but will not be performing) – Listen to the interview at Ryan

‘American Idol’s’ Top 4 Bring the Love, Ryan Seacrest Elicits Gasps: What You Didn’t See on TV – 5. As Hollie sings the Journey classic, Randy is feeling it, but Jennifer and Steven seem distracted, even chit-chatty at the judges’ table. No matter, by the end, J Lo comes around, and even gets a little emotional, as Randy show when he faux fans her back to normal body temperature. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol': Hollie Cavanagh on poor song choice and singing Journey for Randy Jackson – “I don’t know,” Cavanagh says of the judges’ criticism. “I mean, it’s just I guess my song choice. They loved the first song choice but not the second one.” That could be the kiss of death. “It’s tough only because it’s not good to get bad criticism at this point,” she admits. But she insists that she truly did connect with the song despite what they said. “I felt it — I felt the lyrics in it. They can tell me I didn’t feel it, but if I felt it and I feel like I felt it, then I felt it. You know?” – Read more at Zap2it

‘American Idol': Phillip Phillips on his racy Maroon 5 duet – ‘It is a sexy song’ – If you weren’t in love with Phillip Phillips before the “American Idol” Top 4 performance show, you probably are now. Between his slow, mournful version of Damien Rice’s “Volcano” and his duet with Joshua Ledet on Maroon 5’s “This Love,” Phillips made it hard not to fall deep into those baby blue eyes of his. The Maroon 5 tune in particular has some sexy elements that are hard to ignore, and Phillips tells Zap2it that he was very aware of the racy lyrics when he sang them. “Oh yeah, I am big on words in a song so it’s definitely sexy so… I don’t know,” he says. “No comment. I plead the fifth.” – Read more at Zap2it

Queen, Adam Lambert announce third UK gig – The singer and band previously announced plans to play two dates at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo on July 11 and 12. However, due to both dates selling out instantly, Lambert and Queen will play a third and final date at the London venue on July 14. Tickets for the new show will go on sale from 9am on May 14. – Read more at Digital Spy

Clay Aiken weighs in on Amendment One – DURHAM (WTVD) — Raleigh singer Clay Aiken took a stand against Amendment One to a national audience Wednesday night on CNN. Aiken, who is gay, said he was concerned that North Carolina voters passed the amendment, which defined marriage as a union between a man and women. Aiken said a majority of the voters have essentially written discrimination into the state’s constitution but he believes voters will overturn it in the near future. He also lauded the President Obama for coming out and supporting gay marriage Wednesday. – Read more at ABCLocal

Kellie Pickler Talks to the Animals on GAC’s Day Jobs – GAC’s before-they-were-famous series Day Jobs (Wednesdays, 10/9c) regularly tasks country stars with working their old 9-to-5s, but on occasion, the series allows artists to get a taste of their other dream gigs. For Kellie Pickler, that means caring for animals — and awfully large ones at that. In tonight’s new episode, the American Idol alum, who recently released the throwback-country album 100 Proof, learns how to be a caregiver for elephants. We asked Pickler about playing Dr. Dolittle. – Read more at TV Guide

Behind-the-Scenes at Carrie Underwood’s June 2012 Glamour Cover-Shoot

Elliott Yamin Loves ‘Coming To America’, Magic Johnson & Prince: Favorites – We recently had the opportunity to chat with the wonderful Elliott Yamin, American Idol Season 5 alum and the brains (and magnetic voice) behind the vintage-soul-inspired Let’s Get To What’s Real, his third full-length studio release. Elliott indulged us by sharing his favorite things, from movies (he can quote the entirety of 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy Coming To America), music (he’s digging a new artist named JMSN, whom he calls “the second coming of Justin Timberlake” mixed with ’90s R&B) and sports (a photo of him with his boyhood idol Magic Johnson is one of his most-prized possessions). As for the most awe-inspiring concert experience he’s ever had as a fan? Well, it involved Prince‘s sweat. We know we’re jealous. – See the video at Idolator

‘America’s Got Talent’ has got Howard Stern – Stern, sitting in his radio studio Tuesday for a rare solo interview, says he’s “used to getting most of the attention” on the radio. “It’s the Howard Stern Show, and I kind of sit there and control everything, including the microphones.” At AGT, “it was startling at first that I have to share the stage with three other people. That’s some kind of adjustment for me.” So why did he do it? It wasn’t for the money, he says. (He makes plenty from his day job.) “I thought it would be hysterical to see me in that environment, for my fans to see me be on a family-friendly network show.” – Read more at America’s Got Talent

Howard Stern ‘Is the Closest Thing to Simon Cowell,’ Says ‘America’s Got Talent’ Creator – “He takes the job really seriously,” says Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO of FremantleMedia North America, which produces the show in partnership with Syco TV. “But with that, you’ve got the funny Howard and the shocking Howard, and you also have a guy with a lot of warmth and a real ability to talk to people in a straight, honest way. He’s able to just cut through it all.” In fact, says Frot-Coutaz, who first approached the radio giant three years ago “as someone who could potentially be great on one of these shows,” she thinks Stern is America’s answer to Simon Cowell. “Howard is a controversial figure, but he knows he’s here to do a job, which is to find talent that’s going to amaze people,” she says. “He’s the closest [thing] to Simon that I’ve ever met.” – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Howard Stern: I’m the Judge Everyone Agrees With

“I watch Idol and those three judges don’t have a word of criticism and I think that’s selfish,” he said. “What America needs is an honest judge. You owe it to the contestants to offer criticism. No more of this ‘everyone’s wonderful’ – everyone can’t be wonderful. This is a talent competition.” (Insider)

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  • windmills

    Carrie’s performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight too though I guess it’ll air after midnight.

  • Anonymous

    Another radio show announced for Kris, this one in Florida on June 9.


    #OUR FREE PARTY IN THE PARK AND ARTISTS REVEALED! See@KrisAllen, @John_Waite, and @EricHutchinson for FREE at@MiznerParkAmphi on June 9 !

  • Anonymous

    I sent in my entry to win a ticket to Kris’ album listening party here in L.A. tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I win — that would be so cool! :D

  • Anonymous

    i’m going to be at the taping of carrie’s JKL mini concert later today. i snagged priority tickets.

  • mickeybordentwo
  • Anonymous

    My wish is to never hear the word “bromance” ever again. Ha. Not going to happen but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, despite that awful word, I always love the bonds and friendships the idols forge each year. It’s nice to see.

  • Leandro

    MJ, I know you are a fan of Jordis too, so you could help her by doing a topic (even if just in the headlines) helping her to make a really good rock album. She already has  $42.000

  • windmills

    mtthew: i’m going to be at the taping of carrie’s JKL mini concert later today. i snagged priority tickets.

    Have a great time!

    Carrie interviewed with Ryan Seacrest this morning, talking about her ankles (they brought them up), her album, and Mike. Here’s audio. At the very end of the interview she confirmed she’d be at the finale and said she’s not performing. Ryan asked her if she’s open to being involved in the finale in any way and she said she didn’t want to be in anybody’s way, it’s not a night about her, but she’s never missed a finale and wants to be there. 

    mickeybordentwo: The New York Tiimes has a very interesting analysis of The Voice, comparing and contrasting it with Idol:

    It is an interesting article though I think he overrates The Voice’s talent. I think it’d be even more interesting if we went back and compared this article to the last Voice versus Idol analysis he made. At that point wasn’t he saying The Voice was the show with all the marketable talent while P2 was the only marketable guy on AI?

  • Anonymous

    MJ, I’m not seeing the most recent threads anymore to the side. Is it just my computer or did they disappear? I used that feature all the time, so obviously I would be sad if they were gone forever.

  • Anonymous

    They’re missing from mine too, so not just you.

  • djafan

     I don’t see them either…

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Her fans must put a lot of trust in her to pledge $$ like that without any real contractual obligation. I certainly am too skeptical. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes I miss them too…used them all the time!

  • Leandro

    I donated just $20 bucks. She started 8 hours ago I think. May she’ll get even mroe than $100.000

  • Leandro

    With the money she already got she can make a good indie album. I doubt she’s cheating or something like this.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Howard was on The View today too.  He pretty much took over the show, was his usual honest, direct self and just hilarious. I think that he charmed all of them and the audience was very receptive. lol I’m looking forward to seeing him on AGT.

  • _Lilzy

    Still gobsmacked that Adam and Queen announced a third show! After Sonisphere cancelled, I was in a dark place because I felt as if my vacation was ruined. Now I am looking at my credit cards and wondering how to squeeze in one more ticket! Woot! Never in my LIFE did I imagine I’ll be off to London on vacay, seeing Adam and Queen :-) That said, I am happy Kris is also releasing new stuff, however my $$ has been pledged elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Howard Stern is so right about the judging on American Idol. 

  • Anonymous

     i think americas got talent is going to be great this year with howard, sharon, and howie mandel, it should be quite funny, cant wait till it starts.

  • Anonymous

    What a lucky person you are, not only going to London, but to see Queen/Adam also, your going to have a fantastic vacation.  

  • Roger Kramjet

    I hope it is better than her performance on AI. I was Blown Away by how bad I thought it sounded and I thought the staging was horrible.

  • Roger Kramjet

    Howard is so funny in that clip with Matt. I agree with you about the judging also.

  • Anonymous

    “both dates selling out instantly” – music to my ears.

  • Anonymous

    Richard Rushfield did a nice, long, in-depth interview with Kris. Talks about Idol, his new album, the creative process, etc. Interesting to hear Kris talk about how performing at his church helped him in terms of stage presence, production, etc.

    (interview starts around 11:00 mark):

    #The new Rushfield Babylon podcast is here, featuring our fantastic conversation with the great @krisallen 

  • Anonymous

    Richard Rushfield ? @richardrushfield

    The new podcast is up w @krisallen and the round table of
    ent intellectuals w jimgibson @hellcatkate & @geoffberkshire

  • Penny Burke

     Clay Aiken on Piers Morgan last night talking about President Obama’s announcement that he is now a supporter of gay marriage.

  • Anonymous

    I am still upset about the homophobic Trespassing review from Melissa Maerz at EW.  Yesterday, when I went to their site I thought it was probably just Glamberts being overly defensive, when I read it, I was completely shocked at how horrible, cruel and incompetent it was.  The music part is a very small portion of review whereas gay slurs are numerous.  It is in the print addition also.   If you haven’t read it, here is a typical line “Cheer up, Glammy”.  It is nothing a little make up remover can’t fix. There are now over 1,000 comments the vast majority are totally outraged.  To me, at this time at the beginning of the 21 century we should not let this slide.  EW is a major entertainment publication and it is setting a terrible example because by printing this they are condoning homophobic behavior.  I went to GLAAD and made a complaint.  I urge anyone who is outraged about this even if you are not an Adam fan to do the same.  This is much bigger than Adam, it is about discrimination plain and simple.  

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I did not see the threads on the side since last night and now I have to figure out how to choose the ones I need to read. Do I just forward forward / go back on the subject arrow ?

  • windmills

    Adorable and hilarious video of a 3 year old girl totally rocking out to Carrie’s Good Girl

    I’m amazed by how many of the words she knows! 

  • Anonymous

    Little sneak peak of Adam on Chelsea Lately from tonight.  He’s cute, and ahoy Ryan Seacrest joke!

  • Anonymous

    That’ll work for the threads you’ve already been to. You’d have to go back to ‘home’ (click on MJs logo on the top) to see whether new threads are added.

  • Anonymous

    God, I really LOVE Howard Stern and I’ll be tuning in and laughing my ass off, no doubt…

  • Anonymous

    Rushfield interview with Kris Allen is excellent.  One of the best I’ve heard with Kris!  Thanks for posting.

  • LaurelG

    I agree jean1010, that EW review was very disheartening. It was only 10 sentences long and yet she still managed to inject some snarky comment about his sexuality into almost every line. So unprofessional.

  • gferna

    And the b%t@# has more than 1,000 comments.  Don’t go there.

    I’m kind of nervous, I am not worried about 1st week sales, but 2nd weeeeeek???  Oh boy, remember Madonna, she had an 86% drop! Nooooooo! How can I go on!!!

  • kesia monteith

    Here is the Elise Testone Idology interview! And it’s a great one. ;)

  • Anonymous

    This is a cute excerpt from article talking about the new “dating show” coming up next month where Taylor Hicks is one of the celebrity bachelors:

    THE CHOICE: Set News! Celebrities Compete for Dates!

    Posted on 09 May 2012 by Editor

    “One of the best shows was the one with Taylor Hicks group. These men
    were the most fun-loving, and wackiest of players. They played the game
    how it should be played and which is not to take it seriously. These
    men with Hicks included Warren Sapp, Rocco Dispirito, and from the
    “Jersey Shore”, Mike “the Situation” which is what producers labeled the
    back of his chair. During one incident towards the end of the games,
    Taylor Hicks was the last man whom had not completed his pool of women.
    He had to choose between two women who were brought onto stage and
    select the one he wanted out of the two. As soon as he heard the first
    one speak, he tried to turn his chair around. When the chair wouldn’t
    operate, he jumped out of the chair to look at the girl. Deeley walked
    to him from across the stage to explain the rules of that round to him.
    “You didn’t even let the other girl speak”. When Hicks pulled his
    “love handle” to turn back around, Deeley was still standing to the side
    of his chair with her arm a top the arm rest. She had to ride the side
    of the chair around with him. Hicks then threw her in the chair with
    him. Deeley was unharmed.

  • Anonymous

    It should never have gone out.

  • Cookie Dunker

    I am sorry Amendment 1 passed in NC. Clay Aiken has be speaking out about it for months now, but the subject of gay marriage is still a touchy one in this country. It has never passed in any state that put it up for election. He will be on The Ed Show on MSNBC tonight at 8pm to discuss it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Clay will be doing some more TV talking about the gay marriage issue. He has always followed politics so I enjoy listening to his perspective. Times are changing when the president endorses Gay marriages.

  • Anonymous

     I have no idea who Jordi is. Was she on The Voice?

  • Michelle Francis

    Looks like Clay Aiken is using his voice for more than just great singing.  Good for him.