Idol Headlines for 05/09/12

Carrie Underwood appears on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Is Phillip Phillips the ‘Idol’ to beat? – The only contestant to never have been near the low end of the weekly vote totals, the 21-year-old from Leesburg, Ga., has so far followed the trail blazed by previous Idol victors David Cook, Kris Allen and especially Lee DeWyze: Find creative ways to bend songs to your style — in Phillips’ case, a bluesy, grainy voice raised on the likes of Dave Matthews— then let the eager young girls and older women take care of the rest. – Read more at USA Today

‘Idol’ final four eye the finish line – Four singers remain on American Idol. Does it matter how they finish? For some, probably not. For others, it could matter a great deal. Daughtry, Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson have proven time and again that contestants don’t have to win to eclipse the accomplishments of a season’s Idol. They don’t necessarily even have to finish second. But what about this group? – Read more at USA Today

Josh Ledet homecoming planned for Saturday – Joshua Ledet, currently a Top 4 contestant in American Idol, is scheduled to come to Louisiana this Saturday, May 12 for a Homecoming Pep Rally if he continues as a Top 3 finalist. American Idol has confirmed a basic schedule of events for Ledet’s homecoming. Ledet will first ride in a parade on Sampson Street in Westlake at 2:30 p.m. that will be staged by American Idol and a local committee. The community is invited to attend the parade and cheer on Ledet as he rides through his hometown.
After the parade, the public is invited to attend the Homecoming Pep Rally at Burton Coliseum beginning at 6:00 p.m. The pep rally will feature entertainment and a few songs by Ledet. – Read more at KPLCTv

30-minute defense in Hudson family murder trial – CHICAGO (AP) — The man accused of killing three of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s relatives did not take the stand and his attorneys put on a mere 30-minute defense Tuesday, calling just two detectives in a bid to suggest they botched the 2008 investigation. The brief defense followed a two-week presentation by prosecutors, who called 83 witnesses, including Hudson herself, as they sought to prove William Balfour shot the star’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew in a fit of jealous rage. Balfour, 30, is Hudson’s former brother-in-law. Read more at USNews

‘American Idol’ Top Four Tease Songs For California Dreamin’ Night – “This week’s theme is ‘California Dreamin’ and it’s been a difficult one because people have been telling me, ‘more current songs and this and that’ and this was a week where I could sing a current song,” said Sanchez, who has been dinged by judges and mentor Jimmy Iovine for sometimes dressing and singing a bit beyond her 16 years. “But really I’m trying to stay with my gut feeling and I’m trying to pull out the really big guns, so I’m singing a big song for both of my choices. Don’t expect a Katy Perry song.” Read more at MTV

Carrie Underwood 417

Skylar Laine on yesterday’s Today Show

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Dancing With the Stars Backstage Scoop: Who Was Glowing After Their Eliminations
– When we caught up with Melissa and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy backstage, they were disappointed, but not surprised by their elimination. “It sucks,” Maks told us. Of course it’s not fun to get this far only to be cut short so close to the end, but Melissa told us she knew the second she was onstage with Katherine Jenkins that her number was up. With tears welling up in her eyes, Melissa also shared that Maks told her that he wished she believed in herself as much as he believed in her. In turn, Maks showed a softer side, revealing to us that Melissa’s courage, strength and determination was what got them this far. – Read more at EOnline

Why Jermaine Paul Won ‘The Voice’ – The media was out in full force — the dozen TV cameras were triple the usual number while the print and online media was expanded on an equal level — and Shelton had already begun answering the oft-repeated question of “how does it feel to win?” Shelton, always a gracious and forthright interview subject, was not willing to accept any of the praise while he fielded questions solo. Once Paul was working the line with him, it was full-blown love affair — Shelton crediting Paul’s instincts when it came to song selection and Paul lauding Shelton’s tips on stage craft and phrasing. – Read more at

The Voice Winner Speaks! Did Adam and Christina’s Feud Affect the Voting? – The Voice crowned its Season 2 champ on Tuesday night, but backstage, everyone was talking about the feud between coaches Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine — everyone, that is, except winner Jermaine Paul, of Team Blake Shelton. “I don’t pay attention to any of that,” Paul, 33, told reporters after his victory. “Tony Lucca is an amazing artist. Chris Mann is an amazing artist. Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine are both great coaches. They put so much effort into this whole process. I think, at the end of the day, they really love each other. It’s just like sisters and brothers.” He added: “America made their choice and it is what it is.” – Read more at TV Guide

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  • Anonymous

    Nile Rodgers has posted a cool series of short vids about his work on Adam’s Shady including studio footage!

  • lisa

    hopefully this will be Phillips last week,I never did get this guys style

  • Anonymous

    My question is what happens to all the people that want Phillip to win, and I’m not talking about the casual viewers of the show, the ones that are asking to marry P2 ? The ones that talk about buying his album ASAP? Are they going to buy his album come november? Or do they automatically forget about him by summer? Phillip will have his dedicated fan base after the show is over. But it never goes beyond what I have noticed Cook, Kris, and Lee’s fan base which is of women ages 35 +. Interesting enough in the comments of that Usatoday article a lot of the ones that want him to win is hometown support. So he might not have this in the bag as I once thought? I keep going back and forth going it will be either him or Jessica winning. I don’t know if she is getting a ton of hometown support since she’s from California but she does have a lot of support from the Philippines.

  • Lovesyesha

    Hm, how nice to see a coach (Blake) actually giving credit to their contestant for winning. Take notes (Adam)

  • Anonymous

    Melanie, that’s awesome. Nile is so cool.

  • YankeeFan08

    Some news coming about Adam’s UK promo:
    Some @adamlambert news coming your way bright and early tomorrow morning. We’re excited just getting this press release ready!

  • Tess

    But it never goes beyond what I have noticed Cook, Kris, and Lee’s fan base which is of women ages 35 +.

    That is the age of the fan base most Idols tend to attract, whether male or female.  Any audience for an Idol alum is weighted very heavily towards this demographic, based on my visuals. Stats for AI, itself, say this is who watches the show.  I don’t think any Idol has been immune….even rockers like James or Daughtry, country singers like Scotty, Carrie, Lauren, Kellie, or Casey James, poppers like Kelly or Adam or Jordin, or the rest like Fanny, Taylor, Archie, or Rueben.  Even the current contestants aren’t immune….no one will convince me that Hollie or Jessica or Josh have all the younger audience leaving the older dredges to Phillip.  I just don’t think it works that way.

  • Melika

    Casey’s song The Good Life was used in the Warrior Games: 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to hear the news. Looking forward to Adam going to England and hopefully getting a lot of videos.

  • Anonymous

     I agree. I know that viewers of the show tend to be “older” but I can say that I do know people that are in their teens and college age that watch idol. So the whole “only this demographic watches idol” is kinda not true.

  • Anonymous

    Kris just tweeted that he will be on Live with Kelly in NYC on May 22 :)

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    NBC was the number one network for the night in adults 18-49, but CBS won with total viewers.

    On NBC, the season finale of The Voice earned a 4.3  in adults 18-49, compared to last week’s 3.1 and was up 16% overall from last year’s finale ( which earned a 3.7 18-49 rating in June 2011).

    On FOX, Glee earned a 2.6, up a tenth from last week’s 2.5 in adults 18-49.

    The Dancing with the Stars results show was flat with last week’s season low 2.3.

    FOX Glee 2.6 8 6.494

    NBC The Voice: Results (9-11) 4.3 11 11.596
    ABC Dancing with the Stars: Results 2.3 6 13.312

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever been to a concert by these guys? I haven’t been to any of Lee’s, but I have been to several of David’s and Kris’ shows. Their fanbase is NOT made up primarily of women 35+. That is a myth. David’s and Kris’ female fanbases are primarily in their early 20’s to mid-30s and there are actually a fair amount of men who go to their shows and enjoy them. Shocker, right?

    Now obviously, both guys do have a bunch of female fans in the 35+ age group, but, at least at the many shows I have been to, they are not the majority.

  • EH

    Dear Idol gods: Please let Phillip’s song with the “challenging” lyrics be “Loser” haha.  Hey, Beck is from California and he has a 5 note range so why not? Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz!

    I’m looking forward to seeing that spoiler list! I don’t really care who wins, I think they all have pros and cons at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica will be singing the national anthem and ” The Prayer” at PBS’s National Memorial Day Concert. Chris Daughtry is also part of the lineup. It’s nice that they keep on giving this gig to idol alums, last year it was Pia and Kris, right?

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I know that viewers of the show tend to be “older” but I can say that I do know people that are in their teens and college age that watch idol. So the whole “only this demographic watches idol” is kinda not true.

    Just as it’s not true that “only that demographic makes up the fanbase.”

    Cook was on during the writer’s strike.  A vocal portion of the fanbase was on social media like Livejournal, which attracted younger audiences (remember that scene in the Social Network with Zuckerberg using Livejournal?), and that group really wanted to have TV to discuss.  Even now he has a reasonable tumblr contingent (and that definitely attracts teen and college age kids). 

    I suspect that KA’s stylings and song choices (Falling Slowly, Heartless) also attracted a disproportionate share of younger viewers.  And he’s also social media savvy.

    I don’t follow DeWyze or P2 enough to know, but I’m sure they have some younger fans too.  Just like any given contestant, they all attract a range of ages.

    I honestly think that part of it is just social conditioning; you expect to see people in their 20s and 30s at shows so they fade into the background, whereas older or much younger people are more noteworthy.  But the 20s/30s crowd exists.  At least I’m pretty sure that I exist.

  • randi

    Rolling Stone wasn’t “blown away” by Carrie’s album

    They gave her 2 1/2 stars out of 5

  • koshka

    ouch. Truth.. they can be kind of fickle. I didn’t understand much of what they wrote since I’m not familiar with any of her music. (not a country fan)

    ETA: I don’t know what the album sounds like.. but if she tried to go outside the box, she gets my support. Its nice when artists try to mix it up. Sometimes it hits, other times it doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, this has to be something in the UK. Why do they have to tease? Can’t they just say it, lol.
    Those Nile/Adam videos were great. I adore the affection and respect Nile seems to have for Adam. And he really seems a sweet guy. His resume is beyond impressive so it is awesome that he supports Adam so much.

  • YankeeFan08

    Is it just me or is it kind of funny that the two Voice winners are opening for Adam (an AI runner-up).
    Last Night’s Winner of “The Voice” Jermaine Paul just ADDED to the line up for Spring Fling May 26th at Six Flags
    Javier Colon is also in the line-up. 

  • koshka

    Yes… actually on a number of different levels. Sort of an odd combination, but I suppose they want to appeal to a wide range of people

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting. What an honor for CaseyJ. He must be very proud.  Lovely, moving video.

  • Anonymous

    Such an inspirational video and Casey’s song sounds great with it! 

  • Anonymous

    David A. was WWTT again today on the anniversary of his hometown visit.  Happy David Archuleta Day was up to the #2 position.  We also received another tweet from David through his manager today.  It sounds like he is very happy with his mission, but said that “part of his heart was with us”. (meaning his fans)
    Love the guy!

  • randi

    ouch. Truth.. they can be kind of fickle. I didn’t understand much of what they wrote since I’m not familiar with any of her music. (not a country fan)ETA: I don’t know what the album sounds like.. but if she tried to go outside the box, she gets my support. Its nice when artists try to mix it up. Sometimes it hits, other times it doesn’t.

    I’m familiar with her music as I’ve purchased her last three CDs and to me this is her weakest one to date.  There are only a few songs that I liked on this CD so after previewing it I didn’t buy it.  I did purchase the single good girl though because for me that’s the best song on the CD.

  • koshka

    Randi thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thats too bad, I wonder what happened.

  • Eilonwy

    My question is what happens to all the people that want Phillip to win, and I’m not talking about the casual viewers of the show, the ones that are asking to marry P2 ? The ones that talk about buying his album ASAP? Are they going to buy his album come november? Or do they automatically forget about him by summer?

    Some will buy; some won’t. The super-vocal online fanbase is a lot smaller than the total fanbase*, so getting the casual viewers to pay attention also matters in building a career. *So broadly true of online participation that it’s not a huge leap to assume.

    This is why there exists the oft-noted tension among making an album that resonates with the casual Idol voter, that works for the more dedicated fan who’s developed firm ideas about that artist’s “authentic” music, and that can get enough radio play or other mainstream distribution to be noticed by the casual fans and by potential fans who didn’t see the singer on Idol. (Oh — and the singer should also feel good about what’s on the album!)

    If Phillips, whose “authentic” appeal is as a singer/songwriter, is put on the winner-releases-album-in-mid-October treadmill… maaaaaaan, is he going to be under pressure over choosing songs or working with cowriters in those two-day wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sessions.

  • YankeeFan08

    @AdamLambert will be stopping by Billboard on May 14 at 3pm ET, chatting and answering fan questions in our Live Q&A!

  • windmills

    Rolling Stone gave Jesus Take The Wheel 0 stars as a song. Granted there may be a lot of people who agree with that rating but, it didn’t stop that song from becoming the award-winning breakthrough hit that it did. That RS review is about par for how RS has reviewed all of Carrie’s albums (except Some Hearts, which it never bothered to review).

    For me, Blown Away is up there with Carnival Ride as what I consider Carrie’s best, most consistent quality-wise album. She definitely stepped out of her usual boxes for a lot of the album and I think the extra time and effort was worth it.

    For the Metacritic-obsessed BA’s Metacritic rating is currently a 69, soon to be a 70 when the 4 star out of 5 Country Weekly review is factored in. That would make Blown Away Carrie’s 2nd best reviewed album behind CR which has a 73.

    But, speaking of oddball reviews the new Entertainment Weekly (Prometheus movie cover) reviewed Trespassing the album and gave it a B-. Reviewer Melissa Maerz really dug the 1st half of the album but didn’t like what she considers the overwrought balladry of the 2nd half of the album.

  • Anonymous

    I expected worse from EW tbh. Surprised they liked the second half, I would have pegged them for the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    Kris Allen ? @KrisAllen
    Look what I got today.

  • Judy Charette

    How lam is this, idol will never let PP win. Its just a set up to get a Jessica win. He is a bad singer like Chris Rene. Its so trying to be Xfactor. Bring back xfactor they have better singers.  

  • Anonymous

    I read in a link on here that Phil has over 150 original songs, Heejun tweeted that Phil’s songs were fantastic and Stevie Nix said she would have invited Phil to join Fleetwood Mac back when (which may be the highest compliment ever given on Idol.) 

    I bet Phil has an album ready to go as quickly as he gets in the studio.

  • Kylee


    Its so trying to be Xfactor. Bring back xfactor they have better singers. 

    uhhh…lol. There are good singers on both shows, but idol definitely has the edge.

  • Anonymous

    Audio: Mix 106.1 Interview with Logan and Nicole

    Kris Allen..Simon Kinda Screwed Him

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised to see Better With You on the TYC sticker since it has to be a single contender, but I am surprised to see Out Alive listed. I don’t consider that a possible single at all. I thought maybe the duet would be highlighted (but what do I know?). Kinda chuckle at TVOL being called a “hit single” (in a sad way since it is moving so slowly up the charts). C’mon radio, get with the program! lol

  • CanadianLady

    Yep, I saw the comment from Heejun. I’m thinking Phillip is actually much more like Casey A than Cook, Lee or Kris. The thing I like the most is that, as Jennifer would say, listening to him makes me smile. You just feel the love he has for the music.

    I really like all of his studio songs, and I can let one live song where he had some trouble hitting the higher notes go by – esp. since his earbuds weren’t working that night and he was not at all happy with it.

    Just think how he’d do it he was actually feeling good!

  • Anonymous

    Why did you think EW would give it a less than stellar review? They gave FYE a B+ and GNL an A- so they have liked his work.  I personally like  Trespassing more than FYE but GNL is also totally awesome.  Glad they enjoyed the first half a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Heejun tweeted that Phil’s songs were fantastic and Stevie Nix said she would have invited Phil to join Fleetwood Mac back when (which may be the highest compliment ever given on Idol.)

    Heejun Han is a sweet funny guy but I don’t understand why his opinion on music matters that much unless he’s talking about smooth jazz.

    Nicks is someone whose opinion carries some weight but I don’t think he was playing her any of his originals in their relatively short mentoring session.

    I asked this question before:  Where is the material?  Others have had leaks well before this.  Don’t his hometown fans want to share?

    I’m not saying the guy can’t write.  He very well may be quite good.  But I remain quite skeptical that he’s going to blow people away with his songs given the AI development cycle for the top 2.  I think he needs a lot more time to figure out what he wants to say and how to make it just commercial enough to satisfy his eventual label, which is the kind of thing he’d be better equipped to do with a top 3 or top 4 finish.

  • Anonymous

    The more country-centric music sites (though smaller, sites) seem to like or even love Blown Away. Country Weekly, Country Standard Time, Country Universe, Roughstock, Nashville Country Club, and Keepin’ It Country all gave the album favorable reviews. The general music sites are split lol, with Billboard, All Music, Entertainment Weekly, NY TImes giving good reviews, while Boston Globe, Slant Magazine, and Rolling Stone giving mixed reviews.

    Too bad only one of the country sites I cited is included in the Metacritic scoring. lol

  • Anonymous

    This is so weird, they gave FYE a higher score and to me and it seems the vast majority of other reviewers consider Trespassing far superior. I feel the same way as muchas I loved FYE, the growth in Adam as an artist is evident on his new material. Oh well, it is still not horrible but I was much more counting on RS to love it and I am so happy they did.

  • CanadianLady

    In one sense you’re right and I don’t think it really matters to him where he finishes. In another sense, I’d say all three of the others would benefit from having more time to find the right songs at least as much as he would. Phillip knows who he is and what he wants to sing much more than the other three, so he likely stands a better chance of coming up with a good album in a short time.

  • BigNLiddle

    I got an invite to see James Durbin tonight!! I’m excited :)

  • Anonymous

    I am with you in that I would rather have the great review from RS than really anyone else for this album, but of course I want every critic to love it like I do.

  • Anonymous

    I think the others know who they are and what they want to sing, and more to the point, I think they are more willing than P2 to let other writers present them with material, so it won’t take as much time.

    Wanting to write things yourself means every song involves a day or two for a demo.  Being willing to sing things written by other people means a few minutes to hear some demos.

    There’s a reason why McCreery’s album came out so smoothly in October; he didn’t write a lick of it.  (Alaina had one cowriting credit, IIRC.)  They relied on outside writers.  R&B and pop also have stables of professional songwriters that the other three can call upon.

    P2 isn’t going to want to do that, and I don’t see any evidence that the flagship labels at Interscope would simply pick through his back catalog and let him record all his prior songs.

  • Anonymous

     The Daily News and a plethora of US and UK bloggers are giving such great reviews you had to expect no everyone to love it the same, whatev.
    Isn’t Adam on Chelsey Lately tomorrow, do they pretape this show?

  • BigNLiddle

    yeah, they pretape chelsea lately. it should be a funny interview haha

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy that Better With You is on Kris’ album sticker. It will make a good single. Monster should be there too since it is kind of different. I love Out Alive, but I don’t know if it will make a good single.

  • heartly

    This might be a stretch for the Headlines thread but since there was a separate post made for this subject the other day, I don’t see why not.  Miranda Lambert was doing some phone interviews yesterday and of course the Eric Church topic came up.  Here’s one of the interviews that was picked up by a lot of other (cbs) radio stations where she talks very briefly about it.

    Miranda also addresses the topic of reality show contests such as American Idol and The Voice, where her husband Blake Shelton is one of the judges (the show wraps up its second season tonight). These contests have been hot topic lately after singer Eric Church made disparaging comments about them in a recent Rolling Stone interview.

    “I paid my dues long before I was on Nashville Star and have been working my butt off ever since then,” Miranda says. “And I know Kelly Clarkson really well and she does the same.”

    Clarkson came to national attention after winning American Idol in 2002; Lambert finished third on the 2003 season of Nashville Star.

    “I just feel [reality shows are] a great opportunity. And some of the
    comments people have made over the years about reality shows are just
    because they’re jealous, and they didn’t get the opportunity to be on

    “I love them, and I’m thankful” for them.

    text from: KFROG  audio from: WQYK

  • Lexie

    I’m just curious…do the general sites like any country albums?  

  • YankeeFan08

     A good review from Billboard would be nice.  RS and Billboard >>>>> EW!

  • Anonymous

    At this point in time UMG knows which of the AI finalist they are going to sign right off the bat & would have already had A&R collecting material from other writers for them to  possibly record for their albums.

  • CanadianLady

     Okay, maybe it’s just me who hasn’t a clue what kind of songs Jessica, Joshua, and Hollie would want to put out! :)

  • djafan

    Happy David Archuleta Day trended for two hours straight world wide and longer in many individual countries.  His twitter followers increasing by the thousands is just incredible. 

    Yep, love the guy.  Great message to his fans :)

    From David: No way! That is amazing that it got to 1 million even
    while I am away! Please tell the fans that I am loving it here and
    having some really wonderful experiences, and that I can´t thank them
    enough for the support that they´ve shown even while I´m away! A part
    of my heart is always with them. (ks)

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is not too political, but Obama endorsed marriage equality today and it is a huge step.

    And Adam just tweeted about it, and he’s obviously happy.  Of course he then specified he’s not getting married.  You know,  rumors!  I’m sure it means a lot, being a gay man, even though there is a long way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Idol has no say in “letting” anybody win.  They can pimp and promote, but it’s up to the viewers to bring in the win.

  • Anonymous

    David Cook’s new song is for sale in Australia & in Japan, a longer snippet was posted.  I like it. :D

    You can go to Australian iTunes to hear the longer snippet, or check out this tumblr.

  • Eilonwy

    At this point in time UMG knows which of the AI finalist they are going to sign right off the bat & would have already had A&R collecting material from other writers for them to  possibly record for their albums.

    Yes. That’s not a guess — at Top 4 last year, Iovine interviewed about how songs were already being lined up for the future albums of the singers who’d made it that far. 

    Obviously, whatever was planned for Durbin didn’t get used since he went to Wind Up instead; and Reinhart managed to get herself a more extended album-making process where she got to cowrite most of the album. 

  • gferna

    There is this discussion on TWITTER about “certified platimun status for FYE” that I found very interesting.  I’d like to know, though, when did this happen…  Very strange I didn’t pay attention to something like that… If anyone here can confirm, would be highly appreciated…

  • Anonymous

    Those supporters from the last era from that publication must have flown the coop because this year all their reviews for Adam for the singles and now for the album have been negative. You can feel the collective eyeroll practically come off the page when you read them. I don’t think they take him seriously at all. Even the compliments they give him are backhanded and each review is filled with a crapload of snark. I just read the album reivew and it’s very condescending and it feels like they are making fun of him. Lots of references to his sexuality and eyeliner and referring to chokehold as a safe word. They don’t talk about his vocals at all, attribute the half of the album they liked to the people he worked with like Pharrell and Nile and don’t give him any credit  and they think the second half of the album is laughable. There are parts of it that are pretty hateful in my opinion. Trespassing deserves a better grade than that. I love FYE and I think this album is better. They must have preconcieved notions of Adam that are clouding their judgement and I think it has a lot to do with his sexuality and his status as an AI alum. I miss the Slezak days when he gave Adam a fair shake.

  • Anonymous

     I just tried a search for it at RIAA, & nothing comes up for it yet.  Latest sales figures are still below 900k, but… we don’t know what the shipments have been.

  • Anonymous

     Actually I find that that review has nothing to do with Trespassing the album.  I think the grade they gave the album is fairly good.  I would have been indignant at that review even if they had given him an A+ grade frankly.  Putting homophobic jokes in a nationally important entertainment magazine is basically unbelievable and shocking and IS NOT OK.

  • Mary Reichardt

    I find the EW review irritatingly glib.  That’s their style for everyone, not just Adam, but I’m not fond of uber-snarky reviews. 

    That said, not everyone is going to love Trespassing.  I would explain my reasoning in a completely different manner, but I would basically give the same grade for the album: B-.

    The truth of the matter is music reviews have about zero relevance towards album sales.  I’ve always thought it’s better to get a bad review in a major publication than no review.  Only a week or two ago, EW had a full page Q&A with Adam with a gorgeous picture.  That kind of promo will help him more than a bad review will hurt him.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that EW review was offensive to me, and I was surprised they would publish such unprofessional material. They are hurting themselves, not Adam

  • Anonymous
  • Moria Polonius

    I’ve just read that EW review of Adam’s album. 

    Homophobia alive and well in the music industry I see.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the score of the review, but it’s actively offensive. And not even researched. Between flirting with the straight crowd (did they see the last cd cover?) and Chokehold, it’s just poorly researched and ignorant.

    Adam’s sexuality should not even be a mention in a true music review. Much less ‘big gay dance club’


  • larc

    I bet Phil has an album ready to go as quickly as he gets in the studio.

    I hope P2’s songwriting abilities are much better than his performing abilities.  Otherwise, I see a lot of pawn shop in his future.  ;)

  • Anonymous

    The gay bashing throughout the write-up is horrendous. I regret reading it quite frankly.

    B- was a good grade but the write-up left bad taste in my mouth. I wish they would just stick to reviewing the music, say they don’t like it or even that they hate it and leave it at that. 

    Thank god Obama is the one running the country and not this lady lol.

  • Whiskey

    Breakout the *popcorn*. Some bloggers are chiming in. lol

    As a pop blogger, I’ve reviewed tons of songs and many, many albums but
    NEVER have I once found it appropriate to stereotype an artist and make
    snide remarks about their sexuality. The things said in this “review”
    are so unprofessional it is unbelievable. Whether or not you like the
    songs on the album is one thing, but to make homophobic remarks like
    this? Unacceptable. And to make light of the struggle faced by LGBT
    people is disgusting. A simple makeover can’t fix discrimination &

    The Voice isn’t wasting anytime with Jermaine Paul are they? Hopefully they will do a better job backing their winner this year. Also why do people think the the line up is odd. I think all 3 performers will make a good show and Adam and Javier have known each other for years before they were known.

  • Anonymous

    Adam’s bio at RCA’s web site states that FYE is certified platinum

  • koshka

    thanks for a further explanation on the Carrie Review windmills. :)

  • Anonymous

    I just read the EW review and the homophobia in it is shocking.  Thank you Obama for doing the right thing today.

  • HotHotHot

    Adam on GMA on Monday!!! YAY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That EW review is not a review of the music. One can review music and be fun and snarky but that was just nasty and factually wrong. There is such a big disconnect between the grade they gave him and what they actually said. Based on what they wrote I would have expected a D or C- rating. I don’t care if they didn’t like the music, fine go buy something else. If you are writing a music review then review, They claim to be an entertainment magazine yet that review reads like a tabloid or a Perez Hilton piece. Seriously I know I’m a biased fan but how can they possibly have any journalistic credibility when they post something like that?

    It’s more like “how can we get lots of hits??? Oh yea lets piss off Adam’s fans”

  • Anonymous

    How can they give a song zero stars? Oh wait…It mentioned Jesus. RS would definitely hate a religious song. Not shocked. lol That really is pathetic though. Carrie’s “Jesus Take The Wheel” isn’t the greatest song ever written, but it’s sung well and has it’s moments. RS also wasn’t a fan of Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. They mainly critiqued the lyrics. Which I admit are a little odd, but still. It was the very song that made me a fan, and it did pretty damn well too. So…They know sh!t. lol

    You know I used to love Rolling Stone, but stopped caring after I read their reviews of Kris’s and Allison’s albums. Granted those albums were far from perfect, but they didn’t deserve such negative reviews. RS’s political bias was a turn off as well. I truly loved their photography(So much so that I once dreamed of taking photos for them.)and music news and whatnot, but unless someone I like graces a cover in the future I’m not going to waste my time with them.

    Oh, and I no longer care whether they like my fave singer’s music. I’m already expecting the “bland, unoriginal, ho-hum” review for Kris’ second album(if they even bother to review it),but I could see them liking Haley’s. I could also see them not liking Haley’s. I really don’t care though. If they say nice things then great. If not oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve disagreed with them. *shrugs*

    One more thing. Not trying to take anything away from Adam. Four stars is very impressive. Good for him. :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Kris and David C. fan and I’m 21 going on 22. So….Yeah. I never understood the “Only middle aged women watch this show!” meme.

    I’ve been watching Idol since I was 16, and I have seen a ton of young kids, teenagers, and collage aged young adults show up at the Idols Live! tour. The solo tours of Kris and Cook were a bit different, but college aged kids did attend both PA shows that I went to. Granted the fact that both shows took place in A. A college town. and B. Directly inside a college. I’m sure both guys appeal to a wide fanbase though. Especially Kris. I’ll definitely be on the look out for some young fans whenever I see Kris on tour this summer. Guys too, but for mere curiosity not dating reasons. lol