Idol Headlines For 05/08/12 – The Evening Edition

Voice Feud Rages! Christina Aguilera ‘Disgusted’ At Adam Levine’s Jabs – “Adam is making it more about getting at Christina this season and he’s very good at getting under her skin,” a source close to the show exclusively tells “He comes off as a really great guy, but he’s very smart the way he takes jabs at Christina. Adam’s very subtle and doesn’t use words, just sneaky actions. She is sick of the way she’s being treated and she’s disgusted with Adam.” – Read more at RadarOnline

Phillips coming home for celebration if he makes Idol’s top 3 – A concert and parade are planned as part of his welcome home event. The small town of Leesburg is bracing for a big weekend, “We’re going 90 miles per hour around here,” said Lisa Davis, Lee County Chamber of Commerce, Vice President. American Idol Camera crews, and what could be tens of thousands of people are expected to show up Saturday in Leesburg for a homecoming parade for Phillip Phillips a small town guy who could be the next American Idol. “It’s pretty awesome, the whole magnitude is big,” said Davis. – Read more at WALB

Video: Idol’s Skylar Reveals Why She Hasn’t Cried About Her Exit and Who She’s Crushing On – Why didn’t American Idol’s Skylar Laine shed any tears following her elimination last week? It’s just not in her DNA, she says. “I don’t cry much,” Laine tells “I felt like such a mean person when people were getting eliminated each week and I didn’t cry.” In the video below, the Mississippi native explains why she’s actually relieved to be let go. Plus: Who is the self-proclaimed sports chick crushing on? – Read more at TVGuide

Constantine Maroulis interviews Skylar Laine

Can Elise Testone emerge from American Idol with grace? – My worries reflect my feelings about the show more than anything to do with Testone. As a musician, songwriter, and performer, her talents and skills can’t be dismissed. She’s a terrific singer with great range and personality, and she has genuine charisma on stage, no matter the style of music or the concert setting. Over the years, her longtime fans in Charleston have watched her develop her style and evolve from a bar-band vocalist into a confident, magnetic, expressive solo artist and bandleader. Her bandmates and music school students can attest to her enthusiasm and musical knowledge as well. But in the American Idol world, the young singers on the rosters seem interchangeable, despite their attributes. Their talents and personalities seem secondary to the commercialism and glitz. – Read more at Charleston City Paper

The Back Cover of Kris Allen’s Thank You Camilla Album

American Idol Runner Up Clay Aiken Appears On CNN To Discuss North Carolina’s Amendment 1 – Anyway, Aiken, who’s both from North Carolina and gay, talked to Brooke Baldwin, pointing out that the amendment will greatly hurt the legal rights of same sex parents as well as unmarried straight parents. He also pointed to polling showing that while voters support the amendment, they also don’t understand what it actually means. Hooray, Democracy! And hooray for cable news! Hooray for us all! – Read more at Medialite

Ask Pia- Writing Music, Childhood Games & Missing NY

Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp play Whole Lotta Love, live in Hollywood. May 7, 2012. At the Dark Shadows premiere after-party on Hollywood Bl.

‘Glee': Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith spill details on ‘Prom-asaurus’ – “On a scale of awesomeness, it’s freakin’ rad,” Cory Monteith tells Zap2it of the dinosaur theme. “It’s not just arbitrary — it lends an interesting kind of element to [the episode].” Monteith wouldn’t confirm Internet reports that some of McKinley’s biggest couples were not feeling prom this year, but he would agree with the assessment that some people are against the big event. “There are a group of anti-prom-oriented folks, yes.” – Zap2it

  • Anonymous

    OMG OMG, Rolling Stone has a feature on Adam and they gave Trespassing a great review and four fucking stars!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of the Adam/Christina drama. I think they’re both immature in the way they are reacting. Adam should stop treating Christina like she’s a piece of s***, and Christina should lose the attitude and stop disrespecting Tony Lucca. Grow up and act like mature adults! 

    Also Steven Tyler sounds awful in that vid. I wished Elise had popped up on stage and had taken his mic Kanye style. 

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t know who has the biggest ego: Adam, Tony or Christina.

  • Leandro

    “Your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight,” she told him after his performance, “and I just thought, you know, the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but all-in-all, it was good fun.”

    Christina is the one who says she’s disgusted, but I really think that nobody is suffering more with that story than Tony’s child, who’s a boy and people keep mentioning him as a girl.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks for posting that review. Nice that RS highlighted OOL (my favorite!).

  • lisa

    look moron you could use the word freaking what are you,13 or 14yrs old.totally classless 

  • Anonymous

    I dont remember seeing this MJ but if you posted it go ahead and delete…
    We knew about the collaboration Clay was doing with Dee Snider and its up on Itunes.

    (MJ you can fix the link, Clay’s track is Luck be a Lady)

  • Anonymous

     My favorite line was “Zeus in a thong” haha. They have a two page feature on Adam too so I guess I’m to have to hunt down this issue.

  • Anonymous

    smart move to put a pic of Camellia av. sign on the back

  • fed

    did thise whole xtina-tony-adam thing really started just because xtina said tony was one dimensional and hoped that the influence of his pals in the biz tweeting wouldn’t skew the results? really? thought she would have said much worse than that the way people keep going on and on about her “disrespecting” him. please.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Now that there appears to be genuine bad feelings between Adam and Christina that underlie their jabs at each other, I’m getting turned off. They both sound pretty immature and I don’t find it entertaining.

  • Doran Rayne

    I think it’s a ratings ploy

  • fuzzywuzzy
  • Anonymous

    Kris Allen – My Weakness Track By Track
    Kris Allen talks about the song “My Weakness” from the upcoming album ‘Thank You Camellia’. 

    via KrisAllenOfficial

  • Anonymous

    New Kris Show: Kris Allen Star94.1 Lounge 

  • iFoundIt

    I really don’t know who has the biggest ego: Adam, Tony or Christina.

    I vote Christina.

  • Anonymous

    it may be a three-way tie. None of them are coming off looking very good in this stupid spat (manufactured for ratings as it may be)

  • indigo

    Steven Tyler performing Whole lotta love is embarrassing mess,last part was sounding like a dog hit by a fast car. LOL Steven,it really is time to hang up.

  • merkureye

    Interesting are the comments about Elise and where her career might be headed from the perpective of her hometown paper.  So cool that Elise is a known artist in the Charleston music scene and has an established identity there.  Seems locals are concerned that her street-cred might get tarnished if a schlock post-idol CD is released.  I don’t think Elise will let that happen though.  She seems very aware of what she wants as an artist.


  • Leandro

    Seriously, Elise is a wonderful vocalist. But Alice Cooper and Steven on the same stage is pure F… ROCK’N’ROLL!! I liked much more than Elise’s version and I don’t give a damn if it wasn’t perfect! 

    I can see that Joe Perry and Orianthi are there too. It would be perfect if Depp weren’t there.

  • Anonymous

    So the rumor is Cook has been dropped.  If rumor true the label is brutal

  • alterego

    His label is no different is than any other business.  When all is said and done, the record industry is a business.  If you don’t make enough money, you’re out.  No one can be carried along.  I have always liked David Cook, but his last CD was a disappointment in as far as sales.

    It takes more than just being able to sing.  You got to have good songs, the right promotion.  There’s that intangible “it” factor.  There’s timing and luck.  You also have to be unique enough to offer something different for audiences to latch on to.

  • Anonymous

    Love the back cover art of “Thank You Camellia”! That was a very smart and creative move to include the street sign.

  • merkureye

    I don’t mean to be uncharitable but Steven Tyler’s cover of WLL is just an offense to the ears.  Can anyone think of a recent cover of WLL that blows this out of the water?  It just demonstrates how hard it really is to do Zeppelin justice.


  • merkureye

    I am starting to think Interscope is never going to release a Pia CD. For her sake, I hope I am wrong.  I wish her well.

  • Anonymous

    Pia is too busy doing photo shoots to make a CD.

  • Zarke

    She should just audition to be a bond girl!? :)

  • Anonymous

    Yay for Zeus in a thong! (who’d’a thunk that Idol would have somebody like *that* on the show?)  Great to get four stars — and even better with Willie Nelson getting only three stars in the review just below (love Willie Nelson, though …)!

  • Anonymous

    Not to The Voice: having Adam and Christina whinge and bitch at each other at every opportunity probably won’t do a whole lot for people’s anticipation of the fall season, at this point. Not only do they act like jerks, but they’re boring into the bargain. 

  • Anonymous

    From the Charlotte City Paper article:  “Many of the show’s contestants over the years possessed genuine talent
    and technique, no matter the genre in which they leaned. But more often
    than not, they seemed more interested in becoming famous on TV than
    developing their craft and growing artistically”

    I understand world-weariness and tv cynicism, etc. … But — just simply not true, at least of most of the people who’ve reached the top echelons of Idol.

    It may look that way to the (very) casual and already cynical observer, based on what they are forced to do when they put out quickie not-so-hot souvenir albums and struggle through the years to get cash to keep on doing some music. But I really really really beg to differ with this writer. Most (not all, of course) of the Idol folks have been and continue to be serious about their music and about being career entertainers, not about just being “celebs.”

    Kelly, Melinda, Blake, Elliott, Carrie, Crystal, Cook, Kris, Archie, Brooke, Casey J, and so on and so on and so on — “more interested in becoming famous on TV?” Not in the least.

  • Anonymous

    I think Phillip’s hometown is going to be disappointed. . . .