Idol Headlines for 05/06/12

Elise Testone touring TV shows and prepping for ‘American Idol’ summer tour – “I’ve always felt like I was supposed to be doing big things in my life, like it was my responsibility to be on stage and be someone people could respect for being talented but also for being themselves. “During the competition, I definitely would get nervous just before I stepped on stage, but actually being on stage felt like home to me. Knowing that millions of people were watching made me feel relieved. Ever since I was a child, the bigger the crowd, the more comfortable I felt.” – Read more at Post and Courier

‘I’m not just an American Idol puppet these days': Carrie Underwood on writing music, Adele, the Spice Girls and starting a family – I can’t wait to get to London and perform at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve been there as a visitor and been running around like a tourist but never performed there. I remember doing the whole double decker bus tour and going past Buckingham Palace. I went to Wimbledon too. I went with my mum and my sisters and it was an amazing trip. If I’m honest though I’ve got no idea about tennis and what happens in the games so I just sat there completely jetlagged and zoned out trying not to fall asleep or faint. – Read more at

Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young at the Kentucky Derby

Jordin Sparks recalls filming ‘Sparkle’ in Detroit and her strong bond with costar Whitney Houston – “Every morning, she would walk into the hair and makeup trailer and she would open the door and she’d go, ‘How are my babies today? God is good. You guys doing OK?’,” the 2007 winner of “American Idol” recalls. “She was always just so encouraging. She was so full of joy and full of light, because this was her baby. She’d been working on this movie and getting it out for, I think, 10-plus years. She absolutely loved being there.” – Read more at the Detroit Free Press

Simon Cowell’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Again Beats ‘The Voice U.K.’ in Saturday Ratings – LONDON – Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent once again won ITV1 the honor of having the highest-rated entertainment show in the U.K. Saturday night. It beat out the BBC’s The Voice U.K. for the second time in as many weeks in a closely followed weekend ratings showdown of talent competitions. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Female Stars Addicted to Buying New Homes – The “Glee” chicks are getting way too much dough to sing other people’s hits songs … ’cause 3 of ’em bought sweet new pads in the last MONTH alone! Naya Rivera — aka the hispanic one — is now in the Hills of Beverly after scooping up a 3300 sq. ft. home listed at $1.575 million. 4-bedrooms, 3.5-baths, indoor sauna AND a pool! Baller. – TMZ

Lea Michele Shoots Scenes at Grand Central Station for Glee

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are in New York City this weekend. Lea was spotted shooting scenes in Grand Central Station for the Glee graduation finale.  I’m also hearing that Glee is filming in Madison Square Park. Not sure if co-star and boyfriend, Cory was there too shoot scenes as well, or just for moral support.


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  • Mateja Praznik

     I’m the Next ‘X-Factor’ Judge, If they Call Me BackWho will be the next judge on “X-Factor”? Britney Spears … Demi Lovato … Miley Cyrus … Chaka Khan … er, what?

    right … sources close to the Queen of Funk tell TMZ … Chaka is
    throwing her hat in the ring to snag one of two vacant spots on Simon Cowell’s hit talent show.

  • Whiteshirt

    I hate how Glee treats Rachel as a character, but  I love how they continue to dress her as the most fashionably adorkable character evah! No matter what else is going on in that show (which used to be 10 tons of fun to watch and now not so much), Rachel’s clothes always make me smile.

    Pink luggage, red hat, white knee socks. Yep, that’s Rachel.

  • Mateja Praznik

    I watch a bit of X Factor Slovenia during dinner.

    We have three judges (1 female singer, 2 male musicians, all three pretty serious and not big stars) and 3 categories (groups, under 21s, over 21s). Right now we are at judges houses stage. There are 6 singers in solo categories and 5 groups left and  groups are pretty much all manufactured, I think. Each judge will take 3 acts to the live shows, so we will start with 9 acts.

    Man that mentors the groups has a guest judge that was really a pleasant surprise for me. She is from my area and we went to the same primary school and high school, but she is a year younger than me (she is 23 now). In 2005 she won singing talent contest on our national TV and is now one of our most popular singers (that singing competition produced a lot of amazing talent in three seasons and it was actually just a part of our prime time Sunday night show).

  • Anonymous

    People are missing out on loads of jokes about Cowell’s book on Britain’s 

    Got Talent tonight. Good fun!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I love how they style her.  She, Blaine, and Kurt have the most distinctive styles for their characters. 

  • larc

    We have three judges (1 female singer, 2 male musicians, all three pretty serious and not big stars)

    I’m jealous!  What a great thing it must be to have well-qualified judges who are serious about their work.  Judges on X Factor, Idol and The Voice in the US are mostly worthless.

  • Madred

    So Hollie tweeted that Phil is missing another Ford Video. In the standard business world, if you continuously miss work, you eventually get fired. Phil has missed 3 or 4 videos this season and if I were Ford and putting money into advertising, I’d be pretty upset. 

  • Mateja Praznik

     I don’t know, I’m under the impression our judges are spewing the same stuff all other judges do, but they lack glamour.

    Anyway, here is TOP 9. 3 groups, 2 males and 4 females.

  • Just Me

    At the “City Year  Spring Break” benefit for City Year Los Angeles, Ahsan, Haley Reinhart and Robin Thicke provided the entertaintment.
    Dianna Agron  on the host commitee for the event.

  • larc

    I’ve heard they are paid extra for making those Ford videos.  If that’s the case, P2 is probably just missing out on the money and apparent fun.  At any rate, he, Idol and Ford likely have an understanding.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure they are paid for being on the show, and the commercials, so it’s Phillip’s loss, but his health is more important than an extra pay check.  Ford has nothing to be upset about, since their name is still plastered all over the results show.  There aren’t losing out on anything.

  • Penny Burke

     No Celebrity Apprentice thread this week? It is almost showtime and much to discuss.

  • Anonymous

    Um no. When you have freaking kidney stones, you don’t go to work at all. Phillip is a trouper for managing to do this. I’m sure he’ll get some better treatment after the shows wraps.

  • Anonymous

    My local radio station is offering a free download of TVOL! They did the same with “Free” recently. Oh, and they even included a snippet of Kris talking about TVOL. :)—Free-Download-Every-Tuesday/7526894

  • Anonymous

    Thanks KelseyW

  • Just Me

    Photos from City Year

    JakeCaumeranPhtgrphy ? @JakeCaumeran I posted 133 photos on Facebook in the album “City Search Event 2012″

  • Pam

    Here is this week’s top 5 Idology.