Idol Headlines For 05/02/12 – The Evening Edition

Jennifer Lopez is pretaping a performance after the American Idol results  show on Thursday.  No deets yet on when it will be aired.

‘American Idol’ Top 5 on the reality of being in the Bottom 3 – With just five singers left in the competition, it’s inevitable that the more and more “American Idol” finalists will end up in the Bottom 3 each week. Perhaps it’s easy for Phillip Phillips to say, considering he’s the only one left who hasn’t had a brush with elimination, but he tries to forget about the stress involved in each week’s results show. “I try not to let pressure get to me. You’ve got to have fun. You can’t make it into a job that makes it not fun anymore,” he tells Zap2it ahead of the Top 5 performance show. “You’ve just got to take it week by week and day by day and not let it stress you out.” – Read more at Zap2it

“American Idol’s” Elise: I Didn’t Have an Attitude! – Meanwhile, Elise Testone, who was ousted last week from the competition after setting up what seemed to be permanent residence in the bottom three, says that she was largely misunderstood on the show. While many fans said in online posts they were turned off by what they perceived as her “attitude,” Elise says nothing could be further from the truth. “I’ve heard some comments on Twitter and Facebook about attitude but, really, I don’t have an attitude. I don’t think I had an attitude,” Elise tells ABC News Radio. “It’s just that…I’m older and I’ve been through a lot with the music career and the music business, so I felt more comfortable just, like, talking it out or speaking about it.” – ABC News Radio

Ghosts Singing With a Southern Twang – ATLANTA — At the bloody heart of “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County,” the Southern gothic musical by Stephen King and John Mellencamp, is a tense sibling rivalry between a novelist with a dark streak and a blue-jeans-wearing crooner. Frank (Lucas Kavner) and Drake McCandless (Justin Guarini) are surely meant to evoke younger versions of the famous team that created them. The brothers are at odds over, among other things, the attention of their parents and the affections of a woman, but creating a musical can inspire just as much tension. Just ask Bono, another pop star moonlighting as a theater composer. – Read more at The New York Times

‘Idol’ Winner Kris Allen on His New Album, Colton’s Defeat and Phillip Phillips — EXCLUSIVE – So what did the AI champ think of Colton’s faux rival Phillip Phillips’ controversial move to perform a lesser-known Dave Matthews Band song that all but sent judge Jennifer Lopez into a panic? Allen, who described Phillips as “really good,” told, “I feel like he kinda does what he wants to do, and that’s a good thing,” Allen said, “[But] if you’re going to pick a song that no one knows, you kind of have to make it epic and I don’t know if it was as epic as it should have been. But kudos to him for doing what he wants to do and playing the music he wants to play and letting everyone know what kind of artist he wants to be.” – Read more at

Jennifer Lopez Promises Hot Duets With Enrique Iglesias On Tour – It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Lopez is nearly 20 years into her music career and just now getting ready to launch her first solo tour. But on Monday the multi-hyphenate diva announced that she will spend her summer on the road with two of the biggest names in Latin music: Enrique Iglesias and Wisin Y Yandel. The trio will hit more than 20 cities on the outing, beginning with a July 14 date in Montreal at the Bell Centre, and running through gigs in Boston, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and an August 31 date in Miami at American Airlines Arena. More dates will be announced soon for the tour. – Read more at MTV

Jimmy Iovine’s Daughter and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Attend Prom Together (Photo) – The offspring of two famous California residents attended the Brentwood School prom together over the weekend. Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and Jade Iovine, the daughter of Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman and American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine, are self-described “best friends” according to a tweet by Patrick Schwarzenegger which included a photo of the couple in their best formal wear (see above). Jade, wearing a white strapless gown, is seen pinning a boutonnière on her date’s tux. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Exclusive Video: So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Promo! – What’s that, reality-show addicts? Why it’s the sound of the So You Think You Can Dance theme song, rising in the distance, as we get ever closer to the show’s Season 9 premiere (May 24, 8/7c, on Fox). To help get you in the mood to dance (dance) (dance), TVLine has an exclusive first look at SYTYCD‘s latest Season 9 promo spot. Elegant leaps and death-defying backflips? Check. Shots of Nigel Lythgoe looking aghast and waving airline tickets? Check. Young hopefuls wigging out over a little bit of positive feedback? Um, of course! – Read more at TV Line

Cee Lo Green Arrest: Singer Charged With Simple Assault In 2001 – According to Star magazine and Radar Online, Green (née Thomas DeCarlo Callaway) was arrested in 2001 after reportedly threatening his then-wife and smashing in the windows of their Jaguar. The 36-year-old singer’s wife, Christina Johnson, called authorities and Green was arrested two days later for “simple assault (family violence)” and “disorderly conduct.” But Green wasn’t behind bars for long; he was released the same day on $2,800 bail. But the “F–k You” singer’s legal problems weren’t over. He failed to appear at his court date and a warrant was issued for his arrest, leading him to spend two more days in jail. Green later pled no contest to his simple assault charges and was sentenced to 12 months of probation, domestic violence counseling and random drug and alcohol testing. – Huffington Post

Showrunner Theresa Rebeck on Smash: ‘I’m Moving On’ – When NBC recently announced that creator Theresa Rebeck would be stepping down from showrunner duties on Smash (a position that was later filled by Gossip Girl vet Josh Safran), the network indicated that Rebeck could potentially still continue with the show as a writer-producer. However, when Vulture caught up with Rebeck this week at Bomb’s 31st anniversary gala at Capitale, Rebeck clarified things. “Actually, I’m moving on,” she told us. “I have other things to do. I feel like it is what it is and I’m really proud of the work I did, and it was time to do some other stuff. – Read more at Vulture

‘Smash’ star Christian Borle: Tony nominee relishes both Broadway gigs – In Christian Borle’s case, art should imitate life. As Tom, the composer of the Marilyn Monroe musical “Bombshell” on “Smash,” he can only hope to be nominated for a Tony Award. In Borle’s other job, starring in Broadway’s “Peter and the Starcatcher” as Black Stache, the absolutely fabulous pirate who becomes Captain Hook in the Peter Pan story, Borle earned a Tony nomination Tuesday (May 1). Read more at Zap2it

Glee’s Amber Riley Collapses on Red Carpet – That’s the only word that can sum up the scene tonight on the red carpet as the TV Academy celebrated Fox’s Glee. Amber Riley (Mercedes) fainted and collapsed on the red carpet in the midst of doing interviews with multiple media outlets before the cast’s panel presentation. So is she Thankfully, we are told that Amber is “fine” and was simply “feeling dizzy” after working all day today on the show.Read more at EOnline

Is Dianna Agron Leaving Glee? Jane Lynch Hints at Quinn’s Exit – “Each kid that is graduating, each senior kind of gets their own little story. There is a Kurt (Colfer) story, there’s a Rachel (Michele) story, there’s a Finn (Monteith) story and a Quinn story, so all the seniors have a little bit of something special happening for each one of them in the episode,” she teases. “Then of course there is the graduation. I haven’t read that part yet because we haven’t received it, so it’s a surprise for us.” Lynch tells us creator Ryan Murphy hasn’t shared any season four deets with her, saying, “He is keeping everything and I don’t know how much he knows right now. – Read more at EOnline

‘Glee’ Cast Shares Funny, Poignant Moments From Season 3 – The Glee cast and creators were in high spirits Tuesday during a panel promoting the show for Emmy consideration at the Television Academy in North Hollywood, where they dished on everything from Rachel’s botched audition to an upcoming body switch episode.Here are eight highlights from the funny and poignant session. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

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  • Lexie

    Just curious, did I miss a post about Kelly Clarkson having a country video for Mr. Know it All?  I turned on GAC and there it was…

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    Jimmy Iovine’s Daughter and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Attend Prom Together
     awww they so pretty :) 

  • Anonymous

    you missed it.

  • Anonymous

    Elise, it doesn’t matter if you had a bad attitude or not, what matters is that you played the part of a person with a bad attitude on TV.

  • Anonymous

    Arnold’s son looks so much like him. Wow. The pair looks so cute together. 

  • Anonymous

    S’s son is very attractive – great smile – could see him in the same biz as his dad.  (Movies, I guess, but politics also – got that look.)

  • Anonymous

    Elise should stop being defensive – it’s just not attractive.  The article didn’t help her in any way, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Another pic of Kris with his arm over his shoulder lol – looks cute though.

  • Anonymous

    Kris Allen – Acoustic EP Track listing: 
    Shut That Door (Acoustic)
    The Vision Of Love (Acoustic)
    Better With You (Acoustic)
    Out Alive (Acoustic)
    Leave You Alone (Acoustic)

  • indigo

    I would be upset if J Lo is performing on Idol anymore, that is just too much,she is just shameless in her promoting herself,she is vulgar and and talentless to say the least,AI contestants have more talent then her, shame on her and AI producers, that spot should be used for past AI Alums.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see J.Lo’s performance to be honest. It’s gonna be spectacular. :)

  • too-cool-for-school

    Woohoo! All good choices for the EP. :)

  • Anonymous

    The acoustic EP will do I guess. Sigh…Just saw the deluxe track list for the KAO fan edition album. It’s the same exact songs that are on the iTunes deluxe one. Guess I don’t need to get his album from iTunes then. Was hoping there would be an iTunes exclusive song/s like last time.

    Oh, and as for the remix being a bonus track? Yeah. Kind of annoyed by that. Though not as annoyed as I am about “Fighters”, and “Blindfolded” making the album, while “I’m Coming Over” and “Shut That Door” didn’t. At least we’ll still get an acoustic version of “Shut That Door” though. Better than nothing. As for the other one. I really wish that, that snippet never appeared online. It was such as catchy song so I’m sad I’ll never hear the rest of it. :/

  • milwlovesadam

    It’s a good thing I watch Idol through my DVR after the show.  Guess I’ll be skipping right through Jlo’s self- promotion again. Why don’t TPTB just stop calling them judges?  Seriously, it just detracts from the contestants. I would much rather see prior Idols than these judges, with well established careers pimping their own music.

    Most of the prior Idols with music to sell/promote would give their eye teeth for the precious time on national and international TV.

  • raya

    I’m not a fan of Jennifer’s music, but I don’t have a problem with her taking one performance slot in the course of an AI season.  I don’t count that music video bit since it wasn’t a performance really and it didn’t take away from a performance slot on the show.  It’s not like she’s performing week after week.

    It’s also not like the show hasn’t had plenty of past Idols on this season. Could there be more? Of course. But we’ve pretty much had at least one past Idol a week.

  • Anonymous

    This was nice to see on twitter earlier this evening.

    @euphonicmasters: Cutting the new David Cook single, produced and mixed by the uber-talented John Fields @strawberrius

  • Karen C

    I saw that, wondering if it’s more of a rock single, since @euphonicmasters looks like they do a lot of rock :)

  • Anonymous

    Well, now I’m expecting Aerosmith on top 3 or the finale night now ;)

    “@RyanSeacrest: Just listened to the new aerosmith album in @IamStevenT’s (pink) dressing room. Ladies, be ready to take another ride in the elevator”

  • Anonymous

    It better be spectacular.  After all, she’s probably taking 3 hours to tape it and make sure every note, dance move, and hair on her head is perfect.

  • Mary

    It’s Jennifer Lopez it will be spectacularly auto-tuned, and shiny.

  • Anonymous

    The advance copies of Kris’ album evidently went out to the media today (at least digital streamed copies)

  • Anonymous

     We can all watch her lip sync together. I agree the spots should be about the alumni.

  • Cingara

    Appropriate for JLo and Enrique to tour together – neither one can sing, and both rely on sexual schtick to rev up audiences.  He gets some female up on stage and makes out with her (REALLY makes out – at the Miami Jingle Ball it was a chunky married woman whose husband was in the audience), then gives her a rose. GAG!

  • gferna

    Hey, you guys who live up there in the US, I read on Twitter that Adam will co-host with Kelly Ripa on May21st week… Is that true?

  • Kayla

    Hey, you guys who live up there in the US, I read on Twitter that Adam will co-host with Kelly Ripa on May21st week… Is that true?

    Not as far as I know. I think people are just talking about things they hope might happen, there’s been no announcement at all.

  • Anonymous

    Which Adam, Levine or Lambert? 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not complaining. RCA is giving us fans a lot more in the way of extras than Jive did.

  • gferna

    It says Lambert:
    “Susie Fierce?@SusieFierce
    @kellyripa Adam Lambert would be beyond epic as your co-host during week of 5/21-5/25!!! Dying to see that. You’d kill together. <333"

    But maybe Kayla is right…

  • Anonymous

    The way I read that tweet is she’s suggesting Adam as a co-host during that week. 

  • gferna

    On second thought, I think you’re right …

  • Diana

    Weird that that Hollywood article has Kris saying that he hasn’t picked any favorites this year – he has not been shy about expressing how much he likes Joshua and Jessica and has definitely called them his favorites before.

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping to see “I’m coming over” as a bonus track too. Sigh. Maybe we’ll hear it in concert at some point..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I wish that there are different extra songs on the Acoustic version.
    Love Too Much and I’m Coming Over. I just want all Kris songs.

    I’m praying for RCA to be smart enough to get Kris’ radio promos going.
    This album is so full of great songs, sads to waste that.

  • Kayla

    Oh yay Adam’s looking badass at the shoot for the NCOE vid! Looks like the casting notice about a dystopian rebellion theme might be real, can’t wait for the new vid!

    Rebels on the run. ‘it only gets better if we want it to’

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I’m happy with the fan extras(acoustic EP, and signed photo/lyric card). Those are very cool and I can’t wait to get them. :) Jive had a signed “lithograph” last time that I didn’t manage to get, but the extra songs at WalMart and iTunes were just as cool. As far as extras as a whole? Well…RCA’s an improvement over Jive, but there’s a lot of things I was hoping he would get and he didn’t. That’s just the greedy Idol collector fan in me though. lol I should’ve realized that not everyone at RCA is going to get “The Making Of The Album” DVDs, t-shirts, and photos/posters. Not to mention additional unique items included in fan editions that cost well over a hundred dollars…It’s not a big deal though, and fans finally getting an acoustic EP from Kris is more than enough in the end.

    I’m just mad that he didn’t get extra songs we haven’t heard yet put on iTunes or elsewhere. Especially since I was planning on getting his album from iTunes, but now there’s no point. I love Kris, but buying two physical albums is more than enough for me. Extra songs on iTunes would’ve been an added incentive for me to buy the album a third time.