Idol Headlines for 04/27/12

Carrie Underwood has a busy schedule coming up to promote her forthcoming album, Blown Away set to be released on May 1. Here’s where you’ll be seeing Carrie in the week’s ahead.

4/30 GMA interview
4/30 Live On Letterman (VEVO)
4/30 Letterman performance
5/1 GMA concert in Times Square
5/1 iheartradio concert (streaming online)
5/3 Idol
5/9 Ellen Degeneres Show
5/10 Jimmy Kimmel Live
5/15 Dancing with the Stars
5/20 Billboard Music Awards

American Idol Backstage Scoop: Why Did the Audience Boo Katy Perry’s Performance? – While waiting to find out who was going to leave the Idol stage, the audience was getting beyond pumped for Katy Perry to perform. Screaming, squealing and excited chatter was bouncing off the walls. The stage manager and audience coordinator refused to let the crowd in on the secret that the performance was actually pretaped. They kept teasing by saying, “Should we tell them? Do you want to tell them? OK, let’s just let it be a surprise.” That “surprise” was nothing but massive disappointment for Katy fans, who began boo-ing the stage and being very vocal about their disapproval of only seeing a pretaped performance. We have to agree with the audience that it was one big Booooo! – Read more at EOnline

Constantine Maroulis critiques the Top 6

When a Pop Star Comes to School… – For one ecstatic hour last Monday, the Robert Frost Middle School gym in Granada Hills was transformed into a rock venue, packed with hundreds of screaming music fans who had voted madly on Facebook for a month to make this day happen. “They said I should talk to you about why music matters to me,” Season 8 American Idol Winner Kris Allen told the awe-struck students, as he took the stage. Allen visited Frost last Monday to kick off the Starburst Music with the Masters series. Starburst is donating $250,000 to VH1 Save the Music Foundation, a organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music programs in public schools across the country. – Read more at Galatzan Gazette

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  • Anonymous

    @KrisAllen and @HaleyReinhart in the office today?? Wooo hooo!

  • Anonymous

    Constantine is a DOUCHE.

  • HaleysShindig

    Douche Insights about Idol from Constacrap! Yay! 

  • Anonymous

    The frame that video of Connie is stopped on scares me. lol  It definitely is not a flattering sight.

  • Pam

    There is just something about Connie’s stares that just gives you the creeps.  He makes him look so skeevy.  lol  Imagine him critiquing idol contestants.  Heh

  • Van

    Glee’s cover of Kelly’s song “Cry”

  • Anonymous

    New radio concert announced. Adam is headlining the Fresh94.7 freshtival in Washington DC.

  • Lovesyesha

    Damn! Why does Constantine suck so much!? Hey man, guess what, you are not a real rocker!!!! You have no place critiquing these kids! (well, except phillip because obviously he’s a better singer than him) lol

  • Anonymous

    Daughtry — “Outta My Head” and interview on “Live with Kelly”

  • LJR

     since it may not get it own thread, here is a video of David Cook singing Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” at his concert last night.  He is looking & sounding Great.

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    FOX won the night with viewers 18-49 led by American Idol’s adults 18-49 3.9 adults 18-49 rating, which was down from last week’s 4.0.

    CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.0 13 12.520
    FOX American Idol 3.9 12 14.449

  • Lexie

    Conan brought up Scotty’s “diss” of Jack Black last night in an interview with the comedian…pretty funny:)) 

  • Anonymous

    I just realized that Constantine is more boring than he is a douche.

  • Anonymous

    I would be the first one to call Connie a douche-nozzle, don’t get me wrong – but he said nothing here I didn’t sort of agree with, and he was actually very gentle.  I find him more silly than annoying at this point.  And hey, he HAS had a career, so props. Who would have thunk it? ;)

  • TylerWV

    umm…Constantine, Elise has a band and has been doing the bar scene.  Sometimes 10 gigs a week she said.  Do your research jerk.

  • Leandro

    Constantine’s reviews are awesome. I like his arrogance and rudeness. And I like how he annoys people too, he he

  • Tinawina

    Yeah, I watched it to see what the hubbub was about and although Constantine is a highly annoying character, this was okay and even had some funny moments. I wouldn’t mind watching this every week.

  • Anonymous

    I’m no fan of the guy, but Constantine was spot on in his analysis about Philip. 

  • Miz

    Watching that fuse thing with Constantine, all I could think of was Wayne’s World. Except in a creepier stoner way.

  • Anonymous

    When people attend the Idol results show, do they usually know whether to expect a live or a pre-taped performance by a guest artist? I’m just trying to understand why the Katy Perry incident is so controversial, given that a lot of these performances are pre-taped.

  • Miz

    MJ, thanks for linking the article on Kris Allen’s VH1/Starburst Music With the Masters program at Robert Frost Middle School. I really appreciate reading about what he did there. Awful to read that two of the teachers who started the music program are having their jobs cut due to lack of funding for education and the arts here in Los Angeles.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure what Elise expected to get out of AI. I’m sure we’ll see more of her ‘appreciation’ towards AI in her interviews to come. 

  • breakdown

    Oh geez, I couldn’t get thru all of Conny’s review.

  • Anonymous

    Because the audience wasn’t told ahead of time that she wouldn’t be there in person. They weren’t expecting to see her pre-taped. 

  • Anonymous

    Haha!  Constantine’s FuseTV Idol recap was actually pretty funny and snarky but spot on with his critiques.  I would watch this every week.

  • No Thanks

    I usually associate Constantine with “douchebag” BUT he was DEAD ON with his critiques.

  • windmills

    Carrie’s Billboard Q&A is live now. She’s currently talking about the new album.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I feel like I’m constantly hearing about them being in the same room or appearing at a similar gig and yet I still haven’t seen a nice pic of Kris and Haley together. Sigh. It’s got to happen sooner or later.

    Maybe we’ll get a pic of them on album release day. Holding up copies of each others albums. Not sure I could handle the all around cuteness of a moment like that though. It would make me a very happy Idol fan however. Enough so that I might even no longer care if my fave ever wins Idol. lol/jk

  • Anonymous

    Still a terrific voice and a very nice personality as well.

  • Anonymous

    Still a terrific voice and a very nice personality as well.

  • Trina

    Eh, I actually agree with most of what Constantine said. He’s no different than the other Idols who express their opinions and critique these contestants every week.  He’s definitely said some douchy things over the years but I gained a whole new respect for him after seeing him in Rock of Ages, which he was incredible in and did a great job singing rock songs. I’ll just add that role nabbed him a Tony nomination. He’s carved out a nice career for himself.

  • Anonymous

    David did not look attractive here and his constant “chawing tobacco” or whatever it was did not help.   A messy performance – he’s done a lot better than this.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Misha B from XF UK released mixtape:

  • Sassycatz

    David did not look attractive here and his constant “chawing tobacco” or whatever it was did not help.

    It was a rodeo so he wasn’t dressed up, and he was chewing cinnamon gum. He *always* chews cinnamon gum at every performance. It keeps his throat moist.

  • Anonymous

    Well that is your opinion but he’s looking better than ever, new haircut and all.    His “chawing tobacco” is cinnamon gum he chews for dry mouth.  This was an amazing version “Whole Lotta Love”.  David is always about the music and not the circus production that so many “artists” think they have to have.  Since this was at a rodeo, I think he did an admirable job.  Lot’s of new ears from what I hear on twitter. And before the rodeo jokes start, Kelly and Daugtry have played at rodeos before. 

  • Anonymous

    I like David and his music – love the recent EP – “Goodbye to the Girl” is just beautiful there.  Hope he continues to do well.  Still don’t like the gum.

  • Cassie Barker

    How did chewing gum become “tobacco chawing”?All Cook fans know he always chews cinnamon gum to keep his throat moist. That is well documented in many of David’s interviews. 
    I thought David and the band sounded great last night and LOVE that he sang WLL. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the story about Kris at the middle  school for the VH1 Save the Music Event – from the teacher’s perspective.  I know many of idols work to raise funds and awareness for this issue, and it’s certainly needed as demonstrated by that sad reference to two of the three teachers who started the music program there potentially losing their jobs.  Love the part of the story where Kris donnates his piano – heartwarming.

  • Anonymous

     Daughtry sounded great on Kelly this morning. Watched it at work, on the TV in the breakroom. The boss is a huge Daughtry fan, so we all had a real good morning :)

  • kesia monteith

    I do not like Constantine very much…but I don’t see what the problem was with his commentary. It’s harmless compare to the overall comments on the Idol blogs, which carries much more vitriol.

  • Anonymous

    Colton will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight!!/CDixonAI11/status/195952282276331520

  • Anonymous

    ”All Cook fans know he always chews cinnamon gum to keep his throat
    moist. That is well documented in many of David’s interviews.”

    Not everyone viewing this will be an invested Cook fan, so the chewing may come off looking a little …messy to the casual fan. If it’s done to ease a dry mouth or throat, it makes sense. Image and looks and appearance do play a part in how singers and entertainers are perceived/branded/marketed, so that gum being mistaken for tobacco might not be so bad a thing… large contingent of chawin’ tobacco lovers love country music and NASCAR etc., so there ya go :)

  • pj

    While I truly believe Constantine is a douche, I thought that was mildly entertaining. 

    I also enjoy it when ex-Idols go off script and don’t pander. So, yeah.  *shrug*

    ETA: Of course, I’m not invested so that helps.

  • Sassycatz

    Image and looks and appearance do play a part in how singers and
    entertainers are perceived/branded/marketed, so that gum being mistaken
    for tobacco might not be so bad a thing… large contingent of chawin’
    tobacco lovers love country music and NASCAR etc., so there ya go :)

    Okay … then it’s chewing tobacco. ;-)

    But, the plaid shirts are definitely the real deal.

  • raya

    I was wondering about this because I thought Colton would have done this last Friday.  Though maybe Leno wasn’t taping last week?  It’s weird because some of the booted Idols have done it the day after they were booted and others not until the following week.  Erika and Heejun wound up doing Leno together for some reason or another.  I guess no Elise until next week?

  • V Jemmy

    Didn’t see anything wrong with Constantine’s comments.  Thought he was actually pretty amusing and spot on on a number of things.

    It’s no worse than what they do on Idology/did on Idolatry.

  • Incipit


    “Okay … then it’s chewing tobacco. ;-)”

    Bwahaha! – Of course, Sassycatz. ‘And other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?’

    (Old joke about priorities – which are not hair cuts and plaid shirts and chewing gum. *chuckle*)

    The priority is –  that’s a great fan video, with really good sound – of a song David loves to do at concerts, and does very well. Maybe now that he’s finally done the vocals for the WLL snippet, (for the first time) instead of just letting it be an instrumental break to allow the drummer and lead guitarist to shine – he’ll do the two more often. Even if the partial WLL is a tease. *snerk* At the concert, it segued directly into “Bar ba Sol”, and the three together brought a great reaction from the crowd, which was estimated at around 6,000, so we’ve been told.

  • Roger Kramjet

    They are making fun of Daughtry for loving himself a bit too much on MSN headline page lol

  • windmills

    In addition to the Billboard Q&A which is archived here, Carrie did a couple radio interviews with New York City stations (HAC stations and Fresh 102.7). And, she apparently did an interview with Dean Piper of the Sunday Daily Mirror in the UK according to his tweets:!/deanpiper/status/195966397732499456

    Just about to have a glass of vino with @carrieunderwood in NYC. Where are the #carrieunderwood fans at?!!/deanpiper/status/195980577256644609

    Carrie had red. I had white. She’s lovely. A proper personality too. And excited about her debut UK date on June 21 at the Albert Hall.

    As I mentioned in the numbers thread it looks like her show at Royal Albert Hall on 6/21 sold out in 7 or 8 hours. By “looks like” I mean searching for tickets at Ticketmaster UK and the RAH website now pulls up nothing available. I don’t think there’s official confirmation of a sellout yet.

    And, this NBC press release spoils the songs the teams will be performing together on Monday as well as saying Blake will sing his new single (Over) on the show Monday. It also mentions what Javier, Dia, Vicci, and Beverly will be singing on the Tuesday results show as well as who they’ll be singing with.

  • Anonymous

    IMO, his priorities, after the failure of TLM to connect to anyone much outside of his base, would be to now try to expand his audience past said base.  Those little things like appearance, image – even the perception of him chewing tobacco instead of gum from a noninvested casual observers POV, for someone in his position I’d think would be important. Seems like his label and invested fans keep trying to sell or think of him in more ‘rock’ terms and attitude (it’s all about the MUSIC man, don’t give a eff bout anything else). IMO David still swims in the POP music pond – and POP is all about the image, the way you look can make a big difference, but we see lately that he doesn’t think that’s important, lol… *SHRUGS* His choice. Maybe he’ll try country on for size… he’s got the ‘chawin’ down pat, but they seem to be getting more image conscious lately :)

  • Incipit

    “After playing the rodeo, maybe he’ll try/is thinking of trying country on for size..”

    *chuckle* Well, klimat, after playing the rodeo in Fresno – DavidC is trying Tiger Jam on for size tomorrow night at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, with John Bon Jovi. I have no idea what he will wear, sorry. No doubt, something appropriate to the occasion, as he always does.

    But I can report back – since you were so sweet, and gave me that opening to mention the gig. *wink*

  • Kariann Hart

    I enjoyed Constantine’s review of the Idol’s performances.  Maybe having met him makes me like him more, but I really liked seeing this, especially since I don’t get the FUSE network.

  • Anonymous

    Those little things like appearance, image – even the perception of him chewing tobacco instead of gum from a noninvested casual observers POV, for someone in his position I’d think would be important

    But rather less important than losing control over one’s voice because one’ throat is drying out, no?

    As for image, have you seen Jason Mraz or Andy Grammer lately?

  • Anonymous

    I’m jealous of all Carrie’s promos, now if only RCA will send Kris to more radio promo. :(