Idol Headlines for 04/24/12 – The Evening Edition

Kelly Clarkson hits the big 3-0. She tweets “Today I am 30 years old YEAHHHHHHHH!!!! I am happy, healthy, and looking forward to my thirties! Have an awesome day everybody!”

Phil Stacey tweets a reminder to watch the Dove Awards tonight on GMC TV. Phil, Mandisa, Danny Gokey and Ruben Studdard perform together. The show airs at 8 and 10 pm.

Idology: Who Should’ve Paid to Save Colton? And Is Phillip Season 11?s Only True ‘Artist’?

Colton Dixon on the Tom Sullivan Show

Prosecutors play video at Hudson slayings trial – Prosecutors played a 3-minute-long surveillance video Tuesday afternoon that showed the defendant, William Balfour, getting out of a car at a gas station not far from where the murders occurred on Oct. 24, 2008. Balfour has said he wasn’t in the area at the time. Hudson rested her head on her knees for several minutes as the video played on a courtroom screen. – Read more at the Chicago Tribune

More interviews with Carrie Underwood: Carrie describes her album to iHeartRadio. In a 3 part video interview with the Opry, Carrie talks about her musical influences HERE, The making of “Blown Away” HERE and the music behind “Blown Away HERE.

Beauty by Example: Carrie Underwood

Carrie talks about her mom for Olay

TWIST Chats with Haley Reinhart! – TWIST: Can you tell me about your song “Free” and your upcoming album? Haley: “Free” just came out. It’s an empowering break up tune. It’s kind of the more mature way of saying, ‘I know we love each other but this thing kind of has to end if we want to be the happiest beings we can be.’ I actually wrote the majority of material. It was a very fast paced writing process. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. The album really defines me. I’ve always been a songwriter. It was really great finally getting to splurge and get it all out on paper. – Read more at Twist

Catching Up with Stefano Langone

Stefano will perform his new single “On A Roll” on Thursday’s Idol. He talks about his new single with

‘American Idol’s’ Kris Allen Visits L.A. Area Middle School to Promote Music Education – A gymnasium filled with some 400 eager teenagers in navy blue Frost M.S. T-shirts and khakis erupted into shrilly cheers as soon as American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen entered the room. The 26-year-old Arkansas native had a mission: to share with the middle school students the important role music has played in his life — so he included brief renditions of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and pop hits like Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” and Katy Perry’s “Firework” to tell the tale. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Katharine McPhee: From ‘Idol’ runner-up to a ‘Smash’ hit – Singer and now actress Katharine McPhee is enjoying life as an “American Idol” alum. Since finishing season 5 as the runner-up, McPhee has sold more than 400,000 albums, and she’s launched an acting career. On NBC’s freshman series “Smash,” she plays wannabe Broadway star Karen Cartwright, who has the technical training to make it on stage but learns that the off-stage drama might stand in her way. She recently sat down with “Showbiz Tonight’s” Kareen Wynter to talk about life on set, her work with the non-profit group Malaria No More, and if she’d be good at judging an “Idol”-esque competition. – See the Video at CNN

‘Sweet Revenge’: Inside the mindset of Simon Cowell – Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was blaring across the dark Mediterranean. Simon Cowell pulled on his Kool cigarette. “Today was an eye-opener,” he said, gritting and swigging a freezing Sapporo beer. “I’m disappointed.” At 2:30 A.M. on August 5, 2011, Cowell had returned to Slipstream, his 193-foot chartered yacht, from Bâoli, a brash restaurant in Cannes’s harbor. “I hate this place,” Cowell had told his friends. “Getting in was trouble. I expected an elbow in my eye.” Offensive doormen had temporarily blocked his entrance after failing to recognize their famous guest. – Read more at MSNBC

Carson Daly blogs ‘The Voice’ live shows, week 4: Smooth sailing – The coaches really got it right this time. There was so much shock and awe last week — so much controversy over Jesse Campbell going home as well as RaeLynn and Jordis — that people may have been thinking, What’s going on? But it felt like there weren’t any surprises last night, which is a good thing for the show and has a stabling effect. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Tony Lucca: Covering Britney Spears On ‘The Voice’ Was ‘Therapeutic’ – “Shenanigans aside, [we thought] how could we do it musically so that it’s credible and worthy of like moving onto the next level,” Tony told Access Hollywood about performing the Britney song in front of Christina. “We did that and then after that it was all icing on the cake for there to be a ton of subtext and layers of context.” Tony – whose coach on the show is Adam Levine – told Access that he wanted to perform his former co-star’s song similar to how British rock Band Travis has covered it and thinking it would freeing experience. – Read more at Access Hollywood

Chris Colfer Teases ‘Emotional’ Whitney Episode – It’s a highly emotional hour for the characters and the actors. “Whitney Houston meant the world to me,” Chris Colfer told at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his new movie, Struck By Lightning. “I had a major musical education with this show, but she is one of the few artists I absolutely loved prior to Glee.” And much like his character Kurt, who has erected a shrine to Miss. Whit in his locker, Chris says, “I was devastated when she passed away, but what a way to honor her and sing her music. I just pray the episode turns out alright.” – Read more at

Tribeca Exclusive: Chris Colfer on Struck By Lightning & More! – CS: Can you talk about what the genesis of the film was? I know it started as a project for your speech and debate club. Colfer: I’d always known that I’d wanted to screenwrite from a very early age, since I knew what it was I’ve wanted to do, and I started this project when I was 16 (laughs) – I’m talking like it was official. It really started as like a diary almost of sorts as a way to vent my daily frustrations at public high school. I was in speech and debate and I used this story as an OPP which is a “original prose and poetry,” which is an event in the speech & debate world. So I performed all the characters as a little mini one-man show, and then I knew I always wanted to try to turn it into a movie if I ever had the chance and then the success of “Glee” kind of came, and I was thinking, “Wow I could possibly have a platform to actually make this happen” and I did. – Read more at

‘Glee’ Star Chris Colfer Reveals ‘Message’ Behind ‘Struck By Lightning’ – Even though the story is loosely based on Colfer’s high school experience, he tells us that it is not autobiographical. “Carson is a very, very driven kid who really just wants to get out of his town and is waiting for his life to begin in New York City,” he said. “That’s his goal. Meanwhile, he’s stuck in this really small town with these people whose aspirations are becoming a fireman, becoming a nurse, becoming principal of the school, and he has a hard time with it. And I think he has a really important message for kids to hear these days.” – See the Video at MTV

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  • Pam

    Happy birthday Kelly!  As far as looking forward to her 30’s.  Just wait till she can’t get her drivers license renewed without glasses.  That happeed to me the last time.  Heh

    Of course being happy and healthy is the most important thing.  :)

  • Joe Martinez


  • Anonymous

    Just a side note, but I didn’t realize Kelly Clarkson is in such good company.  Barbra Streisand turns 70 the same day KC turns 30.

  • Anonymous

    awe Kelly’s birthday…look how she started and ended that decade of life.  wonder what the next one holds for her and what ever it is…i’ll be watchin!

  • Van

    Happy Birthday, Kelly!! :)

  • Cathy Plemel

    Colton tweeted a couple of hours ago:
    “Part 1 of big news…..going back to the Ellen Show!!!!  Stay tuned for more exciting news later this week:-)”

    I was wondering when he would be on Ellen since she had him on last year when he didn’t make top 24.  She seems to be a big fan.  My guess is that the other news is another appearance of some sort.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Kelly!!! 

  • TylerWV

    Love Michael and Melinda together, although she doesnt get much chance to say anything lol.  Had to laugh at their fiddle player comments.  That dude got a lot of raised eyebrows last week.  When he first backed Carrie after she won, he was over weight and didnt look like the same man he is now.  I think he took Constantines fake grammy for eying the camera away :)

  • raya
  • Anonymous

    Mannn, Slezak’s recap is awesome if you agree with him, but this season I just get reeeaaally annoyed by his comments. Jason Averett is the best editor though. His parts are my favorite (:

  • Christa Bailey

    Happy 30th Birthday, Kelly Clarkson!!! She is so awesome and I am so happy that she is happy and healthy. What an amazing year she is having. I cannot wait for her new show to start!!!

  • Lexie

    Happy Birthday, Kelly!

    By the way, so…Scotty was on Sports Center today and just pitched a complete game shutout!!  He’s also #2 Trending topic on yahoo:))

  • Enough already!

    Enjoyed Idology as usual.   They are always spot on with the behavior of the judges, not always my personal opinion of the contestants.  Randy never knows when to shut up and Jlo should try and make a little sense.   Steven replaying old numbers, like sing the phone book.    One hopes Britneys critiques of the contestants on the X Factor make more sense to a listening audience.   I so miss Simon’s that was karaoke! even if not always deserved.   btw next week have Joshua sing the phone book and see if the judges give him a standing ovation!

  • Kitwana

    I can’t believe Kelly is only 30. With the exception of one small blip, Kelly has basically been a star in the pop world for a decade. Very impressive.

  • Indigobunting

    Happy Birthday Kelly Clarkson and Danny Gokey!

    Danny walked the red carpet at the Dove awards and also presented an award for best male vocalist – he presented with Ricky Skaggs; another country singer with gospel interests :)

    Danny on red carpet:


    Danny presenting with Ricky Skaggs:

    Danny with Kirk Franklin and Jason Crabb(male vocalist of the year)!/JasonCrabbMusic/status/193392909746323456/photo/1

  • Indigobunting

    Backstage video of short interviews of Ruben and Danny- aw Ruben thanks Danny for getting his granddaughter a better grade by giving an autograph to her teacher, lol!

  • Anonymous

    Deandre has a beautiful glow of inner goodness.  I miss him.

  • Anonymous

    That was a great little video with Ruben and Danny <3

  • Beth Fischer

    While im not a fan of Fantasia, saw she has come back to the world of Twitter, updated her fans about her personal life, told them shes currently working on her next album, and she appologized to RKelly for somthing she did.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I wonder if Colton has considered that some of his religious fans won’t approve of his appearance on Ellen?

  • DorkAngel-GBW

    Is Ruben old enough to have a granddaughter? @.@?

  • Anonymous

    Did you guys see Entertainment Tonight? Kelly was pictured with Taylor Hicks and
    Carrie Underwood and were the choices of tonights question! The question was which Idol
    winner received a goat for Christmas…. the answer was Kelly Clarkson!

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Kelly got a goat for Christmas? I hope she wanted it at least.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear she’s working on a new album, because this last one was really good. 

  • Anonymous

    An almost belated happy birthday to my two favorite Idols:  Kelly C and Danny G!

    I wish them great happiness…. and I wish they’d sing a duet some day…..

  • Indigobunting

    Perhaps a step-grandaughter- was his soon to be ex wife married before??
    Or perhaps it makes more sense if he said step-daughter- I couldn’t really hear well on my speakers……..even listened to it twice.

  • asifclueless

     Three gorgeous photos of Adam from Photoshoots.
    Pinstripes, laces and scarf … Beautiful Man!!!

    3 pics from Fault Magazine

  • indigo

    Those are some beautiful pics of Adam,ordered my Fault magazine while back,waiting impatiently for it meanwhile also ordered INSTINCT magazine,Adam graces the cove of Instinct mag, Just found out that they are working on video for Never Close Our Eyes single in next couple of weeks. So far no confirmation as to when Adam will be on Idol,does any one have info on Idol date?

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous pictures, I love the one of him in the pinstripe suit. That’s my favorite photoshoot that Adam has done so far.

  • BigNLiddle

    I actually thought a few days ago about this; maybe she’ll sign him to her label lolz (Just a thought guyssss…dont get after meee…i know the rules and suchhh of the idol contract :D)

  • BigNLiddle

     his (ex) wife was married before him and had two kids, i believe.

  • Van

    Her mom got her the goat, lol. It’s sounds funny, but Kelly and her family run an animal rescue ranch. :) 

  • Kayla

    So far no confirmation as to when Adam will be on Idol,does any one have info on Idol date?

    No official word yet. In the below radio interview this morning, the DJ asked him if he was going to be on Idol the week of his album drop, and Adam said “I’m not sure exactly when I’m doing Idol, it’s somewhere around there.”

    Hard to say whether that’s just Adam being Adam typically fuzzy about exact dates since he’s tends to focus on the events right in front of him not weeks out, or whether he does know but is being purposefully vague because Idol seems to want to announce each week themselves with a press release this year, or if which date he’s performing is still truly up in the air.

  • happyhexer

    Happy birthday, Danny Gokey!  It’s still your birthday here on the West Coast, at least for a few more hours.

    Funny how two power belters from Idol were born on the same day, albeit in different years . . .

    Go Kelly and Danny!  Hope you both enjoy/enjoyed your day.

  • happyhexer

    Funny birthday acknowledgement in the New York Times:

    Under “Current Birthday,” the NYT has a picture of Barbra Streisand, with the words “Singer Danny Gokey (‘American Idol’) turns 70 years old today” right next to it.  LOL!~

    The NYT does acknowledge Danny’s birthday (without a female picture next to the text) further down in the column, along with an acknowledgement of Kelly Clarkson’s birthday as well.

    Not what I expected from the NYT . . .     

  • Anonymous

    Nice article on Kris’ appearance at the middle school for VH1 Save the Music Foundation. I loved that he had their percussion ensemble accompany him on LLWD and he is donating his piano to the school since they lost theirs in a flood. Very sweet gesture!

  • Whiskey
  • Anonymous

    I know I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t find Idology nearly as entertaining as Idolatry used to be on EW. It doesn’t matter whether I agree with the opinions expressed about the contestants; I can appreciate any intelligent, articulate discussion of the show. But it used to be funnier (although the excerpts, subtitles, etc are still pretty good). 

    Slezak does his best, but I get frustrated with Melinda sometimes and wish she would hold up her end better. If she didn’t spend so much time on exaggerated reactions to everything Slezak says she might be able to make more of a contribution. It feels like he pontificates and she just reacts. That’s what I’m there for; I want to see more of a discussion or disagreement from those two. Yeah, that’s it – Melinda’s too polite. 

  • mmb

    Very nice review of NCOE from Rolling Stone. Especially the part re: Adams vocals. And wow at those Fault pics, especially the pinstripe suit one.

  • Whiskey

    “Kickin In” [Backing Vocals Demo] of Adam using his amazing Falsetto.

  • Anonymous

    Cheap Elliott: Just FYI, Amazon’s got the mp3 version of Elliott’s new album for $4.59.


  • Whiskey

    Fault Magazine Editor’s Note:

    “First on that list is a certain Mr Adam Lambert. Now that the issue is
    out, we’ll admit to a shameful secret. One of our editors was not in
    favour of Adam’s inclusion from the start. Now, before Glamberts start
    hurling bricks, let’s put that into context: It can occasionally be
    difficult to drop one’s blinkers in a creative environment which is so
    often saturated with mediocrity. That is particularly true when you are
    confronted with an artist who, firstly is unashamedly “pop”, secondly
    retains such a strong visual element to his personal brand and thirdly –
    lest we forget – one who shot to fame through a reality TV show. Any
    doubts this editor may have had, however, were immediately wiped out by
    attending Adam’s London showcase during which he was privileged enough
    to hear what is undoubtedly one of the finest voices in live music – of
    any genre – in the world today.”


  • ladymctech

    I just found this post now. So I missed the Dove Awards performance. If anyone finds a video of it, could you post the link here? I’d like to see that … Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh! Those Fault Magazine pics, wow! I hope Adam got to keep some of those clothes, especially the pin stripe suit and that outfit with the see through shirt, damn!
    I loved how one of the editor’s completely changed his stance on Adam once he saw him live.  “one of the finest voices in live music – of
    any genre – in the world today.” What an amazing compliment.
    Yay for the great RS review. Again the comment on Adam’s voice was so gratifying. Love the kudos he is getting for his voice and live performances.

  • Anonymous

    If Adam was smart, he would negotiate to get those clothes, especially the pinstripe suit and the outfit he had on the cover. It was great having him styled with a European sophistication. His best photoshoot so far. I can’t wait to see what comes up next.