Idol Headlines for 04/17/12 – The Evening Edition

Then and Now – Find out why the Top 7 are really excited about this week’s theme, “Now and Then”. They are pumped up to see Kris Allen and LMFAO perform!

Carrie Underwood: Kmart Exclusive Interview

Talks about her favorite song on Blown Away

James Durbin’s Yosemite honeymoon – Just as he does with his career, Durbin shows that he swims against the current even in his personal life. His unique choice for a romantic getaway with his bride, Heidi, shows that Yosemite National Park can be the perfect place for a love struck couple. The park, which spreads across portions of Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera counties in California, is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and history. It offered Durbin and Heidi a very unique honeymoon experience. Read more at FOX news

‘Smash’s’ Uma Thurman Teases Rebecca Duvall’s Impact: There’s Drama Everywhere – The battle to play Marilyn Monroe takes a bad turn on Monday’s Smash when Uma Thurman’s movie star Rebecca Duvall checks in and has some less-than-stellar notes for the production. During the episode, appropriately titled “Movie Star,” Thurman’s entitled Duvall arrives to “save” Bombshell, the musical at the center of the NBC Broadway drama by suggesting Tom (Christian Borle) and Julia (Debra Messing) alter the songs and ditch a solo as it appears the actress lacks the vocal chops to pull it off. Read more at Hollywood Reporter

Take That Singer Gary Barlow to Return as Judge on ‘X Factor’ U.K. – LONDON – Gary Barlow from boy band Take That will return as a judge on the U.K. edition of The X Factor later this year, Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment unveiled Tuesday on Twitter. He is the first to be confirmed for the music talent show’s latest season, set to kick off at the end of summer. The lineup of judges, which last year included Kelly Rowland, is expected to see some changes though after ratings last season declined amid the absence of Cowell who then focused on the launch of the U.S. version. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

‘The Voice’s’ Jesse Campbell & Jordis Unga Talk Instant Elimination – Access Hollywood caught up with Jordis Unga (Team Blake) and Jesse Campbell (Team Christina) after the show, where they weighed in on their shocking exit from the series. “It’s a bummer,” Jordis – who sang Sara Evans’ “A Little Bit Stronger,” told Access. “It stings a little to be sent home by my coach.” Jesse, who belted out Beyonce’s “Halo” and who coach Adam Levine said was a “huge, huge favorite” to win the competition, agreed with his fellow eliminated contestant. “They have high ratings for a reason…so I just respect that,” he told Access, explaining that he’s grown a great deal since first appearing on the NBC series. “This is just one wave that’s going to go right into the next wave and we’ll just move onward, upward and just continue to believe that I can [succeed] and will continue to live my dream.” – Read more at Access Hollywood

Ex-The Voice Contestant GOES IN on Fellow Contestant Jesse Campbell, “That diva’s time was up!” – Following the controversial eliminations from #TeamXtina and #TeamBlake on The Voice last night, ex-contestant Nathan Parrett (from #TeamAdam) took to his Twitter this morning to rip into fellow eliminated contestant Jesse Campbell for being a diva on the show. Parrett crRead more at ONTD

Simon Cowell I Want Britney on ‘X Factor’ … BAD! – Simon Cowell has finally admitted … he’s GUNNING HARD to get Britney Spears as a judge on the next season of “X Factor.” Cowell just called in to “TMZ Live” … and told us, “I would love to have her on the show … I think she would be a fascinating person to sit next to.” Simon said he couldn’t reveal too much about the negotiations … but did seem optimistic and hinted that he would have an answer from Britney’s camp within the week. – Read more at TMZ

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  • Zach Leswick

    I really think tomorrow will be a moment for Hollie. She needs one to make it past top 6.

  • Nick

     Don’t want to stray too far off topic here, but didn’t Simon say there will be two new female judges on X-Factor this year? Because if so, I wonder if he’s considering Kelly Rowland. I know she’s leaving the UK version, but didn’t she do a decent job at the judges table? I seem to remember reading here when she was on the show that she was really hitting it off. But I’ve heard otherwise as well, so I’m not sure. Maybe Simon explained to her she’d be leaving, but he had “something else for her” (US XF). Wait…didn’t he do that to some other female judge as well? Cherie? Cher? Haha!

    Regardless, my point being that I think Kelly would be the PERFECT choice for the last judges spot. A singer from one of the biggest girl groups of all time, a successful R&B AND dance music recording artist, and now previous experience as a judge on reality television?

    Britney will bring the star power and the viewers, and hopefully the cray cray (AKA: “The Paula Factor”)! She’ll also bring in the younger viewers and play the “nice” role. Kelly would be a perfect contrast to that. She seems to be pretty coherent and smart, and she’s got the talent and resume to back herself up. So she’d be sort of the no-nonsense, “pro” judge. The real artist/talent on the panel.

    I realize if you’re looking for a “real” artist/talent to fill the last spot, there are much better names to throw around than Kelly Rowland, but I think Simon’s put all his eggs (money) into the Britney basket. He needs a talent like Kelly, that’s not too big of a name (AKA: too expensive).

  • sandrajane

    I remember reading (on here?) that LeAnn Rhimes was in talks to be one of the judges.  Her husband spilled the beans.  So, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the other judge. 

  • Leandro

    The Voice is looking like more a bitching contest than a singing contest. 

  • Anonymous

    Yosemite – great choice for a honeymoon spot, James! Very awe-inspiring and romantic.

  • Anonymous

    So excited for the “Now and Then” theme tomorrow.  It should be good for everyone other than Skylar and Colton.  Hope Elise pulls out something special!  

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Gary Barlow will come back to X Factor Uk. I liked him a lot last year.

  • sweetmm

    Wow Nathan Parrett came across as quiet and shy when he was on The Voice, if what he tweeted were right I guess Xtina made the completely right decision.

  • rayni

    Looks like Taylor will be at the show Thursday night – think they’ll sit him behind a potted plant? :/

    @TaylorRHicksShopping spree…,gotta look snazzy for @AmericanIdol Thursday night…

  • Anonymous

    Taylor hinted on Twitter that he might be on Idol this Thursday.  He’s always so evasive! lol!

    Shopping spree…,gotta look snazzy for @AmericanIdol Thursday night…

  • Leandro

    in the battles rounds and in this interview u can see he’s kind of a diva.

  • Anonymous

    James you never cease to amaze me, what a great honeymoon! I am glad you got to spend some alone time with your bride-may you be as happy as you are today always!  God bless you and your beautiful family.  

  • Anonymous

     LOL! Priceless! Either that or they’ll make sure the camera doesn’t even pan the area where he’ll be seated. I love Taylor.

  • RustySax

    I LOVE Yosemite National Park!!!  I live less than an hour from the South Gate, and try to go at least four times a year, once each season.  Beautiful blooming meadows and raging waterfalls in the spring, a gazillion different languages all “oooing” and “ahhhing” at the spectacular scenery in summer, the blaze of colors in the fall, and the quiet serenity of the park when covered with a blanket of snow without all the crowds in winter.  Fantastic place. . .

    Trivia: Yosemite National Park is actually larger than the State of Rhode Island (over 1200 square miles), but the vast majority of visitors only see the Valley Floor – just over 8 square miles of this vast treasure.

    Wonder if James & Heidi were lucky enough to score the Bridal Suite at The Ahwahnee Hotel.  That suite has an incredible rustic charm all its own!

    Time for another visit – where’s my camera??

  • Anonymous

    Katie Farrell ? @KatieFarrelll Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
    EVERYONE, my friend @BrendaMejia will be performing LIVE on American Idol TOMORROW NIGHT starting @ 8 PM EST as ColtonDixon’s bass player!

    Hint that he’ll do a rock song tomorrow?

  • Trina

    I have a feeling Colton may surprise people tomorrow. Actually since there are two themes I dont think any of them are going to suffer too badly as long as they choose the right song. Colton should do well with the more current songs but he can easily take a sould song and change it up.

  • Anonymous

    That’s cool you live so close. I just went to brunch at the Ahwahnee but it was great. Stayed down by the river at Housekeeping Camp.

  • Jonins

    Hmm… can’t wait to see how Joshua reacts when he sees Kris.

  • lisa

    GO HOLLIE,I’ll BE VOTING FOR U!!!!!!!!

  • kesia monteith

    He might pull a “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” type performance. Wouldn’t be surprised. Guy is smart.

  • alterego

    Something tells me that the issue with Jessica needing to show more personality and picking the right song choices will be brought up tomorrow night.

  • Axxxel

    American Idol (AI) really missed the opportunity to have Kelly Clarkson as a mentor. Why did they only thought of having an AI alumn as a mentor on AI , just when Kelly was on a world tour ? So they ended up with Adam Lambert  which is ok for me because I am a fan.
    But how wonderful it would have been if it was Kelly instead … The very first American Idol… and a succesful one…as mentor… on the event where it all began… sigh sigh…

  • Anonymous

    Since LMFAO and Kris are already performing I can’t see Taylor performing as well. Maybe he’s just going to be in the audience?

  • Anonymous

    I am more excited about the results show this week than I am about the performance show.  It has been a long time since Kris has been on my TV singing new music.  It will be really, really good to see him.

  • BigNLiddle

    He was the only one who actually judged, imo

  • Trina

    That bass player for Colton just pretty much spoiled one of his song choices by tweeting a pic of her music sheet hee. and a drummer just tweeted shes playing for him too. I so caalles I  

  • Anonymous

    I will not hire that bass player again, talk about not able to keep a secret/suspense. Imagine hiring him to record a song or something and he will give out all the details, etc. Not a good move, IMO.

  • Erika Fernandez

     so what song is it?

  • Dennis Baccam

    Most (if not all) of the mentors for this season and the last have personal relationships with Jimmy Iovine through his label, which Kelly is not a part of.

  • kesia monteith

    Haha, not surprised to see it. You got to give it to Colton. Love him or hate him, he is the James Durbin of this year: Has divided the audience on him, but he knows how to perform. He really is going straight to top 4/3.

    ETA: I still feel he’ll be a bigger shock elimination than Jessica.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I bet Kelly would have done a great job. I believe they chose Adam because they wanted somebody that put on a show. They said that it was Elvis week and they wanted to have one of the best that had ever graced the AI stage and they thought of Adam. It was a great choice, in my opinion. Adam received rave reviews from everybody about how honest he was and how the advice was perfect for each contestant. I remember everybody commenting what a great job he did as a mentor. Kelly would be a great mentor maybe they should have her on for Kelly Clarkson week. She has so many hits now they could have a whole show just for her songs, right?

  • Sue

    James Durbin – Rainbow in the Dark at Stubb’s last night:

  • justmefornow

    I know, I just saw this too!!
    We sure didn’t have to wait long for video (partial though) of one of the covers, heh.
    And may I add, thank you James for picking Dylan for lead guitar. That man is a beast!
    I hope more video pops up of last night!!

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, I forgot that “put on a show” part… An American Idol alumn week would be nice with Kelly Clarkson as mentor…

  • Axxxel

    Ouch… Ok got it… it is a label thing.

  • Anonymous

    OMGGGGGG.  I can’t believe he’s doing that song!  The lyrics are definitely not CCM-friendly.  lol

    I’m surprised, to be honest.

  • Mateja Praznik

    TMZ reports Britney is close to becoming a judge on the X Factor:

  • Anonymous

    I think you are talking about Colton – so what song is he doing this week?  Now I’m a little excited.  Colton has been one of my least favorites, but I might like him if he goes a little more rock.  Maybe James was right – in that interview the other day where they asked him about the remaining Idols and asked him if Colton had it in him to do real rock like him, James said something like – Oh, he definitely has it in him.  Now I’m excited – this is the first Idol night this year that I’m actually excited now.

  • Anonymous

    Drummer in this article talks about playing for Colton’s song too:

    “I can’t say what song we’re doing, but it’s a rock rendition of a pop song. It’s fun.”

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know what this means:

    TellJimmy @TellJimmyIdol Alums to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100: Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks 

  • justmefornow

    Colton has been one of my least favorites too. But maybe he was inspired by seeing James kick Idol’s ass with that performance last week!
    I’m intrigued with what he’ll come up with.
    Show us what you got Colton! Make me a believer.

  • K

    The last person who should be an authority on giving authentic rock performances (or winning AI) is James Durbin. Dude is an embarrassing 80s hair metal cliche through and through.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think that James’ rock persona was believable when he was on AI, but I think that one of the reasons why he’s been able to make some inroads post idol when others couldn’t, is because his cd is very believable.  It’s not as pretentious as the cds from some of the alums who could be labeled indie rock, which which makes for a more enjoyable album, and makes him look more genuine.  

    Besides, it’s stretching things to say that the interviewer called him an authority on rock performances. The question was does James think that Colton can make the type of music that James does.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I know I would take a performance any day by James Durbin over any of the boring S11 top 7 that are left. 

  • Kirsten


    Does anybody know what this means:

    It means that those are the only Idols to have topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Hot 100 chart combines single sales, airplay and streams to compute what is the most popular single of the week.

    From Season 1 through 5, Idols topped the Hot 100 chart with their coronation singles. Ruben didn’t top the chart because he was blocked by Clay who released his coronation single the same week (Clive called it another chance for people to vote and vote they did).

    Idol didn’t suddenly become unpopular in Season 6. The rules changed. Until iTunes gained a foothold, single sales were dead. One could only buy CD singles which were expensive and only held 2-4 songs. Therefore, if you sold a single at all, it was considered a minor miracle. Each single sold got you twice as many points as airplay (airplay is divided by a million and sales by a thousand). Because nobody else was selling many singles, those very early Idols could have topped the chart with around 60-80K in sales.

    But then, iTunes started moving those units and the single market was no longer dead. Still, until part way through 2006 (S5), selling 100K in digital singles would get you a gold certification and 200K would get you platinum. Between S5 and S6, the Hot 100 rules changed so that single sales and airplay count as about equal. Between other people selling singles and the change in the Hot 100 rules, an Idol today would have to sell around 500K or more to top the chart with just sales (Bieber recently sold 500K and got some hefty spins in his first week and that still wasn’t enough to top the Hot 100 that week).  Almost an impossible task. The only one who might have achieved the top of the Hot 100 under today’s conditions with the sales they had would have been Clay.

    Another item causing coronation single sales erosion is that people don’t have to buy that single. Each week, a studio version of a single is released by contestants still in the competition. If one hates a coronation single (and one often does), one can buy a different song as a souvenir of the season.

    I believe that Kelly is the only Idol to have topped the Hot 100 with a non-coronation single. She has done it with “My Life Would Suck Without You” and “Stronger”

  • justmefornow

    I hit that like button about a ten times, but it only registered 1!!!

    Oh and K, just scroll down and watch that Dio cover. That’s the real James, not the toned and watered down version from Idol.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t tell from the comments what song Colton is doing – but whatever it is the buzz got my attention. I’ve been so-so about Colton, Elise has been my favorite, although I think Jessica should win. But, I think Colton really took the night last week – I was impressed. He is a competitor – so I look forward to seeing what he’s got tonight.

    That video of James Durbin and band at Stubbs – Holy Freakin Wow! I have heard James sing that song before so I knew he’d kill it. But I’ve never heard Dylan get the chance to let it soar – holy freakin cow – that guy can really really shred! Lots of tweets from people I’ve never noticed on twitter before raving about that concert and James last night. Good for him and the band!

  • Anonymous

    I saw a lot of comments too about last night’s concert from people who were Evanescence fans who said they were really impressed with James last night.  That’s a very good sign.  The guys in the band also tweeted that they had a very good night.

  • Kirsten


    He is a competitor – so I look forward to seeing what he’s got tonight.

    He’s certainly playing the Idol game well. He has done songs from a variety of genres (flipped to be his style), with a variety of tempos and from both males and females. I like it when people do their homework and strategize.

    If the contestants know what they are doing tonight, they should pick two songs that highlight different aspects of their talent. Don’t do two ballads. Don’t do two songs in a gospel style. Don’t use your favourite vocal trick in both songs  (e.g. falsetto). Mix it up. If somebody hates you doing ballads, they may love your uptempo. Give everybody in the audience something to vote for.

  • Trina

    That’s why I really like Colton. I love when contestants study past seasons and really play to win. Hes a big David Cook fan so I wouldnt be surprised if he studied his AI trajectory and how he played the game. i said the other day I hoped he took a current song and really switch it up. Smart boy!

  • justmefornow

    I’ll give you that, the boy is smart and does him homework.
    When James was on Idol last week he gave all of them a copy of his CD. Colton told him he already had it, but thanks for another copy.
    He does seem like he’s taking everything in and playing to win. We’ll see.
    He has to really bring it and WOW me before I’d be impressed though.

  • alterego

    Colton just needs to be himself. Not James Durbin, not David Cook. Comparsions are often the kiss of death.  Win or lose, he will be signed.

  • Anonymous

    He’s certainly playing the Idol game well. He has done songs from a variety of genres (flipped to be his style), with a variety of tempos and from both males and females. I like it when people do their homework and strategize.

    I like when people do their homework too, but at times with Colton it seems like it’s more strategy than originality.  I just don’t find him to be believable at times, but then I felt the same way about James, and he finished fourth and has a good album.  
    I guess I just want Colton to come off as less of a student of the show, and more like an intelligent contestant, who has his own voice.  

  • Jenifel B. Alavazo

    Hmm,  Colton might be doing the Halestorm version of that spoiler song he’s gonna sing. :D I’m calling it now! :D

  • K

    Adam was chosen as a mentor solely because his album was not doing as well as the record company had hope. I believe either Nigel or Simon Fuller admitted this to the press. That entire incident was nothing more than an infomercial for him based on favoritism, and has nothing to do with whether future Idol alumni will be picked to mentor as well. It was all about advertising Adam.

    Adam did an excellent job but that doesn’t really change the reasoning behind picking him for this in the first. He didn’t have anywhere near the real-world accomplishments to be chosen to do that task. (Of course, neither did Quentin Tarantino, so perhaps we shouldn’t judge).

  • Tinawina

    So can y’all just say what the song is Colton is singing?  Or are you waiting for the spoiler thread?

    Colton is a very smart contestant and as of now the one most likely to win IMO, but I just can’t stand his voice. It would be more fun to watch him play the game if it wasn’t for that one teeny tiny fact LOL.

  • justmefornow

    LOL. I keep forgetting about that one teeny fact too. His voice is like annoying nails on a blackboard to me.
    But people said that about James too. To each his own.

  • EH

    Colton definitely plays the Idol game well, but I can’t get past the unpleasant vocal tone, marginal vocal ability, insane grin, thinly veiled smugness, hair, etc.  

    I do hope he does the Halestorm version of the song because he is funny when he tries to rock out. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did the 30STM version, although he doesn’t have the voice or the sensuality to pull that off (which I guess makes it also potentially funny).

  • Kirsten


    I believe either Nigel or Simon Fuller admitted this to the press.

    It was Ken Warwick who told the press that. Nigel wasn’t involved with the show Season 9.

  • Anonymous

    Ken Warwick said something of that nature at the time-he is an idiot.
    Adam had years of theatre experience and is a charismatic performer-he was certainly qualified to be a mentor.

  • justmefornow

    I think you hit on something there. Colton has no sensuality to his performances, from his passionless duets with poor Skylar, to his solo ones. It’s almost like he’s asexual.

    IMO, that is a very important element for a credable, exciting rock performance. Maybe that’s his problem. That and the whiney voice, lol.

  • Anonymous

    And so did many other Idol alumni, but yet it was Adam that was picked.  Guess the pimping continued.

  • Anonymous

    His performances lack emotion for me.  He’s not delivering on the performances.  He’s doing rearrangements of popular songs, or singing obscure songs, and the only reason is so that he can be given points for doing those two things.  People have accused the WGWG with just making a song acoustic, but they’ve done more than that.  Their arrangements have had meaning, and so have their deliveries.  I’m not getting that with Colton.  

  • Nele621

    Adam’s sales didn’t pick up after he mentored, so that was a waste of time. There are many other alums he could have mentored too, before and after Adam did. Carrie and Cook seem to be a favorite of the show. I wonder if they’ll get to mentor one of these days.

  • Anonymous

    I think Colton will do the 30 Seconds to Mars version – he’s admitted to being a fan of their music.

    Can’t wait to see if it’s an awkward mess or if it’s AMAZEABALLS.  I think it could go either way tonight.  At least he’s taking risks.

    Colton’s run on Idol reminds me more of Kris’ than Cook’s.  Cook killed vocally (almost) every week – and was, to me, the clear winner of the season.  Kris didn’t have the most amazing vocal ability but boy played a smart game and picked songs well. Same can be said of Colton.

  • justmefornow

    I agree. Pretty emotionless performances.
    The irony here of course is Jessica is being accused of the same thing, somewhat cold, passionless performances. Somehow Colton is getting a pass on this same critique, showing the double standard once again. And at least she has a much better voice.

    JMO, but both need to let go a little, relax and show some emotion and passion in their performances.

  • Anonymous

    No one knows why he was chosen and who cares – he was one of the best mentors they had on the show – brutally honest and very funny – just what the kids needed.  “Here – there’s nothing going on” – circling his face and commenting on Lee – priceless and so true.  (Lee spoke afterwards about how helpful he was.)  And to Garcia – “It’s boring” – lol.  Michael Lynche commented afterwards that he hoped the people he worked with would speak about him in the same terms as the Idol crew spoke about Adam.

    Great choice for a mentor – hope they bring him back.

  • K

    There are many other alums that could have mentored too, before and after Adam did. Carrie and Cook seem to be a favorite of the show. I wonder if they’ll get to mentor one of these days.

    They’ll get to mentor when TPTB decide that they’re special enough for a handout. Which is what Adam got. There is a long list of far more qualified AI alumni with much more significant real world accomplishments than Adam’s amateur theater years, yet he was picked over actual stars like Carrie and Kelly. It was all about doing what they could for Adam and nothing more. It wasn’t about precedent and shouldn’t be seen as a sign that AI is willing to do this for other alumni in the future.

  • Nele621

    Kris was a master at picking the best songs, several sung by current artists. I think Adam had many strange song choices (Ring of Fire, Play That Funky Music, to name a couple).

  • Anonymous

    Why are we even having this My Idol Mentored Your Idol Didn’t! Fan war? It’s in the past. And the truth of it is…Jimmy Iovine is bringing Interscope artists/pals in to help him out.

    Adam is not coming back. Carrie or Kelly will not be mentoring any time soon, so I suggest we move the conversation along.

  • iani

    James Durbin-Dude is an embarrassing 80s hair metal cliche through and through.-K

    You might be right and I know many others think the same, but JD in my opinion at least has his own “embarrassing hair metal cliche” persona you to get it and talk about it and that is OK for me. It seems that some people liked his AI-performance though, he sold 6k albums last week, pretty good for a “poser and a douche” of S10. But it’s not OK for me when I see performers copying artists persona,  and I’m not talking about of a cliche musical era, I’m talking about direct artists. Well, it happened when I saw some TV-videos and one singer in particular not only “acting” through the camera to “create” a double-image  of a popular artist, but even getting the shape of her long nails and polish-color, not so American style, along with hair-style and more. That is out of consideration for me to talk about being “you” as a future artist you want be and the way you try to “sell” herself/himself to the audience/viewers.
    And you are right, enough with SF favoritism for his XIX artists( now Adam is out) it’s “the time” for some of them to be helped find their ways to be promoted  out of AI-audience too, not only using the easier way possible for SF and his team to do their “polished” managerial jobs and playing “charities cards” for some extra client/fans sentimental cheap points.

  • Anonymous
    I found old article from MJs for you as it contains facts that are pertinent to this conversation.