Idol Headlines for 05/09/12 – The Evening Edition

Kris Allen predicts American Idol winner – In a new interview with Logan and Nicole in the Morning on Philadelphia radio station Mix 106.1, Season 8 American Idol winner Kris Allen predicts the winner of the latest season of American Idol. Although he admits Jessica Sanchez is “killer,” the singer says, “I think Phil Phillips will win.” – Listen to the Interview at WTAM

News: Keck’s Exclusives: Idol’s Jessica Sanchez Booked For PBS’s National Memorial Day Concert – Just four days after America Idol crowns its next winner (the finale airs May 23, 8/7c on Fox), finalist Jessica Sanchez will be on the West Lawn of America’s Capitol building. Jessica has been added to the lineup of PBS’ National Memorial Day Concert (May 27, 8/7c), featuring such celebrities as CSI:NY’s Gary Sinise, Ellen Burstyn, Selma Blair, Dennis Franz, Natalie Cole and Chris Daughtry. “I’m going to be singing the national anthem and ‘The Prayer’,” Jessica tells me exclusively. Having previously sung “The Star-Spangled Banner” at two San Diego Chargers football games and “The Prayer” on Idol, Jessica says she’s more excited than nervous about the upcoming live event. “I’ve known these songs my whole life and they’re both special to me. I’m really happy about this.” Read more at SeattlePI

Jury begins deliberations on Jennifer Hudson family murders – The fate of the man accused of killing three of Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s relatives is now in the hands of a jury. After four hours, closing arguments wrapped up Wednesday in the trial of William Balfour, with prosecutors stressing that there’s plenty of evidence to convict him, while defense attorneys said authorities simply tried to pin the crime on Balfour before investigating. – Read more at the Chicago Sun Times

‘American Idol’: Phillip Phillips admits ‘I should’ve been in the bottom’ – “I [try to] forget about how I’ve never been in the bottom, because I mean I know I should’ve been and it at least two or three times and it hasn’t happened,” he tells Zap2it. “I know a lot of people will go by past performances as well [when they’re voting], but a couple of times at least I should’ve been in the bottom — but I feel so blessed that I haven’t been.” – Read more at Zap2it

‘American Idol’: Jessica Sanchez on the problem with her tight dress – Sanchez tells Zap2it that she thinks the judges might not have taken issue with her tiny white number had she not worn it during the upbeat, sassy “Proud Mary.” “I think it was just becaus, like, I had my tight little dress on. I mean, if It were for ‘You Are So Beautiful’ it might not have been a problem. But I sang that song ‘Proud Mary’ and then I danced around everywhere and I flipped my hair everywhere and it was big and my makeup was on and it was all just way too much to take in for America, you know?” Frankly, she isn’t changing her look up much for Top 4 week. “I’m still going with dresses,” she explains. “They might be a little [on the small side] but I won’t be dancing around this time so [hopefully it’ll go over better].” – Read more at Zap2it

Has ‘American Idol’ gotten too touchy feely this season? – LOS ANGELES – Last week, a giddy Jennifer Lopez caused a stir after she declared that Joshua Ledet, the 20-year old soul singer from Westlake, Louisiana, was “one of the best singers (she’s) seen in 50 years.” While Ledet has unquestionable talent, many fans thought Lopez’s hyperbole epitomized the problems with the kinder, gentler version of “American Idol” since cranky British judge Simon Cowell left the series two years ago (not even addressing the fact JLo is only 43!).- Read more at FOX News

10 Things I Hate About ‘American Idol’ (Besides The Singing And The Judging) – Ryan Seacrest’s double/triple/quadruple fakeouts. Our host used to screw with the contestants by teasing the results before throwing to a guest performance or commercial. Now he gives those results using sentences so convoluted, with so many double-backs and twist-arounds, that you need a white board to diagram them and unpack their actual meaning. Frustrating the singers, yes. Confusing them entirely, no. – Read more at

Casey James Credits His Mother for Pushing Him to Try Out For ‘American Idol’ – “Maybe I was afraid to try out because I thought that I would fail, and then I got to thinking, ‘What’s the worst-case scenario?’ They’re gonna say no. That’s it. That’s the worst-case scenario. And you can’t make decisions based upon the worst thing that can happen. You need to make the decisions based upon the best thing that can happen. So that’s what I did. I went, and, you know, things went really well.” – Read more at Country Music Is Love

Life is peachy for CMT Awards nominee Lauren Alaina – America watched 17-year-old Lauren Alaina rise to stardom throughout the tenth season of American Idol and now we’re seeing her graduate to new honors. This bubbly Georgia native and Idol runner-up’s debut album, Wildflower, climbed to the number one spot of the iTunes country chart the day of its release in October 2011. Since then she has been the opening act for Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party Tour,” and was personally asked by Steven Tyler to sing background vocals on Aerosmith’s new album. – Read more at USA Today

Haley Reinhart: Live & Exclusive! – Last time, she was singing about Wasted Tears, but this time she’s Hit the Ground Runnin!! And wow!! Gurl just keeps on growing!!!
U gotta check this one out (above)! – See the Video at Perez Hilton

Adam Levine: There Were No ‘Bad Intentions’ Towards Christina…

Jermaine Paul Says ‘Voice’ Victory Makes Him Feel “Complete” = Jermaine Paul had been on the sidelines of the music scene for years before winning Season 2 of “The Voice” this week, singing backup for the likes of Alicia Keys (who actually phoned him during Tuesday’s finale while he was onstage). And speaking backstage to Yahoo!’s Reality Rocks after his win (and right before heading off to celebrate at the afterparty), he proudly declared that all his hard work had finally paid off. “It means the world to me to be here. It helps me make sense of everything that I’ve done thus far. I know that sounds crazy, because this is a reality show, but that’s just how it is,” he said. “I’ve been singing background for 10 years, and I’ve been pursuing a solo music career for 17 years. And believe it or not, sometimes you’ve got to play the background to be up front. And that’s what I had to do, and it actually helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I feel so complete.” – Watch the video at

The Voice Winner Jermaine Paul: Former Boss Alicia Keys Is “So Proud of Me” – Named as The Voice’s second season champ, the 32-year-old R&B performer tells Us Weekly his former boss Keys, 31, was among the first to congratulate him on scoring a record deal with Universal. “She called me onstage,” Paul said after the show of Keys, whose manager is Paul’s close friend. “She was screaming at the top of her lungs. She made me feel like a million bucks.” – Read more at US Magazine

‘The Voice’: On the scene for the season 2 finale – Stuck in traffic on the way to the finale of The Voice tonight, I felt a palpable excitement, PopWatchers. Last night’s epic battle of Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann, Juliet Simms, and Tony Lucca had featured such fireworks – both literal and (yes, Adam) metaphorical – I felt certain that I was about to bear witness to a dramatic spectacle! Would Christina punch Adam in the face? Would Tony Lucca’s wife rip out Christina’s weave? Would audience members spontaneously combust in the heat? I did not know, but I was prepared for anything. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Howard Stern talks about playing nice on ‘America’s Got Talent’ – Indeed, Stern has always had a fondness for finding people with unusual skills and giving them a platform to either shine or humiliate themselves. However, sometimes it seemed he was more interested in amusing himself and his audience than in nurturing talent. Now he has to be nice, or at least nicer — the sensibilities of a broadcast television audience are far more delicate than for satellite radio. He insists that won’t be a problem. “I think to come in and say now I’ll be the harsh judge to fit the stereotype is ridiculous,” he said. “Anyone who listens to the radio show knows that there are times you’re harsh and there are times you’re overly compassionate. It’s called being a full human being.” – Read more at the Los Angeles Times

Simon Fuller, Lionsgate Team for Musical TV Drama – Lionsgate will team with “Amerian Idol” producer Simon Fuller to develop a scripted musical TV drama series that will follow “the lives and loves of a young California rock ‘n’ roll band,” the partners announced Wednesday. Showrunner meetings are underway, and the series is being shaped for both broadcast and cable outlets. Lionsgate and Fuller have launched a nationwide search for four young actors who are also skilled musicians to portray the band members. – Read more at The Wrap

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  • Penny Burke

    No mention of Clay Aiken and his views on President Obama’s stand on same sex marriage? This is big.

    Yesterday on CNN:

    Today on MTV:
    Clay Aiken, President Obama Angered By North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban

    Clay is on Piers Morgan tonight with Jesse Tyler and Lewis Black

  • Stefan Wind

    All these articles either mention Dave Matthews or B.B. Chez…do the authors of these articles even follow AI and know which contestants are actually gaining momentum? Both of those two are soooooo last month. =)

  • SamC

    well either jessica or phil is gonna win (phil will) so…..

  • Tess

    Oh…my dementia is kicking in again.  I thought we had already passed through April and were well into May.  LOL…MJ, April must have been a good month.

  • Anonymous

    Adam just tweeted he finished filming Chelsea Lately which will air tomorrow night and he will be on Good Morning America on Monday :)

  • Anonymous

    Adam just tweeted he finished filming Chelsea Lately which will air tomorrow night and he will be on Good Morning America on Monday :)

  • Anonymous

    Adam on Good Morning America Monday, that’s a surprise. I can’t wait to see him perform.

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the “exclusive” clip on the SMASH facebook page for next week’s finale . You “Ellis” haters will be pleased (for now ;)

  • Anonymous

    Adam just tweeted that he’s going to be on GMA on Monday

    @adamlambert where else can we expect to see u on tv besides chelsea and idol these next couple of weeks? :)

    1hAdam Lambert?@adamlambert@melirose89 good morning America on Monday!!

  • swansteel

    Haley Reinhart–a true talent. 

  • Anonymous

    So glad Casey listened to his Mom and tried out for the show! 

  • Anonymous

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! DC’s single is UP! 

  • Reflects On Life

    I pulled up my YouTube and this ad showed up on my front page – Adam Levine is now associated with the newly-formed “Own It” project, asking adults with ADHD to submit their stories of coming out as ADHD and “owning it”.

    Adam Levine coming out as ADHD is like Chris Colfer or Adam Lambert coming out as gay… duh!

    (If this does not qualify as a Headline post, pls delete.)

  • CircadianDomination

    And it’s awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    Article about Casey J.’s mom encouraging him to try out for Idol was cute.  We Moms always know best.

  • Anonymous

    Kris is having a private Thank You Camellia listening party for media & industry peeps in LA Friday.  His street team has a sweepstakes to win exclusive tickets to the event. 

    @belindasLAmusic from LA Examiner had tweeted about it earlier today. She will be there.

  • Joseph P

    Wow, Kris, you’re a disappointment. You think Phil will win? Bummer.

  • too-cool-for-school

    He’s just going with the safe choice, haha.

  • Anonymous

    That’s an awesome opportunity for fans! If they live in CA. Sigh. :(

  • Anonymous

    lol he’s only saying what most everyone thinks. he didn’t say he wants PP to win…

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Oh, those animals are so adorable!

  • Anonymous

    I totally love that song from Haley! I really hope Hit the Ground Runnin’ becomes a single. It’s so groovy and catchy. I really think so.

  • Anonymous

    New Kris radio show in Florida:

    97.9 WRMF ? @979WRMF
    OUR FREE PARTY IN THE PARK AND ARTISTS REVEALED! See@KrisAllen, @John_Waite, and @EricHutchinson for FREE at@MiznerParkAmphi on June 9 !

  • randi

    Wow, Kris, you’re a disappointment. You think Phil will win? Bummer.

    If you listen to the interview he says he “thinks” P2 will win but then he goes on to say that it’s time for a girl to win and that if anyone is ready to take this it’s Jessica.  He’s just saying what everyone else already knows is the truth, P2 had this in the bag from top 13 on.

  • randi

    No mention of Clay Aiken and his views on President Obama’s stand on same sex marriage? This is big.

    Clay is talking specifically about the NC ban on domestic partnerships not about Obama’s stand on marriage equality.  Sad that NC did pass that horrible amendment. 
    However, many celebrities have spoken publically spoken out about President Obama’s very public stand on marriage equality.

    Singer Adam Lambert
    “It is great that President Obama had the guts to speak out -even in an election year- for the traditional American values of justice and equality for all.”

  • Anonymous

     Aw, that was so cute. Thanks for the video, girlygirltoo.

  • Penny Burke

     “Clay is talking specifically about the NC ban on domestic partnerships not about Obama’s stand on marriage equality.”

    Actually Clay stated on CNN on Tuesday that President Obama, in relation to his stand on gay marriage, needs to evolve faster. On Wednesday he was on Piers Morgan to talk about Obama’s announcement that he now supports gay marriage. Piers Morgan started with ” Just yesterday Clay Aiken said President Obama needs to “evolve faster” and today he has announced his support for gay marriage. So, Clay, you must be pretty happy that he reacted so quickly”