Idol Headlines for 04/02/12 – The Evening Edition

Haley Reinhart will be singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Tigers opener against the Red Sox this Thursday, April 5. (Via @19News)

Kris Allen’s “The Vision of Love” music video will premiere on VEVO this week (Hits Daily Double)

Daniel Wanroory and Blake Lewis join forces for a new song “Stay in the Moment”, set to come out on April 9. Listen to snips of the remixes at Amazon

‘Smash’ Soundtrack Set for Release on May 1 – UnHeejun Han Access Hollywood Interview – Universal City, Calif. – April 2, 2012 – NBC and Columbia Records announced that the soundtrack from the first season of NBC’s musical hit “Smash” (Mondays, 10-11 p.m. ET) will be released on May 1. The highly anticipated album will feature stars Katharine McPhee (Karen), Megan Hilty (Ivy Lynn) and other cast members performing the original music created for the show’s narrative and for the musical-within-a-musical. The freshman series already has been renewed for a second season. – See the track list at TVBYTheNumbers

Heejun Han Only Regrets Not Taking Off His Pants On ‘American Idol’ – “I’m just going to be me, that’s all,” Han said. “But I will say that the show itself was the greatest opportunity a person could ever have in their lifetime, I believe. A guy like me, who has less talent than any other contestant that’s on that stage made it this far was amazing. It was a God-given gift.” – See the Video at MTV

American Idol’s Heejun Han joins “The Tom Sullivan Show”

6 Things You Didn’t See at the 2012 ACM Awards from Taylor Swift and Scotty McCreery – *Even though he’s out touring with Brad Paisley on the weekends, “American Idol” champ and high school senior Scotty McCreery, who won best new artist, said he’s not quite ready to fly the coop permanently. That’s why he decided to stay close to his hometown of Garner, N.C. and attend North Carolina State University next year in Raleigh. “My dad went there. I’m 18. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do. I’m not sure if I’m ready to make the move away from home. For right now, it’s the best spot for me,” he said. He added that he may look at transferring after two years to a college in Nashville. Regardless, any university will have to work around his schedule. “We’re going to work my college around the road,” he said, saying he’d only have classes two days a week. – Read more at Hit Fix

Carrie Underwood’s stylist breaks down her looks from the ACM Awards – Yes, it was one evening, but for stylist Trish Townsend the ACMs meant creating three different looks for her star client, Carrie Underwood. A red carpet arrival requires something stunning that photographs well close up. A performance look is an entirely different matter because you really need to capture a whole room–and be able to move without a wardrobe malfunction. And then there’s the after party ensemble—a more wearable look appropriate for dancing and letting loose. We headed down to Nashville to meet Trish—country music’s most sought after stylist–to get the scoop on how she and Carrie chose each piece for the occasion, and how they have carefully crafted her country glam style since her early post-“Idol” days. – See the video at

Carrie Underwood on Marriage, Babies, and ‘The X Factor’ – “Extra’s” Adrianna Costa caught up with country superstar Carrie Underwood at the 2012 Academy of Country Music awards, where she talked about her marriage to Mike Fisher, starting a family, and the possibility of joining her former “American Idol” mentor Simon Cowell on “The X Factor.” “I think it’s great that he has ‘The X Factor’ show, and I love seeing all of these shows giving nobodies a big opportunity. But I’m an ‘Idol’ girl all the way. That’s the one that I love and watch. I can’t see my self being a part of any another show like that.” – Extra TV

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Steam Up Sexy New Video – They’ve been coy about their relationship in public. But the romance certainly seems hot and heavy between Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart, judging by images from her new music video. The pop superstar and American Idol judge, 42, has her way with her dancer beau, 24, in the video for “Dance Again” – he’s seen shirtless and blindfolded, with the words “Love is blind” written across the black cloth. The steamy video premieres this Thursday night on Idol. – Read more at

‘The Voice’s’ Chris Mann on Live Shows: ‘I Have Some Tricks Up My Sleeve’ – “I’m feeling good. I’m excited,” Mann told THR. “The presentation that they’re giving me on stage is kind of a dream-come-true.” Mann, who called his planned performance “classic and classy,” says that he’s as ready as he’s going to be for the next phase of the competition. “It just seems like it’s time,” he says. “We’ve all been watching the battle rounds and it seems like a lifetime ago, so it’s exciting to get going again.” – Read more at the Hollywood Reporter

Exclusive: Jaleel White Gets Into Vicious Fight with Kym Johnson, Mark Ballas– Dancing with the Stars celeb Jaleel White had a seriously bad rehearsal session with pro partner Kym Johnson on Friday — leading to a “heated” confrontation in which Mark Ballas and show producers eventually intervened, an insider tells Us Weekly exclusively. The Family Matters alum, 35, “flipped out,” the insider says, after he accidentally stepped on Johnson’s foot. When Johnson, 35, exclaimed “ouch” over his blunder, the insider says, White “got in her face,” and chastised her for “acting like a baby . . . He was shouting at her, calling her an ‘idiot.'” – Read more at US Magazine

‘Glee’ Stars Weigh In On Lindsay Lohan’s Guest Appearance – “I think she’s funny,” Harry Shum Jr. told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush over the weekend at an Operation Smile benefit in Park City, Utah. Lindsay will be joining the fold, playing herself, and serving as a guest judge at Nationals, more than a year-and-a-half after she was the butt of a joke on the show, uttered by Gwyneth Paltrow’s substitute Spanish teacher, Holly Holiday.
“They made amends,” Harry said, referring to the “Glee” creators and Lindsay, who reportedly was upset by the “Glee” jab in a 2010 episode. “We’re super excited. She’s been through it all and I’m excited she’s coming to the show,” Cory said. Read more at Access Hollywood

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  • Anonymous

    Excited to see Kris’ music video!

  • Anonymous

    Me, too – love music videos.  Been some hints as to what it is, but can’t piece it together. 

  • Enough already!

    So Jlo’s putting on her sexy for the Idol stage.   Interesting!   Guess family friendly means you can be extra friendly if you’re a judge.   Double standards anyone?  

  • Nele621

    Yay video.

  • Anonymous

    o/ YAY!! Kris’s music video this week!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I am excited for Kris’ music video! 

  • Nele621

    Since Cook is opening for Bon Jovi, I guess this isn’t too OT. Anyway, after all these years, I didn’t know Jon BJ was a natural brunette. (Well, he’s probably grey by now.) I was surprised to see all those childhood pictures of him with dark hair, and even when his career started out, he had dark hair. The blond always looked so natural on him.

  • Anonymous

    Liking the radio edit and Alex mix of Stay in the Moment, though had to tell with just a snippet.  I believe that Blake’s song “Umbrella’s are Octagons” is up for free through Microsoft.  Kind of has a LittleBig Planet sound to it.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason, I too find it interesting that Bon Jovi dyed his hair all these years. The change seems to have worked out well for him as I think some of his success comes from his enduring cuteness.  I remember him giving Oprah a cool million for charity just like it was nothing.  I think he is a nice person also.

  • larc

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I’d be happy if JLo and the other judges stuck strictly to their jobs on the show and left the entertaining to Idol alumni and other pros.  Idol isn’t — or at least shouldn’t be — about the judges and their lukewarm careers.

  • Anonymous

    It will be fun to see Kris’ new video.  Personally, I thought The Truth was a pretty video except for the P.M. part.  His LLYD was cool too.  He is very cute which helps in video world.

  • Anonymous

    It will be fun to see Kris’ new video.  Personally, I thought The Truth was a pretty video except for the P.M. part.  His LLYD was cool too.  He is very cute which helps in video world.

  • Anonymous

    Any video of Haley doing the National Anthem in the past?   Big fan – just not sure if her voice fits with the National Anthem….

  • Anonymous

    Any video of Haley doing the National Anthem in the past?   Big fan – just not sure if her voice fits with the National Anthem….

  • Jonins

    Kris’s video is coming soon!!!! Yay! But not soon enough for me LOL

  • Anonymous

    That confrontation news with Kym, if true, spells bad news for Jaleel.  His ex-GF/mother of his child has claimed that he was abusive toward her and told her she was worthless. 

    DWTS’ fanbase is quite forgiving of things that happened BEFORE someone comes on the show.  But with Kym being a fan favorite and by all accounts a nice person, Jaleel will have to behave himself and do damage control.  He’ll be wise to make up with Kym ASAP to stay in everyone’s (tenuous) good graces.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh…Well since the other headlines thread was locked for whatever reason I didn’t get to include my lengthy post about Slezak. Boo. Would it be wrong of me to post it here? lol

    Anyway. Yay for TVOL music video premiering soon!! Finally got my CD single of TVOL at WalMart today! :D So glad that Haley is FINALLY singing the anthem as well. Though I know I’m going to be nervous as heck watching her sing it.

    I wish Haley’s video’s premiere had been announced ahead of time as well. Oh well. Interscope is doing a fantastic job promo wise at the moment so I can’t be too mad at them over silly things.

  • md

    No video. When asked if Haley had ever sang it, her cousin said in November, “Yes just small (events) from what i know- nothing big yet- she got offered the cubs but turned it down cuz shes a sox fan :)”

  • Kylee

    I can’t see my self being a part of any another show like that.”

    Go Carrie! Don’t give in like Kelly ;)

  • DoesMonaKnow

    What’s wrong with the judges on Idol having other projects? It’s not like The Voice, where only the judges seem to get a career boost. “On The Floor” could be a hit and Scotty still went platinum. The only reason the judges weren’t promoting themselves so much back in 2002 is because they were kind of nobodies with not much else going on. Do you really think that FOX preferred to have washed-up/no name judges when Idol started? No, that’s all they could get at the time. If TPTB could’ve gotten a Janet Jackson to go for judging Idol in 2002 then they would’ve been thrilled and wouldn’t have given Paula the time of day.

  • Anonymous

     Not to mention, as soon as Paula tried to revive her music career she got her own spot to show off her lip synching skills. Had the old judges more to pander, they would have.

  • Willis White

    Watching the WWE Hall of Fame replay on USA and James Durbin is on camera quite a bit. They’ve got him sitting next to Jericho. I’m glad Idol has helped bring him closer to his own idols. I fully expect James to get one of his songs on WWE TV in the near future.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Not to mention, as soon as Paula tried to revive her music career she got her own spot to show off her lip synching skills. Had the old judges more to pander, they would have.

    Exactly.  Maybe Idol never would have worked if it had something resembling pop respectability from the start. But I think it was a happy accident of Idol history that the judges started out with very little going on outside the show, and not because they were purer about the Idol process and less self-involved than the judges now.

  • Just Me

    Haley says she had creative control over Listen Up!

    myISH/ISHPicks videos
    Intro + interview excerpts:
    Full interview:
    4:15 talks about Listen Up! and songwriting.   
    4:50 “I had complete control of it.” A bit later she mentions she was hands-on for the lyrics, melody and production. 

    Correction: Interview was Tuesday in NYC.
    myIsh from IconicTV

    Another good interview.

    If I sent you to a deserted island, and you could bring only three albums, which three albums would you bring?

    It has to be a Beatles album, so let’s just say, Rubber Soul. That’s awesome! I love Corinne Bailey Rae. I could go with her Like A Star, and maybe some Stevie Wonder, Songs In The Key Of Life. Something to take me away.

    What does music mean to you?

    It’s a way of living, which I’ve done forever. My parents—blood, sweat, and tears—music is their life. They’re still playing together 40 years later. I’ve grown up in a house of music. Even my relatives—my mom has five other sisters—they all can sing. It’s an outlet. It’s powerful in so many ways. It can make me cry on so many different levels. Hearing a new artist who’s just got it, that tears me up. I love that. I live for that stuff.

    Also, Haley can be found in SLC (semi-private radio, streamed on iHeartRadio) on Tuesday and Louisville (public appearance) this Friday.  

    Haley was in Spokane WA today 4/2 for a KCDA miniconcert; photos and interviews at their web site. They also promised mini-concert audio.

  • Gerarda DeSanto

    I am very upset at how hard it is to find Kris’s special editiion single at Walmart or online.  I’ve checked about 10 stores and nobody had it and most the time they are out of it online.  This hurts Kris’ sales and is frustrating for the fans.  I hope it is not a sign of things to come with the album.

  • Diana

    re: Kris’s video – did that behind-the-scenes look at TVOL that was supposed to aired on Extra (per RCA’s tweets) ever happen? I remember hearing that it was going to, but nothing afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really happy for James too.  He really, truly seems so happy with everything in his life right now.  Good for him.

    He tweeted this yesterday: 

    In one year, I’ve had everything I’ve ever dreamed of happen. Thank you @Heidi_Holiday thank you @dizzyfeet & thank you @WWE

  • Anonymous

    A Kris video that’s not in the desert! I so excited. Do new videos usually come out early in the week?

  • Kayla

    Aw a cute pic of Adam with a fan from today’s radio event (he’s got some blue back in his hair!) and a couple pics with an LA Weekly reporter, yay there will more photoshoot pics for the LA Weekly story!

    The Moment When You Meet Your Idol. It’s An Incredible Feeling! Thank You @AdamLambert

    A sneak peak from today’s photo shoot for you #Glamberts. :)

    Thanks @adamlambert for a great interview! OG LA club kids rule! Here’s my mandatory brag pic. See U on the dancefloor!

  • Anonymous

    I’m really glad that James is enjoying his life. I’ve never commented on James before, but my oldest son has asbergers so I have a soft spot for James and hated some of the ridicule that was directed toward him. James functions socially much better than my son but I’m sure they share some of the same problems.

  • HaleysShindig

    I think she’ll do a great job with it. She has this way of doing things with her voice to match the song like I’ve never seen. From Blue Note Jazz tone in Baby Its Cold Outside, to Growly Janis in Piece of My Heart, she has vocal control like no vocalist I can remember, Idol or not. I can’t wait to hear what she does with the NA. 

  • Anonymous

    I found it in my local Walmart this weekend. But only two left. They didn’t have it in last week – due to their own personnel issues (I was told) and they had just put out Madonna’s and other new CD’s as well.

    It’s supposed to be a limited amount that’s available so if they sell out online or elsewhere I don’t know if there will be more. Anyhow maybe give it another shot soon and see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    David Cook’s Acoustic EP, This Quiet Night,  is now available at Amazon and on iTunes.  It was previously only available as an exclusive at Walmart.  It’s also on iTunes in Germany, Finland & will be available in UK, as reported on twitter.

  • larc

    What’s wrong with the judges on Idol having other projects?

    Absolutely nothing, IMO.  I just don’t want to see them performing on Idol, especially if it means they are taking up time that otherwise could be given to Idol alumni.  They have plenty of time to perform elsewhere when they aren’t doing the Idol jobs they are being grossly overpaid for.

  • Anonymous

    This is a top story on AOL tonight:

    Heejun Han Is Burning Bridges #aolvideo via @AOL

  • Anonymous

    Diana, the Extra behind the video footage was never aired (yet). I’ve been DVRing since last week and nothing yet. Very disappointing, I hope that it will air soon and not be forgotten.

    Yay, excited for Kris’ video.

  • Anonymous

    I know that it is hard to find Kris’ single in stores. Just keep calling first so that you don’t have to drive around, and hopefully, that MW will stock more online.

  • Anonymous

    You can always purchase the single digitally on iTunes or Amazon. You won’t get the remix but if sales worry you, there are other ways to support him.

  • Leandro

    Burning bridges? Heejun is building them. I don’t see him going anywhere being conventional and politically correct in interviews. I believe people would pay more money to listen what he has to say about someone than to listen him singing.

  • Bazzle

    I’m like the really really expensive mustang that has no navigation…. lol!