Idol Headlines for 03/26/12 – The Evening Edition

Interscope promotions tweets, “@HaleyReinhart will be still be in New York Tomorrow @955WPLJradio @Fresh1027NY Thursday she will be in Boston and Friday in Baltimore #FREE.”

‘American Idol’ A ‘Constant Struggle’ For Erika Van Pelt – ‘I think a lot of your fate rides on what sort of light [the judges] shed on you,’ latest castoff tells MTV News. – “I think a lot of your fate rides on what sort of light [the judges] shed on you,” Van Pelt said. “For me, I was doing ‘New York State of Mind,’ which is a ballad, and every time Billy Joel has ever performed it, he’s been sitting behind a piano, he’s not dancing around, and [Jennifer Lopez] made some comments about me planting my feet. I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t feel like I need to jump around to sing. There are a few other contestants on the show that do nothing but stand there and sing, and they don’t say anything to them. [At] the very least, they get standing O’s, and they like that. I just felt it was a constant struggle for me.” Yet Van Pelt doesn’t feel like she was the only contestant receiving contradicting feedback week after week. “There are a lot of really great performers,” Van Pelt said. “Even my personal favorites have gotten some really sort of questionable feedback. – More at MTV News

Clay Aiken Ready To Use ‘Shuttle Diplomacy’ To Repair Feud Between Donald Trump & Rosie O’Donnell – LOS ANGELES, Calif. — “Celebrity Apprentice” standout Clay Aiken could be the man to broker a peace between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump. On Monday’s Access Hollywood Live, Clay said that, so far, the biggest surprise from his time on “The Celebrity Apprentice” is the fondness he’s developed for Trump, and when Billy Bush suggested he could sort out the feud between Trump and the singer’s pal Rosie, the redhead said he just might. “I’ve thought of that… I feel like that may need to happen,” he said. “I don’t know if we can get the parties to come to the table or not.” – Read more at Access Hollywood

Catching Up With Justin Guarini – Incredibly, it’s been almost 10 years since Justin Guarini lost to Kelly Clarkson on the very first finale of “American Idol”–after actually being the frontrunner for much of that inaugural season–and his trademark Sideshow Bob curls are long gone. But the man is still forever, inextricably tied to the “Idol” phenomenon. So it’s easy to imagine that “Idol”s first first runner-up at least occasionally looks back on that historical finale night and wonders how differently his life might have turned out if Ryan Seacrest (and Brian Dunkleman, of course) had announced him as the winner instead. When asked about this, Justin’s answer is quite surprising. – Read more at Yahoo Music

Danny Gokey unveils new fashion eyewear line at Vision Expo – A musical highlight of the three-day International Vision Expo East eyecare trade show, which ended yesterday at the Javits Center, was Long Island fashion eyewear supplier Match Eyewear’s Saturday launch of the Danny Gokey Eyewear Collection. The prescription eyewear collection will highlight the personal flair of the country/pop artist Gokey, American Idol’s Season Eight third-place finisher in 2009. Twelve initial styles are now being marketed, targeting men ages 18 to 35. “It’s an edgier collection,” says Match Eyewear president Ethan Goodman. “I wouldn’t call it ‘rocker,’ but Danny’s image is youthful and up-to-date.” – Read more at The Examiner

Anjelica Huston Teases Her ‘Smash’ Singing Debut! – To say that Anjelica Huston has been relishing her role as the delicious Broadway producer Eileen Rand is an understatement. In fact, the typically composed icon adorably devolves into a giggly fan when talking about Smash. As she did last Thursday while chatting with ETonline at the Graydon Carter hosted New York premiere for the new Starz series, Magic City (which stars Anjelica’s brother, Danny). In addition to teasing a few upcoming spoilers (Eileen sings!), I got Anjelica’s take on video games, martini throwing and the show’s most controversial character, Ellis! – Read more at ETOnline

Megan Hilty: The Finale Will Freak Fans Out! – The cast of Smash was simultaneously hit with good news and bad news last week as an announcement of their season two pick-up was closely followed by the reveal that creator Teresa Rebek wouldn’t be returning as showrunner for the sophomore season. Turns out, both bits came as total shocks to the cast. At least that’s what star Megan Hilty told me Saturday at the 2012 GLAAD Media Awards. In addition to chatting about those two real-life twists, Megan teased some interesting on-screen developments, pulled the curtain back on her favorite moments so far and revealed what fans can expect from the season one finale!- Read more at The Insider

‘Dancing With the Stars': Maria and Derek Break Into Macarena During Rehearsals (Video) – On Monday, they’ll try to up their rank with a Quickstep, which The Hollywood Reporter caught a preview of during the duo’s rehearsals. “We love our song for this week,” Hough tells THR of the fast-paced dance. “The band is going to kill it, we’re going to be in character, we’re going to be running around.” – See the Video at The Hollywood Reporter

Maria Menounous suffers broken rib during ‘Dancing With the Stars’ rehearsals, report says – “Extra” host Maria Menounos has a secret as she rehearses with dance partner Derek Hough for week two of “Dancing With the Stars.” Word on the show is Menounos broke a rib during a hardcore rehearsal with Hough, who was teaching her the Cha-cha-cha. Read more at Extra

Aerosmith Announces The Global Warming North American Summer Tour – LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Aerosmith, America’s greatest rock and roll band, will start your summer sizzling and have you dancing around the fires of rock n’ roll again. After blowing away audiences in South America and Japan, the Bad Boys from Boston are back to rock America’s soul, with The Global Warming Tour playing 18 markets beginning on June 16 in Minneapolis, MN. “The old Aerosmith is back with a new vengeance and we will kick your ass and make out with yur mothers,” says Steven Tyler. Joe Perry adds, “Can’t wait to bring this band back home. It feels like we’ve been away too long.” – See the dates at PR Newswire

Jennifer Lopez announces her first ever concerts in Brazil this June – NEW YORK — Jennifer Lopez is in Brazil this week for her show “Q’Viva,” but she’s never performed in the country. That will soon change when she headlines a music festival there this summer. The “American Idol” judge announced in a statement Monday that she would be performing at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo on June 23 and in Rio de Janeiro on June 27. – Read more at Washington Post

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  • md

    Haley will apparently see Karen Rodriguez while she is in NYC.

  • Anonymous

    Remember the leggy blond Idolette, Molly Swenson,who did the Harvard-White House Intern circuit?  Darned if she didn’t just turn up in my March 26, New Yorker, as  a bit player, part of the all-young, all-female, all-pretty staff of a guy that guides the philanthropy of the rich and famous.  Apparently, she isn’t gonna be an academic.  See the article “Looking Good.”

  • YankeeFan08

    Looks like Adam will be performing at Q102Philly’s “Springle Ball” on May 22.  They are announcing their line-up a few at a time, but that’s  definitely Adam in the lower front left corner.

    As we know, he will also be performing at the Kiss 108 Summer Concert on May 19 in Boston.

  • Nele621

    There is no way Trump and Rosie will be friendly. I didn’t know Clay is friends with Rosie. When did that happen?

  • Anonymous

    He’s going to have a busy summer between all the promos and the concerts, especially with ones in Japan, Moscow and England. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Queen/Adam performance in the US. 

  • Anonymous

    Clay and Rosie have been friends for years, although many felt she outed him before he was ready.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yeah, I think that the comments made by both Rose and especially Trump have been so nasty and hateful that there’s no hope of a reconciliation happening.  Trump even gloated over Rosie’s recent firing from OWN on twitter.  He’s such a pompous asshole and I think that Clay is just kissing his ass.

  • Whiskey

    Adam and Daughtry will be featured artists on Music Choice shows LIVE UNDEFINED and THE F WORD.

    Music Choice, the multi-platform video and music network, today unveiled its
    latest show — DECODED. MC On Demand is the #1 On Demand Network with 1.3
    billion annual views. It is currently available in 51 million households. MC’s exclusive originals get music fans acquainted with the artists they love — and help them discover new favorites. Additional programs for the 2012 season include:

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That really didn’t hurt Clay.  His fans rationalized it away.  lol

  • Chris

    I was just over at Taste of Country and they gave WaterTower Town 2.5 stars.  I think Billy might have to hide. 

  • Anonymous

    Aww nice, Bruno Mars tweeted the video of Adam singing acoustic Never Close Our Eyes

    BrunoMars @adamlambert Singing Never Close Our Eyes…
    1 hour ago

  • Anonymous

    Wow. that TOC review came close to calling Scotty a lightweight.

  • mchcat

    Billy Dukes is getting slammed by the Scotty fans –

  • Whiskey

    I hope this means single #2 is on it’s way and NCOE was chosen. I love that song and I feel this will be a hit. I hope all squeeing Bruno fans mean they will buy the song too. Can’t wait.

  • Whiskey

    Bruno’s Pony.@KelKelMars_
    @adamlambert I dont know if you’ll see this mention, but I wanna tell you CONGRAATS for Never Close Our Eyes. As a hooligan, I’m proud of u!

  • Lexie

    Sometimes I think Billy Dukes and Taste of Country purposely include Scotty in a number of their articles/dissing him because of the number of hits they get on their site…and they are getting them.  The respondents are right, too, in that Billy liked Red Solo Cup…

    At the same time, he’s right about the song, just not about Scotty.  There are more serious songs on the album, different topics, just the label didn’t choose them.  Aargh…

  • Anonymous

    The Vision of Love is now trending on Twitter!

  • Anonymous

    Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the new Stephen King/John Mellencamp musical opens next week.  Here’s an article on Justin, one of the stars of the new show.

  • Stefan Wind

    Those are going to be two pretty big adds for Haley tomorrow here in NYC…she does get those two stations right? 

  • Anonymous

    You are absolutely correct about Taste of Country. They’ve thrown Scotty into so many different articles for the hits. Positive and negative. I’m a huge fan and I honestly get tired of reading them all. They say nothing new and now they are blaming Scotty for that. How about some actual reporting and find out something new? Billy Duke actually wrote an article about having nothing new to write about. Good grief. 

  • Anonymous

    David Archuleta is double trending right now and has been for awhile.  Much loved young man.

  • Anonymous

    Billy Dukes has never given Scotty a good review and constantly has made snide little remarks almost every time he is mentioned – but he was not above posing in a picture with him wearing an “I Support Scotty” button when he was with QDR.   As mentioned in some of the comments which i agree with, Billy has his own agenda promoting one of the other artists for the upcoming award and he is doing his best to do that.  Don’t consider that an objective review at all.  If in fact it was radio pushing for WTT, where does he get the notion that it’s not going to work.

    I like WTT but considering the songs being put out by the pop stars like Bieber and 1D are ones that will really get the fangirly’s on board, I am surprised at his label’s choice (well, not really…they haven’t made good selections up to this point).  IMO I think they should be going after the fangirls right now while is young because they are the ones that are doing the screaming for him at the concerts…they can go after the more traditional fans when he’s been on the scene for a couple of years.
    I really hope WTT is a huge success for Scotty…but if it’s not, I hope they drop it fairly quickly and go with one of the songs that will appeal more to his younger fans (YMTLG or WYNOMH) while they still can.  Not holding my breath though!

  • Anonymous

    At the same time, he’s right about the song, just not about Scotty

    I agree with your first paragraph for sure. 

    Not sure about him being right about WTT  though – it’s a lighthearted uptempo song…I can’t think of an uptempo, upbeat song that has any depth of meaning.  They mostly promote partying, drinking, and shaking their things (or red plastic cups which Billy equates with “real country music”).

  • Just Me

    Haley Reinhart on Good Day New York this morning.
    A bit of changeup.

    Also, visited the Grammy New York Chapter for an interview, did media interviews.

  • CSFan

    This is kind of nice (forgive me if it’s already been mentioned): Diana DeGarmo is charting on both iTunes US and iTunes Canada after her character Angelina debuted the song “Good Goodbye” on Young and the Restless Friday. Right now she’ s#93 on the US iTunes pop chart and I saw she’s somewhere around #45 on the Canada iTunes chart. The song is featured again on tomorrow’s episode, so the song should get a little bump. Nice to see Diana doing well.

    Tomorrow is also her final Y&R episode for awhile. Her character has given up her quest for Kevin Fisher and is going to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her singing career. 

  • Gadfly

    WTT doesnt have any depth, and country radio needs some really meaningful songs like Red Solo Cup. Right, Billy?

  • Anonymous

    So WTT is Scotty new single?? i was expecting ”Write My Number On Your Hand” or’  ” walk in the country with me” instead, but i’m glad is an    tempo song anyway. :)

  • Anonymous

    The Vision of Love has an ad on iTunes mobile, but not on the main iTunes on the desktop, just on pop. Strange..

  • Anonymous

    Haley look adorable in this video and love that acoustic performance ;), doesn’t look like the same band btw. 

  • md

    Courtney, the bassist, is the band’s music director. He and Breezy Lovejoy joined Neara Russell and John Notto for the performances in Vegas last week. They subsequently made a change at keyboards with Keith Phillips replacing Neara. He’s only about 19 or 20 years old. He’s been playing since he was 9.

    Three years ago:

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I’m not a late night person so don’t think I was clear…WaterTowerTown is a light, fun song and I think that’s fine.  That seemed to be Billy’s main criticism, though, and it becomes unfair in light of other songs on the album.  To me, Clear as Day has songs about topics I’ve not seen at all on other albums…but Scotty doesn’t get credit for that…oh, well. 

    I’m really hoping WTT does well; I didn’t realize it, but that’s been the go-to song for me when I’m lifting weights:))  But I’d still have preferred WYNOMH–I wonder if they thought radio wouldn’t go for it since it is more traditional? 

  • mmb

    No.  visiting a radio station does not guarantee an add by that station.  But its all part of the promo game that Haley (and everyone else) has to play

  • Anonymous

    Erika Van Pelt, honey, it’s time for you to take ownership of your progress on Idol…stop blaming JLo or you’ll never develop. *sigh. She told you to open up get you body into it like you did the Pink song in Hollywood Week…stop telling people she told you to dance around. She told you to push yourself, she never told you to over-sing. In fact, you and Skylar both needed to get back to the fighting spirit you both once had. You were freaking awesome in Hollywood week and Vegas, but once you started competing with the ballad singers who “just stood there but still received standing O’s”, as you said, you were doomed to fail. You are not a ballad singer. Your awesome alto is capable of SO much more. Although you sounded amazing (especially in the studio), you never reached your rock-soul potential. Your performances slowly convinced me that you were not the same Rocker-soul chick from Hollywood week and your youtube videos. I missed your grittiness. 

    If the judges had given you nothing but praises, you would still have been voted out for other reasons you could control. But if you really MUST blame someone, blame the producers for shitty performance order….but then again, not even Bottom 3 Queen Haley could be denied a pimp spot after putting up a fight each week.