Idol Headlines for 03/18/12

‘Idol’ Contestant Phillip Phillips Hometown Scrimps to Send Family to Hollywood – “American Idol” finalist Phillip Phillips’ family can’t afford to watch him perform live in Hollywood — so his hometown in Georgia is banding together … to raise money to send ’em there … TMZ has learned. According to sources, it costs about $3,000 to fly out Phillip’s family from Leesburg, GA to Los Angeles — and the Phillipses simply can’t afford to make the trip … despite their son making it to the finals. But the good citizens of Leesburg, GA have trying their best to help out … throwing fundraisers every Wednesday — where at least 15 merchants donate a percentage of their profits from that day … to help the family make the trip to tinseltown. – Read more at TMZ

Take Me Down to the Paradox City – Approval ratings are up. Television ratings are down. One much-hyped competing series has been put in its place, at least for the time being, while another is nipping at its heels. Such is the mixed bag that Season Eleven has delivered so far to the producers of American Idol. Running in the same Wednesday-Thursday time slots as The X-Factor did last fall, Idol is pulling in about 70% more viewers for its live competition episodes. Needless to say, that gap has almost nothing to do with AI and almost everything to do with X’s many missteps and miscalculations. Even so, if the folks at 19E enjoyed some schadenfreude over Simon Cowell’s discomfiture, we doubt that many people would blame them. – Read more at What Not To Sing

Lauren Alaina sings Good Girl

Lauren had been singing Good Girl with me but no one got it on video.. so before she went inside I made her sing Good Girl… hahaa! Also the beginning of this video is her leaving a voicemail for a fan.

Behind-the-Scenes: Carrie Underwood’s Cover Shoot – Our cover shoot with Carrie Underwood in Nashville was like a reunion. It’s SELF’s 4th cover with the country superstar and she seemed happier than ever -marriage to Mike Fisher clearly agrees with her! We did the shoot on a chilly, overcast day in January and Carrie loved all the bright springy colors that Evyan Metzner, our fashion director, had brought for the shoot. – See the Video at Self

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald: St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Lovers– Enjoying a St. Patty’s Day outing alongside one another, Nikki Reed grabbed a midday lunch with husband Paul McDonald in Studio City, CA on Saturday (March 17).
With the pair exchanging an intimate embrace after their Aroma Cafe holiday meal, it looked like the “Twilight” actress was ready to get to work while toting around a cartoon covered laptop bag. – rRead more at Celebrity-Net

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  • buffynut2001

    I actually talked to Mr Phillips the night they revealed the Top 13. Nice, nice man and was he working the crowd.He has quite the personality!  Anyway, he told me they were coming back when it got to around Top 5, if Phillip was still in. :)

  • Anonymous

    Aw shucks. Lauren is such a sweetheart :)

  • iFoundIt

    Ah, love the story of P2.  Goes to show TMZ can print good stories from time to time:)  I hope they continue to raise money so that his folks can make it to some of the tour show.

    I just can imagine what P2’s homecoming will be like.  The close knit small town usually have the biggest and best turn outs.

  • larc

    I just can imagine what P2’s homecoming will be like.

    It will be great because almost everybody there will probably know him personally… if it happens.  He’ll have to get to Top 3 first.  It will take less rhythmic grunting and more real singing of identifiable melodies to get him there, IMO.  But no doubt P2 has it in him.  If he keeps on his current path, though, I could see people tiring of him by mid season.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Do you mean that he was at the results show?  I thought that he couldn’t afford to be there?  lol

  • Guilherme Santos

    There you go Phillip Cook Allen Deewyze McCreery! I can already see in a couple years all of than becoming ´´that guy from american idol“. No Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, just a bunch of guys from american idol canceling each other.

  • Anonymous

    I was browsing Hello magazine, I guess it is a Bristish mag.
    I saw a small article on Welsh mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins who will partner with Mark Ballas in the upcoming DWTS.

    They were practicing in London and been out sightseeing around Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, etc. They are dubbed K-Mark already.

    And oh yeah, she just split from her fiancé in December and was broken hearted. heh.

  • Anonymous

    It is pretty common these days for cities & communities of the finalist to hold fundraisers for the contestants families to attend the shows for support. It’s great for them to have a hometown guy/girl to rally around during AI. It can also be financially rewarding for the communities to have an AI hometown visit.

  • Chris

    Lauren loves to socialize with the fans.  I was thinking this event is potentially where she caught that bug too because she was fine in Nashville at the CMT event, but dead sick by Friday night.  It may have been on an airplane too (recirculated air.)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that really makes me root for Phillip, with his family and his town being the way they are. Great story.

  • Chris

    If the P2 story gets enough wings, usually a big corporate sponsor will step up or one of the airlines, like American or Southwest.

    Once again, it shows a lot of these kids don’t come from rich families so even plane fare is a big deal.

  • Kesia Monteith

    WhatNotToSing is such a great site. Even if you don’t agree with the ratings, their insight is so intriguing and interesting. And I love every editorial they have put out.

  • heartly

    Last night Miranda Lambert was having a concert at the same venue that Kelly is tonight and Kelly showed up and sang a couple songs with her.  Miranda made her do Stronger and then they did Miranda’s Gunpowder and Lead.  There’s only a distant video of Stronger so far, hopefully some better ones pop up eventually.  I especially want to hear Gunpowder and Lead.

    Then for the tour covers this week…

    Patty Griffin’s No Bad News –
    Brandi Carlile’s Turpentine –
    Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason –

  • Anonymous

    The fact is, if a guy like Phillip is in the competition, then he has the same right to be there as any of the girls, and the same right to win it. If you want to eliminate guys from the show, or guys whose musical style you don’t like, from the show, then you can guarantee they won’t win, and you can get the type of winner you want, of the gender you want. Otherwise, everyone competes has a chance, and who people vote for is who they vote for.

    It can’t always be boy-girl-boy-girl. And though nobody brings it up, I’ve noticed that, actually, a lot of people who comment seem to like none of the male winners, not just the most recent male winners. I’m sure there are people who would be happy if only girls won, or only guys who sing music in a similar style to what the girls sing.

    For the record from the group of guys you mentioned I only liked two of them as singers. To me this diversity of opinion proves these guys are hardly alike. I mean there are a lot of people who like one, or two, and don’t like the others a lot. So they clearly aren’t the same, or even the same type, if they don’t appeal to everyone’s tastes in a roughly similar way.

  • buffynut2001

    “Do you mean that he was at the results show? I thought that he couldn’t afford to be there? lol”

    Yes, he was at the results show for Top 13 and was going back to Georgia the next day.

  • aidancash1

    Casey j has another new song up. Miss Your fire. Very simple and stripped down and really beautiful

  • Anonymous

    The voters choose the one they like and are comfortable with. But it’s been proven that you don’t have to win to be successful, you just have to grab the opportunity you been given and make the best of it(Daughtry, Jennifer and Adam). 

  • Stefan Wind

    Why aren’t there ever any sob/pity stories for the girls who make the Top 12?

    I feel bad for P2 and his families situation, but I’m sure the rest of the Top 24 girl’s families weren’t rich either…only Jen Hirsh’s family owned the vineyard lol.

  • Stefan Wind

    It’s getting pretty boring…and I LOVE David and Kris, and kinda liked Lee. 

    This show needs a female winner in the worst way. Actually scratch that, this show needs a female Top 2 in the WORST way.

  • Anonymous

    Kris Allen –  “The Vision Of Love” will be available for digital download in Germany from Amazon on March 23rd in advance of the March 26/27th dates in the US.

  • Chris

    “Do you mean that he was at the results show?  I thought that he couldn’t afford to be there?  lol”
    I was picturing the $3K as the Phillips family.  You know the scene with a sibling, grandparent, etc… all beaming and holding signs.  A plane ticket from GA to LA ~$400-500 coach, so maybe 6 people? 

    Of course, if money is that tight they may want to:  1) wait until top 5 or 2) drive.  Always cheaper to fill up a car/van full of people and hit the road.

  • Tammy Luebrecht

    I honestly do not get the fascination with Phillip. Every time he sings, he sounds like he’s constipated. 

  • Nele621

    Sounds like Kris may be going international for Album #2.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s true, it’s a good thing for him to expand beyond the States. 

  • Anonymous

    I saw on twitter  that Kris’s single will be available for sale in Germany, France and the UK on 3/23, which is before it will be available here in the US (3/26). I saw a different tweet about TVOL being played on Japanese radio yesterday. So I wonder if he will get more of an international push by his label than he got for his 1st album?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I’m really surprised that TVOL was played on Japanese radio. I think that’s a first for Kris. :O

    Hopefully all of this is true. I really want to see Kris expand his fan base beyond the USA. I could see his sophomore album(Please Kris. Tell us the name already. lol)having international appeal. There are many international Idol fans and would be fans out there. So it really annoys me when Idols(Especially major label ones.)don’t have album releases and album promo overseas.

  • Elliegrll

    I’m pretty sure that LLWD was also played in Japan.  That song was played in other countries, but the only problem is that the label never promoted it.  They could claim that they promoted it in the Philippines, but that trip was more about Kris Allen, American Idol.  Despite that, LLWD and The Truth actually did very well in the countries that Kris visited.

    I think that there have been several signs that RCA is open to promoting Kris internationally, but I think that those plans hinge on how well the single does in the US.

  • Ethan Furman

    all you have to do is look at a picture of the last four winners. its clear that the cute awe shuck white guy has an advantage. david and lee were my favorites of their seasons, and i like Kris and Scotty alot. i think its a problem when the last 4 winners look the same. id say the same if it was 4 blonde females, or 4 black males. it makes it easy for people to criticize idol , and dismiss its winners as not talented

  • Anonymous

    If Idol wants to shut everybody up about the WGWG “problem”, just have a male and female winner and be done with it. The top two get signed anyway so what difference does it make?

  • Anonymous

    If Idol wants to shut everybody up about the WGWG “problem”, just have a male and female winner and be done with it. The top two get signed anyway so what difference does it make?

  • Whiskey

    I read a lot of comments on why it’s hard for a girl to win on AI and some of the reasons are they lack personality, none are unique enough and that they all blend together. I think people who see the last few winners aka WGWG probably see it the same way. The girls get more scrutiny and criticism than the boys do. A girl would have to be exceptionally unique and 100xs better than the mediocre guy for her to stand out and win. The way the show is now and the demo that votes, Philip Philips got this in the bag.

  • Anonymous

    People are criticizing the last 4 male winners. But 2 of them (Cook & Scotty) were the most successful from their seasons in terms of singles/albums. I saw many online critics criticizing Scotty for winning last season, but once he had a platinum album & had success I saw many online critics now not as critical. So critics do become less critical with success. 

    Idol definitely needs a female winner. But more important is the winners needs to sell well. It won’t matter if we have a female winner & their singles/album doesn’t do well. 

    IMO, Idol just needs successful winners whether they are male or female. It would be better if this season’s winner is female so people don’t think that you need to be a guy to win. But that female winner still needs to sell well or people will still forget the winner & critics will still say that Idol hasn’t found a “star” in years.

  • Valentin432

    American idol is a competition tv show, there is a winner and every season reaches a climax when the winner is announced.
    That’s why there will never be co winners, “America” has to choose one idol.

    I read that people who have a problem with the last 4 winners are not fans of those, well I could say the same and I feel most of the people defending those winners should not be grouped together are fans of David, Kris, Lee or Scotty.
    I find it delusional to dismiss the similarities between the four (and particularly between the first three).

    Yes, the audience votes based on their preferences and most have figured out that being a guy and preferably the boyfriend type will get you votes and girls get a rough deal.

    Idol is a show that is mostly watched by women, 2 out of 3 auditionnees are women, the most successfull winners are women and yet guys dominate the votes.

  • TheOther

    Looking over the last 4 years, was there a female that if she had won, would have made a huge impact? I think Crystal deserved to win over Lee, but in the long run, she probably would have still been dropped; she was just too indie to fit into the mainstream.  In Season 8, Allison did get a major record deal, but was dropped. But if she had won, would she have a different career now. I don’t think so, because she had a lot of other stuff to work on. Syesha was the last girl standing from Season 7. But she was never going to be a pop star and wisely took Simon’s advice about going to Broadway, and she has done well there. And Lauren Alaina seems to be holding her own.

  • Anonymous

    If one looks at he current pattern of David, Kris, Lee and Scottv, Philip does appear to have an advantage. 

  • Anonymous

    I can understand how the last 4 winners might look the same, or at least similar, to the casual viewer.  But a little fine tuning changes the picture completely.  I am a Kris fan with no interest whatsoever in the other three. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree. The last 4 winners are considered male WGWG’s. But I highly doubt many people were fans of all of them. I don’t think Kris fans necessarily liked Lee. Lee fans didn’t have to like Scotty. I think out of the last 4 winners there are fans that overlapped between Cook & Kris. But I can’t say I’ve encountered a fan (in person or online) of all 4 of the last winners.

  • Anonymous

    I think it will either be Phillip or Colton, if the pattern continues(or curse to some). It’s a shame when you can pretty much predict these things from the beginning. 

  • TheOther

    I think out of the last 4 winners there are fans that overlapped between Cook & Kris. But I can’t say I’ve encountered a fan (in person or online) of all 4 of the last winners

    True.  I know for myself, out of those 4 I only am really a fan of 1.  But to be fair, I don’t follow Country music, so it wouldn’t have mattered if Lauren had won over Scotty.  I still wouldn’t have been a fan.

  • Valentin432

    Who has said that being a fan of one of them means being fan of all of them?

    You can be a fan of Carrie Underwood, not a fan of Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill or Leann Rimes, yet they are all blonde country music singers and thus similar artists for most people.

    It doesn’t matter in the end because the audience can find their own version of WGWG they like the best for the year.
    There are 18M people still watching idol, the way Lee or Kris first albums and David second album have sold, they have each no more than a few hunderd tousands fans left (meaning album buyers, if we go into hardcore fandom I doubt it would be more than a few tousands).

  • Whiskey

    I don’t think the point is that 2 of the male winners were successful and 2 runner ups males did well. The focus is on the winners and people just want to see a different type of winner. Out of those guys you mentioned outside the Idol bubble no one cares or even remember them. The jury is still out on Scotty. Archie is doing his thing overseas but we are talking winners here. If a runner up or non winner does well more icing on the cake for the franchise.  Most winners do well because lets face it, the Idol promo machine is behind them. No new artist without the benefit of a reality show gets their promo. The girl winners have proven that they can sell if they win and with the advantages the winner gets from the Idol promo machine they are capable of doing just as well if not better than the male winners.

  • Anonymous

    I never said that Idol can have only male winners. It can’t. A female does need to win soon. I’m just stating that even if a girl wins this year like all Idol contestants her success will be placed on what happens with her album.  Idol needs a female winner. But if that female winner can’t sell it won’t matter that a female finally won.

  • Anonymous

    I get what you’re saying but hasn’t it been said many times that most people who watch the show don’t know or care what happens to the contestants after the show is over? If no one remembers David Cook, Kris or Lee then why are they looking for a different kind of winner?
    I think the powers that be want a show that entertains people and they don’t care who wins. If they did they wouldn’t have let Phillip or Colton get to the voting rounds.

  • Valentin432

     Because most people know and remember Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

    Why do they cast Phillip and Colton? Because they can’t completely dismiss the majority of the people watching the show. It’s called catering to your audience.

  • TheOther

    all you have to do is look at a picture of the last four winners. its clear that the cute awe shuck white guy has an advantage

    I think the only one that really fits that is Kris Allen.  David Archuleta had more of the cute, adorable guy look than David Cook.  Casey James was known to be more of a heartrobe than Lee Dewyze, who has often been described as short and chubby. And Scotty has often been lampoon for looking like Alfred E. Newman.  The heartrobe of Season 10 was Stefano.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t we saying the same thing? They cast them to make the audience happy and don’t really care if they win or not. They probably would prefer that a girl win, but not enough to stop the judges from saving a guy season 8,9 and 10 and heavily criticizing the girls more than the guys (Allison and Hayley).

  • Valentin432

     There was a twitter research made at the end of season 9.
    I don’t quite remember the details but it was about the content of tweets during idol.
    And a significant number of those were about Lee looks and charm.

    The hearthrob on AI doesn’t depend only on looks, that’s been quite clear since Clay Aiken received a collection of underwears during his season of the tour.

    For every critic calling Scotty Alfred E. Newman, there were ten screaming fangirls on the AI audience or on the tour that don’t even know Mad Magazine.

  • TheOther

    But both Phillip and Colton gave very strong auditions.  And it would not have been fair to disqualify because of who won in the past.  They have earned their right to compete, along with every one else.

    And Colton was also rejected last season.  And the judges chosed instead Casey Abrams, Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk, guys who weren’t know for being traditionally good looking.

  • Valentin432

    There’s a difference between not caring who wins and wanting someone to win but not doing everything in their power to manage that.

    The idol audience, particularly the hardcore fanbases that can throw hundreds or even tousands of votes on finale nights react to any sign of pimping or depimping by the judges/producers.
    I can only imagine that any effort to stir the votes in a certain way would be counterproductive.

    Not putting through appealing male contestants would be horrible for the franchise, those years with a weak male casts are dismissed as being the weak seasons for idol (3, 6 and 9) with decreased interest for the show. They’re not putting the show in peril for the sake of having a female winner, they already did that in season 9.

  • Anonymous

    Well I said that they would prefer that a girl win so I still think we’re agreeing, but if you want to think we’re arguing okay, lol! Anyway as far as this season goes I think we’ve got a long way to go and unless Phillip and Colton start singing a lot better there’s a good chance they won’t be the final two. I think this season has a better chance of a girl winning than any of the last four.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip and Colton don’t have to sing better, all they have to do is maintain and flash their pearly whites and that should carry them to the finale. The women are at a disadvantage because they are losing the personality contest. When all is said and done, this show is a popularity contest, and with the majority of the viewers been women, a nice ,sweet, humble, cute guy will win. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a 4 day drive to CA from where they live in South Georgia, and I’m sure they all have to work and can’t take time to do that.

  • Valentin432

     You first said:

    I think the powers that be want a show that entertains people and they
    don’t care who wins. If they did they wouldn’t have let Phillip or
    Colton get to the voting rounds.

    I was in disagreement with that statement.

  • judes

    Yes it does. I’ve written to bandit [the Australian arm of Sony] & they assure me Kris’s single will be out at the end of the month here. I’ll believe it when I see it but you’ll hear my shouts of joy  all the way across the Pacific if it is available this time!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh cool. I didn’t know that. Kris really needs to visit Japan. Jive not promoting something? That’s news to me. I’m an Allison fan too(Kris was my my 2nd fave during AI8)and I’m appalled that you would make these false accusations about the brilliant promo abilities of Jive Records. *LayingTheSarcasmOnThickHere* lol Glad to hear that his singles did well in other countries.

    I hope TVOL does well enough for that to happen. I’m a bit biased, but it definitely seems like a smash to me.


  • Nina Korol

    I think the whole WGWG thing was started by the butthurt fans and Idol bloggers who tried to diminish the victory of the winner they didn’t like.  
    So, I still don’t understand why the girl HAS to win. What will suddenly happen, if a girl wins?  From the comments here one would think that the entire course of the human history depends on a girl winning American Idol.I hope the girl does win.  And will get to compete with Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Christina Perry, Taylor Swift, Jesse J, Carrie, Kelly and all other current female stars out there. Good luck with that!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say they are known for being untraditionally good looking either!!! IMHO of course:)

  • sdmama

    OMG… P2’s story cannot be any more classic American dream than this.  Plus he seems like a really nice, well-brought up kid.  Now I see why the producers were so keen on him.  And good job not turning any of his stories in to sob story (so far), including the health problems.

    Thinking about how proud and emotional his dad was makes me feel chocked up already. I hate being manipulated, but I surrender.  Jimmy, you better take good care of him after the show.

  • Anonymous

    I also struggle to see that it is essential that a girl wins Idol this year. Of course it’s unjust when girls are in the bottom 3 week after week while male contestants who sing worse escape that fate, but in the world outside Idol, I don’t think there’s enough interest for it to matter whether a girl or a guy wins.

    It’s more enjoyable for non-invested fans of the show to see excellence rewarded, but I don’t think a female winner is suddenly going to see ratings skyrocket or Idol become a pop culture phenomenon again. I think what would make non-Idol fans and the media in general take more notice of the show would be for someone from the show of either gender to have some huge hits, preferably in the underrepresented genre of CHR/pop. The current success of Kelly Clarkson is a reminder to people of how long it’s been since Idol was a genuinely star-making show.

  • Karen C

    I think it’s more that the show needs a different type of winner. It’s taking away from those that did win by being lumped into the WGWG group together.

    Though I think the real reason for who has won is that they have shown themselves as artists the most, and shown some originality.  I think of S11, PP and Elise are the ones that have shown the most originality.

  • Incipit

    Take Me Down to the Paradox City

    Late to the thread – due to a preoccupation with a ‘different’ thread yesterday – Heh. But I wanted to be sure to note the inclusion of the topic of WNTS’s editorial in the Headlines. Especially since they said they weren’t going to write an editorial this week, I thought.

    But if the subject was sufficiently meaty, to change their minds, I can empathize…I was SO disappointed in the Retread factor for last week’s show, especially the two 4X and two 5X choices, that I did a whole post of all the data just before the show began. And then some of them turned out to be well received – and there’s another paradox. lol. Ironic.

    But I can deal with the creaky themes – although it wouldn’t take much imagination to at least rename them – I can understand the reasons for using the older song catalogs – and many of them are valid…and TBH – I haven’t listened to Pop radio in a lot of years – don’t like it – so if the choices started coming from there, I wouldn’t know them from a hole in the ground, or be able to appreciate if the contestant had done something cool, or not. Maybe that’s the reverse of what happens to young people with older songs. Although, actually, the young people of my experience do know and appreciate music from previous generations…maybe they are unusual in that. IDK.

     But I am still on board for cutting the retreads – and having many more fresh tracks that haven’t been done to death on Idol…leaving the next contestant in line to try them with very little room to impress. And I’m no more interested in hearing 6 retreads of “Rolling in the Deep” than I am in another retread of “Hallelujah”.

    “If Only” Idol would do that one little thing – it would be a start. IMO.

  • larc

    One thing that bothers me about such things as the WNTS editorial is they are completely hung up on the age of songs with no consideration at all for the quality of them.  Songs aren’t automatically better just because they are newer.  I’d rather hear an old song that’s good than a new one that’s a piece of crap.  Maybe songs sung on The Voice average newer than songs sung on Idol.  But is their average quality actually better?

  • Anonymous

    As for Kris going international: his first album was available in Finland, as have been the albums of all winners (and some runner-ups) of at least the past 4 years, probably even before that. I don’t know if Carrie Underwood’s or Kelly Clarkson’s or other earlier winners’ first albums were available here as I have only watched AI since 2006 here in Finland.
    AI winners’ albums are not promoted here, I don’t know what Sony Finland thinks…
    As for the WGWG discussion: I have never understood this claim and discussion. David, Kris, Lee and Scotty are completely different from each other with regard to their musical style, Scotty, of course, being the most different.  To me Kris and Lee are probably the only ones who might be compared to each other. David is a rock musician, and he played electric guitar a lot in the show, not only acoustic guitar. I am a totally devoted, huge fan of David’s, I like Kris and Lee (haven’t bought their albums, though), but Scotty’s music is absolutely not for me since I can’t stand country music – while I acknowledge that he is a good singer.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Old songs are not automatically better than new songs, either. This idea that the majority of today’s mainstream music is bad is just silly.

    It’s true that today’s pop music is not focused on vocals and electronic music can sometimes be hard to replicate live, but this is the reality of the music business today.

    TPTB want the show to produce some relevant artists, but the sad reality is that there are, what … 5 Idols from earlier seasons (1-5) that are established in their genres and can get radioplay on their formats easily.

    We are in the middle of season 11. Idols from recent seasons have a hard time getting radioplay. Scotty is doing okay in country, good for him. But, the show’s original idea was to produce pop artists. I’m sorry, I just don’t see how can covering 30 and 40 years old adult contemporary hits can result in relevant pop artists of today.

    I personally don’t enjoy watching my Idol favorites from recent years struggle with radioplay. And I do believe that stale old music catalog is one of the reasons for this.

  • everything

    In as far as personalities among the girls, the only
    one that really stands out is Skylar.  I
    would not even say she is the best singer. But she is spontaneous, she goofy.
    She just comes across as someone who is fun if you go see her perform.

    I just don’t see that kind of personality in Jessica
    and Hollie.  Between the both of them,
    Hollie does come across as more vulnerable and therefore likeable.  But Jessica is just too rehearsed; too
    polished.  She gives off the impression
    as someone who has been trained at a very young age to carve and perfect a
    certain stage persona. 
    Her response that there weren’t a lot of good songs to chose from is what I expected from her.  I just can’t see her as the type to mock herself and loosen up and say, “hey yeah, that was a corny performance, etc.”

  • Elliegrll


     The current success of Kelly Clarkson is a reminder to people of how long it’s been since Idol was a genuinely star-making show.

    I don’t think that people believe that AI made Kelly.  Without Breakaway, radio would have ignored Kelly just like they’ve ignored countless other idol alums.  That doesn’t mean that Kelly isn’t talented, because she obviously is, it’s jut that these people have to have the right songs and the proper support to succeed.

    But, I don’t think that the average person who watches and enjoys the show cares about that.  Of course the media will talk up the problem of the show not finding stars, but then the media has been trashing the show from the start.  The same people who are talking about the show not producing pop stars, ten years ago, were saying that it was the worst thing to happen to music.  As the people who run tv by the numbers said, talk of AI’s demise has been going on since the second or third season.  

    The show needs a diverse cast in order to attract a diverse audience, and they need to show that anyone can win.  The last part is where the problem lies, but hopefully, even if a girl doesn’t win this year, this cast will prove that the field is open, and that there is still a possibility, if the singer is strong.

  • Tinawina

    The show needs a diverse cast in order to attract a diverse audience,
    and they need to show that anyone can win.  The last part is where the
    problem lies, but hopefully, even if a girl doesn’t win this year, this
    cast will prove that the field is open, and that there is still a
    possibility, if the singer is strong.

    Agreed. Still, I don’t think it needs to be a girl necessarily, but I do think it can’t be another guitar playing white rock male. And it would be nice if the person fell into the pop, R&B or jazz/blues genre, since we haven’t seen a winner from any of those genres in a while (or in the case of jazz, ever LOL).

  • Tess

    the show’s original idea was to produce pop artists

    I think that was the premise of the original version of Britain’s Pop Idol that may have carried over into the first US version and was then quickly discarded for two reasons. One…the British version of “pop” is very different, IMHO, than America’s top 40.  Pop in England is much more diverse and truly is about “popular” incorporating a lot of different genres of music…in fact I don’t think Britain has anything even resembling the diversity of radio stations and genres that the US has.  Most of the radio stations, there, tend to play the same “type” of music…lot less genre specific stations other than things like classical, oldies, etc. And the second reason is that, for the most part, American “pop” stars are made, not born, and the genre is very unstable and very cyclical…what is pop one year is has been music the next (see rock, light).  By the time an Idol is crowned and releases music their “style” could be way down on the lost of viable pop genres.

  • Anonymous

    I think you can simply mark off the R&B and Jazz singer winning Idol, the odds are not in their favor. They are outnumbered by the supposed country and pop singers. 

    Just because you have a diverse field doesn’t mean anyone can win. Some of these people are simply filler, just like it has been in every season. You have weak and strong singers and looking at who’s been in the bottom week after week and who’s getting pimped by the judges, it’s easy to spot the favorites and who’s going to be axed next. Once you hit that bottom three, it’s hard to pull out of it, because fans start to judge you as being a worse singer than the ones who aren’t there. They are less likely to vote for you and before you know it your going home, dreaming of that fairytale hit album you will help write, produce and sing on.

  • Tess

    From what I remember from season’s past the bottom three can be very fluid and peeps who have found themselves there can end up flourishing later on and move to the top 3 (see Reinhart, Haley) for an example from last year.  And sometimes a “front” runner who is never at the bottom can just get swooped up one week and find themselves, not only in the bottom 3, but at the bottom (see Toscano, (and I had to look that up…so what does that say about her impression on me) Pia.

    Someone at the bottom can easily pull themselves way up with one great performance, and someone on top can just as easily fall when they don’t meet expectations one week.  Nothing is a certainty on Idol.

  • Elliegrll

    I think you can simply mark off the R&B and Jazz singer winning Idol, the odds are not in their favor. They are outnumbered by the supposed country and pop singers.  

    I’m not, and can’t, mark them off, since we already have two winners who sing r&b.  I’ll have to think back on it, but at least one competed during a season that had more country singers than season 11 does.  

    Yesterday it was said that Fantasia was in the bottom three three times, even though it was only two, and people didn’t seem to hold that against her, or Jordin seemingly being the one who was eliminated during IGB, or that her arc was one of a contestant coming out of nowhere to win.  I think that Jordin showed that it matters when a person gets hot and has their best performances.

    Of course, it’s going to be harder for people who wait too long to build a solid fanbase, and they will be judged more critically, but right now with season eleven there are at least five or six frontrunners, and the contestants who are getting a lot of the attention are not the white guys.

  • Tinawina

    think you can simply mark off the R&B and Jazz singer winning Idol,
    the odds are not in their favor. They are outnumbered by the supposed
    country and pop singers.

    Do you mean this season or in general? This season there is only 1 country singer in the top 12 (and she was the only one that made it through of 4 in the semis) so I don’t think you can say country is outnumbering anything. In fact, last year was the only country dominant finale despite all the kvetching LOL, there literally hadn’t been a country contestant in the final 2 since Carrie won. I think the sense that country is dominant on Idol is driven by more of a dislike of the genre than reality.

    Now rock has totally been prominent that last few years, I’ll give you that. Still I think the attention, popularity and talent level is spread around enough this year that we have a good chance of bucking the trend. There are *multiple* real contenders who are not male rock singers for the first time in a long time – since last year LOL! – so I think we have a shot.

  • Anonymous

    The only certainty is it will be a white male who wins. 

  • Anonymous

    Lies…All lies! There are only two white males this year. Both of them could easily end up being “shock” eliminations. You never know…*ICanDream* lol

  • raya

    I also remember Syesha Mercado hitting the B3 numerous times in S7 and she wound up coming in third.  Though I’m too lazy to look up how many times she was actually in the B3.  It just seemed like a lot.  But she managed to outlast several seemingly more popular Idols that season.

    I kind of think Elise might be done for though in the sense that so far there seems to be a pattern of her ending up on the bottom whether she does well or not.  Which I guess isn’t fair to say as we are only three weeks in and she was voted into the Top 13.  That said, even if Elise deserves to have the save used on her, I can’t see the judges saving her again frankly.  Just because she pretty much has already been saved once and if she’s still not connecting to the audience than it’s likely she’s just not going to get there.

  • Anonymous

    So, I still don’t understand why the girl HAS to win. What will suddenly happen, if a girl wins?

    Things that can happen with a female winner:


    *”Competing” with female pop stars also means it is more
    likely that a female sound is “a good fit” for current playlists,
    depending on style, and it opens up the universe of songwriters to more female collaborators.  (There are more male songwriters, but the male winners and runners up still get paired with them more often on a percentage basis, and clearly working with Tamposi did well for Clarkson). 
    * A female winner’s songs are also less likely to be mass-requested
    by stans “helping” their favorites, which helps the DJs be less resistant

    * Broader categories of endorsements (clothing, cosmetics/personal
    care, fitness [male fitness related endorsements usually go to actual
    athletes,with females it is more open], etc.), improving celebrity coverage
    avenues and general audience awareness. Yes, Adam Lambert is willing to do those things, but there’s still enough ambivalence around gay male celebrity to make it harder for him to be A-list.

    * More importantly for the show and the artist in question, an
    opportunity for the coverage to focus on the music and not “why can’t we
    have this type of winner.”

    For the record, I think the last four male winners are reasonably distinct in the broader music market, and I think three out of the four had a compelling case to have won over their female competitors (sorry, DeWyze), but I’m looking at long-term interest.

    I do think that the show and the artists therefrom are served
    better by the perception that voting is a result of liking the music, and not
    (in the best case) women who don’t appreciate other women’s performance talents as much as men’s talents (which is still problematic) or (in the worst case) women who can’t
    appreciate other women’s vocal talents because they are too busy focusing on
    having TV boyfriends instead of being music consumers.  No matter what the
    individual merits are in any season, eventually the narrative overtakes the


    Since I generally am impressed with these kids and their ability
    to get through the circus, and want them to do well in the long run, whether
    they are my personal cuppa or not, I want that narrative to change for their sakes.

  • Karen C

    ” personally don’t enjoy watching my Idol favorites from recent years struggle with radioplay. And I do believe that stale old music catalog is one of the reasons for this. ”

    But even Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood had to do older songs when they were on the show.   Daughtry.  Other than Kelly’s and Carrie’s coronation song, which were new songs, they had to do as many old songs as they did now.  So I don’t think it’s just that as the reason they are not getting as much radio play. 

    I also think that the success that they have had is the exception rather than the rule, even in the earlier seasons. The winners from season 1-5 other than Carrie and Kelly were not that much more successful than the  more recent winners, especially if you take into consideration changes in radio play.  Also, the ones from earlier seasons have had more albums out.