Idol Headlines for 03/12/12

Simon Cowell’s boyband, One Direction will perform on The Today Show. NBC 7-9am.

Jeremy Rosado and Cee Lo Green appear on Live! With Kelly. Check your local listings.

Ace Young has or will tape an episode of the Young and The Restless in a story line that’s sure to involve real-life girlfriend, Diana DeGarmo, who guest stars on the soap as Angelina (via Diana DeGarmo News)

Carrie Underwood celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a surprise 80s party! Check out some photos she tweeted HERE and HERE.

The CBS news show, “60 Minutes” did a piece on Aerosmith last night (March 11). Check out some videos HERE and HERE.

Heejun Han tweeted, “Since @PPhillipsAI11 was sick and could not play with me like he used to, i build robot @PPhillipsAI11 to play with me (I heard a rumor that Phil had kidney stone surgery on Saturday, so I don’t know…)

‘American Idol’: Mary J. Blige on Whether Jimmy Iovine is Too Hard on the Finalists – So what sort of rookie mistakes did this year’s Top 13 make? “Once you’re out there, you can’t think about how you look and you have to learn a song so that you’re not even thinking about the words,” Blige told The Hollywood Reporter after Thursday’s show. “[Also] wanting to hurry to get to the big money note, I just kept telling them to slow down.” – See the Video at Hollywood Reporter

Anoop Desai Debuts ‘OoWee’ Single on Facebook Gaming Start-up Songster – Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 12, 2012 – Pop/R&B singer-songwriter Anoop Desai and Mowgli Games have partnered to release his exciting single “OoWee” through the launch of Songster, Facebook’s first and only collaborative music creation game. March 14 with mark both the launch and the Songster stage at SXSW featuring Anoop Desai – a perfect celebration of the innovative partnership. The spawn of interactive online environments like Youtube have given content creators a refreshing way to share music and expand there fans. Seeking an innovative alternative to traditional music release platforms like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, Anoop Desai is offering fans a more interactive option to enjoy his music in the most shareable, viral environment…Facebook. – Read more at PRNewswire

Jennifer Hudson Helps Open Up The Smith Center – Singing her heart out while showing off her thin bod, Jennifer Hudson performed at the opening night of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday (March 10). The bright red lipped “American Idol” alum wore a glistening black dress with lace on top as she took the stage while backed by a 70-member choir to close out the show with a rendition of “Take Care of This House.” – See the photos at Celebrity Gossip

Smash Goes Bollywood – NBC’s musical drama pays homage to Indian movies with an elaborate performance airing April 23. It’s a dream sequence, set to the original song ”A Thousand and One Nights” written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, and is ­triggered by the strained relationship between Karen (Katharine McPhee, pictured) and Dev (Raza Jeffrey). ”They have dinner in an Indian restaurant and there are Bollywood numbers playing in the videos on the wall,” says Smash creator Theresa Rebeck. See the Photo at Entertainment Weekly

Jordin Sparks: Disney Dreamer’s Keynote Speaker! – Jordin Sparks strikes a pose with Minnie Mouse on Sunday (March 11) at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The 22-year-old singer and actress was the keynote speaker at the Disney Dreamer’s Academy commencement ceremony. The Dream Academy program is an annual career inspiration program for one hundred high school students from across the country.- See the Photo at Just Jared

Hayley Orrantia and Cari Fletcher from X Factor’s Lakoda Rayne, join forces to help celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting. have recorded two NEW songs for the centennial celebration that exemplify what it means to be a Girl Scout… “Power of a Girl” and “Friendship!” (

‘The Voice’ Judge Blake Shelton Admits ‘Man Crush’ On Adam Levine – LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Country superstar Blake Shelton is taking his bromance with fellow “The Voice” mentor Adam Levine to a whole new level. “All I have to say is, it’s true: I have a man crush on Adam,” the “Honey Bee” singer told MTV News at Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Awards this week. “It blows me away people can pick up on that just by watching that on television. “I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him so bad,” he added, smiling. “I don’t care if it’s mutual or not.” – Read more at Access Hollywood

Kid’s Choice Lineup includes One Direction, Cee Lo Green, Chris Colfer – LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Multi-platinum recording artist and global superstar Katy Perry will break the sound barrier at USC’s Galen Center with her first live performance at Nickelodeon’s 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, March 31, at 8 p.m. (ET/tape delayed for West Coast). Perry, topping the number of Kids’ Choice Award nominations by an individual this year, will join host Will Smith and a powerhouse roster of celebrity presenters, including Chris Rock (What to Expect When You’re Expecting), Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man), Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man), Zac Efron (The Lucky One), Heidi Klum (Project Runway), Victoria Justice (Victorious), Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), Big Time Rush, Chris Colfer (Glee) and Cee Lo Green (The Voice) as well as recently announced performers, UK pop sensation One Direction. – Read more at Market Watch

Idology: Advice for Colton & Hollie, a Vote-Getting Idea for Joshua, and a Warning for Jermaine


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  • Anonymous

    Anyone who doesn’t think OD are Simon’s Gold mine should have seen the Today show today. Not to mention all those Top 40 adds their single is getting.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Jeremy Rosado is coming up on Live with Kelly.  Nice appearance for him.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Jeremy Rosado is coming up on Live with Kelly.  Nice appearance for him.

  • Anonymous

    The size of that crowd is crazy. It’s unusual to see a boy band with members that don’t play instruments or at least dance. They just sing and look pretty…lol. But it works for them (and it works for me..heh). I still think they would seem cheesy if they were American. Maybe the British accents add to their appeal as well…AND of course their songs are great.

  • Anonymous

    I totally just read that first headline as “Simon Cowell’s boyfriend will perform on the Today Show” and was like whoa, what did I miss?

  • Anonymous

    btw. Blake Shelton? That dude totally knows how to spin it.

  • Anonymous

    This is super exciting.
    a snippet of a new song from Adam. He played 4 songs at a nightclub.

    I so want Trespassing in my life.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Jeremy is singing “Gravity” now on Live with Kelly.  They showed a brief clip of his elimination and then introduced him.  Short standup interview with Kelly. It was his 5th time trying out for Idol, asked about his job at an infectious disease clinic, no talk of future plans, plug for Idol. That’s it.

  • Anonymous

    Channel 933 Summer Kickoff Concert 2012  (Chris Rene)

  • Kirsten

    Anyone who doesn’t think OD are Simon’s Gold mine should have seen the Today show today.

    I don’t doubt they will make Simon a lot of money, but I just find the term somewhat offensive, personally.

    I know that Simon gets to take the lion’s share of the credit for their success. It was his idea to turn 5 solo males into a boy band. He chose them. He hired stylists.  He got somebody to write the perfect pop confection for them. He probably hired a freakin’ script writer to give them all characters (“Okay, you be the bad boy who is secretly a sweety while you be the sporty one, you be the goofy one, you be the heart-throb, and you, er…now this is why I get paid the big bucks. There wasn’t a 5th Monkee”). They are all individually plug-and-play, easily replaced.

    It’s just that the abuse of the members of boy-bands has been well documented (the Svengali makes a fortune while the members themselves get paid peanuts while working their butts off) over time and we know that Simon held the whip-hand in those negotiations. So, yes, he’ll make a lot of money out of it, but I’m contestant-centric so it bugs me that the boys get no credit at all.

    So, when I grumble about the nickname, it’s not because I don’t think that One D will be successful, it’s just that I suspect that they individually won’t be successful and Simon will agree that he deserves all the money and credit.

  • Anonymous

    I saw One Direction today on the Today show.  It was the first time I had seen them.  Proves you don’t have to have much singing ability to make it big if you have the right promotion.  They are cute boys, so that helps, but it was evident in their solos that they have very average singing abilities.  You could go to any high school in your area and put together 4 boys who could sing as well or better than these guys.  Obviously, no one cares about their singing ability or they disagree with me, because they had a massive crowd of screaming girls.

  • No Thanks

    WORD.  They said the Today Show crowd broke a record.  Bigger than Bieber and Lady Gaga.

  • Anonymous

    Okay all this chatter about One Direction so I finally dragged myself to YouTube and checked out their tune and an interview.

    Cute. Definitely cute. Watch out Bieber.
    Nice poppy tune. Sweet message.
    Love me the Brit accents.
    Did I mention cute?

    Save your $$ boys and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a short one but wild while it lasts.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that term “Simon’s gold mine” is kind of queasy making. Most of these boy bands end up getting ripped off by their behind the scenes Svengali.  But I do think OD will be Simon’s biggest Pop success in the US. At least for a hot minute. Obviously, these groups have little longevity.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m super skeptical when it comes to anything connected to Simon and could believe that he hired a few hundred kids to show up to this appearance.

  • Tinawina

    They are cute and they have massive charisma. That’s all you really need for a boy band.

  • HotHotHot

    Love the new Adam snippet!! Conjecture is that it might be “Naked Love”. Need this new album now!!!!

  • Tess

    Watched snippets of the snippets from the Today show and couldn’t believe how many pairs of braces were visible all at one time.  So these girls are all junior high kids (just like I suspected) who have glommed on to the next best thing and will move on rather quickly…at about the same time they get their braces off and lose their baby fat.

    From listening to the solos I don’t think any of the guys have the talent to move forward once this marketing driven period of their life is over.  Like others have said, I hope they have someone in their lives who is watching the purse strings…but after seeing this phenomenon hundreds of times over the last 50 years I bet none of these boys will come out of this experience with their futures intact.  

    At least “New Kids on the Block” could sing, dance, and act…these floppy hairs, no such luck.

  • No Thanks

    Try 5000.  Do you think he hired 5000?  Watch the video.  I’ve got more if you like.  The thousands that showed up at their 1st two CD signings in America.

    Do you think Simon paid for these girls to show up at the hotel and chase their van through the streets of NYC with absolutely no regard for their safety?

  • No Thanks

    They might peter out in the US eventually but the UK fanbase for these type of groups are pretty loyal.  90s boyband Take That are still massive over there.  I guess their a “man band” by now in their 30s but they’re stilling selling platinum.  Westlife just broke up after nearly 20 years together.

  • No Thanks

    Yeah, Simon hired stylists and song writers but the boys personalities are genuine.  I’ve been watching since they auditioned for X-Factor.  They haven’t changed one bit since they started this process.  And you can’t fake their chemistry either.

    Don’t know about the finances.  I too hope it works out well for them.  I hope past boy band history has made them and their families more saavy.  They’re all smart and come from middle class/upper middle class backgrounds.

  • Tess

    Since I have no idea who either of these bands are I do have a question.  Are they manufactured bands like One Direction or are they organic (the guys, themselves, formed the band?

    Some manufactured bands do do well when they are filled with talented kids, like New Kids….but, as I see One Direction, they were chosen merely on the “cute” factor with little regard to talent.  Talent is pretty essential to continued longevity.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m super skeptical when it comes to anything connected to Simon and could believe that he hired a few hundred kids to show up to this appearance.”

    You obviously didn’t watch the Today show. It was thousands of kids. One of the biggest crowds  I’ve even seen at one of their events. 

  • Mateja Praznik

    Take That sold well over 2 million copies of their latest album in the UK. It must be at least 7x platinum (300K is platinum). And, their tour was #2 or #3 in the world.

    Westlife lasted quite a while (1998-2012). 14 years isn’t bad for a boyband.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thousands?  OK.  lol  That sounds pretty legit.

  • GS61

    That boy band One Direction is singing right now again on the today show.
    Wow, such crappy fluff! Jonas Bros. 2.0.
    They’ll probably be huge.
    So sad :(

  • Trina

    I dont trust Simon either, but I work smack in the center of Rockefeller Plaza and I couldnt even get into my office this morning. Even if Simon recruited a few hundred kids it was a drop in the bucket.  That crowd was insane and it looked worse than any Bieber outdoor concert I’ve seen. Bunch of cute young guys singing catchy songs, seems like an easy recipe to make thousands of tweens lose it.

  • No Thanks

    Both Take That and Westlife were 100% manufactured.

    What little I do know of Take That was that there was advertisement for teenage boys to audition for a boy band. 6 showed up. 5 were picked.

  • Mateja Praznik

     Take That and Westlife were manufactured. Boyzone too.

    When the producers decide to form a boyband, they start auditions. That’s how they find the boys. Then there are family boybands (Jackson 5). Non-manufactured boybands are rare (JLS).

    The Wanted, that other British boyband that is US radio right now, was formed at the auditions.

    I think Westlife originally started organically (friends from the same town) and then when they wanted to launch a career, they found Louis Walsh (X Factor UK judge). Then Louis threw one or two members out and found better looking replacements. Oh and Simon Cowell signed them.

    I think BBC recently had two documentaries. One about boybands and one about girlbands.

  • Anonymous

    Love the new Adam snippet! I can already tell I am going to love this album even more than FYE.

  • Anonymous

    I love Westlife and Boyzone. Have been a fan for many years. Too bad I’m no longer a tween. I’ll have to skip this one. I don’t think I need to wish them luck. lol! 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Simon. :/

  • Marie

    Gah, I’m really loving the new Adam snippet. I need to hear the studio version of Cuckoo, Trespassing and Chokehold. But this snippet, which I think is probably Naked Luv, could be next single.

  • ronnie

    The new Adam snippet is good, but too short to make a real assessment. 

  • Elliegrll

    It’s unusual to see a boy band with members that don’t play instruments or at least dance. They just sing and look pretty  

    They don’t even sing, lol.  One of them has been charged with doing most of the singing, and the funny thing is that he’s the one with the least amount of stage presence.  He seems to suffer from tremendous stage fright, or at least he did while he was on the X Factor.

  • breakdown

    One Dimensional is more like it. :)

  • Anonymous

    yup I may reluctantly be coming around to the fact that boy bands may be making a comeback. :)  

  • Elliegrll

    Since I have no idea who either of these bands are I do have a question.  Are they manufactured bands like One Direction or are they organic (the guys, themselves, formed the band?

    Take That are a manufactured band.  But, I think some of their support has to be chocked up to nostalgia.  Their tour and album sold incredibly well, but would that have been the case if they never broke up, and had been producing music.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that the members of One Direction are being paid fairly by Simon/their label/their management, because history has shown that boy bands don’t generally tend to stick around for more than a few years — whether because of dissention in the ranks, tweens are fickle, or whatever. 

    OD aren’t very good singers individually, but their music (what I’ve heard of it) is very catchy and they are definitely cute. I really didn’t think they would be all that successful here in the US, but it looks as though I may be wrong about that (wouldn’t be the first time – haha). Being far removed from being a tween myself and not having any kids, I doubt I’ll ever have a reason to see them perform live, but good luck to them!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see any snippet of a new song from Adam posted here. Where is it?

  • Anonymous

    New article about Lee, Pia, and Kris (the writer likes Lee’s new song!):

    LivenationFR just tweeted that Lee has a concert in France March 21. His fiancee had tweeted recently that Lee gave her a trip to Paris for her birthday-I guess he’s combining business with pleasure.

  • Anonymous

    New article about Lee, Pia, and Kris (the writer likes Lee’s new song!)

      Nearly everything in that post is stuff I’ve covered already ;)

  • Anonymous

     Wow, that snippet is such a tease! Could this be Naked Love? Can’t wait for  Trespassing!

  • Zowie
  • Anonymous

    I want it all and I want it now!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lee’s fiancee confirmed on twitter that he is doing some sort of gig in France.

    And here’s the info from Live Nation France.

  • Marie

    I posted this earlier but it didn’t show up. Adam BTIKM remixes are out now!! Gah I’m loving the Dave one and the Robert one.

  • Chris

    That is unusual, the sing and look pretty part but I would guess it’s just a matter of time before they get locked in a dance studio or have a TV show or something. Big Time Rush is kinda similar, no instruments but the show gives them daily exposure to tweens.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Scotty might be performing on the 29th! His sister tweeted:

    Ashley McCreery?@ashleymccreery2
    @ashleyMmccreery The ACM’s & possibly Idol. The thought of possibly being on tv always makes me want to get in the best shape possible haha

    Ashley McCreery?@ashleymccreery2Reply

    Got 2 weeks to whip myself back into’s to no soda, no fast food & working out everyday:) #cheers

  • buffynut2001

    Hot remixes at AO for BTIKM!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, those remixes of BTIKM sound very cool!

  • Anonymous

    Ingrid Michaelson joined by PS 22 Chorus for take on ‘Blood
    Brothers’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

    “The tag-team was put together to announce Michaelson as one of the celebrity
    judges for and VH1 Save the Music’s Battle for the Bands
    campaign, which encourages people to create videos showcasing why music
    education is important and should not be cut from school programs.

    American Idol winner Kris Allen will be joining Michaelson behind the judges’
    table, and Kelly Clarkson is acting as the campaign’s spokeswoman.” 

  • Anonymous

    Kris seems to building a side career as a judge :). Hopefully he and Kelly will be working together somehow on this.

  • Anonymous

    Saw Ingrid and Kris perform on the same stage a couple years ago and I would guess they’d be good together – plus, other than being musically talented, she’s hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    phillip really should just drop out of the comepetion if he is having surgery during his run on idol.  i know all the fan girls would be upset but health should be more important.

  • Tess

    Surgery for kidney stones is quick and relatively minor and since there isn’t an incision you are back on your feet in hours.

  • Anonymous

    They had been producing music – and quite well commercially – during their break-up.  Robbie Williams left the band for a while to solo (and he did well during that time too) and their reunion was him rejoining them for an album and tour.  They are all in the their late 30’s early 40’s now and are considered one of the top acts in the UK.  Somehow boybands never really faded in the UK.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Kidney stone surgery is nothing, relatively speaking.  Based on what I have read, I would argue with you that Casey Abrams had more reason to drop out than P2. 

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea of Ingrid Michaelson and Allen on the same panel. Not only is she one of the best female artists, IMO, but she has a terrific personality. I agree with ross; She’s really funny onstage and has an incredible knack at spontaneity. Simon should have tried to get her as an X Factor judge. Kris Allen has this great dry sense of humor so they probably interact very well.

  • Anonymous

    Today we hosted Adam Lambert at Gibson Guitar Center



    Adam and his handlers were extremely pleasant and a joy
    to be with. Adam actually thanked us for promoting his music. He really has a
    genuine appreciation and gratefulness for his fans, and they know it. That’s
    why they’re so passionate about his music.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt that Phillip thinks it’s nothing……..but yes, in comparison to other surgeries it could be described that way.  Hopefully this corrects the problem for now and he doesn’t have a recurrence.  Feel better Phillip!  Looking forward to your performance this week. 

    I would love to be in a room with Heejun and Phillip to experience their sense of humours! 

  • Kylee

    Not sure how accurate this source is…latest rumor on Britney and X factor.

    This one says Simon is eying ADELE? Would she really do it?

  • Susan

    Well, it’s probably old news and no one is reading this topic, I figured I’d set the record straight on Westlife.  Mateja Praznik is the closest to right.  I’ve seen them live 33 times (and I live in the US), so I think I’m qualified. ;)

    Westlife started as 6 guys who sent to school together in Sligo, Ireland, and performed in school musicals (Grease).  Boyzone were hot at the time, so people told them “hey, you should form a boyband” — so they did.  One of them’s mom was from the same county in Ireland as Louis Walsh, so she got in touch with him.  He agreed to manage them and got them an audition with Simon at the record label he worked for.

    Simon only liked Mark and Kian and said get rid of the rest.  Louis initially got rid of the one who was a year or two older than the others and one who LOOKED older (I think he’s bald now).  He held auditions in Dublin to replace those two with one, since all great boybands have 5 members, right?

    They liked two of the auditions so ended up kicking out one more of the originals in order to take both of them.  That left only Shane that Simon didn’t like.  Louis felt he was a great singer who had a bad day, so he dyed his hair blond for the next audition with Simon.  Simon didn’t recognize Shane (they told him about this much later) and signed them on the spot.

    So partially manufactured?  As compared to the US boybands of the late 90’s, I always thought Westlife seemed more authentic.  They weren’t showbiz kids who’d had years of dance lessons (hell, they still dance very much like white guys).  They were young, Irish, liked to drink, and didn’t care who knew it. ;)  

    Oh yeah — and they really could sing, much better than One Direction.