‘American Idol’ Finalist Jessica Sanchez Has Roots In Bataan – LOS ANGELES – “Oh, my baby!” Editha Sanchez, the charming mother of Jessica Sanchez exclaimed as she watched her eldest daughter being interviewed by the press on the “blue carpet” at the recently-concluded “American Idol” Finalists after-party held at the The Grove rooftop parking structure. Jessica, 16, a petite belter and powerhouse Filipino-Mexican-American singer, just made it to the top 13 of the number one reality singing contest here in Los Angeles, the “American Idol.” Read more at MB.com

American Idol star Hollie Cavanagh’s Liverpool family ‘ecstatic’ as she sails into the final 13 – AMERICAN Idol star Hollie Cavanagh made her Liverpool family “ecstatic” when she sailed into the final 10. Today, Hollie’s aunt, Linda Pimblett, spoke of her pride after her niece earned one of the top spots on Fox’s hit TV show. The teen singer survived months of try-outs to reach the live shows, and was one of just five girls voted through to next week by viewers. LFC fan Hollie, who is originally from Allerton, was in the first group of girls to learn her fate on Thursday from host Ryan Seacrest. – Read more at Liverpool Echo

‘Idol’ Castoff Chelsea Sorrell Hair’s to You, Kid! – Chelsea Sorrell won’t be the next “American Idol,” but she might have found a new calling in a whole other field … hair modeling. Turns out the cosmetologist from Stokesdale, NC — who was booted this week — has translated into big business for the beauty school she graduated from. Leon’s Beauty School in Greensboro has been offering a Chelsea-related special cut & color (with a 10% discount) ever since she made it on the show … and it’s been a big seller. Read more at TMZ

‘American Idol’s’ James Durbin, Orianthi Rock for Scholarship Fund – American Idol’s season 10 rocker James Durbin is preparing for a return visit to the show, and while he hasn’t yet decided which song he’ll perform, he promises viewers something to remember. “It’s going to be very cool,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “[On Idol], I went out of my way every single week to do something that had never been done before and be original and make moments for myself. Come April 12, it’s going to be no different.” – Read more at the Hollywood Reporter

Featured Sunday March 4th…David Cook Running For A Cure…& Antil Bullying Benefit – David Cook to Run the 2012 Honda LA Marathon aims to raise $100,000 for brain cancer charity on Crowdrise.com…ini honor of his late brother Adam…David joins us the talk about his training for his FIRST marathon ever! His passion for this cause AND we chat details about how YOU could score a signed guitar JUST for donation $25 to the ABC2 Team!! (segments 2 & 3 will be reloaded soon-sorry for technical difficulties) – Listen to the Interview at 1043myfm.com

Steven Tyler to Perform at Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp Concert – American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler take the stage at this year’s Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp all-star concert to be held at the Playboy Mansion on May 5. The event caps off the five-day camp, which will feature counselors with rock credentials such as Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot), Mark Hudson (Aerosmith), Kip Winger, Alan White (Yes), Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath), Howard Leese (Heart) and Billy Sheehan (Big), with more to be announced. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Singing ‘Apprentice’ – ‘I feel like Ivanka really runs that company’ – Music hath charms to soothe the savage Donald, it would seem. This season, more than a quarter of the contestants on “The Celebrity Apprentice” are musicians. If you go by the previous few seasons — which were won by singers such as John Rich and Brett Michaels — the musical celebs have a leg up on getting hired at the end of the season.Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider and former Danity Kane star, Aubrey O’Day, are still in the game and, along with “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken may have the best shot of winning this year. Read more at the New York Post

  • BonnieDee

    Go Hollie!

  • Anonymous

    I was watching Nandito Ako with David A. this morning and there was a commercial for Jessica Sanchez on Idol.  I am not sure what it said, but it had her name in big letters and I heard her name and American Idol.

    David related phrases were trending again WW.  What fun all of this has been for his fans.

    Sure give David Cook credit for training for his first marathon.  Hope he does well and lots of money is raised.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Chris Rene will be on Ellen March 13th! Congrats Chris!

  • windmills

    Carrie blogged this morning with more teasers. She had previously said she was planning a cool reveal of the title and cover of her upcoming album and she says that will be coming soon. Maybe on her birthday which is this Friday? She says the video for Good Girl is also coming but not quite as soon as the album title/cover. She mentioned how she knows the word ‘soon’ drives her fans nuts and she totally overused the word in her blog on purpose. 

    So, the useful information is that we’re getting the album title and cover art before we get the video for Good Girl. 

  • Anonymous

    A couple of radio stations have dropped hints on twitter and Facebook that Kris will be performing at Live in the Vineyard in April. No official confirmation yet.

  • Anonymous

    Have to admit I am really becoming a big Hollie fan. I’ve also noticed and her aunt said it herself:

    “I always think people who do something like this have a musical background or come from a private school, but we’re just a normal family from Liverpool”,

    that Hollie doesn’t really have a lot of experience and is not an educated, trained singer etc etc. That is something i think has become very rare on this show and maybe something that makes it less and less popular, that a lot of trained and experienced people come to compete. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I must say I’m getting pretty excited about American Idol this season.. mainly for the fact that i keep envisioning the Final 2 to be Hollie vs Jessica. Now wouldn’t THAT be one hell of a showdown!! LOL!

    But you never know with Idol audiences… this time last season everyone was predicting Pia win. So i guess we’ll see if the girls get picked off again this season like dominos…

  • Taro

    Hollie’s family is from Liverpool and she is a LFC fan?? That makes me her fan! Go Hollie!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just found http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamHollieC#g/u uploaded Hollie’s old videos, check it out!

  • Anonymous

    That would be a good gig for Kris. I think Chicago’s Mix station (WTMX) has been affiliated with this concert in the past, and they are generally VERY good to the artists who do promo for them. If I remember correctly, Kris did something for them (a Kris fan would probably know) when LLWD was released, and they added that song VERY early. And WTMX is a station that never adds early.

  • Anonymous


    #The Story Behind The Song: @Kelly_Clarkson, “Stronger”http://bit.ly/zbuqhl

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a list of radio stations that will be participating in promoting the Live in the Vineyard event and giving away tickets. Even without Kris, it has a very strong lineup, if you like Mraz, Kearney, Nathanson, anyway :)


  • Nele621

    Did Skylar dye her hair dark? I thought all the girls were blonds in the top 13.

    Sure seems like a young group this year. Seven teens. Also a very ethnic boys group, with only two white guys. Just about all groups represented = Asian, Hispanic, Black… Also majority from the south at eight.

  • Anonymous

    You must not have been watching the Hollywood rounds or the live shows last week. There were a lot of blondes (even Jimmy pointed that out), but not all 12 girls had blonde hair. Now we are down to 4 out of 6 blondes, so it should be easier to tell them apart from here on out! :)

  • Anonymous

     Only one person is going home Thursday.

  • Incipit

    “Sure give David Cook credit for training for his first marathon.  Hope he does well and lots of money is raised.”

    Ditto on that hope, journey1! That’s a good interview on a serious subject, but also with some fun questions at the end about the new music, co-writers,  and opening for Jon Bon Jovi at the Tiger Jam…the interviewer (who is also running) is knowledgeable, and provides the context, leaving David the space to just respond, instead of working to frame the answer, as happens too often.

    Also, I loved the interesting thing David says about the strategy for the marathon – since he had jacked his back and had to scale down the training a bit –
    ” …I’ve got some work to do as we get up to the last few days.  You know
    what? I’m just gonna operate under the, under the the mantra I had on
    Idol, which is ‘Don’t take last’.”

    Maybe it’s that simple at the core? Every week, work so you don’t take last, and eventually, you’re the Last Man/Woman Standing?

  • http://twitter.com/bignliddle BigNLiddle

    You can listen to Ruben Studdard’s newest CD here on AOL: http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds/#/2

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if anyone here has had a chance to catch some of Archie’s show yet but its really is such fun to watch. I think that US soaps could really do with more of the hair pulling and weeping to keep things interesting lol.

    TV5 can be watched on livestream each morning (show airs around 8am eastern time) but unless you speak Tagalog there’s alot going on that you might not catch. Fans in the Philippines have been awesome to help out by first providing a live chat translation each morning in real time to go along with the show and then uploading English subtitled videos later. Its pretty amusing to watch without subtitles and try to figure out what they’re talking about though…or maybe that’s just me. ha. I also think its awesome for a group of fans to be working together worldwide so that everyone can be part of the excitement. 

    Here’s a preview from TV5 of today’s episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWBjOdZwTgY 
    My brain still cannot compute the fact that David is acting in a series where he ends up in some kind of love triangle. What the random. 

    P.S.Broom-whacking happened today. I laughed so hard. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0f527orl51r9dhlfo4_250.gif

  • Anonymous

    Really? That’s great! Hasn’t it been two in the past when we have had a top 13?

  • Anonymous

    Got to support the Brit in the competition, so Hollie should win!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for posting the link for Hollie’s videos. she’s my fav at the moment. Her delivery is close to the original but she’s really good at emoting the feeling with her voice and needless to say that she’s got one of the best voice imo that i heard on the show. I believe she could do real damage this season :)

  • Anonymous

    the Vinyard was, i think, the first show Kris gave with Cale after the idol tour. It’s awesome that he got to be there in the early stage of promoting album #2 .
    That’s a strong line-up and Kris fits nicely in it :)))
    I got the feeling that RCA/19 will do a serious and good job at promoting him :)  

  • Anonymous

    Where are you seeing that Matt Nathanson is going to be there?  Do you mean Jon McLaughlin?

    But yes, glad they invited Kris back for this event. That’s a lot of radio stations to schmooze at once.

  • heartly

    #The Story Behind The Song: @Kelly_Clarkson, “Stronger”http://bit.ly/zbuqhl

    That was a neat look at the song going from concept, to writing, to demo stages,  through all the various levels before getting to the artist, to recording and the changes that are made in the studio.  Almost exactly a year after recording it, it hit the top of the charts.  Pretty neat.
    Kudos to those that heard the hit potential in the demo version.  I don’t know if it’s because I heard the end product first or not, but the demo while still good, was lacking in many areas.

  • http://twitter.com/ljrTR LJR

    Thanks so much for posting that David Cook interview! Will be interesting to see how he does in that marathon.  I admire his continued association with Advance Brain Cancer Cure – I donate when possible (lost my father to a brain tumor).
    Course, I must admit I’m maybe a little more intersted in his upcoming shows and the new music he tweets about.

  • Anonymous

    I remember the Vineyard. Wasn’t that the one where Kris sang the one and only time, Let It Rain ? heh.
    I remember how good that was and he never again sings it.

  • windmills

    Thanks for posting the interview with the WDKY writer! I like Kelly’s line in the song. It’s always stood out to me because it seemed like it was in a different voice. The rest of the first verse always felt a little more earthy and that one line was a little more metaphorical. Now I know why :)
    Carrie’s revealing her album cover and with it the album title piece by piece today. There’s 2 out of 10 pieces up so far: here. It looks like the kind of album cover that would go with a darker album: stormy background, gray dress. 

  • Anonymous

    I remember the Vineyard. Wasn’t that the one where Kris sang the one and only time, Let It Rain ? heh.
    I remember how good that was and he never again sings it.  

    I remember the owner of the vineyard talking about how they booked him.  She and her husband personally called Simon Fuller, and when he said yes to Kris playing at the event, they started screaming, and Simon hung up on them.  

  • Anonymous

    I agree. That line is one of my favorites to sing along to.

    because it seemed like it was in a different voice.

    Perfect description!

    Carries album cover looks pretty awesome so far. I see a whole lot of leg there. LOL
    This is an exciting way to reveal the cover!

  • ozarko

    P.S.Broom-whacking happened today. I laughed so hard.

    Oh my Josh!  Poor David getting whacked with a broom.  First an oar and now a broom?  That’s insane!  Seems so out of character for him, ‘cuz he’s an angel.  Hahaha!  I haven’t been watching any of the videos.  I’m holding out for the DVD.   But I couldn’t help peek at that animated gif.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Huffington Post had a nice little wrap up on the “March Madness” of Idol releases including Ruben, Eliot, Clay and Mr. Casey James:

    “Season 9 finalist Casey James is set to make a more definitive mark on the music industry than did the two contestants that placed ahead of him in 2010. With his first song, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” spending half a year already on Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 (currently No. 23), his album is set to do well indeed. James co-wrote nine of the eleven songs on the album, which is on the BNA Records label. The self-titled debut from the Texas bluesman is scheduled for a March 20 release date.”

    Half a year in the Top 40. That has a really nice ring to it.

  • Anonymous


    Woah girl! There is even more leg now!

  • Anonymous

    I’m watching NanditoAko and am really enjoying it.  I think David A.  is doing very well with it!!  Yes a love triangle.  The funniest was seeing the Nanny and the cougar Mom go ga ga over Josh (David’s character)  much like real fans of David do!!

    I’m so happy that David accepted this contract, an OPM record deal and the Bench/Fix contract.  It’s been a great way of enjoying these last two months while looking forward to more music in the US!!

  • Anonymous

    Dayum–Carrie has nice legs! Cute way to reveal her album cover/title!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he likes that song very much

  • djafan

    This site is adding English subtitles to all the Nandito Ako episodes.  They have up to episode 10 starting with the most recent first.  I so want a dvd but I can’t not watch lol. 

    David A has floored me.  Never did I expect for him be on a telenovela much less be in a love triangle and do so goooooooood at emotional, angry, love, comic and sassy scenes.  I’m so glad David A allowed himself to push himself beyond his comfort zone and he has stated that he’s glad he did and has learned so much about himself through this experience.

    These are great for different scenes on tumbler.




  • Anonymous

    Kris confirmed for Live in the Vineyard on Friday, April 13. That is a sweet lineup for Friday — Mraz, Kearney, Kris, Mayer Hawthorne…


  • Mateja Praznik

    All ‘Idol’ and ‘Voice’ Contestants Are So “Special” and “Unique”

    All of them, or at least that’s what it sounds like from listening to the judges.http://video.vulture.com/video/All-Idol-and-Voice-Contestants

  • Anonymous

    Carrie’s album cover:


    That was a strong gust of wind that blew Carrie’s dress open there!

    I wonder if this was photoshopped? LOL
    Looks like they all fall victim to the photoshopped covers!

  • Kirsten

    Carrie’s album cover:

    What on EARTH did they do to her face? She looks like a completely different person to me.

    Whoever photoshopped her face to look like that needs to have their license to use the software revoked.

    Gorgeous people do not need that level of photoshopping. Carrie is gorgeous.

    If it was an OTT make-up artist that caused this transformation, take away her make-up brushes and send her back to beauty school.

  • Anonymous

    remember Jazzlyn Little from XF? here’s a YT of her singing the NA recently.
    I still think Simon was a moron to not have selected her for the first season

  • Anonymous

    Carrie’s album cover:

    Wow! Fantastic legs… wait… wait… is that Carrie? I don’t recognize that face.

  • Mateja Praznik

     Wow, I don’t like this at all. The concept is great, but the execution isn’t. Her face is unrecognizable. Bad example of photoshop.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y2H6IQWNMTSNTCTWDP7TDFEKPY Linda

    Did anyone else notice the date for this post? 3/5/15? Yikes! I just had to say how pleased I am that Kris is doing Live in the Vineyard again. That should be really cool.

  • Anonymous

    it’s angelina jolie!  almost

    i heard angelina’s leg has a facebook or twitter account now…should make one for carrie’s.

  • http://twitter.com/Sassycatz Sassycatz

    Lord. That doesn’t even look like Carrie. Maybe they should call the album “Blown Away” by the Artist Formerly Known as Carrie Underwood.

  • justshootme

    Lol, the pose does bring to mind Angelina at the Oscars. The face and hair kinda looks like a young Heather Locklear. It’s very pretty, but I’d be hardpressed to identify the pic as Carrie. Not that that will stop it from selling a kabillion copies.

  • Anonymous

    Such a different look than the daisy in the hair Carrie of Play On.  

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel Goboywonder

     Today’s episode of Nandito Ako was so funny it should have been titled “Lolling In The Deep”! ;) I was enjoying it so much so that I didn’t budge from my computer when the earthquake hit the SF/Bay Area this morning. David has really did a good job of acting in the mini-series.