Idol Headlines for 02/25/12

Watch for the Haley Reinhart performance of the Rolling Stone’s “Wild Horses” with Slash and Myles Kennedy from the the Keep Memory Alive “Power of Love” fundraiser honoring Muhammad Ali. The special airs today on ABC and again on ESPN2. (Check your Local Listings)

Glee star, Darren Criss, will sing a duet with Kermit the Frog on tomorrow’s E! Oscar Countdown beginning at 5:30 pm ET. (We’ll be live blogging the Oscars tomorrow, so watch for that).

Darren and Kermit at rehearsals!

Darren Criss on WhoSay

Milford frosh hopes to make ‘Idol’ history – “It’s truly insane, being an arm’s reach from what could happen,” said Franckewitz by phone Friday from Los Angeles, where he’s rehearsing for his live TV performance on Tuesday. “Getting this far is surreal.” Franckewitz – who met the minimum age by only 13 days – would be the youngest finalist ever, said Fox publicist Alexandra Gillespie. Last year, runner-up Lauren Alaina auditioned at 15, but celebrated a birthday before the “Idol” season premiered, she said. – Read more at

‘American Idol’ Love Song Hits ‘The Young and the Restless’– “American Idol” alum Diana DeGarmo has been tearing up the screen as divalicious Jersey girl Angelina on “The Young and the Restless.” The crazy Genoa City songstress is about to get her big break, with a song written by DeGarmo and her real life beau Ace Young. The track “Good Goodbye,” which is being touted as a heart-wrenching country ballad, will be revealed over several episodes featuring Angelina’s breakout performance, starting on Friday, Mar. 23. Read more at

Danny Gokey Launches Marathon to Benefit the Homeless – ‘American Idol’ alum Danny Gokey is kicking off his first Annual Run for Compassion, a group running the Nashville Marathon to benefit homeless families in Nashville. This run falls under umbrella of Gokey’s organization Sophia’s Heart Foundation, which he founded after his first wife Sophia died during surgery for congenital heart disease in 2008. Sophia passed just four weeks after the country star auditioned for ‘American Idol.’ Run for Compassion will take place Saturday, April 28 at 7 AM CT and will feature a kickoff event hosted by Gokey himself. That event will be held the night before the race from 6:30 – 8:30PM ET at Compassion Nashville. – Read more at Taste of Country

OK! Magazine Pre- Oscar Party – Pauly D & Pia Toscano

Forty five songs from Pia Toscano! Wow. She says her album will be coming out “soon”.


Heejun Han tweeted: Dont fall a sleep front of Asian man.. @CDixonAI11

Kelly Clarkson sings with Jason Aldean in Nashville – Kelly Clarkson sang Don’t You Wanna Stay with country singer Jason Aldean Thursday night in Nashville, in the same venue where the two singers debuted the song in November 2010. The moment came during Aldean’s concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Usually, Lauren Alaina, who opens the shows on Aldean’s tour, returns to the stage to perform the song with him. But Clarkson, a Nashville resident, let Aldean know a few days before that she’d be in town and would join him. – Read more at USA Today

Kellie Pickler jokes around on Sony Music Nashville cruise – Kellie Pickler has never been one to hold back, and her candor made for an evening of laugh-out-loud entertainment on Thursday night when she, along with Sara Evans and Storme Warren, hosted Sony Music Nashville’s 26th boat show and dinner cruise on the General Jackson. The record label uses the evening to showcase its new artists and the latest music from its established stars. Pickler, who performed “Stop Cheatin’ on Me” and the title song from her new album 100 Proof, also introduced many of the evening’s performers and shared an assortment of stories from the stage that were sometimes peppered with four-letter words. – Read more at the

Checking in with Jacee Badeaux – In the latest season of “American Idol,” Louisiana is making its presence known. Though Lafayette native Lauren Daigle was outed during the “Vegas” episode, Joshua Ledet from Westlake, has proved to be quite the competitor. Ledet has gained a spot in the semi-finalist round. Amidst all the “Idol” hub-bub, we spoke with former “Idol” contestant, 16-year-old Jacee Badeaux about his thoughts on the latest season and his upcoming plans. Read more at The

‘Dancing with the Stars’ 3 Celeb Contestants REVEALED Including Heather Locklear’s Ex – TMZ has learned the secret identities of THREE new celebrity contestants on the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars” — most interesting … Heather Locklear’s ex and “Melrose Place” actor Jack Wagner. You’ll recall Jack and Heather got into an epic fight in December that triggered a 911 call. – Read more at Dancing With The Stars

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  • Anonymous

    Yes!  Cut that thing off his head Heejun!!

  • swansteel

    Go, Haley!  Yahoooo!! 

  • Lexie

    Scotty on the Today show this morning…

  • Pam

    That pic cracks me up.  DO IT Heejun DO IT!  LOL!

  • Anonymous

    So psyched, Haley and Slash… :)

  • Kirsten

    Heejun, I’ll give you money to cut it!

    Meanwhile, all the Idols are there bonding and practicing and the new wildcard contestant is where?

    Come on Nigel. Get back in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Did you see his tweet to James after James tweeted him? LMAO!!!! – a twitter star is born!!!

     James Durbin@DurbinRock
    @HHanAI11 good job dude! You’re killin it!
    @DurbinRock thanks buddy!:)….. May i have Haley’s number?

  • ozarko

    According to the Cincinnati article, Eben has family roots in country music and Archie is an inspiration for him.  Awww.

    Although judge Jennifer Lopez has compared his look to pop star Justin Bieber, Franckewitz said he draws inspiration from 2008 “Idol” contestant David Archuleta. He was 17 when he finished second to David Cook.

    “I thought David Archuleta would win. Seeing him go so far in the competition gives me some hope,” he said.  A professional singing career, he said, “it’s truly what I want to do the rest of my life.’’

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lexie for posting Scotty’s interview. It was short but an excellent interview with great clips of his tour performances, loved Brad’s comments. Scotty as always conducts himself in an exemplary fashion.

  • TheOther

    Yeah, Heejun – whack it off baby!!!

  • squirrellygirl

    Haley is the new Adele. Haley is going to be huge. LOVE HER!

  • Anonymous

    Heejun did say that Haley is one of his favorite Idol contestants. :D

  • OffLeash

    Yeah Heejun, That roadkill needs to go. Looks like most of it’s gone too now LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I think she has a long way to go before she is on the same level as Adele.

    Rock on Heejun!! 

  • squirrellygirl

    I disagree. I think Haley is ready to be a star. She’s been ready. She has the talent. She’s different. And she reminds me of Adele.

  • OffLeash

    I also think it’s a tad premature to crown Haley as the new Adele, but what do I know? *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    Dude, even though you meant the hair that’s inappropriate! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Here’s @Lauren_Alaina singing U2’s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ in Nashville last night

    This is a really good vid looks like nashville was rockin lastnight.

  • Anonymous

     OK – let’s see how she does. I like her – a lot. But stardom does not come quick nor easy to the Idols.

  • Anonymous

    Lexie.   Thanks soooo much for sharing the video.
    Scotty is such a class act!!!

  • mmb

    1). Jack Wagner???? Awesome!!!! ( no seriously…. I lived Frisco. And his foray into pop music. All I neeeedd….)

    2) is there some sort of a special episode of idol this week that Alums are expected at? Anyone know what’s up?

  • Tess

    Wouldn’t it be better to be an original than a “knock off” of Adele.  I don’t think people thought Adele was another “somebody” when she got started….I thought that her path to success was because she was different from what was going down at the time.

  • GS61

    She needs to learn a thing or two first from Carrie Underwood about releasing dynamic singles before she wastes a golden opportunity.
    That song of hers is a snooze fest.
    She corrects this, and maybe she’ll hit it big.
    I hope all the AI10 kids do well. I pretty much liked them all.

  • Anonymous

    I think the song might be OK but Haley’s performance was so subdued.  Maybe she was overexcited and trying to keep herself in check. Hopefully she will open up a little more with future performances she has an interesting voice with the right material could have a nice career for herself but its all a crap shoot as we know.

  • Anonymous

    Could we wait until Haley actually has music out before comparing her to someone who is about to sell 10 million copies of her album?

  • HaleysShindig

    That song of hers is amazing and she focused the performance of it to what was provided, a sole keyboard and small club environment, unlike Carrie’s, which was accompanied by a full band.

     One thing I’ve learned about Haley is she never sings a song the same way twice, and adapts her performances to where she is performing. (See HOTRS on Regis, vs Tour, vs AI, vs HRC, or her many renditions of both HOTRS and BATJ on Tour) According to her Dad, the actual single is WAY different than what we heard, which was the song stripped down to its bare core. Same could be said from the many different ways she has performed “Oh Darling” or “God Bless The Child”. Hard to judge Haley, almost impossible in fact, from one performance.

    Also, I think of Haley more as just Haley with strong influences and similarities to Janelle Monae, Corrine Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse, more than Adele. So I disagree with the meme that she is the next Adele, her voice has more things going on with it.

  • OffLeash

    True. And I bet labels are grooming several Adele 2.0 as we speak, not really understanding that what made Adele Adele was her uniqueness. 

  • Raftrap

    Heejun’s great, and I think he should have done it, everyone knows Colton’s power comes from his hair, ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION HEEJUN!

  • Anonymous

    The performance was done acoustically…What do people expect when she’s just singing alongside a keyboard? I’m sure the studio version will be livelier, and even if it’s not the song is still lovely.

    It’s certainly not the funeral march that some are making it out to be…

    Haley’s style may be similar to Adele, but calling her the next Adele is
    way premature. She definitely has the potential to go far though. The music world could use a unique voice like hers. Which is IMO tailor made for radio.

  • Anonymous

    And…What you said. lol

  • Tinawina

    Also, I think of Haley more as just Haley with strong influences from
    Janelle Monae, Corrine Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse, more than Adele,
    who before RITD, she says she never listened to. So I disagree with the
    meme that she is the next Adele, her voice has more things going on with

    Agreed. I never got the Adele comparison either. Haley is way more Corrine Bailey Rae-ish (or maybe Duffy & Amy Winehouse) than Adele IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Well i really love Adele, her lyrics are amazing, the DVD concert at the Royal Albert Hall is GREAT! , but i think too Haley has so much texture and versatility on her voice and style …. i showed the single to other people, not exactly AI fans  , in fact they don’t know she came from that TV reality show and people love the ”voices” coming from her mouth ….. the high notes , the melancholic , the falsetto, the runs well placed in the song, the intensity ….. actually remind me more Amy W, ( ) ”Back to Black”  than Adele ;) … oh!! ‘ most of them we impressed that she was just accompanied by a piano so :).
    In any case, one voice is the evolution of the same style with some doses of originality ( Amy > Duffy > Adele > Haley = New Soul) … Haley has the voice, style and the originality and uniqueness to become a well respected  Star …. hopefully the support will be there for her . …. I mentioned that i love FREE? :)

  • Anonymous

    When I heard “Free” at the Hard Rock, I thought it sounded far more Amy Winehouse-ish than Adele-ish. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes they did. Adele was labeled an Amy Winehouse wannabe when she first broke through.

  • steph6449

    dannygokey Danny Gokey

    Arrived in Manitowoc 4 tonights show. Feels great 2b back on the tour bus-Its Sweet Pea’s 1st ride as well take a look

    Danny’s new puppy made the trip for his concert tonight in WI. Sounds like her name is Sweet Pea. Aww, love puppy pictures.

    I don’t believe Danny is running himself in that marathon event but it may depend on the timing. He has a commitment in DC that afternoon/evening.

  • windmills

    Heejun is hilarious!

    And, Kellie is too. I hope her cohosting of the Sony boat show will help
    get radio on board when they start promoting 100 Proof to the bigger
    market country radio stations.

    I know MJ doesn’t post reviews in Headlines
    but here’s a review roundup for Carrie’s Good Girl. I’m just focusing
    on major sites in country music and the mainstream.

    These country blogs are oriented towards critical reviews (as opposed to descriptive ones):

    Universe (gives GG an A)
    (this is the country blog probably
    most well known for thoughtful and well written reviews – I don’t always
    agree with them but they’ve got talented, straight shooting writers)

    to 10 Country Music Reviews
    (rates GG an 8 out of 10)

    Here are reviews from some country news/promo blogs

    Taste Of Country (4.5 out of 5 stars)

    It Country
    (4.5 out of 5 stars)

    Roughstock (4 out of 5 stars)

    The country blogs are applauding Carrie’s adventurousness (despite GG being her least country single) and also
    focusing on her vocal performance. I think it’s really helping that this
    is the rawest and most immediate vocal performance Carrie’s had on a
    single. Though it’s in a similar boy bashing lane as some of her other
    singles, GG’s also getting credit for being her best written uptempo since

    Here are some reviews from mainstream sites that are more descriptive than attempting to be critical:

    Entertainment Weekly


    (not its official review)

  • Sandra Ballmann

    That’s awesome!!! Yay Heejun!!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Only a “tad” premature?  We’re talking about someone who hasn’t released any music yet?  It’s TOTALLY premature.  lol  (and I’m a fan)

  • OffLeash

    That was “snarkasm” 

    New hilarious pic from Heejun:

     Wooo noodle for lunch!!!! ”

  • Anonymous

    Heejun Han ? @HHanAI11
    Wooo noodle for lunch!!!!


  • fuzzywuzzy

    I lol’ed at that!  :D

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the vid. I thought Lauren sang very well but was disappointed in the audience, very little reaction during her performance and/or applause when she left the stage.

  • F E B

    I was listening to my local sports station and to my surprise Paula Abdul called in.  It was part of a contest where people convinced famous people to call in in hopes of winning a big prize.  Nothing major news but she does have a few things to say about Simon, AI and XF.  And Paula’s fan won the contest.

  • Anonymous

    When I heard “Free” at the Hard Rock, I thought it sounded far more Amy Winehouse-ish than Adele-ish.

    This is who Haley has always reminded me of.  I think she would kill on some of Amy Winehouse’s songs.

    Yup. Haley fits in with the whole soul revival thing mostly based out of England 

    I agree with this too, which is why, even though Amy Winehouse, Duffy, etc. saw some success in the US, I don’t know if mainstream stations are embracing that sound.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Jimmy Iovine markets her, and if he’s willing to deal with the possibility that it will take a long time before her audience finds her music.  I’m using the word find, because I think that Jimmy is going to have a hard time getting her airplay in the US.

  • jersey

    LOL! Heejun is hysterical but I hope he takes time out from his twitter-fest to practice his song for Tuesday night! Also, Heejun, dude, stop distracting Deandre! I would like him to do well on Tuesday night! If you want to distract someone, go after Adam Brock. I won’t miss him! :-/

  • Anonymous

    OMG Heejun!!  You do make me smile  :) 

    Now back to rehearsal with you! 

  • Bazzle

    Heejun: @SMagraneAI11 @jsanchezai11 are you tweeting when you are in class??? oh man… Telling your mom


  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol  This one is funny too.

    Heejun Han

    Im sexy and i know it

  • Anonymous

    1. Haley is trending, so the performance must be airing now? Really happy for her.

    2. That photo of HeeJun is hilarious. I haven’t watched the show yet this year, but I’ve seen some of the clips — that kid is truly a natural comedian.

    3. Kermit makes everything better.

  • randomjoe

    Corinne is definitely a direct influence on Haley.   But for the others, I’m not so sure.

    I’d make the case instead that they share common influences such as Dusty Springfield and the 60s Brit soul wave and in some cases jazz roots, etc.   Not surprisingly they share elements of the same sound.

  • Anonymous

    LOL ….. poor Adam though . 

  • Anonymous

    I hope Heejun does well on Tuesday night so we can keep him around for a while!

  • Anonymous

    Haley =  New Rock Soul Style ….. that’s it , this is more her style, an evolution of New Soul. :) …. i guess is the way i going to introduce her to new fans from now :)

  • Anonymous

    I think you need to see videos of Lauren on tour singing her own songs to judge normal audience reactions for her. U2 is a rock band so obviously there are country fans that do not like that style of music. There’s obvioulsy going to be less of a reaction since it’s not a country song. The Band Perry sings “Freefallin” by Tom Petty on their current tour & there is less audience reaction on that song since it’s not country.

  • Anonymous

    Out of 45 songs for Pia They don´t have an album yet? It´s kind of odd…

  • iFoundIt

    Whether Heejan wins AI, I can see him being a breakout star of Season 11.  I don’t know at this point if he will sell the most music, etc.  But I can see him going the Hollywood route, into comedy. 

  • Anonymous

    WOAH Eben is 13 days from the cut of age?!?!?!?!?!?  HOLY MOLEY!

  • iani

    Oh, Heejun Han, I like you a lot, but please don’t over twitter, keep it funy, interesting and us waiting for more, don’t exhaust the excitement from the beginning because you have felt people like you.

    “Wouldn’t it be better to be an original than a “knock off” of Adele.  I
    don’t think people thought Adele was another “somebody” when she got

    I  think squirrellygirl  has said that Haley reminds her of Adele, not be like Adele, having good voice, tone and controlled breath(and voice) doesn’t make you immediately the imitator of other singers; I think too Haley is a good singer and in her own merit. She didn’t even sing an Adele as a hint your mind should go there and associate with. She seems a classy, smooth girl and there might be the association with Adele, not really the next door girl singing with a powerful voice, she’s more like feel it(the voice) softly not be struck by it, I like “not in my face” singers that so many times have left me “dry” pretty soon. I think also that Hallie Day is pretty underrated, maybe because of her troubled past, but she seems so “on” to compete, confident but not on the verge of “must win” the show, so far I haven’t gotten a bad vibe from her to turn me off; same I felt from David Cook. Hallie reminds me of Kim Wilde, lol, not be KW
    Good girl-voices this year and maybe pretty hard to choose from, only their personalities might do the ranking.

  • Anonymous

    windmills: I think it’s really helping that this is the rawest and most immediate vocal performance Carrie’s had on a single. Though it’s in a similar boy bashing lane as some of her other singles, GG’s also getting credit for being her best written uptempo since BHC.

    I agree with all of that. I’m not a huge country music fan by any means, but I listened to the song this morning and I love it. The vocal is gorgeous and the song has some terrific dynamics, which Carrie delivers beautifully. (Don’t hurt me, but sometimes I find her full-throated attack somewhat exhausting, so I love that there are parts in this one where the instrumental drops to a minimum and the vocal is modulated too.) 

    I’m not a bit surprised it’s looking like it will have broad appeal.

  • Anonymous

    HI! Check out this more acoustic version of Good Girl. Carrie performed at a private concert (I forgot which event lol): 

  • HaleysShindig

    Haley was flawless, professional, beautiful, gorgeous and absolutely owned that song. Best performance of the night! 

  • Anonymous


    One thing I’ve learned about Haley is she never sings a song the same
    way twice, and adapts her performances to where she is performing.

    Haley does have a unique voice, as do so many others from Idol, not to mention so many other artists, period! However, one could  insert any number of names in that sentence and it would be accurate.  :)

  • HaleysShindig

    Yes, Artists do, and that is exactly what Haley is. 

  • Anonymous

    I  think she got a nice reaction then left the stage and her band was still playing most likely got a little more then when they were done.  But lets face it people are there to see Luke and Jason.  My sense from watching a lot of her performances is that she works hard to get the crowd into it and does her job as a warm up act to get the crowd ready for the stars.  In an interview recently she said she watches the crowd during Luke and Jason’s sets and everyone is singing along and that’s what she wants one day. Hopefully once people start to know her songs that will happen for her. 

  • Anonymous

    I ‘m sure in Lauren’s own element she gets all the accolades deserving of her performance. My comment was strictly an observation of the video posted of her Nashville show. It was in no way a criticism of Lauren but that of the audience. She deserved a more enthusiastic response IMO.
    Sent from my iPod

  • Miz

    Heejun is a riot. I hope he sticks around.

  • Anonymous

    Heejun–and to a lesser extent, Jessica–are the only reasons to watch the show this season IMHO.

  • Anonymous

     And I agree.

  • Anonymous

    David Archuleta is trending WW again.

    I think Haley was definitely the most talented singer on AI last year.  You might like other singers better, but pure talent goes to Haley.  I felt she got a really bad deal on that show.


  • Chris

    I saw hands up waving in front of the camera, so she had some folks involved.  I agree that the piece that’s missing is many of the audience members probably don’t know her songs so they are just “jamming” with the beat.  Jason also said in an interview the Nashville crowd can be filled with industry people so they tend to “sit there.” 

    Lauren didn’t have U2 in her set before the My Kinda Party tour, so I am tempted to believe his production may have even suggested it so her set had a similar element.  He and Luke tend to blur the lines a bit with country, rock, rap, etc…

  • Anonymous

    Glad they named the pup so quickly. Best news of all is Danny is back on the tour bus, its been awhile.

    The article about the marathon is great promotion for the race but mixed up a lot of facts.

  • reluctantlawyer

    That live acoustic performance of “Good Girl” was for a private pre-Oscar party of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.  And OMG at Carrie’s vocals!  I never thought that an uptempo song would allow her to show off her vocal skills but here we are.

  • iFoundIt

    I think Haley was definitely the most talented singer on AI last year. You might like other singers better, but pure talent goes to Haley. I felt she got a really bad deal on that show

    I think everyone who makes through the Idol process is talented. And If Haley indeed get a raw deal, that was because she wasn’t able to build a consistent fan base. Throughout the season, she fell to the bottom 4 times – more than anybody else.

  • Anonymous

    After Haley performed Blue,  Lee Ann Rimes’ tweeted her to say she heard great things about Haley’s rendition of Blue and thanked her for choosing the song.

  • Anonymous

    Scotty just played a prank on Brad. 

    Scotty McCreery ? @ScottyMcCreery Scotty Paisley went out to join @BradPaisley on “Celebrity” tonight!

  • Diana

    I think that performance of “Blue” is actually what made me fall in love with Haley and her voice! I loved it.

  • Anonymous

     I think  (insert name of your fav) was definitely the most talented singer on AI last year.
    You might like other singers better, but pure talent goes to (insert name of your fav). I
    felt she/he got a really bad deal on that show.
    Wait till people hear them they are going to be a star. I think I’ve heard all this somewhere before.

  • Anonymous


  • Kayla

    Adam’s Saturday Night Online “Ask Anything” chat is up on their site, Adam answers a whole bunch of questions submitted over the last week, he says at the end that Romeo asked for 15 minutes worth but he ended up talking for 35 minutes LOL.

    Due to Adam’s webcam the vid is inverted and he’s backwards, luckily he’s pretty symmetrical and it’s only a little disconcerting for those of us used to his face.

  • Anonymous

    Anything ? @AskAnythingChat Thanks @adamlambert & @MrChrisRene for
    making it the greatest @AskAnythingChat night we’ve ever had. Thanks
    @RomeoOnSNOL @SaturdayOnline

  • HaleysShindig

    Yet she still made Top 3 so her fan base was the most consistent non-country fan base on the Show last year. I find it funny that after she performed  Blue,  CMT and Country Blogs were predicting her to be the next big thing in Country after that performance. 

  • Emmy

    Oh thanks for posting Adam’s chat vid – loved how relaxed and chatty he was.

  • Anonymous

    ITA. Last year I never got attached to anyone. But this year, I’m already attached – Heejun has me with his wit – I honestly just want him to stick around because he’s pure entertainment and Jessica is the other one I’m interested in following.

  • sagi

    I loved that chat! What a cutie :) I could watch Adam talk all day! He just seems like someone who could be a BFF. He just comes off as so likeable and down to earth. Now if he can just get all his shit together and give us that album… all will be well! lol

  • Anonymous

    “And, Kellie is too. I hope her cohosting of the Sony boat show will help get radio on board when they start promoting 100 Proof to the bigger market country radio stations. I’ve seen a lot of mentions of how hilarious she was at the show.”

    See, this is the thing about Kellie. She’s got this amazing talent to be truly funny and entertaining. While she is an adequate singer and I do like several of her tunes on this current CD, I honestly think her strength as a performer is as a wit. I wish she’d have a TV show ala Tina Fey or become a country Ellen with her own talk show. This is where I think she really belongs rather than trying to claw her way up the charts amongst the Carries, Rebas and endless male versions of “I like my dog” and “Shake your booty”.

  • asifclueless

    Heejun … Is that another meaning of Barber Quartets?

    Heejun cracks me up !!!

  • OffLeash

    More Durbin-Heejun tweets LOL:

    James Durbin ? @DurbinRock  
    @HHanAI11 good job dude! You’re killin it!

    Heejun Han ? @HHanAI11   
    @DurbinRock thanks buddy!:)….. May i have Haley’s number?

    James Durbin ? @DurbinRock   
    @HHanAI11 haha! Ask @CaseyAbrams or @STEFANOLANGONE :P

     Heejun Han ? @HHanAI11 
    @DurbinRock @caseyabrams @stefanolangone humm nvm i will just ask Pia…. Do you have Pia’s number?

  • OffLeash

    This one just killed me:

    Phillip Phillips ? @PPhillipsAI11   
    well i put lotion on his glasses and you should have heard heejun when he put them on hahaha it was too funny!
     Heejun Han ? @HHanAI11
    @PPhillipsAI11 Dont prank on yellow you are about to get jello on your butt hole

  • Anonymous

     Looks like this will be the season of the pranks.  I’d probably be afraid to sleep.

  • Lexie

    Scotty Paisley trended worldwide last night:))  Somehow, I’m betting the picture of Scotty and Brad together appears on some country blogs:)

    @scottymccreery pranking @BradPaisley during Celebrity in Springfield, Missouri

  • Nina Korol

    Haley has a good voice, but just the voice is never enough unless one goes Susan Boyle route and record the covers of classic songs.  Haley needs good material and I am not sure that songs that she has premiered are it.  Hope that she will get better material.  

    Pia has a great voice and is better looking than Haley (in my opinion), but she was not able to deliver with her first single.  Even Jimmy Iovine’s support didn’t help her.  Good songs are hard to come by for new artists, unless they also can write.