Idol Headlines for 02/23/12

Paula Abdul felt ‘used’ after being fired by Simon Cowell from ‘X Factor,’ say sources– Straight up, Paula Abdul was furious about Simon Cowell ’s decision to ax her from “The X Factor.” –
Two sources used the same term to describe the singer/dancer’s reaction to learning she would not be back for a second season: “used.” A source who worked with Abdul on “X Factor” says “Paula went ballistic when she found out she wasn’t back” and “told Simon that she felt used.” The insider says she “screamed” at Cowell and the producers. “She didn’t take the news lightly at all.” – Read more at New York Daily News

Jennifer Hudson’s Family’s Alleged Killer Targeted Behind Bars – William Balfour, the man accused of murdering Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and young nephew more than three years ago, is apparently a marked man in the Illinois prison he’s being held in, a former inmate at the facility told Star magazine exclusively. The inmate told Star that guards at Illinois’ Stateville Correctional Center let the other inmates know the nature of the crimes Balfour’s accused of — and it didn’t make him the most popular man on the cell block. – Read more at RadarOnline

David Archuleta’s new fix – At a recent press launch for David Archie (@DavidArchie on the Twitterverse) as the latest endorser for Filipino mega brands Bench and Bench Fix, I found myself a believer — the ultimate deal-breaker being the singer’s cover of A Thousand Miles. With generosity that he extended to his screaming fans as a result of their second and third pleas for “more” during his mini-concert at TriNoma that night, I saw firsthand — the charm, the heart-on-his-sleeve persona, and the unassuming small town boy humility that he is known to fashion despite international stardom. Heck, when I entered his dressing room for the interview, he offered me a bite to eat. – Read more at PhilStar

Interview with American Idol Contestant Hallie Day

Baylie Brown Visits FOX News

American Idol’s JAMES DURBIN to be Celebrity spokes person for anti-bullying alliance, be a STAR– Rock musician James Durbin announced today that he will serve as a celebrity spokesperson for the be a STAR Alliance, an anti-bullying initiative, cofounded by The Creative Coalition and WWE. The former American Idol Season Ten fan favorite joins more than 50 alliance members, including GLAAD, STOMP Out Bullying, Scholastic, Inc and United Federation of Teachers in an effort to prevent bullying in schools and communities around the world.  “I’m honored to align myself with be a STAR in the effort to change the way people treat each other,” said Durbin. “Having been a victim of bullying, I’m excited to share my story and encourage people to put an end to bullying. – Read more at Zoiks

Why Glee’s Grant Gustin Hopes Sebastian Is the Heir to the Sue Sylvester Throne – “I’m on an episode-to-episode basis, so as of now, I haven’t filmed anything for the return in the spring,” Gustin told “It’s all up in the air right now, and I have no idea what’s next for him to be honest.”
A month ago, reports surfaced that Gustin, whose professional credits include the Broadway revival of West Side Story and more recently an episode of CSI: Miami, would be promoted to a series regular next season. But that isn’t a done deal. – Read more at TV Guide

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  • Anonymous

    I like Baylie’s personality. She’s a nanny to a family that’s just down from me…cool!

    Jessica did a Fox interview too, but right before HW week. I love her personality

  • Anonymous

    Here’s twitter list for Kris’ private performance at Wal-Mart today. Unclear what time the performance actually is, though. Evidently the people have been encouraged to tweet and there may eventually be some sort of video :)!/KrisAllenLists/walmartevent 

  • David I-Chen Lin

    Poor Paula… I don’t think the show will be good without her. What is Simon thinking?

  • Anonymous

    Baylie is sweet. Very personable. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see James in the headlines and for such a good cause.  He’s a great  spokesman for  anti-bullying, having endured so much bullying as a child growing up.  He’s given hope to many children and teens already, and hopefully he will be able to inspire even more in this campaign.

  • GS61

    I agree, perfect spokesman.
    Curious to see the PSA he filmed for be a STAR. Maybe this is where Mick Mars heard that “Outcast” would be the next single. I wonder if the song, which would be perfect btw, is used in any way?

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know what time Carrie’s song is supposed to come out? i know it’s today, but this anticipation is killing me!!

    Loved baylie’s interview.

  • Anonymous

    Information Systems Division Yearly Beginning Meeting (ISDYBM) at the Walmart Corporate Office. (Kris, Cale & Torres)

  • itsalleternal
  • Alexia Katrantzis

    I sure hope and don’t see why not, I certainly prefer it to Screaming, it’ll do better on rock radio than Stand Up because of Mick Mars.

  • Anonymous

    Great article in PhilStar re: David Archuleta.  You can see why David loves it there.  They all love him and treat him with such respect that he feels quite at home in these interviews.  I don’t think he wanted to quit singing.  A Thousand Miles cover was perfect.  ha! Fans and he were singing that they would walk a thousand miles to see each other.  Loving it!!  A Mini Series, an album of OPm songs sung in English , a Bench contract for clothes and Hair products.  Lots to accomplish in five weeks.
    So happy for David and his fans.

  • Avari

    “…the people have been encouraged to tweet…”
    :-) That just struck my funny bone. I have this image of the lemur King Julien from the Madagascar kids movies (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen) standing on a rock proclaiming “Ze people have been encouraged to TWEET!!”
    Sorry, it just made me giggle. Carry on!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Video preview of the next Celebrity Apprentice at ET:

     “Celebrity Apprentice Goes Medieval”

  • mmb…

    Adam’s intl promo continues. He is turning up in some European magazine covers. He has been featured and/or interviewed on tv shows in the uk, Finland, and Japan over the past week and has done some radio interviews for South African radio. And his BTIKM is being used as the title song for a new movie coming out in Germany in mid march

  • Goboywonder

    ” Placing second to David Cook in the intensely-followed David Vs. David American Idol
    showdown over four years ago, who would’ve thought that fan favorite
    David Archuleta would become a worldwide phenomenon? I sure as hell
    ” I saw firsthand — the charm, the
    heart-on-his-sleeve persona, and the unassuming small town boy humility
    that he is known to fashion despite international stardom. Heck, when I
    entered his dressing room for the interview, he offered me a bite to
    I love these two statements in the PhilStar article. It show’s how David by just continuing to be himself is winning people over little by little. I remember during S7 the talk about David putting on an act with his shy, “Aw shucks” persona. That he was faking it and didn’t have star quality.  Here we are four years later and people are reporting about his same humble, unassuming ways even as an international star. We’re still seeing that with David what you see is exactly what you get. There’s no faking it for him. He’s the real deal. Side bar: I thought it was strange that so many people hated David for his shy, aw shucks demeanor while Scotty was praised for it. Guess that was just part of the show’s casting for their particular season.

  • Anonymous

    If Motley Crue released an album today, would their songs get airplay on rock stations?  I only ask, because I don’t think that Mick Mars reputation is going to change how many rock PDs feel about playing music from people who have been on AI.

  • DragonFly

    Love James’ “Screaming” song– musically AND the”fed-up rant” it represents–you can feel those lyrics.   Outcast lyrics get there also & Mick Mars relationship with it & great performance are good stuff.   Either one speaks a good message of passion against bullying.  No question James will help get a message out.  Not only kids write it to him I read, but adults who finally look back & open up to him about it.  I think there are many people who feel/felt the pain of being bullied–James is one who is comfortable giving it voice.  Read stories here of others (singers & groups) who are standing up & are tired of it also especially those in the spotlight these days. 

  • Alexia Katrantzis

    If Sebastian Bach, Megadeth and Anthrax’s new songs get played I don’t see why Crue’s won’t. Mick Mars name will make a difference, I’m not suggesting that ALL PDs will play Outcast but more will.

  • djafan

    Great interview.  Thank you MJ for posting.

    David A answers everything without any pretenses.  Interestingly enough everyone who spends any time with David A comment on his genuine and unassuming character. 

    “Side bar: I thought it was strange that so many people hated David for
    his shy, aw shucks demeanor while Scotty was praised for it.”

    I know right?  Well I’m glad that David A is doing so well.  David’s Nandito Ako has gone viral.  Trending daily worldwide.  I’m up at 5am to watch it livestreamed and it’s crazy how many people from South America, Central America, US, Canada, Asia in general, Austriala, not to mention the Philippines and many many cities in each country are up watching and tweeting.

    Here is another great David A commentary by another interviewer.

    When I had a one-on-one interview with David Archuleta at the Close Up
    Pyromusical last February 11, he mentioned that he had to extend his
    stay in the country for a week because of more projects.

    As it turns out, one of the projects is an endorsement deal with Bench and
    Bench Fix. Why didn’t I see that coming? Come to think of it, David–with his boyish good looks and undeniable charm–is perfect for Bench.

    Just look at the photos. I got to see David again when he was launched by the brand as their newest face, and basing on the reaction of the crowd in Trinoma last February 17, it looks like Bench hit the jackpot with him.

    Check out these plus some behind-the-scenes photos. I can’t wait to see his in-store photos and billboards. I will surely miss him while he’s busy with his two-year break from the entertainment industry. Good thing his TV5 show Nandito Ako is already on air, and a new all-OPM album will be released very soon.

    Photos at this link.

  • Anonymous

    Idol winner’s get a shout out on the USA show Royal Pains last night.(Kris gets a special mention)

  • Leandro

    Make collaborations and friendships with established names of rock/metal is the only shot James has to be accepted in this world. What else should he do? go to Nashville and try to make a country cd?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks mmb! The press from Queen has been amazing.

  • Anonymous

     James talking to the students of Los Coyotes Middle School about bullying.

    And later, hanging with the kids after the rally.

  • Alexia Katrantzis

    I was listening to Shinedown’s new single Bully the other day. It’s not their best work but I like it. While I’ll admit that it’s lyrically superior to both Screaming and Outcast, Brent doesn’t come close to touching the degree of passion James delivers in Screaming and Outcast.

  • Nele621

    Looks like small guys get Bench endorsements (Bruno, David). I’m surprised Bieber doesn’t have one.

  • Adam Alamillo

    Where is Carrie’s singleeeee :(

  • Anonymous

    Make collaborations and friendships with established names of rock/metal is the only shot James has to be accepted in this world. What else should he do? go to Nashville and try to make a country cd?

    I never disputed the importance of making contacts, just saying that collaborating on a song with someone who would have trouble getting airplay too, isn’t going to get his song spun on rock radio stations.

  • Lexie

    Picture of Scotty and King George from yesterday:))))

  • Anonymous

    Pics of Kris at the Walmart Buyers Banquet this afternoon.

    Lane Newland ? @LNEWLAND1
    #Backstage with @KrisAllen and Torres. Preparing to go on!

    #KrisAllen tuning his guitar!

    #KrisAllen is killing it at Walmarts buyers banquet!!! People are lovin the new music!

  • Bazzle
  • Anonymous

    wrong meeting. He is actually performing at the Wal-Mart buyers’ banquet (attendance unknown)

  • Anonymous


    #@KrisAllen sang 4 songs. 1 oldie but goodie and 3 new ones!!! He had the Walmart crowd on their feet!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, this is interesting.   Dr. Luke did FYE for Adam and it was used for a tv promo.   Now he does BTIKM for Adam and it’s being used in a German movie.   I wonder if these songs get released for movie/tv promos and if they actually sell, it’s just gravy.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about German, BTIKM is charting at #1 at BigFm German Radio and looks like the song and the video’s quite popular in some European countries

  • Anonymous

    Actually, a remix of another Haley´s collabs songs “Oh my” it is probably listed for 90210 in the ASCAP site…We´ll see if it´s used there. New season starting next month.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord that man is photogenic.  Incredible.