Idol Headlines for 02/22/12

Randy Jackson guests on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

During a new interview with Z100, Kelly Clarkson confirmed that “Dark Side” is likely to be the third single from her  album Stronger.  Previously, Kelly announced the next single would be “I Forgive You”. (The Prophet Blog)

‘American Idol’s’ slow slog to live shows is zombielike – From the “Idol” season premiere on Jan. 18 to the first live performances next week, the 24 semifinalists will have been through the initial screening, live performances before the judges in their audition cities, a Hollywood solo, a Hollywood group performance, another Hollywood solo, a Las Vegas group performance, and one final solo performance this week. After each round, the majority of singers move on while the smaller group of eliminated contestants do the sad and angry mumbling trudge back to their hometowns, like so many people looking for judges’ brains to chomp down on in their rage. – Read more at MSNBC

From Singing, To Acting, To Service – MANILA, Philippines — The past month has been replete with new milestones for American Idol grad David Archuleta. For one, there is his first turn as an actor for the new TV5 serye “Nandito Ako” alongside local talents Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero. – Read more at

Paula Abdul $900,000 Poorer After Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit– Paula Abdul just learned a valuable lesson in court … don’t let random women slip and fall in your driveway — because it could cost you $900,000. TMZ broke the story … a woman named Jill Kohl sued Abdul back in 2009 — claiming she took a nasty fall in Paula’s driveway, during a taping of the former “American Idol” judge’s reality show “Hey Paula” … and it paid off … big time. Jill’s lawyer Robert Rodriguez Clayton tells TMZ, Paula has agreed to cough up $900,000 in damages over the incident as part of a settlement. – Read more at TMZ

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins, Max And Emme, Turn 4 (PHOTOS) – Jennifer Lopez and her new beau Casper Smart may have stolen the spotlight of late, but today, it’s all about her twins, Max and Emme, as they celebrate their fourth birthday. Max and Emme, the offspring of Lopez and her former husband Marc Anthony, have grown to be very comfortable in the media’s eye. After all, the paparazzi love to catch celebrities with their kids. – Read more at Huffington Post

Max Adler, who plays Karovsky on Glee did a bunch of interviews in anticipation of last night’s suicide themed Glee. Links: Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, TVLine, EOnline, TV Guide

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  • Anonymous

    CRS @CRSOfficial   · @lauren_alaina just delivered a spot on performance of the National Anthem to kick off #CRS2012

    Good for her!!!

  • Anonymous

    #Hearing @RyanSeacrest is leaving E! News and heading to NBC!@JasonKennedy1 — looks like you’ll get a sweet promotion soon! :D

  • Anonymous

    Kris hopped on an early morning flight home this morning. His Wal-Mart gig is tomorrow.

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    CBS won the night with adults 18-49 led by NCIS which was down a tenth to a 3.8 adults 18-49 rating. NCIS: Los Angeles fell three tenths to a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating and Unforgettable plunged four tenths to a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.

    Fox’s Glee edged up a tenth of an adults 18-49 rating point vs. last week to a 2.9 rating.

    CBS NCIS 3.8/10 19.55
    FOX Glee 2.9/8 7.40
    ABC Last Man Standing 2.2/6 7.46
    NBC The Biggest Loser 2.2/6 6.37
    CW Hart Of Dixie (R) 0.4/1 1.06

    ABC Cougar Town 1.7/4 4.45

    FOX The New Girl 3.0/8 6.25
    CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.9/7 15.89
    NBC The Biggest Loser 2.4/6 6.95
    ABC The River 1.7/4 4.78
    CW Ringer 0.5/1 1.41

    FOX Raising Hope 2.2/5 4.85

    CBS Unforgettable 1.9/5 10.56
    NBC Parenthood 1.7/5 4.91
    ABC Body Of Proof 1.4/4 6.54

  • mmb

    Love Kelly’s Dark Side!! Probably my favorite cd track. She opens her concert with it and it’s great

  • Tinawina

    During a new interview with Z100, Kelly Clarkson confirmed that “Dark Side” is likely to be the third single from her  album Stronger.

    Wut??? YES!!!!!!! I love that song to pieces.  **spikes football, does happy dance**

  • Anonymous

    Good decision for Kelly – Dark Side would be a much better single than I Forgive You.

  • Nele621

    Kris must have been a huge success with his last Wal-Mart gig. This is the second time they asked him. Is he playing a full concert?

  • Anonymous

    Loving all the interviews/press for David Archuleta.  They do a nice job of interviewing David and give a good overview of his experience on the Mini Series, Music he is releasing and Mission coming up.
    David is home in Utah and in addition to quality time with his family and friends while getting ready for his mission.
    Today he is working a new music!!!  Love it!!  will miss all this activity.

  • Anonymous

    Oh thank goodness. Not a fan of I Forgive You, but I absolutely love Darkside!!  Woot!

  • judie miller

    MJ, love how you are letting the word out about David Archuleta. The Nandito Ako mini-series is being viewed all over the world and Nandito Ako is TT all over the world for days now. David as Josh Bradley is doing a great job and so are the rest of the cast. We fans are so proud of David for taking this giant leap for us. We love David Archuleta!!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m another Kelly fan who is much happier that Darkside will be released as her next single.

    CBS NCIS 3.8/10 19.55
    CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.9/7 15.89

    Wow.  I had no idea that the NCIS franchise shows were such ratings monsters.

  • Anonymous

    NCIS has always been a highly rated show even though it’s been on for 9 seasons. The last 2 seasons it averaged about 19 million total viewers. It just didn’t get as much notice because Idol still averaged 25 million. It’s core fanbase is just older viewers. I don’t think it’s even in the top 15 shows for the 18-39 demo.

  • Anonymous

    Lyndsey Parker @lyndseyparker
    So Paul McDonald just did a song called “Dollar Sign” with a chorus that said, “You can kiss my ass, 19.” #signpaulmcdonald

  • Kitwana

    I love this quote from David Archuleta from that Manila Bulletin article:
    “It’s always a scary thing when you make a decision that everybody tells you doesn’t make sense. You never know what’s going to happen. But it was kind of the same thing with American Idol. I didn’t know what was going to happen. It ended up being so fulfilling for my life. This is just another one of those things,” he explains.”
    To me, David’s A’s decisions in recent months really do help to explain why he chose to leave Jive in February 2011. The guy trusts his instincts and does what he thinks is right for him, even if it is not what everyone else says is right. I remember that just before Christmas, Johnny Wright – the head of WEG (his management company at the time) – was saying that David was going back into the studio soon to record new music and that a new single would be coming out. I guess Jive’s plan was to rush back into the studio and get a new single out as soon as possible after The Other Side of Down did not perform as expected.  If Shirley Halperin had read the Wright interview, she would have known that it was ridiculous to say that Jive “dropped” David – they wanted to record another CD with him!  However, instead of recording new music and releasing a new single, David fired his management and left Jive.  Everyone and their grandmother said that this was a mistake.  In retrospect, the decision to leave Jive is absolutely consistent with the unorthodox career decisions David has made that have turned out well for him.  Who knows if staying with Jive and releasing a quick single would have revived his music career.  Jordin took this route and released and promoted “I am Woman” after her Battlefield CD failed to meet expectations.  However, that single did not really materially improve her radio play or music career. It certainly did not result in a new CD being released. If David had stayed with Jive to record a new CD, there’s is no guarantee that Jive or radio would support it any more than The Other Side of Down.  On the other hand, he likely would not have been able to release the Asian Tour edition of his CD, done the summer Asian tour, done the Christmas tour, done the Philippines mini-series (which in turn led to the Bench ad campaign and the OPM CD) and certainly would not have been able to leave for a 2 year mission. So, what seemed like a totally bad decision at the time – leaving Jive – has actually turned out pretty well for him.

  • Lexie

    Scotty McCreery

    Well today was my first day at @TheRyman and I just met King George! #DayToRemember #wow

  • larc

    So, what seemed like a totally bad decision at the time – leaving Jive – has actually turned out pretty well for him.

    Even with Archie leaving Jive, it appears that Sony definitely hasn’t fallen out of love with him.  Especially Sony Asia!  :)

  • Anonymous

    it is a private corporate event to get the Wal-Mart execs excited about his new music. Likely to be just a handful of songs

  • Chris

    I would take a slip and fall for $900k. Who was Paula’s lawyer???? Donald Duck??

  • Linda Parish

    Check out the video this Kris fan made after Kris tweeted about waking up early to catch a flight this morning.  This is really coolKris AllenYes!!! RT @anl1994: Wakin’ Up Early: @youtube @KrisAllen

  • ozarko

    I really like this beaming picture of Archie with one of his co-stars.  He looks so happy.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what kind of venue it is for Kris tonight? Surely not a boardroom.. Right? :P

  • Kylee
  • Kylee
  • Anonymous

    David has always marched by a different drummer than the usual guys his age.  It does seem to work for him. After a taping a mini-series in 3 weeks that will be played for 5 weeks, recording a OPM, working with Bench with a photo shoot, and appearing numerous times for signings and mini-concerts, taking a trip to Singapore for several events…what is he doing?  He is back working on music. I would be taking it easy and getting ready for the mission.  He is the energizer bunny on steroids.

  • Pam

    I received a magazine in the mail today from Samaritan’s Purse which of course coordinates the Operation Christmas Child shoebox drive every year.  If you’ve filled up a shoebox at least once in your life, you’ve probably received one of these magazines.  This month’s issue was dedicated specially to the shoebox project and I had a gut feeling that Scotty would be in the magazine and sure enough on the bottom right hand corner of page 17 is a picture of a smiling Scotty (I’m assuming at his church) holding a shoebox that he apparently had packed himself along with some other volunteers. 

  • Anonymous

    it is tomorrow, not tonight. :) The Idols generally perform in the auditorium on the Wal-Mart corporate campus when they do this gigs

  • Chris

    I checked the tweets and all are favorable. Not gonna lie, I was worried since my daughter had a similar experience and she didn’t want to go back on stage again. She knew it, but got on stage and froze part way through. Her teacher made her get back out there for the spring recital. Glad Lauren got back on the horse too.

  • Anonymous

    Kris’ performance is not a concert it is a promotional event for his new cd with the execs from the retailer.

  • Anonymous

    Britney’s not stupid :).  She’s probably seen the rumored salaries for JLo & Christina and is thinking “hey, I can sit in judgement of people for TEN or TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS”.  It’s a whole lot less tiring than touring the world.  

  • Anonymous

    Tripp_ncwy is right, this is about buttering up the Walmart execs, so that when his album is released they will order well, give him some choice spots in their stores, make sure that the cd is spotlighted in their circular and on theri website, and any other goodies that they can provide.

    The even that Kris is performing at could be anything from a share holders meeting to a private party.

  • Anonymous

    There could be some shareholders at this promo performance, but the regular shareholders’ meetings are big events held in Bud Walton Arena. I remember Daughtry being the Headliner at the 2009 event. This event is usually held in the first part of the summer. I could see it being in the auditorium on the Walmart Campus, like girlygirl suggested.

  • Anonymous

    Most Kris fans (like me) are aware of that event, since Kris performed at it.

  • Anonymous

    There could be some shareholders there, but the regular shareholders’ meetings are big events held in Bud Walton Arena. I remember Daughtry being the Headliner at the 2009 event. This event is usually held in the first part of the summer. I could see it being in the auditorium on the Walmart Campus, like girlygirl suggested.

    Actually, the meeting that you are thinking of lasts for several days, and there are pretty much performances every day, including ones that are in the main meeting area.  Kris performed on the last day of the meeting that was held in 2009, as did Smokey Robinson, who brought Kris out to sing one song with him.  Here are some pictures from the event, and Kris with Smokey. Daughtry performed a few days before Kris during the 2009 meeting.

    But, even though that shareholders event is probably the largest, there are others, because in 2010 Kris performed at another one that  I believe was held in Florida.  That was a day or two after he performed for a special event for them at a school in Arkansas that they sponsor.

  • Anonymous

    Other Kris fans (like me) know that Kris performed at this event in June of 2009. Tomorrow night is not a shareholders meeting like the one held every summer.

  • Anonymous

    Other Kris fans (like me) know that Kris performed at this event in June of 2009. Tomorrow night is not a shareholders meeting like the one held every summer.  

    Maybe it’s a shareholders meeting like the one that was held in Florida.  LOL.  I don’t think that this is an argument.  It may be a small meeting of shareholders, and it may not be.  None of us knows.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I said. It could be that a group of shareholders will be there and it could be held in the auditorium on the Walmart campus, but it isn’t the one that is held in the summer of every year. All I was saying is it isn’t like the one Kris performed at in 2009 when he was fresh off of Idol.

    This seems to be something that was set up just for Kris, which I considered to be a positive sign! I saw it as RCA trying to work promo before the single and album drops!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure where it is but Lane shot a pic of the Walmart soundcheck for tomorrow, Kris, Cale & Torres. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes glad she pulled it off. Must feel a little like the monkeys off her back as much as it can be.

  • Goboywonder

    Kitwana your post bring David’s “Works For Me” to mind. I loved how Abbysee calles this his eff-u song. LOL
    Here’s when he sang it in Reno. He had to ad lib at the beginning because his guitar play MikeK was having problems with his guitar. (I actually attended this show).

  • Anonymous

    I was there for that Reno performance!!  Best performance of Works For Me ever.  David didn’t even look around to find out what was going on.  He just instinctively knew what to do.  We always wanted him to do more of that!! Thanks for posting!! Memory Lane.