Idol Headlines for 01/13/12

Kelly Clarkson tour opens at Foxwoods, CT

Allison Iraheta, Blake Lewis, Brandon Rogers, Didi Benami, Matt Giraud, Michael Johns and Tim Urban perform a Free concert at Union Station Great Hall in Chicago, IL. More information HERE

Jennifer Hudson appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno NBC 11:35/10:35

Chris Rene comes home: ‘X Factor’ star to play the Santa Cruz Civic on Jan. 29 – Santa Cruz rapper and singer Chris Rene, who became an overnight music star thanks to his performances on Fox’s “The X Factor,” will be the man of the hour Jan. 29 at the “Love Life Homecoming Celebration” to take place at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. – Read more at Santa Cruz Sentinel

David Archuleta receives warm welcome from Filipino fans on fourth visit – While thrilled, David admits feeling jittery. He says, “I’ve always been nervous about things when it comes to acting… “But I just thought because…the Filipino fans are very supportive and very warm it kind of made it easier to [say], ‘Okay, let’s try it.'” It is David’s fourth visit in Manila and it will be his longest trip. The singer was in the country on July 2011 for a concert. Read more at

David Archuleta back in Manila; excited over forthcoming mini-series – The American singer—who’s had cameo appearances on US teen shows “Hannah Montana” and “iCarly”—signed his contract with the Kapatid network also on Friday, together with Kapatid top executives Ray Espinosa and Bobby Barreiro. It was announced at the post-signing press conference that aside from acting in the series, Archuleta will also record the song “Nandito Ako,” which singer-composer Ogie Alcasid popularized. – Read more at

Scotty MCCreery, Band Perry on opening for Brad Paisley

Ryan Seacrest will do Globes red carpet with bad knee – Seacrest said on his KIIS-FM radio show this morning that he tore his MCL “weeks ago” but he isn’t seeing his “knee guy” until Monday. “I’m stiff,” he explained. “I get very stiff.” And he added that the Golden Globes carpet could be “dangerous. Apparently if you get hit in the thing before it gets better, you could damage it more.” Stand back, everyone. – Read more at USA Today

Kohl’s Department Stores and XIX Entertainment Announce Exclusive Retail Sponsorship of Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN – LOS ANGELES, Jan 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Jamie King, Simon Fuller and XIX Entertainment today announced that Kohl’s Department Stores KSS +0.41% has signed on as the exclusive retail sponsor of Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN. This groundbreaking docu-journey celebrating Latin culture, music, and dance is making its Spanish-language U.S. debut January 28, 2012 on Univision and will also air on leading networks throughout the Americas. – Read more at Market Watch

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  • Anonymous

    So much coverage of David A in Manila that its been a little hard to keep up. Here’s a short video from News5 with snippets from his arrival, the contract signing and the press conference:

    David’s website also posted about his arrival and media day activities:

    I really love the fact that TV5 has created a dedicated site just to keep up with David during his time in the Philippines, I think its very smart of them to take the initiative in pushing the info out to fans and offering exclusive content online. They have an entire marketing campaign built around David to increase excitement about the show and obviously with the hope to have good numbers when the show airs. The use of social media to invest fans in a project before it even films is really well done here, I think.

    Some interesting facts from the press conference and M&G:

    -When he gets back to the US from shooting the miniseries, he’ll be focusing on writing and recording as much as possible until he leaves for his mission
    -He plans to have music released periodically during the two years he is away
    -He does plan to continue his music career when he returns from his mission and has some projects he is looking at already
    -He said he decided 2 years ago that he wanted to do a mission but couldn’t because of contractual obligations at the time (interesting, is this why he chose not to re-sign with Jive when they offered him the option?)
    -He is excited about his mission and looks forward to growing as a person and using that growth to make his music even better
    -He will try to find a way to occasionally keep in touch while he gone. He says it will be a busy time for him and he wants to focus on the purpose of the mission but he is allowed 1 personal day per week and about an hour of that day is allocated for keeping in touch with family/friends/etc via email or written letters.
    -He said he is nervous about acting but excited for the challenge
    -The name of the show is “Nandito Ako”, which translates to “I am here”. This is also the name of a well-known song in the Philippines. David will be recording a cover of that song for the show. He will be singing in Tagalog.

    There was quite a bit more than just this covered but that’s all my brain can remember this early in the morning.

  • newinNM

    My daughter and some of her college friends are going to the concert in Chicago tonight.  She is not really an Idol fan but thought she recognized Allison and maybe Blake, I will try to get a review from her and pass it along!  Wish I could go, I would love to see Allison again (saw her on Glam Nation) and also a fan of Matt and Blake.  

  • Anonymous

    People are really excited to have David in here. He sure loves the Philippines. And I do hope that his mini-series would be a success. 

  • Anonymous

    Adam tweeted #OOFTA like hours ago, and everyone is still trying to decipher what it means. It was also scribbled (people thought it was a tattoo at first) on Sauli’s hand in the Katsuya pictures.  And we still have no idea what it is.  MYSTERY!

  • Dakota01

    Adam’s Trespassing listed among the 12 Most Anticipated Albums of 2012:

  • Anonymous

    Urban Dictionary:
    oofta is the correct spelling of the word too often misspelled as uff-da or oofda(although others would disagree). It is an expression used to convey surprise, exhaustion, or a bunch of other feelings a Norwegian may have.

  • Anonymous

    Probably just using it in the traditional sense. 

    Uff da (sometimes also spelled huffda, uff-da, uffda, uff-dah, oofda, ufda, ufdah, oofta, uf daa, or ufta) is an expression of Norwegian origin adopted by Scandinavian-Americans in the 19th century. It is an exclamation that is relatively common in the Upper Midwestern states of the United States. . . .used as a term for sensory overload. It can be used as an expression of
    surprise, astonishment, exhaustion, relief and sometimes dismay. For
    many, Uff da is an all-purpose expression with a variety of nuances, and
    covering a variety of situations.

  • Anonymous

    Do we think it’s that obvious?  hmmmm, he might have to explain that one at some point.  Well he has Norwegian roots and was with Ray Kay a few weeks ago, so it’s plausible.

  • Anonymous

    ::Shrug:: I used to hear people use it a lot when I was younger, and tend to use it myself, so it’s the first thing that pops to my mind. It also seems to fit with all that he has been doing this week; magazine photo’s, video, interviews. Oofta seems an appropriate reaction to me. lol

  • Dakota01

    I’m surprised Kelly’s Foxwoods show isn’t sold out.  I just got a text from them offering me tickets.

  • Anonymous

    It’s early yet, she will have no problem selling out Foxwoods.

  • BigNLiddle

    I don’t think any of her shows are sold out. I was looking for tickets for the Manchester NH show, and the majority of the back sections are still plenty available. I even got tickets on the floor.

  • Anonymous

    Article in The Philippine Star with a few new facts

    According to the article, David will be recording the theme song for the show tomorrow and will begin filming on Monday. It also says the show is set to begin airing the third week of February and run for 5 weeks. The TV5 execs seemed a little surprised that David arrived without an entourage and declined their offer of bodyguards during filming of the show. They also refused to disclose what they were paying David, saying “Mahal but it’s worth it.” lol

  • Anonymous

    First night of the Brad Praisley ‘Virtual Realty’ concert in Grand Rapids with Scotty being the opening act was a solidly packed house despite a big snow storm. !Scotty KILLED it! was one of many stand-out tweets from the concert! Would love to have been there! 

  • cwm

    graceinspace – Sauli also used OOFTA as the title of a post on his own blog the day before yesterday, where he wrote about a bunch of stuff going on for him this week, including photo shoots for some modeling jobs for a couple of magazines. Oofta a Scandanavian term for the kind of sensory overload that HermeticallySealed was talking about, and since Sauli used it, I think Adam was just playing off of that. It’s obviously been a really busy and public week for both of them. :)

  • Kitwana

    Hellomusicgirl:  Thanks for the summary of the incredible press conference that David gave in Manila.  Full credit to the media there for asking the right questions.  There are so many American Idol focused journalist and bloggers in the U.S. and with few exceptions, I don’t think any have ever gotten deeper than surface level when interviewing David.  It would be great if someone could do so before he goes on his mission.  It would make for such an interesting article.  As I asked before, where are Shirley Halperin, Michael Slezak and Rodney Ho when you need them?
    So much information came out on the press conference.  To me, the most interesting tidbit was that he had made the decision to go on a mission 2 years ago but that contractual obligations – likely to Jive and 19R – prevented him from going. I agree with you that David’s decision to not re-sign with Jive or the other labels that made offers to him after he left Jive in early 2011 was likely based in part on his desire to serve a mission in 2012.  I also think that many of the personal and business decisions he’s made since deciding to go on a mission 2 years ago were influenced by his decision to remain eligible to go on a mission.  It will be so interesting to see if his personal and business decisions change after he completes his mission.  Personally, I think that David Archuleta that returns from the mission will be very different from the one we have today.

  • Nele621

    I think the true test will be how many headlining concerts not in his hometown Scotty can sell out. He probably will do fine by the looks of his idol votes and album sales.

  • Miss Chaos

    I think its so cute that Adams boyfriend gets more attention than some of the other Idols,  I am sure some day he will have his own thread lol.  The OOFTA story is cute, I wish I could hear someone pronounce it!  So when I am really tired or surprised, I just say OOFTA, my family will think I am off my rocker!

  • Anonymous

    When asked why he doesn’t travel with an entourage, David said he attracts less attention that way.  That is so David.  Most people travel with an entourage to attract attention and to make themselves look like big stars.  I remember some venue texting that David was the nicest celebrity they had ever had.  The only thing he requested when asked what he wanted in his dressing room was water and some almonds.  David is so respectful of his fans that they are then respectful back.  I don’t think he has any fear of being harmed in any way.

    That being said, he certainly was noticed on his arrival in the Philippines.  I think because it was a very early morning arrival, he didn’t expect the fan involvement.  That was total mayhem, but the airport security did a fine job of getting him where he needed to go.

  • Anonymous

    Well if they get engaged, I’m sure!  LOL

    No, well I think his boyfriend is adorable but I was only talking about Adam’s tweet because I was super confused when I saw it.  I should have obviously ventured into the world of the boyfriend’s blogs more often.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Archie. He seems like a very level-headed kid. But to be honest, how many Idols travel with an entourage? I don’t know of any who do. At most, they travel with a tour manager, an assistant and the members of their band & crew, and that’s when they are on tour. When they are just doing anything that doesn’t require their band, most of them travel only with their assistant. I don’t remember anyone having a bunch of family and/or hangers-on accompanying them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty much pronounced as it looks; Oof-tah.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure David is a heck of a guy, but most people travel with an entourage because they need one.  Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Is the boy adorable or not – and he’s a lefty – didn’t know that.  Interesting that he’ll be releasing music occasionally during the two-year mission.  Will be extremely interested in reading his blog if he decides to do it.  A young man on a great adventure.  God speed to him.

  • Anonymous

    Did you watch the airport video of him arriving in Philippines?  I would have felt much more comfortable with a body guard, but David even turned one down from TV5 for while he is filming.  They will be out and about filming outside, and they offered him bodyguards.  He turned it down. 

  • Kitwana

    Very few people “need” an entourage. It just makes them seem important. Howard Stern made one of the most astute observations on this when he commented that very big celebrities often travelled with smaller entourages than lesser ones. Chris Martin came up alone for his interview. MC Hammer, who is well past his expiration date, came with an army.

  • newinNM

    Yep Sauli sure is a cutie! I think it’s important for anyone in the entertainment biz to have good solid family/friend support that helps keep them grounded, keeps it real. Adam’s parents, brother and friends have been great.  Hopefully Sauli will be a good addition to the support group.

    Many past Idols don’t make it in the main stream American music world but can have successful careers elsewhere and David A is a perfect example this. His success in Asia is nothing short of amazing.  He’s a great kid and deserving of all his success.

  • larc

    Scotty tweeted a pic of him back in the same seat in Milwaukee he sat in when he first tried out for Idol.

    Back where it all began! I love coming back to this seat in Milwaukee! Boy how lifes changed since that July day in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    I think they will provide the bodyguards as needed.  He didn’t want any last year but those responsible for him make sure they are there as needed.
    Even on tour when he doesn’t think he needs them there are always at least a few that protect him by the busses etc.

    I think he feels that these Big Hurly guys cause more attention, when in some cases he can sneak around.

    Believe me those that have his contract and welfare in mind will protect him.

  • rocklet1

    that sounds awesome.. wish i could see her as well.. hope anyone records so we can all see..

  • djafan

    Thanks for bringing all the David A info.  They sure seem to have everything planned out.  And David A sure seems to have all this well thought out and planned.  Recordings to release while he is on his mission, projects already planned for when he returns, very impressive.  Sony and Fox have been extremely supportive  maybe they’re involved. 

    “I’m sure David is a heck of a guy, but most people travel with an entourage because they need one.  Just saying.”

    Not necessarily.  David A has said that he walks fast, dresses very regular, jeans or sweats, t-shirts, hoodies and is not very tall and is usually able to avoid drawing attention to himself.  Because of his not thinking of himself as “famous” he has a unique relationship with his fans, respect both ways.  Unlike others who dress and surround themselves with big guards purposely to draw attention to themselves.   There is lots be said about how one carries themselves.

  • rocklet1

    do you have a twitter account?

  • Anonymous

    Adam retweeted a link to James’ performance on Conan last night-I thought that was nice of him.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Chris and his sister, plus special guests will be performing at the concert at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

    The “Love Life” celebration takes
    place from 2-4 p.m. Tickets are $8 general; $5 children 13 and younger,
    and will go on sale Jan. 18 at the Santa Cruz Civic. A portion of the
    funds will go to supporting recovery programs at Janus of Santa Cruz.
    For information, call 420-5260.

    Nice appearance for Chris, and I assume that he benefited from one of the recovery programs that the concert will support.  The capacity of the SCCA is 2,000.  Should be a nice homecoming for Chris.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Very nice recap of David’s interview in the Philippines, hellomusicgirl. Lots of interesting information.

  • Anonymous

    As far as I know, none of the Idols travel with an “entourage”. At most, when they aren’t touring, they might travel with their manager or assistant. Do any of them even have security guards they travel with on a regular basis? I don’t think so — none of them are so famous that they really need security 99% of the time. The only time I really see security is at tour stops or other large public appearances. The rest of the time they seem to walk around pretty much without getting mobbed or even recognized.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Hudson has a new song on the soundtrack for Steve Harvey’s new film.

  • Anonymous

    I apologize if my pointing out of the “entourage” comment in the article made it look like I was saying other idols DO have entourages, as that certainly wasn’t my intention. On the whole, I’ve found the singers coming off Idol to be some of the nicest, most down-to-earth performers I’ve come across. (with maybe one or two exceptions, ahem, lol)
    I just thought it was a funny line in the article and it made me chuckle. I’m not sure why the TV5 people thought he might have one…maybe its more common in Asia? idk. Someone more familiar with the celeb scene in the Philippines might be able to tell us.

  • Kitwana

    Girlygirltoo: I think Fantasia travels with an entourage. Have you seen her show? I bet Astro and Chris Rene will have a big entourage. In the Philippines, I think David should have security – for his safety and his fans. An entourage would be fun because it would allow him to invite his friends and let them experience the first class lifestyle the TV network is providing him but I guess he doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation. I can’t imagine the network would say no if he asked them to pay for his 10 best friends to accompany him during his 3 weeks in the Philippines.

  • Jim Benson

    Got tix to tonight’s show at Foxwoods.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!
    Kelly always brings it…gonna be a great show.  Cant wait.  I’ll let ya know how it is guys :)

  • newinNM

    Yep oceandreams59, I don’t tweet much and only really follow adam

  • newinNM

    Pretty sure they won’t record anything, but will ask her for pictures, she really tiny, cute as a button, not the least bit shy and usually ends up in the front ;) 

  • Pat

    Are you saying that Adam may always be bigger outside the US?
    I think a lot of us wonder that but in reality Adam has already made it in the US as well.This close to platinum in the US , 4.6 million singles in the US and headlining a basically sold out tour in the US  is pretty impressive so far.
    I think he is so unbelievably talented that we just want even more for him on this next round.


  • CindyM

    Looks like its the UK’s turn:

    “@JohnKearns: #BetterThanIKnowMyself well hello America!”

  • rocklet1

    lol.. Yeah pictures would be nice.. wonder what songs she’ll perform?

  • mickeybordentwo

    NBC is showing a skating show on Sunday afternoon; the skaters are assigned songs and have to improvise their choreography.

    Nicole Bobek was assigned “Mr. Know It All.”

  • djafan

    David A tweets.

    Photos and recording Here I Am the theme song of the miniseries.  A very popular ballad in the Philippines.  Can’t wait to hear it.


    Good morning here in Manila. Starting off this Saturday morning taking photos, and then going to record Nandito Ako after! Wish me luck lol

  • Anonymous

    A few people heard Ryan say Adam was going to be one of his guests last night, but no one snapped the audio. Now we have official confirmation. 

  • Anonymous

    I love David, but seriously, i don’t know what you’re point is with this comment, Idols are generally humble in that aspect and Big Stars , well … just need the bodyguards …… in David’s case his security entourage is always provided for the country he’s visiting , is just  a responsibility thing, and all this artists , have  assurances that make some security exigences , so not all the time is because the want to look  ‘Important’ .

  • Valentin432

    Probably why they changed the impact date for his single, or maybee it’s the contrary and they changed his appointement with Seacrest.
    Should be a good way to kickstart radio airplay.

  • djafan


    “I love David, but seriously, i don’t know what you’re point is with this
    comment, Idols are generally humble in that aspect and Big Stars ”

    I was responding to graceinspace’s comment.

    “I’m sure David is a heck of a guy, but most people travel with an entourage because they need one.  Just saying.”

    The “they need one” is what triggered my response.  I never said Idols or anyone in particular are not humble, it was a general statement that some celebrities do like the whole entourage thing to bring attention to themselves and that David A is not one of them.

  • newinNM

    I text her and asked for some pics and also what songs allison sings, her text back let me know she would try for the pics and also that she did a huge eye roll at for my Idol obsession! LOL ;)

  • newinNM

    Sorry for any confusion, my two paragraphs were unrelated and I wasn’t commenting on Adams success at all.  I’m a huge Adam and think he is one of the most talented artists to come off Idol! LOL, IHMO YMMV and any other disclaimers I need to add! ;)

  • sd34567

    Seacrest is a fool.  One, how did he tear his MCL?  And two, what’s he doing running around on it?  I watch enough sports to know you need to get that checked out right away because it could get worse.  He might need surgery.  What’s more important — doing the red carpet for the Golden Globes or being able to walk?

  • rocklet1
  • rocklet1
  • newinNM

    All I got out of her was “awesome concert” so I guess she enjoyed it, maybe  I’ll get more info tomorrow.