Idol Headlines for 1/15/14

American Idol XIII premieres TONIGHT at 8/7 on FOX!!! New season, new judges! I’ve already watched the premiere, and if you abandoned Idol after last season’s shenanigans, come back. It’s worth another look. Join our live blog/party. See you then!

The Idol fun isn’t finished. Kelly Clarkson makes a cameo on the Nashville winter premiere at 10/9c PM on ABC. She sings Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”. Plus, who bites the bullet, Will or Peggy? Windmills will supply the answers as she live blogs.

American Idol judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. drop by the Ellen Degeneres show to promote the new season. Check your local listings for time and channel.


Kellie Pickler will join forces with Nashville Ballet to perform at the organization’s annual fundraising event, Ballet Ball 2014. On Saturday, March 8, Pickler will sing two songs from her recently released project, The Woman I Am, providing a live soundtrack to original dance performances by Nashville Ballet company dancers, choreographed by Artistic Director and CEO Paul Vasterling. – Read more at Music Row

Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young to Lead SAMSON AND DELILAH Concert at 54 Below, 1/30 – 54 BELOW, Broadway’s Supper Club, presents Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young in “Samson & Delilah, A Love Story” Wednesday, January 29 and Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 9:30 PM. An evening of songs from the soon-to-be-released Broadway Records album Samson & Delilah, A Love Story containing songs from the forthcoming new musical Samson & Delilah, music and lyrics by Ron Yatter. These songs will be performed along with other songs from the musical. Newly married lovers and American Idol / Broadway stars Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo sing the roles of Samson and Delilah. – Read more at Broadway World

‘American Idol’ is returning: Do you care? – “American Idol” returns this week with not a single original judge at the table, new possible contestants and some changes to the format. Have we lost you already? There was a time when a new season of “Idol” would send fans into a frenzy, especially with the addition of new judges. This season will see the return of former judge Jennifer Lopez, along with last season’s judge Keith Urban and newcomer Harry Connick Jr. Original judge Randy Jackson will this season serve as a mentor. – Read more at CNN

7 Ways ‘American Idol’ Revolutionized TV – Many people have already written off ‘American Idol’ as a past-its-prime reality TV corpse. Before its season 13 premiere, here’s a reminder of why that’s definitely not true. When American Idol returns Wednesday night, you’d half expect Ryan Seacrest to be a zombie leading a chorus of singing corpses. That’s if you believe the litany of obituaries that have been written for the reality TV juggernaut over the past few years, proclaiming the show “dead” because its ratings have fallen about as quickly as its buzz has. (The surge of rival The Voice certainly hasn’t helped Idol’s “not dead yet!” cries.) But the show hasn’t flatlined yet. The truth is that after 12 seasons, millions of record sold, and an embarrassing number of hours of watercooler conversation later, American Idol is as essential a pop-culture presence as it ever was. – Read more at The Daily Beast

8 ways ‘American Idol’ could be better than last season – Die-hard American Idol fans got an early look at the show’s 13th season at movie theaters across the country Tuesday night. If the response of the audience coming out of the Nashville screening was any indication, the show’s new producers may have fixed many of the problems that caused a precipitous drop in viewers last season. American Idol XIII premieres Wednesday (8 p.m. ET/PT, FOX) with auditions from Boston and Austin. If the season’s first episode is a sign of things to come, the new season has improved in several ways. Here’s a list: – Read more at USA Today

Can American Idol’s Revamp Save It? 5 Reasons Why We’re Optimistic About Season 13 – All signs are pointing to American Idol Season 13 being a lucky one. The landmark music competition show kicks off another season Wednesday (8/7c, Fox) and is hoping to distance itself from last year’s disastrous circus that featured the excruciating weekly rivalry between former judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Add to that series-low ratings for its forgettable finale, and it’s clear that Idol needed to step back, take stock and make big changes. Harsh troublemaker: The two sides of new Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. Check out the five ways how American Idol is resetting its brand this season and why we’re excited: – Read more at TV Guide

Behind the Scenes: American Idol Gets Back in Tune for Season 13 – After holding auditions in seven cities, the judges hand out 212 golden tickets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an automatic trip to Hollywood. In December, the judges and contestants reunited at Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar for a new surprise round of eliminations that will air immediately before Hollywood Week. “In this first portion, [the contestants] have actually gotten better as a whole and there is less crumbling,” Seacrest observes. “They’ve been more impressive than we thought when we first met them.” This new round is just the first of producers’ attempts to make over the middle section of the show — typically the lowest-rated — which, during the past few seasons, has included a post-Hollywood trip to Las Vegas that has now been dropped. Instead, the semifinalists will participate in an intense Rush Week, which Blankens says “is about trying to single out the [talented] kids as fast as possible.” – Read more at TV Guide

Glee Stars Spill Secrets on NYC Move, 100th Episode Reunion and the Return of the Unholy Trinity—Watch Now! – We were on a mission to bring you as much Glee-tastic news as possible so we caught up with a few of our favorite cast members at Fox’s semi-annual all-star party on Monday night, to ask all the hard-hitting questions about the series’ future. Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, and Becca Tobin spilled secrets on the fate of your favorite characters and we’ve got the all the exclusive updates! – Watch the videos at EOnline

‘Nashville’ boss Callie Khouri dishes on Rayna’s new label, Deacon’s solo career, Juliette and Avery, plus more – “This season we’ll see a lot more crossover musically with all of our characters,” Khouri tells Zap2it. “We realized, life imitating art, we were getting all of these actors to sing together at various functions and they sound incredible together. So we decided that we should be taking advantage of this more on the show. We’ll be seeing a lot more of our characters performing with each other.” – Read more at Zap2it

Jessica Sanchez Talks American Idol Season 13: What Does She Think Of The Judges?

Access Hollywood

Candice Glover Talks New Album & American Idol Season 13

Access Hollywood

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  • dy

    Oops posted in wrong thread – deleted.

  • justmefornow

    Florida’s Rock Music ?@rarasfarm 3h
    James Durbin tonight @willspub in Orlando in a cozy setting. Should be a great show. Here’s our preview. … @DurbinRock

  • curlyenta

    ‘American Idol’ 2014 preview: The 4 keys to winning
    Winners Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze and Scotty McCreery all took home the recording contract because they had their best weeks late in the competition.

    Big article – the rest here:

  • Wfish88

    Haley Reinhart had best momentum in her season and seasons since. She was in bottom 2 first two weeks of top 12, and then gave best performances towards end. The forward momentum applies pretty much applies to males.

  • Lollygaggin

    Didn’t Jordin Sparks have a late run?

  • Wfish88

    Always sad to see how IDOL looses it’s ground each season. Love the show but I can’t help but feel IDOL did this to themselves . They didn’t update the show with the “new times” and try to anything fresh until it was too late. So when The Voice came along, they were playing catch up. Although I love this panel, there’s not a whole lot of buzz around them like years past. If ratings fall hard for tonight, I just hope they stabilize later in season…

  • Lollygaggin

    This was a big feature in the USA Today print edition today with accompanying sales chart.
    “TV singing shows fail to create stars”

  • Sabrina

    Last night Phillip’s Instagram!

    Writing some sweet tunes!

  • Roimeister

    for me, the only downside, at least expectations-wise, is Randy… he was a horrible judge… maybe he’ll be a good mentor, but I just don’t have high hopes like I do for pretty much everything else

  • Amy Beth

    I was kidding about the Hollywood or Home round taking place at LAX, but I guess I was close enough. They did it at a hangar!

  • Amy Beth

    There’s no way Miranda Lambert wouldn’t be on that list. So immediately I have to assume the list is flawed.

  • Lollygaggin

    They only counted idol, xfactor, and the voice. The premise of the article was designed to give a boost to idol it seemed to me. As if it were written by the idol PR machine.

  • Liteasy

    I disagree with a lot of his comments. Jessica Sanchez and Kat McPhee never were leader’s of their season, and Jessica was voted off only to be saved by the judges and then the Filipino voters.

    Taylor Hicks and Scotty McCreery both lead their season almost the whole season, not just at the end.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Scotty, Taylor and Lee DeWyze were frontrunners from the beginning. Hell, Simon basically the first week said Lee DeWyze should win. i would say it applied to Kris, whose performances tipped the balance in his favor between he and Danny Gokey, although if Adam had been straight, he would have won the season.

  • Madilo

    I wish Idol good luck, i hope they have great opening numbers so that people won’t be talking about how it has declined since…
    I love the show and i don’t want it to suck :)

  • Mel432

    Cool list.

    Interesting how Clay and Ruben were both big album sellers, but neither even sold 1M singles. I’m surprised Taylor didn’t even sell 400K singles, whereas Kris sold 3.3M singles with lower album sales. Of course Carrie, Kelly and Daughtry all sold tons of albums and singles.

  • myers

    Yeah most thought Melinda would take it all and it would a Melinda- Blake finale. Glad Jordin squeezed in there and won it all!

  • tripp_ncwy
  • fuzzywuzzy

    Kelly Clarkson Plays Herself on Tonight’s “Nashville”; The Cast Sings Her Praises
    “She’s just one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet,” Hayden says of Kelly. “She’s really lively and fun and doesn’t stop smiling, that girl.”

    Charles Esten, who plays Deacon Claybourne, was there the day Kelly shot her scene. He’s also got to watch one of Kelly’s recording sessions thanks to a mutual friend.

    Says Charles, “It’s kind of unbelievable, number one, the amount of talent she has, but, number two is just how cool she is. She’s just the best. She’s sweet, she’s funny, and we’re real lucky to have her.”

  • yaddabing
  • elliegrll

    This panel isn’t going to get a lot of buzz or press. But, this panel, unlike last year’s, will appeal to the demo that the producers pandered to during seasons 6-11, so even if the 18-49 demo takes the expected hit, maybe they can bring in a respectable number in terms of total viewers. That’s not something that will make advertiser happy, but I guess it’s something for the producer and network to be proud of.

  • Incipit

    I’m enjoying all the many Listicles, every one is jumping on board the Buzz Train: Five Reasons for This, Seven Reasons For That, and Ten Reasons For Whatever – all very entertaining – especially when the writers are backtracking things they said last year!

    If the Ukase came down from above to write favorable things for Idol – I wouldn’t fool myself that it’s not so they can create controversy with the other reality singing contests later – but right now, it’s a kick to read them – and they’ve got their bases covered if Idol pulls this off!- Love it.

  • curlyenta

    Forbes has a nice big article on Taylor Hicks today. Learned something new today… in addition to his co-ownerships of Saws Juke Joint, he has rental properties he rents out…. also, the $2.5 million he earned last year was only 1/2 attributed to his Vegas headlining gig… the rest came from his other business ventures.

    An American Idol, Not So Idle: Inside The World of Taylor Hicks

    Hicks is the first and only Idol to land a residency in Las Vegas, where his soulful crooning and slightly-offbeat personality seem to be a hit with audiences. After starting out at Bally’s during the summer of 2012, he eventually moved to a larger, 200-seat room at Paris Las Vegas. He now plays there five nights a week, and FORBES estimates the shows accounted for nearly half of his annual earnings total….Hicks also owns a handful of rental properties (“Some people get a kick out of Taylor Hicks being their landlord,” he says) and is part-owner of Saw’s Juke Joint, a Birmingham barbeque-and-blues bar.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Rolling Stone: 15 ‘American Idol’ Alumni Songs That Don’t Suck

    Kelly Clarkson, ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’
    Kimberley Locke, ‘8th World Wonder’
    Clay Aiken, ‘Invisible’
    Jennifer Hudson, ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’
    Fantasia, ‘Bittersweet’
    Carrie Underwood, ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel’
    Daughtry, ‘It’s Not Over’
    Elliott Yamin, ‘Wait for You’
    Jordin Sparks, ‘Battlefield’
    David Cook, ‘Light On’
    Adam Lambert, ‘If I Had You’
    James Durbin, ‘Higher Than Heaven’
    Phillip Phillips, ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’
    Kris Allen, ‘Live Like We’re Dying’
    Crystal Bowersox, ‘Farmer’s Daughter’

  • curlyenta

    Yep, Taylor definitely was a front runner from the beginning. His best performers were scattered through the show, not only at the end. In fact, I can’t think of a single bad performance.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Interesting. I figured that Taylor was using Forbes for self-promotion when he was quoted in the list of top 10 earning Idols. Isn’t Taylor recording a country CD that will probably be released soon? Smart guy.

  • Miz

    Kris was also a frontrunner, even if some people refuse to believe it. There were a lot of good people on Season 8.

  • curlyenta

    Yes Taylor is a smart guy. Very smart. Self promotion is the name of the game in showbiz and he’s a master. And yes, a new CD is coming hopefully sooner rather than later this year.

  • XxYogurtxX
  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    in addition to his co-ownerships of Saws Juke Joint, he has rental properties he rents out…. also, the $2.5 million he earned last year was only 1/2 attributed to his Vegas headlining gig… the rest came from his other business ventures.

    Score! Leaving aside the whackadoodle nature of Forbes’ numbers for all Idols and whether they have a clue about gross versus net, it makes so much more sense that Hicks would have significant revenue streams from investments/business ventures, rather than from selling merch to a very modest-sized fan base.

    As far as I’m concerned, that reality reflects well on Hicks. He has made much of what he had to work with, diversified his revenue streams, and put together a package that lets him live well on doing what he wants to do.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Taylor has certainly made the most of what he has to offer. He is smart enough to know not to rely solely on his performing abilities to be commercially successful.

  • curlyenta
  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol at the barrage of articles on Idol trying to drum up interest.

  • CarieB

    Back from burying my head in the sand on this show. I’ll give it another look see with this new panel. See you around.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Great article – sometimes hard work does actually get you somewhere – admirable guy.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Just so you know, Idol has been trending on and off the entire day. I would like to say that’s a good sign ;)

  • XxYogurtxX

    kind of confused my post got deleted ? I dont think I’M repeating it am i doing something wrong??o_O
    posting again :

    Angie Miller On American Idol Season 13: Why Is She Jealous Of This Season’s

  • JLE12

    Your link didn’t work.

  • XxYogurtxX

    oh does it work now ?

  • Kathleen Moore

    And we fans, who have been with him since the very early days of the Soul Patrol, are the big beneficiaries. :D Can’t wait for his new CD.

  • JLE12

    Yes, thanks!!

  • XxYogurtxX

    Actually thank u for helping me out lulz #blognooby

  • heartly

    That list reads like a “oh gosh, I guess we have to put something together. here, these are the first songs that google threw out to me.” It actually hurts me to see My Life Would Suck on there instead of SUBG. I hate the recorded version of MLWS so much. And JTTW for Carrie? So many other songs to pick from.

  • Niall

    Idol is 13 years old. All shows of that age show an audience erosion. No matter what happened with producers or judges, there was no way they would continue to have 20 million viewers per show. The extent of the erosion during season 12 was unusual, fueled by bad press and uninteresting contestants. If they can maintain last year’s audience or at least see a smaller erosion, that’s a victory.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yeah, such a random list, clearly just thrown together without any thought or real research.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    But according to Forbes, Taylor is making less than half of his income from “showbiz”. The other half appears to come from rental properties and his restaurant? Not in the area of showbiz.

  • curlyenta

    I expect it to open with less than it did last year, despite their desperate attempts to drum up interest.

  • Sicola789

    Well yeah, the premiere will definitely be down, but if they don’t make the same mistakes as last year, then the live shows may rise compared to last year. Those were huge drops last season.

  • Madilo

    Yay !

  • Madilo

    It’s their opinion, nothing else, still debatable though.

  • mjsbigblog

    FOX executives fully expect premiere ratings to be less than last season. They said so explicitly at the TCA executive session this week.

  • mjsbigblog

    Welcome back Carie! :)

  • Madilo

    Maybe they won’t :)

  • Goodvibes27

    I,m not certain but I believe they were talking about the shows at Paris accounting for half his income. He also played larger casinos and many private events in that time period.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • http://MJO judes

    Just found out Idol is starting. Unfortunately its not on a major channel here in Australia- so no promotion but at least its on a free to air channel [11]. Looking forward to seeing the season [ if I can get onto a television with all the sport on here at the moment!!]

  • lovetheusa1776

    Love the pic of his walking down the alley – would make a great album cover. Very nice, indeed.

  • yaddabing

    A new season is starting. Of course they’re going to be trying to drum up interest.

  • Goodvibes27

    “Country Roads” was a bad performance LOL. But Taylor was definitely a frontrunner. He was never in the bottom 3, and DialIdol had him as the highest vote getter every week but one. This was back when more people dialed their votes and the site was always pretty accurate.

  • curlyenta

    Yea, Country Roads was definitely the weakest of his songs, but being such a huge John Denver fan, and being Taylor was the first and only contestant/winner to have ever him a nod in song, I didn’t notice! Ha!….. much ;)

  • Dianne

    Maybe so, but his investment monies were more than likely derived from his showbiz revenue so I call that a win win.


    I still don’t understand why you keep saying that Taylor is using the Forbes list for self promotion? Is it because Forbes used Taylor’s direct quote? For all you know, Forbes took direct quotes from all the Idols or their representatives and then they decided themselves which ones they would use for their story. Taylor isn’t the creator or publisher of this list or story. I only mention this because I keep seeing you repeat this assumption and I am curious how you came to adopt it.

  • escape

    Simon Cowell hated Taylor Hicks. He said he wasn’t relevant, too old and old fashion to be contemporary recording artist. TPTB’s favorite that season was Chris Daughtry.

  • tripp_ncwy

    2 minutes ago
    So much love for all the people who have stuck with me these past couple of years. Its been a long time coming, trust me. Thank you for still showing the love and support. New music/Album/video coming sooner then later! much love always!

  • justmefornow

    With Idol premiering tonight, looks like James decided to sing one of his Idol songs tonight in concert:

    Florida’s Rock Music ?@rarasfarm 3m
    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? James Durbin @willspub @DurbinRock Killer!!!

  • Happyhexer

    How did I not know that Megan Joy just released another album on iTunes? This is her second. Well, her first was a nine-song EP, so I guess this is her first full-length CD. Not sure whether it will be released to Amazon?