Idol Headlines for 1/13/14

Join Shnugs tonight for her The Bachelor Live Blog. This new season’s batch of hopefuls seem to be especially off their nut.

Corey Clark Tells All About American Idol Lawsuit — Exclusive – The 33-year-0ld has always maintained that he never lied to Idol and has been trying for 10 years to get the documents from FOX to prove he never should have been disqualified. And, now the father of three has provided RumorFix with the paper work that he says proves his case. He points out that the first page of the background check is dated April 2, 2003, which was two days after he was disqualified from the show. However, the second page of the document, which shows the arrest, is dated January 15, 2003 — which is three months before they axed him. “That means American Idol lied,” he tells us, explaining they knew about the arrest long before he made it to the finals. He also contends he verbally told producers about the arrest. – Read more at Rumor FIX
Read more at Rumor Fix

Exclusive Nashville Sneak Peek: Scarlett Skewers Avery About Juliette’s Nixed Booty Call – Those of you wondering whether Nashville‘s Scarlett didn’t fully understand Juliette’s aborted late-night visit to Avery’s need wonder no longer. “You don’t turn up at someone’s house at 2 am unless somethin’s pullin’ you there,” Scarlett spits at her man in the following exclusive clip from the ABC series’ first episode of the new year (airing Wednesday at 10/9c). – See the clip at TV Line

Jennifer Lopez – Same Girl [Official Music Video Teaser]

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ auditions 2014 in Atlanta – I attended the “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions at the Fox Theatre this chilly Monday morning, where hundreds of dancers waited for a shot to get on the Fox summer series. Though the show suffered its worst ratings last year, it survived for an 11th season and came to Atlanta this week for a fifth time. Host Cat Deeley usually shows up for the first day of auditions but she was at the Golden Globes last night and missed it – See the photos at

‘The Voice UK’ Third Season Opener Draws Higher Ratings – LONDON – The third season opener of The Voice UK on Saturday night drew much stronger ratings than the second season debut in some good news for the BBC, which has been looking to bolster the show’s performance. The singing competition’s January launch helps it avoid competition from ITV ratings hit Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell, which has managed to hold off The Voice UK after losing some ratings showdowns early in the BBC show’s first season. The first two seasons of The Voice UK began around Easter. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Kesia Monteith

    I hope The Voice UK does better, but also improves it’s format. Just follow the US version, which is much better than the original Voice format. The US version struggle slightly in the first two seasons for following the original Dutch version’s format. It’s such an awkward format to begin with.

    I want The Voice UK to work because I was so impressed by the first season’s talent, even more so than the US one. I still follow a contestant from that season, Max Milner, to this day.

  • Larc

    Idol may well have known about Corey Clark’s legal problems earlier than they claimed. I don’t think for a second they are above using such things for effect. I’m convinced they knew about warrants for Jermaine Jones in S11 when they inexplicably put him back in after he didn’t make Top 24. In hindsight, that looked too suspiciously like a setup for his dramatic disqualification a couple of weeks later.

  • JLE12

    US Weekly Confirms RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Guest Judges,Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Lambert and More! Drag Official

    Video preview

  • Montavilla

    As if I wasn’t excited before! I’ve been secretly hoping Adam would be a guest judge since I started watching the show!

  • gclay

    so weird that these are the only headlines when the new season premieres in two days. I think last year they depended too much on word of mouth and press coverage this season there are many more advertisements.

  • Miz

    I can’t wait for Nashville to be back with a new episode this week. I love that show.

  • girlygirl

    oh, fun!

  • girlygirl

    Another Season 8 alum has some cool news…


    #Guess What……… MY ALBUM IS COMING OUT NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!


  • XxYogurtxX

    charlie askew got an album out yesterday i think

    Howdy, y'all! The new albums out! Links are all here: Rock on, y'all!— Charlie Askew (@CharlieAI12) January 12, 2014

  • Guest


  • Face

    as well as starting in Jan (and not March clashing with BGT) the main other reason I suspect it’s done so well in the ratings is due to the UK’s continued love affair with Kylie… or that’s my take from the media here in the UK and from word of mouth from friends/colleagues etc…

  • Sabrina

    Phillip Phillips to Perform at American Family Children’s Hospital Gala

    “…on Saturday, February 22, 2014 beginning at 5:30pm at Monona Terrace Convention Center.” (Madison, Wisconsin)

  • Sicola789

    Tvbythenumbers has released the S13 idol schedule and it looks different from what was spoiled.

    The “best of the rest” episode isn’t listed and neither is Candice’s special. It also says the top 15 females will perform live on Tuesday Feb. 18th and the males on Wednesday and an hour results show will be on that Thursday. Then it says it will be a top 13 on Feb. 26th with a results show the next day.

    Not sure which I should believe. It doesn’t seem believable that they would cram 15 performances in one night. Plus how would the results get done in just an hour for that many contestants?

  • JLE12
  • Mel432

    Cook had two? Wow.

    Yeah, Kris had two or three really good performances that could have made the list. But then again, there were a few other performances that were good (like Archuleta’s Imagine), but I guess you have to narrow it down and leave some good ones out.

  • Sassycatz

    I’d switch out David’s Eleanor Rigby and replace it with Billie Jean. *That* was the performance that made everybody pay attention, got people talking at the “water cooler,” and put him in the driver’s seat. Bizarre that they don’t include it.

  • Sassycatz

    Just saw a tweet that Harry Connick will be on Kimmel tonight (Mon. 1/13). Obviously talking Idol.

  • bridgette12

    I thought Billie Jean was great, that should have been on the list. I would take off Adam’s Whole lotta love and replace it with Track of My Tears.

  • XxYogurtxX
  • JLE12

    I agree. Lots of great performances could have been on the list (Taylor, Bo, Tamyra, etc….) but that one was just glaring to me.

  • girlygirl

    These lists are so subjective and only end up stirring up old fan wars. No one is ever going to agree on the best/most memorable performances. Not worth getting upset about. Especially when the show has been on the air almost 15 years — there are probably 100 performances that could make a legit claim at being put on these type of “Best of AI” lists.

  • girlygirl

    wow I had forgotten all about him

  • JLE12

    Not upset in the least. Just my thought as I read through the list.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    You can tell by the question at the end that this piece is just trying to stir up interest in the upcoming season of Idol among longtime viewers and fans. I think that the previous article on the 20 most successful AI alum and this article were designed to foster “discussion”. lol

  • tripp_ncwy

    Today Kathie Lee & Hoda

    Video: Five guys from Minnesota make up the a cappella group “Home Free” who are the current winners of the NBC competition show “The Sing-Off.” They perform the song “Wake Me Up” off their new album dropping Tuesday called “Crazy Life.”

    ‘Sing-Off’ winners perform ‘Wake Me Up’

  • suenigma

    Ha, I know! And Adam too! Them each having two, and the obvious ommission of others, points to this being an intentional shitstirrer.

    ETA: and weirdly, as Sassy and Bridget already said, I don’t think many consider Whole Lotta Love or Eleanor Rigby their shining moments, as compared to Tracks or BJ. Weird.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Charlie! Oh, boy, good to see him still chugging away.

  • Mel432

    I must have missed Whole Lotta Love… will have to go back and check that out. I liked that performance, tho. Yeah, I liked Eleanor Rigby a lot too.

  • MissMyEm

    The never ending “let’s make them all compete” stupid lists put out by Idol to fan the wars. So glad I don’t watch the show anymore and won’t cry when it’s over. I’m sure there are tons of good moments but without having even seen the list, I’m sure I can figure out who made it and who didn’t.

  • suenigma

    Yah, ER and WLL were both great, but I just think that there were other more pivotal performances from both of them. But it is all subjective, of course.

  • Incipit

    “…the previous article on the 20 most successful AI alum and this article were designed to foster “discussion”. lol

    Heh. I think that’s one way to put it, fuzzywuzzy.

  • justmefornow

    Looks like James and his crew are getting along just fine with his touring mate Kelly.
    Very cool.

    Kelley James ?@YourBoyKJ 2h
    New Orleans, LA — day off. In the back lounge of the bus working on a song w/ Durbin’s bass player…

  • Blueknight24

    Jessica Sanchez is no longer listed on Interscope Record website. So sad. :(

  • justmefornow

    Mike Greene ?@FullFrameFILM
    @yourboykj @durbinrock tearing it down at House of Blues Dallas cc: @Hbomb47 @casamigos noahbrown77…

  • roarpen

    Listened to a great rendition of Rocky Racoon by James at House of Blues. I hope his misguided fans will put them up on youtube. For some reason some of them think that putting his vids up is bad for him – not. It was wonderful.

  • thirdtime

    Looks like James is actually playing on stage with Kelley James too. Good to see they are getting along so well.

  • thirdtime

    That’s odd. It’s not like he’s going to release Rocky Raccoon on ITunes or something. lol

  • justmefornow

    Totally agree. I’ve never understood posting things on facebook especially in closed fan groups. That does him ZERO promo help.
    There is however one rather crappy sound version of it on Youtube..

  • thirdtime

    Oh man…you weren’t kidding when you said it’s crappy quality – it sounds like the person recording it had their finger over the audio input the whole time.

  • justmefornow

    There’s an hysterical video I saw on Facebook of James playing drums for Kelly wearing a full Duck Dynasty like beard.
    And yes, he can actually play drums pretty well too, lol.

  • justmefornow

    lol. Yeah we need some good videos from these shows.

  • thirdtime

    It sounds like the people who have them aren’t sharing. :(

  • justmefornow


  • DragonFly

    Fun to get James videos of non-album songs too, Endless talent in so many directions—must be nice

  • macfae

    Home Free on the Today Show & cd already out- wow that’s fast !! I love these guys

  • jayidrocks

    I also couldn´t find Candice there. But Scotty, Lauren and Phillip are still listed.

  • justmefornow

    ‘Idol’ bits: show changes, James Durbin, ‘X Factor’

    Even more brutally honest comments from James:

    …..When reality hit home as well, he felt like a loser. “I was really f**** in my head,” he said. It took some time for him to right himself to “label my own success by my own standards,” not that of Chris Daughtry or Carrie Underwood….

  • thirdtime

    Personally I’m excited to see all these news changes on Idol this year. I didn’t watch at all last year but I’m going to give it a try again this year. And this article again shows how much James has grown up in the past 2 years.

  • Madilo

    In the link there’s “amercan idol campaign” lmao isn’t it clear ?

  • Madilo

    That is great, hope they’ll pick his songs in the upcoming album too :)
    Looking forward to it !