Idol Headlines for 11/16/13

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Kelly Clarkson concert at ECC’s Flickinger Center postponed – A heavily promoted Kelly Clarkson concert to be held today in Buffalo has been postponed due to the singer’s illness. Microsoft, which has a tie-in with the popular singer, announced the postponement Friday night. “Following Kelly Clarkson’s Thursday night concert in Tennessee, she became ill. Unfortunately, Kelly will be unable to perform at the scheduled Microsoft store concert on Nov. 16. The show will be rescheduled in the next few months, and specifics will be announced later by Facebook, email and other channels,” said a Microsoft spokeswoman. – Read more at Buffalo News

Reality Check: Who’s Pulling Ahead on The Voice? Does X Factor Need ‘Groups’ Therapy?

TV Line

The Voice’s Josh Logan Talks Supernova, Stevie Wonder and Criticism Over His ‘Crazy’ Cover – As a veteran of 2006?s Rock Star: Supernova, Josh Logan knows better than any of his current Voice counterparts what national TV exposure can do for the career prospects of a working musician — and how important it is to capitalize on said momentum. “After Rock Star, I was definitely doing more high profile gigs. I was playing in Iceland. I was playing in Canada. And I was making a hell of a lot more money than before,” Logan recalls. “The problem was, I really didn’t move as quickly as I should have. I dropped the ball.” – Read more at TV Line

Danielle Bradbery Interview With Taste of Country

Simon Cowell Ready to Propose, Bought Engagement Ring for Baby Mama Lauren Silverman – Ready to wed! Simon Cowell has a ring and is ready to propose to Lauren Silverman, sources reveal to Us Weekly. The X Factor mentor and his pregnant girlfriend are currently expecting their first child together — a baby boy. “Simon’s mad about her,” an insider tells Us. “But I think he’ll wait until after she gives birth.” In September, Cowell hinted that he would one day marry the NYC socialite. “Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t expect her to be a single mother,” the dad-to-be told Ryan Seacrest during a radio interview. – Read more at USMagazine

Naya Rivera on Her First Kiss and Love for Robin Thicke – On her Glee costar, the late Cory Monteith: I have so many memories of Cory. This is a good one: two years ago, we were filming a scene and got off at nine o’clock. I said, ‘Do you want to get a drink? I’ll take you to this place that’s really cool, the Roof.’ So we go there and we were sitting in this bungalow by the fire for three and a half hours, drinking these great bourbon cocktails, chatting about life and having a blast. Then I drove him back to the Paramount parking lot, because that’s where his car was, and I played him a bunch of songs I was doing. He was also in a band, so he was always playing me their songs. It was a good day.” – Read more at Rolling Stone

Dancing’s Derek Hough: We Don’t Want to Use Amber’s Knees as a Crutch – We have the jazz and the Viennese waltz. For the jazz, I’m trying to figure out ways to make it intricate, fun and exciting. We definitely don’t want to use Amber’s knees as a crutch. I know that’s our “story” this season and yes, she does have bad knees, but we don’t want people to think we’re using it as an excuse or for people to say, “Well, that was good for you… for your knees being bad.” I’m trying to come up with choreography that will be technical and knee-friendly. There’s going to be some hand choreography. We had Tuesday off because Amber had to go to the doctor to get everything checked out, so we started Wednesday with the jazz and I’m thoroughly enjoying dancing it. It’s hard, but it’s fun. – Read more at – TV Guide

  • Sassycatz

    Nigel tweeted this a little while ago:


    @dizzyfeet 50m I’ve literally been robbed in broad daylight in the streets of Buenos Aries. I was grabbed from behind and my watch snatched off my wrist!!!

  • dd999

    Loved this interview with Danielle and hearing some of the really good country songs on her album. Danielle is so likeable. She has amazing poise and speaks with a down-to-earth fluent ease in all her interviews. Wishing her much success with her soon to be released album!!!!

  • LeoCS

    I’m the one who hates feminists who have exaggerated arguments, but I have to agree here: Baby Mama is a ridiculous term, especially when NOW you’re marrying that woman.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Kelly’s dog dying probably made her sick with grief. I know when my cat died, I cried for days and I could not control the emotions, I didn’t go to work that day, I was just too overwhelmed with sorrow.

  • macfae

    Sorry for Nigel but he’s fortunate didn’t get hurt. Other than it probably scared the carp out of him..

  • macfae

    She is coming along nicely and her sweet young girl personality does not come across as forced.
    I hope she keeps her head on straight and does well. She is certainly talented.

  • Incipit

    He ‘is’ lucky he didn’t get hurt – just outraged.

    And he probably ignored any advice for tourists walking on the streets of Buenos Aires- because he’s Nigel.

    Someone give him a Fodors for that city with a bookmark in the “Safety” section?

  • bestmusic

    I hate the term at any time. it is degrading.

  • HKfan

    It happened to my daughter in Buenos Aries too, got hot coffee thrown over her by a smartly dressed woman, and while she was ‘helping i.e distracting’ my daughter, another guy rushes up and grabs her bag, with everything in it…money, passport, camera, journal etc….apparently they are lots of organised groups from outside the city.

  • gratayua506

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  • tripp_ncwy

    Stefano Langone @Stefano
    Major moves in the works! It’s about damn time! #FanO’s we got a big new year ahead!

    ETA: Has he left Hollywood Records? He is no longer listed on their website as an artist.

  • l8er

    If you’re interested, Danielle did a fantastic version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. Someone put it to a video but she sang it at a charity event. Dont think it was posted so in case you missed it… Just type it in YouTube (trying to copy and Paste the link but it’s not working for some reason).

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Anticipating Scotty’s RamLive taping in 2 days, 6 hours, …

  • dd999

    I’ve listened to the video of Danielle singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ many times. Awesome!! What a beautiful voice and amazing range she has! Thanks for letting us know that ‘I Will Never Forget You’ is now on that song. I haven’t really got the hang of posting video’s so I very seldom comment with attachments, but that’s done a lot here!