Hollie Cavanagh Premieres New Song Snippet (VIDEO)

Hollie Cavanaugh, back in Texas after a songwriting trip to Los Angeles, recently updated her fans via You Tube on the music she hopes to eventually release.

In the first video, Hollie sings a little snippet of a song she has been working on. In her second vlog, she talks a little bit more about her co-writing session in Los Angeles–a process she found to be more challenging than expected.

“Holliepops” looking forward to the singers new music need not worry–the American Idol season 11 alum is planning to return to LA soon to work on more music and promises to keep fans updated via you tube and social media.

Not sure if she’ll put out a full album right away, Hollie may release a series of singles instead.  She couldn’t be more excited to release original music and  is as effervescent as ever, as you’ll see in the videos posted below.

Hoping to meet Mariah Carey when she returns to American Idol, Hollie confesses that she will have  “a fan girl moment” when she comes face to face with her favorite singer.

Watch the videos below:

Holly Premiers a new song snippet

Holly Talks More About LA Plus Bloopers

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  • http://twitter.com/Sassycatz Sassycatz

    Does she live in a fish tank? What’s that water sound?

  • Larc

    The brief a cappella snippet of Hollie’s song sounds rather catchy.  I’ll be anxious to hear the whole thing if she records it.

  • Pippygirl

    Hollie was one of my favorites last year. Great voice and adorable personality-if she had been a couple of years older she could have given PP a run for his money.

  • Incipit

    Aww, she’s so cute in that first video, and so ‘young’…talking about discovering that songwriting is extremely hard work…and planning to dive back in and do more.

    Hollie is still a very engaging person, with that great flexible voice, who hits her notes like chiming crystal…I hope she can find a way to apply that to whatever the marketplace will support at present…and/or people to help her find it. Jimmy wasn’t up to that challenge on Idol, IDK who is…but not to find the right songs would be such a waste.


  • Jeannie09

    Hollie was the best part of Idol for me last season. Her voice was a pure talent that didn’t have gimics or pimping behind it. I just hope she gets some breaks because I would love to hear more of her voice.  I will certainly buy her music and wish her all the best. 

  • http://twitter.com/raya4 raya

    I would love Hollie to first and foremost find some solid management and/or a mentor in the industry.  It just feels like she doesn’t have a whole lot of guidance right now, which is a shame because to me she is very marketable.  I love her personality and she has killer talent, but she tends to come off very young and naive to me.  I don’t even mean young in terms of actual years, so much as I get the feeling she doesn’t really have much of a clue about the industry and/or what to do next.  But I hope I’m wrong and I wish her much her success.  She’s far too talented to not have some sort of music career.

  • HKfan

    I agree. I have her studio versions on my ipod, and everytmie one of them comes on I’m blown away at just how beautiful and clear her voice is.

  • http://twitter.com/Sassycatz Sassycatz

    As I recall, along with Elise’s, Hollie’s songs were the only ones I bought during season 11. 

  • stargazed

    She’s adorable.  She certainly was a fav of mine along with P2.  She has a huge voice with an original sound, not a diva sound like all the rest….just a Hollie sound.  I think she’s wonderful and wish her the best.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Holly was also my favourite last year. I really hope she comes out with some music hopefully sooner than later, before people forget about her.

  • lovetheusa1776

     Agree – a truly beautiful voice.

  • lovetheusa1776

    They weren’t the only ones I bought, but Elise and Hollie are the ones I listen to.

  • durbesque

    Ah, what could have been, if things had been different.  Let me get out my list of IFs.  Oh dear, it’s a long one.

  • durbesque

    Ah, what could have been, if things had been different.  Let me get out my list of IFs.  Oh dear, it’s a long one.

  • lila6089

    I just love Holly!  She and Phillip were my favorites last year.  Her voice really moves me.  Its just sooo beautiful.  I look forward to hearing more from her and wish her the best with her new music.  Hopefully, things will work out for her.  She really deserves it, IMO.

  • http://twitter.com/cannon_x Cannon X

    I agree with Raya. Hollie seems completely naive about the industry. In alot of her interviews she talks about how she just started singing last year and how hard it is to write songs. She sounds like an amateur and I’m sure it’s a turn off to veteran music people to hear someone talk like that.  It’s probably a big reason why she wasn’t signed by anyone after her season.

    I was her biggest fan last year. She has the look, the voice, and a fun personality. The only thing she had to do was act like a pro during her interviews. I would cringe everytime she started talking like a little kid who didn’t have a clue. Jessica was the complete opposite. She carried herself like a pro who was ready to be a star immediately.  

    I hope Hollie gets a mentor soon who can help her make it big. She deserves it…

  • Liteasy

    There’s a big difference between Hollie and Jessica in so far that Jessica has been performing professionally for years, whereas Hollie is just at the beginning stage.  Naturally, Jessica talks like a prof – because she already was before she even got on AI.

  • http://twitter.com/Stooch101 Stooch

    Well I still say I think Hollie’s gonna make it, I just think she’s a few years away from getting signed to a good label, there are a few things she gotta learn.  She was my favorite last year, but only because the person I should have like style wise can’t sing.  I find her youth an innocence refreshing, because honestly a few of my past favs even though I like their music and singing are major D-bags from a personality point of view. 

  • http://twitter.com/KatiesUVULA Katie’s Uvula

    Everyone keeps saying Hollie should wait a couple of years or “in a few years” she’ll be better but I think being older will go against her. Seriously now, if Erika Van Pelt was a 17 year old girl, she would have made it farther than 10th. But she’s “old” at the ripe age of 26 in the music biz so yeah.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HSH6MBPPCFUOFOLJ6QVEDA6EY4 Lion's DENN

    songwriting is supposed to be a talent, or a gift as it were, that comes naturally; not some kind of a chore that is difficult to do. either you have it, or you don’t. apparently, looks and talent alone are not enough these days to get one signed, fun personality notwithstanding. hollie is likeable, per se; marketable, not sure. there has to be a confluence of other factors as well to make it – the ‘it’ or ‘x’ thing, among them, and if one believes in ‘destiny’, some are destined to be greater than others. not saying that hollie doesn’t have ‘it’. i agree with the others, maybe it’s just not her time yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bug-Menot/100003601718986 Bug Menot

    While some people do have more of a propensity for it, songwriting is a craft. It’s something you can improve upon with experience. You’ll find over a thousand titles on Amazon.com related to songwriting.

  • EmmaCT

    So many of the Idol contestants, no matter their age, have years of performing experience by the time they reach the competition. What is so refreshing about Hollie is that she is the prototype for what the AI peeps say they are looking for – that person with a magical voice who is “right off the farm” “working in a paint store” “a magic voice with no experience.” But instead of embracing that during the show, they criticized her for her inability to be as polished a performer as the others – and for most of us, that only comes with experience. And to compound it, she needed someone to help her figure it out… but that’s not AI, that’s that other show…

    She is one of the most refreshingly genuine, honest, funny and talented people to come off the show. This is a rare opportunity for us viewers to watch how a career starts and grows. It’s a long, long road, and this is just the beginning. I hope she also looks at other performing opportunities in addition to music; she is unique. Her raw talent, which was what she did instinctively, came through on “Bleeding Love.” Can’t wait to follow her journey!

  • Caro3278sweet

    Does she live in a fish tank? What’s that water sound?

    Thanks for my morning laugh. :-)

  • Jeannie09

    I also have her studio versions and the voice says it all. If she was on Idol in the earlier years of the show I think she would have been appreciated more. She was a real “contender” that sang from the heart, pure and unadulterated, only to be thrown in the “circus” ring Idol became.

  • http://twitter.com/raya4 raya

    I don’t think innocence and douchebag are opposite terms though.  I find nothing wrong with Hollie’s seeming innocence when it comes to the music industry, but those that are a little more shrewd in their career endeavors aren’t necessarily douchebags either.

    I do think Hollie is definitely the kind of story the show likes to sell.  I don’t really feel bad for how she was treated last season though. I think all of the idols were treated with kid gloves (compared to Simon) and Jimmy was mean to several.  Also I don’t really think it’s up to the show to judge on a curve of performance experience.  I was the hugest fan of Jason Castro in S7, but when it was clear he could no longer keep up with the others due to his lack of experience, then I was fine with him going. The insults Simon hurled at him were probably harsher than anything Hollie heard.

    I also think the show is far enough along at this point that the idols should know they aren’t going to get much guidance from the show post-career.  There have been plenty of idols who haven’t had much in the way of experience, but the smart ones IMO are the ones that talk about educating themselves about the industry and doing their research, usually starting during the tour, to try to give themselves a leg up or a plan of action for when it all ends.  They talk to other ex-Idols and get the lay of the land.  For all I know Hollie has done this so I’m not saying she’s not smart or isn’t working for it.  I’m just saying from the little I’ve seen she seems a bit directionless right now, but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  • tomr

    All she needs is a catchy first song and away she will go.  Love her voice and am crossing my fingers that it will happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=195101108 Stefan Wind

    I love Hollie and wish her plenty of success. New song sounds very catchy. I like.