HDD – Album Sales Prediction : Sep 30-06

With 46.22% of reports in, Justin Timberlake is aiming to have his second number one album of the year. “20/20 Experience” was released on March 15th with 968K in sales during its first week. “20/20 Experience #2” is expected to do about 350-370K in sales which is a significant drop, but still extremely impressive. I guess you get those disparities when you build anticipation by not releasing an album for years compared to just waiting a few months. In any event, Justin is set to shatter the record for the shortest time between new #1 albums and the shortest time between #1 albums released the same year. The previous holder of that latter record was One Direction. Justin’s “20/20 Experience”also surges and is now in the top 6 (predicted to sell 18-21K).

Lorde, with her new chart-topping hit, debuted her album just in time last week. Because Justin decided to release his album on Monday instead of Tuesday, everybody else decided to follow suit. That was the last day of Grammy eligibility so Lorde can be considered for Best New Artist and a host of other awards.

Haim, an Indie Pop Band, debuts in 4th, Tyler Farr (I’m going to skip wiki and guess from the title of his album that he is a Country artist) debuts in 9th and Nelly debuts in 10th.

Last week’s numbe 1, Drake slips down a not to 2nd. Kings of Leon or 5th, Cher is 7th and Luke Bryan (who also had two number one albums this year – though one was a compilation) is 8th.

No singing show competitors in the top 50 (Cassadee is releasing an album this week and iTunes tried to release one for Candice), but Avicii’s album at 13th futures a track written by X-Factor US’s Josh Krajcik and a vocal by Idol’s Adam Lambert. Idols’ Jordin Spark also as a writing credit on Ariana Grande’s album at 17th. As usual, the Voice is represented by a judge (Blake Shelton also had two number one albums in a year).

CHART DATE: 10/07/2013
LAST UPDATE: 10/07/2013 15:19:14
NOW IN: 46.22%

LW TW artist / album label power index
— 10 NELLY M.O. 10,941

13 13 AVICII TRUE 8,191



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  • springboard2

    Mediabase – Tuesday update:

    24 26 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Where We Came From 215 217 -2 0.417
    -1 Spins
    +2 Bullet
    -0.01 AI
    2 2 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Gone, Gone, Gone 1995 2062 -67 17.607
    -10 Spins
    +3 Bullet
    -0.112 AI
    25 24 CASSADEE POPE Wasting All These Tears 2387 2230 157 16.709
    +61 Spins
    +75 Bullet
    +0.449 AI
    34 33 DANIELLE BRADBERY The Heart Of Dixie 1217 1152 65 5.823
    +41 Spins
    +24 Bullet
    +0.253 AI
    38 35 SCOTTY MCCREERY See You Tonight 1020 1022 -2 5.749
    +16 Spins
    +21 Bullet
    +0.021 AI
    35 39 KELLY CLARKSON Tie It Up 615 945 -330 4.602
    -58 Spins
    -36 Bullet
    -0.421 AI
    53 49 KELLIE PICKLER Little Bit Gypsy 420 312 108 1.413
    43 28 DAUGHTRY Waiting For Superman 661 322 339 4.305
    +42 Spins
    +6 Bullet
    +0.356 AI
    45 45 ONE DIRECTION Best Song Ever 240 254 -14 1.553
    -2 Spins
    +2 Bullet
    -0.027 AI
    29 26 FIFTH HARMONY Miss Movin’ On 2327 2157 170 11.302
    -20 Spins
    -17 Bullet
    +0.216 AI
    21 28 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Gone, Gone, Gone 2176 3428 -1252 13.421
    -218 Spins
    -62 Bullet
    -0.867 AI
    32 40 ONE DIRECTION Best Song Ever 808 2024 -1216 4.725
    -57 Spins
    +206 Bullet
    -0.136 AI
    46 43 CHER LLOYD I Wish f/T.I. 743 591 152 1.762
    +19 Spins
    -4 Bullet
    +0.037 AI
    52 44 NAYA RIVERA Sorry f/Big Sean 422 294 128 1.511
    +13 Spins
    -9 Bullet
    +0.034 AI
    Urban AC:
    9 7 FANTASIA Without Me f/Kelly Rowland 1215 1157 58 9.127
    +12 Spins
    +33 Bullet
    0 AI
    Canada-Hot AC:
    11 12 HEDLEY Anything 830 796 34 3.541
    +11 Spins
    +3 Bullet
    +0.059 AI
    35 37 ONE DIRECTION Best Song Ever 200 233 -33 0.442
    -12 Spins
    -17 Bullet
    -0.009 AI
    Canada-Main AC:
    20 21 CARRIE UNDERWOOD See You Again 127 144 -17 0.863
    -4 Spins
    -5 Bullet
    -0.031 AI
    33 28 HEDLEY Anything 100 85 15 0.855
    +2 Spins
    -7 Bullet
    +0.008 AI
    49 42 ONE DIRECTION Best Song Ever 67 49 18 0.749
    +5 Spins
    +1 Bullet
    -0.005 AI
    Canada-Top 40:
    10 9 HEDLEY Anything 1059 1046 13 4.886
    -10 Spins
    -29 Bullet
    -0.105 AI
    Christian AC:
    1 1 MANDISA Overcomer 1487 1417 70 8.096
    +17 Spins
    +24 Bullet
    +0.078 AI
    31 33 COLTON DIXON Never Gone 159 192 -33 0.403
    -6 Spins
    -9 Bullet
    0 AI

  • springboard2

    10/8/2013 – Itunes Top 1500 Singles and Albums (from LivePopBars)

    53. Cassadee Pope – Wasting All These Tears
    66. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
    76. One Direction – Best Song Ever (from “This Is Us”)
    104. Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin’ On
    153. Preston Pohl – Electric Feel (The Voice Performance)
    157. Pentatonix – Royals
    163. Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
    176. Phillip Phillips – Home
    180. Mandisa – Overcomer
    197. Danielle Bradbery – The Heart of Dixie
    200. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    204. Daughtry – Waiting for Superman
    215. Carrie Underwood – See You Again
    227. Holly Henry – The Scientist (The Voice Performance)
    264. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    278. Cher Lloyd – I Wish (feat. T.I.)
    290. Cassadee Pope – I Wish I Could Break Your Heart
    291. Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
    326. Kelly Clarkson – Tie It Up
    332. Cassadee Pope – Wasting All These Tears
    397. Cassadee Pope – One Song Away
    408. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    428. Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs
    435. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
    450. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    524. Avicii – Addicted To You
    540. Kelly Clarkson – People Like Us
    571. Matthew Schuler – Cough Syrup (The Voice Performance)
    573. Little Mix – Wings
    590. Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling – Radioactive
    601. One Direction – Kiss You
    610. Carrie Underwood – Good Girl
    651. James Wolpert – Love Interruption (The Voice Performance)
    666. One Direction – Little Things
    702. One Direction – One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
    728. Cassadee Pope – Proved You Wrong
    731. Mandisa & tobyMac – Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)
    739. One Direction – One Thing
    759. Cassadee Pope – Easier To Lie
    781. Cher Lloyd – Want U Back
    789. Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
    835. One Direction – She’s Not Afraid
    838. Caroline Pennell – Anything Could Happen (The Voice Performance)
    870. Emblem3 – Chloe (You’re the One I Want)
    889. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    924. Fantasia – Without Me (feat. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott)
    1043. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time
    1101. Cassadee Pope – Good Times
    1126. One Direction – Rock Me
    1176. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel
    1281. One Direction – Live While We’re Young
    1336. Ashley DuBose – Diamonds (The Voice Performance)
    1338. Lee DeWyze – Fight
    1391. Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art
    1397. Avicii – Lay Me Down
    1493. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

    7. Cassadee Pope – Frame By Frame
    28. Avicii – True
    39. One Direction – Midnight Memories (Deluxe)
    94. One Direction – Midnight Memories
    95. Phillip Phillips – iTunes Session
    114. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    152. Fifth Harmony – Better Together – EP
    198. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    214. Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus – Gone – EP
    221. Phillip Phillips – The World from the Side of the Moon (Deluxe)
    226. One Direction – Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)
    236. One Direction – Up All Night (Deluxe Version)
    289. Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits – Chapter One
    376. One Direction – Up All Night
    392. Phillip Phillips – The World from the Side of the Moon
    427. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    444. One Direction – Take Me Home
    454. Pentatonix – PTXmas – EP
    480. Mandisa – Overcomer (Deluxe Edition)
    684. Little Mix – DNA (The Deluxe Edition)
    760. Emblem3 – Nothing To Lose (Deluxe Version)
    904. Colton Dixon – A Messenger
    955. Cher Lloyd – Sticks & Stones
    1049. Olly Murs – Right Place Right Time (Deluxe Edition)
    1129. Danielle Bradbery – The Complete Season 4 Collection (The Voice Performance)
    1194. Daughtry – Daughtry
    1280. Mandisa – Overcomer
    1417. Lee DeWyze – Frames
    1489. Cassadee Pope – The Complete Season 3 Collection (The Voice Performance)

  • springboard2

    Monitored Adds frm formats reporting on Monday:

    1 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Gone, Gone, Gone 19/Interscope
    9 DANIELLE BRADBERY The Heart Of Dixie Big Machine/Republic
    2 SCOTTY MCCREERY See You Tonight 19/Interscope/Mercury
    1 KRISTY LEE COOK Wherever Love Goes f/R. Houser Broken Bow
    1 KELLIE PICKLER Little Bit Gypsy Black River Entertainment
    1 JOSH GRACIN Drink It Gone Private Label Studios
    15 DAUGHTRY Waiting For Superman RCA
    3 OLLY MURS Dance With Me Tonight Columbia


    iTunes Session – Phillip Phillips https://itun.es/us/KJpTQ
    #80 Overall Albums Chart

  • springboard2

    Wasn’t he supposed to only release an EP with 4 songs? this is a surprise!!!


    Tell me about it!!!….No one knew of this lol

  • Garrett Clayman

    halo circus is doing pretty good!!!

  • Anny_nanny

    It’s not an EP, there should be a live version, not itunes session. I don’t know what happens to these releases. Maybe we were supposed to get this album out before Christmas.

  • lollamape

    So unexpected iTunes session by P2 and blank album by Candice. LMAO!! Interscope, you are a mess!!!

  • Derrick Johnson

    He will be re-releasing the album with the 3 extra live cuts and if you don’t want to buy the album again you can buy the 3 tracks separate titled Phillip Phillips: Live

  • Madilo

    lmao indeed !

  • Madilo

    Yes it is but i’m not complaining, these songs are so good !

  • springboard2

    One thing is confusing me about Candice’s album blip and how iTunes works.
    I thought that since iTunes is including pre-orders in the chart, they were not counted again when the album is released. For example I thought that since Cassadee’s album has been on pre-order for a few weeks, only the new orders would be counted in today charts.

    But it seems that it didn’t work that way for Candice’s album because, since no one knew that it would be available, the pre-orders converting into orders must have been counted.

    Has anyone got insider knowledge about how iTunes deals with pre-orders in their charts?

  • Madilo

    This Phillips iTunes session is something else :) Can’t believe it
    It’s really really a great day :))

  • carla

    I think when you download it counts again, because this is when you’re actually paying it.
    I think it’s like starting from zero when it becomes available. Many of those pre-orders could have been cancelled.

  • Anny_nanny

    As far as I read the messages, money has been debited from the account.

  • Anny_nanny

    Agree. I cancel my reservation request AOL session, I got even more than I had expected.

  • carla

    But only today when it became available, right?
    I have pre-ordered Fifth Harmony’s EP and nothing has been debited yet. Ther was even an error of price when it became available and they said it’s no problem because you only pay when it’s released.

  • Madilo

    This is why i love him :)

  • springboard2

    So they would be counted twice? when when you pre-order, and when you effectively dowload?

  • carla

    When you effectively download is when they actually count in terms of sales. But for Itunes charts you could say they count twice, yeah.

    The Pre-orders give an idea of how much interest there is in the album, but then those pre-orders need to be converted in actual orders, so it all goes on the charts again. On the day it’s released it starts from zero and the pre-orders will also count for itunes chart position.

  • springboard2

    Ok, thanks, it makes sense.

  • springboard2

    Well they are making fans happy with all these live versions!

  • Mia

    You know I have played the Crazy solo acosutic from Hamburg radio and Take Me Away Errol and P2 duo version from anothwr radio show so many times that even the youtube videos have scratches on them now.

    I love him solo acoustic- you can truly appreciate the subtle sophistication of his guitar play. He can do stuff with guitar especially with the right hand that very few can do as he is double-jointed. The simulation of rain and thunder with the guitar in A Fool’s Dance for example is so lovely.

    When I saw this in the morning it was like X-Mas ! I downloaded it but can’t listen to it till I get home from work and it is an agonizing wait.

  • Derrick Johnson

    never even knew about the Itunes sessions until today so that was a treat

  • Mia

    P2 has yet to tweet about his album going platinum so I am not holding my breath about this one. It maybe not interscope but Itunes proprietary release as he did a show for them at itunes studio. Somebody there obviously thought well enough of it to share and I am so grateful.


    iTunes Session – Phillip Phillips https://itun.es/us/KJpTQ
    #62 Overall Albums Chart
    #949. Phillip Phillips – Home (iTunes Session)
    #1102. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone (iTunes Session)

  • Tay96

    #56 overall now :)

  • maymay

    According to Billbaord Biz:
    iTunes Radio`s Pure Pop on Oct.2
    Katy Perry, “Walking on Air”
    New Politics, “Harlem”
    Maroon 5, “Love Somebody”
    Paramore, “Still Into You”
    Ellie Goulding, “Burn”
    Icona Pop, “I Love It”
    Demi Lovato, “Made in the USA”
    Travie McCoy featuring Jason Mraz, “Rough Waters”
    Ariana Grande featuring Big Sean, “Right There”
    Fall Out Boy, “Alone Together”
    Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams, “Get Lucky”
    Phillip Phillips, “Gone, Gone, Gone”
    Passenger, “Let Her Go”
    Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding, “I Need Your Love”

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    iTunes does these live sessions releases as a thing — the way Walmart Soundchecks are a thing — so the session was arranged and P2’s team knew it would be released.

    It seems sloppy that P2’s team would agree to this and then not even mention it to fans — even if the label doesn’t clean up financially, his management’s job is to promote anything that helps establish him as a musician.

    ETA: And literally all I’m talking about is some mentions to fans (it’s not like management doesn’t routinely give content to the hamsters running an artist’s official site, or like they don’t routinely have artists’ Twitter passwords), not a promo campaign.


    #55 Overall Albums Chart
    #876. Phillip Phillips – Home (iTunes Session)
    #947. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone (iTunes Session)
    SLAYYYY lol :)

  • Mia

    I agree. It does feel like a very sloppy job.

  • Madilo

    so true they suck :)

  • Derrick Johnson

    Phillip Phillips ?@Phillips16s
    Did an iTunes session at Capitol Records! Go buy it here! http://smarturl.it/PPiTunesSession http://instagram.com/p/fNuTRZw-Ap/

  • TheOther

    With this release and yet another re-release scheduled for 11/19, I suspect Interscope (aka Jimmy Iovine) will want new music from Phillip sooner than later. Not out of reach considering that Phillip has a rep for being low maintenance who is known to work fast. That is – unless another big tour comes around in the Spring.

  • Happyhexer

    What is it? Any good? I favorited Phil’s tweet for later in case I’m interested.


    Artist: Phillip Phillips
    Album: iTunes Session
    Quality: iTunes Plus AAC M4A
    Released: Oct 08, 2013

    Track List
    01 Where We Came From
    02 Man On the Moon
    03 Home
    04 Crazy
    05 Take Me Away
    06 Gone, Gone, Gone
    07 Hold On
    08 Tell Me a Story
    09 A Fool’s Dance

    *All acoustic tracks, P2 (voice, guitar), and Mr. Errol Cooney (guitar)

    IMO it’s AWESOME!!!


    #49 Overall

  • windmills

    Reporting in from Billboard Country Update and Country Aircheck:

    There were 2 recurrents at Billboard this week: Justin Moore out of the t10 and Maggie Rose out of the t35, and 1 recurrent at Aircheck/Mediabase: Florida-Georgia Line. This coming week there will be 2 recurrents at Billboard: Florida-Georgia Line out of the t10 and Kelly’s Tie It Up out of the t40. At Mediabase/Aircheck there will be 3 recurrents: Justin Moore out of the t10, and Maggie Rose and Kelly out of the t40.

    Cassadee’s Wasting All These Tears had a flat week at Billboard gaining just 94k and holding at #25 Billboard as Zac Brown Band passed. With 2 weeks in a row of meh/small gains (especially with most songs around it doing better), I’d say we’re seeing what would be WATT’s natural radio peak but I don’t expect Republic Nashville to let the song go without a fight to make t20. For the second week in a row, the label has full page ads in Billboard Country Update and Country Aircheck touting Cassadee’s sales. Sure enough, this morning’s MB update was a good one. I expect this week will be a pretty good one to go along with the album release (I expect Cassadee to have the #1 album on the country charts, and for Republic Nashville to take out more ads talking about that). I don’t see WATT repassing Zac Brown Band’s Sweet Annie but it should move up a spot to #24 Billboard this week.

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, WATT had a meh week gaining 264 points and moving up a spot to #24. Zac Brown Band’s Sweet Annie closed to 256 points behind by outgaining WATT by 741 points. However like I said, WATT had a big MB update this morning and with this being Cassadee’s album release week, I think WATT will stay ahead and move up another spot to #23 this week. There are no other immediate threats to pass.

    Scotty’s See You Tonight had a meh week at Billboard gaining 123k but moving up 2 spots to #31. Dustin Lynch’s Wild In Your Smile closed to 59k behind by outgaining SYT by 422k and the Hunter Hayes/Jason Mraz collab closed to 146k behind after outgaining SYT by 768k. Scotty’s SYT would make Billboard t30 in its 26th week out if it were to stay ahead of Dustin and Hunter/Jason but that doesn’t feel very likely. Odds are SYT will finish the week at #32 with both passing. But watch out for Florida-Georgia Line’s Stay, which went for adds this week and is definitely going to close (with a chance of passing).

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, SYT had a meh week gaining 159 points and moving up 3 spots to #35 as both Maggie Rose and Kelly (whose singles have peaked) dropped below. Love & Theft closed slightly to 182 points behind after outgaining SYT by 52 points, and actually passed SYT yesterday before SYT repassed them today. So, they’re probably pretty tight on the chart. I expect SYT to stay ahead and finish the week at #34 Aircheck/Mediabase. There is chance as mentioned in the previous paragraph of Florida-Georgia Line passing, which would mean SYT would end the week at #35.

    Danielle’s The Heart Of Dixie had a flat week losing 15k AIs but maintaining its bullet and moving up 3 spots to #35 Billboard as Kelly dropped below. Thompson Square extended their lead on THOD to 447k, which makes it unlikely THOD will repass them this week, although Danielle did see a nice update this morning. Dierks Bentley’s I Hold On (good tune) closed to 428k behind by outgaining THOD by 326k, but I don’t expect IHO to pass this week. Florida-Georgia Line’s Stay will almost definitely pass though, so look for THOD to hold at #35 this week.

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, THOD had a meh week gaining 175 points and moving up 2 spots to #32. The Hunter/Jason collab closed to 115 points behind by outgaining THOD by 325 points and has passed since Sunday. Thompson Square closed to 181 points behind after outgaining THOD by 309 points, so they are close too. THOD’s 9 adds this week may help it stay ahead, so look for THOD to hold at #32 this week (or drop a spot if Thompson Square does pass).

    Kellie’s Little Bit Gypsy had a good week at Billboard gaining 407k and moving up 3 spots to #54. Lady Antebellum may pass this coming week but Kellie has a good chance of passing American Young (a new duo with a pretty folky-pop song out called ‘Love Is War’) and finishing the at #51. LBT also showed up under Aircheck Activity with 1,144 points from 383 spins (+279 points, +68 spins), and this morning, LBT showed up in the MB t50 at #49 with 420 spins. So, it has gained 37 spins in 2 days. American Young had 1,121 points coming into this week and Gary Allan had 1,043 points, so they’re close to charting too. I think Kellie has a good chance of passing Aaron Lewis at #48, which means LBG could finish as high as #45 this week.

    Kristy’s Wherever Love Goes with Randy Houser had a flat week gaining 10k and holding at #58. Look for Little Big Town and Leah Turner to pass, and Dan & Shay could also debut in front. So look for WLG to finish the week at #58 or #59. There’s no information under Aircheck Activity on how WLG is doing at MB.

    Idol-related ads: As already mentioned, Republic Nashville has full page ads for Cassadee’s WATT talking about her single sales and her TV visibility. World Vision has its usual 1/3 page artist ad with Scotty pictured among others. There’s also a 1/3 page ad in Aircheck for the next single from Nashville, Chris Carmack’s What If I Was Willing. I actually like that song and his performance of it! I’m interested to see if it does anything. Broken Bow/Stoney Creek have ads in BCU/Aircheck for multiple acts but don’t include Kristy’s single in those ads.

    Recommended reading: Billboard Country Update leads with an article on the t10 album and digital sellers in country for Q3 2013. It’s a sausagefest, though on the album side that has a lot to do with 2013’s country album releases being so overwhelmingly male. That isn’t as much of an excuse on the single side, where the t10 is a frat boy countryfest (only exception is Hunter Hayes’s I Want Crazy). Well, I guess when country radio’s so overwhelmingly tilted towards frat boy country you expect sales to reflect that. Anyway, Carrie’s SYA’s sales were split between Q2 and Q3 but SYA also wasn’t her strongest download seller in the 1st place (it’s closing in on 700k). Taylor’s single Red has been out for all of Q3 but hasn’t been selling much weekly based on country radio play (it sold a lot to her fans when released as an Itunes countdown single).

    Country Aircheck has a secondary feature on Sony Nashville act Dee Jay Silver, who does mashups and remixes (he did the Two Black Cadillacs/Jolene mashup that, while a cool idea in theory, wasn’t very good IMO). He’s now on 6 radio stations doing remix shows, with the possibility of doing a syndicated program.

  • Madilo

    Yes it is !

  • Anny_nanny

    I understood why Interscope is silent, this is 19R.

  • Garrett Clayman

    HDD has P^2 album numbers at 1,008,000, Daughtry’s last album at 513,000 and Kellie’s last album at 90,000

  • Garrett Clayman

    HDD has P2 album at 1,008,000, Daughtry’s last album at 512,000 and Kellie’s album at 90,000 http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/sales/sales_ur.cgi

  • Anny_nanny

    And Scotty 1,177,000.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    And Chris Mann (Cristina’s finalist from season 2 of the Voice) has apparently sold 44,000 of his album. Which is pretty impressive considering that his is very ni?he (classical pop) and album opened with only 2,600 first week.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Did you also notice the Cole Swindell ad that looked like another chart in Aircheck? They showed sales per spin and, of course, Cole was #1. Scotty was #5. So Scotty could get residual advertising and I think it looks good.:)

    I was surprised they could actually place such an ad, very creative.


    #38 Overall
    #11 Pop

  • Amy Beth

    Chris Mann’s album was a PBS pledge week incentive. I assume some of that total were purchased by the stations and that counts in the total.

  • windmills

    Lexie O’Neill: Did you also notice the Cole Swindell ad that looked like another chart in Aircheck?

    Yeah, Warner did the same kind of chart last year for Hunter’s Wanted back when Wanted was approaching the t30. Cassadee, Scotty, and Kelly are in all in the t10 for sales per spin on this chart.

    It’s definitely not the first time an ad in one of these things has mimicked the text of either an Aircheck chart or an Aircheck article. I remember Republic Nashville doing an ad a few years ago that presented as an Aircheck article, with gushy stuff about how amazingly awesome current singles from the acts they were promoting at the time were, and it only had “advertisement” written in tiny lettering in a footer.