HDD – Album Sales Prediction : Jan 21-27

With 72.31% reports in, Country artist Gary Allan is out to a decisive lead. “Set You Free” is his 9th studio album (plus 2 compilation albums) and is predicted to sell 90-100K. Behind them are the Lumineers and their self-titled album riding a boost from an SNL appearance.

The Grammy Nominees album was released this week, but its best selling week tends to be Grammy week. This year, the album contains American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and Canadian Idol contestant Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. Voice judge Adam Levine’s band Maroon 5 also has “Payphone” on the album. The album is currently in 3rd and expected to sell 35-40K.

Soundtrack album “Pitch Perfect” is 4th, Kids are bopping to 5th, Taylor is swifting up the competition at 6th, Bruno is being unorthodox at 7th, Randy Houser is debuting in 8th, A$AP Rocky is bringing in the $ at 9th (last week’s number 1) and Little Big Town is rounding out the top 10.

Our first Idol album appears at 14 and it is Phil Phillips “World From the Other Side of the Moon”. Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” is at 27th and Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits album is at 31st. X-Factor’s One Direction has their latest album “Take Me Home” at 18th and their first album “Up all Night” at 39th. Voice Judge Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 makes an appearance at 28th with Overexposed. Now 44 features judges and contestants.

CHART DATE: 01/28/2013
LAST UPDATE: 01/28/2013 14:57:52
NOW IN: 72.31%

LW TW artist / album label power index
2 5 KIDZ BOP KIDS KIDZ BOP 23 21,310







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  • windmills

    Reporting from Billboard Country Update and Country Aircheck:

    There were 5 Bllboard recurrents this week: Zac Brown Band out of the t10, Thomas Rhett out of the t20, Eli Young Band and Kenny Chesney out of the t30, and Craig Morgan out of the t40. There were no Mediabase/Aircheck recurrents. This coming week at Billboard there will definitely be 1 recurrent (Faith Hill’s American Heart) and possibly a 2nd if Randy Houser’s How Country Feels drops hard enough. At Mediabase/Aircheck there will be 3 recurrents: Zac Brown Band, Faith Hill, and Maggie Rose (but Maggie Rose going recurrent won’t help any of the charting Idols). 

    Carrie’s Two Black Cadillacs had an OK week at Billboard gaining 1.385 million AIs at moving up a spot to #10. 2BC lost a little ground on Little Big Town’s Tornado (which outgained it by 288k). LBT now leads by 1.549 million AIs. 2BC did close on Taylor Swift’s struggling Begin Again and now trails by 1.995 million AIs. Now that 2BC is t10, I would expect things to pick up a little though this morning’s MB update doesn’t really bear that out (2BC gained, but didn’t gain big). I don’t see 2BC passing anybody at Billboard this week unless Randy Houser drops a little harder this week than he did last week and 2BC picks up the pace a little. So, odds are 2BC will end the week at #9 or #10 Billboard. Hunter Hayes’s Somebody’s Heartbreak is 521k back but I don’t see it repassing 2BC.

    On Aircheck/Mediabase 2BC had the expected meh gain of 812 points and held at #11. Since Sunday 2BC has passed Zac Brown Band’s Goodbye In Her Eyes (which will go recurrent this week) to move up to #10. 2BC did gain 47 points on Dierks Bentley’s Tip It On Back and trails it back 717 points. LBT’s Tornado’s lead is up to 987 points after LBT outgained Carrie by 381 points last week. Once again I don’t see 2BC passing either of them this week unless it really picks up the pace after today but, it’s possible. More than likely 2BC will end the week at #10 MB.

    CaseyJ’s Crying On A Suitcase had a solid week gaining 1.039 million AIs and holding at #15. Lee Brice passed as expected, but COAS stood up to the gains of the 2 songs directly behind it (they outgained COAS but only by 75k and 241k respectively, allowing COAS to keep a 1.187 million AI lead on the #16 and #17 spots). Look for COAS to hold at #15 this week at Billboard or move up a spot to #14 if Randy Houser goes recurrent. At this point I think they’re still keeping COAS afloat to see if some of the weak songs in front of it finally start dropping. 

    At Aircheck/MB COAS had a meh week gaining 344 points but still managed to hold off Lee Brice and drop only a spot to #15. Lee Brice passed this morning. But again, there are no other immediate threats to pass because the next 3 songs in line all gained less than 250 points on COAS and trail COAS by over 1000 points. Look for COAS to hold at #15 Mediabase this week.

    Kelly’s Don’t Rush had an OK week at Billboard gaining 202k and moving up 2 spots to #31 while Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts passed. Rascal Flatts at #30 now leads by 561k after having a good week. Eric Church’s Like Jesus Does trails by 526k after outgaining DR by 1.090 million, so odds are Eric passes this week to offset Faith going recurrent. Darius Rucker and Jake Owen continue to close but I think it’ll take another week or two for them to pass because they’re 933k and 1.096 million AIs behind respecitively). DR did outgain Jerrod Niemann at #33, extending Kelly’s lead to 904k AIs. It’s possible DR will make Billboard t30 this week – it either needs Randy Houser to drop hard enough to fall out of the t10 or to hold off Eric Church. I’m going to guess DR will remain at #31 for another week. 

    Fun fact: Eric Church actually has 4 songs on the Billboard chart this week: he guests on Jason Aldean’s single with Luke Bryan at #2, he has his own official single, and he has album tracks Keep On and Hungover and Hard Up (which is a great song IMO) charting at #58 and #59 from unsolicited airplay. 

    DR had a solid week at MB/Aircheck, gaining 375 points and holding at #32. DR outgained Jana Kramer’s Whiskey by 139 points and leads by 219 points (but tbh, I take the fact that Jana’s song is solidly ahead at Billboard as a better sign of its position). Since Sunday, Lady Antebellum has passed, which is not surprising. DR also extended its lead on Jerrod Niemann’s song to 488 points. Eric Church is 2-3 weeks from passing at last week’s pace but he seems to picked things up this week. I still think DR will just hold him off this week but he’ll pass next week. So, I expect DR to end the week at #31, just missing MB t30 and those countdown spins. 

    Idol-related ads: None

    No recommended reading this week, but Aircheck says the 3rd in its series of industry people talking about country radio, the installment where they talk to producers like Nathan Chapman, Michael Knox, and Mark Wright, will run next week.

  • Anny_nanny

    Has HDD forecast for album Colton?
    Releases this week:
    01.29.13 ANDREA BOCELLI – PASSIONE 62,000 500,000
    01.29.13 CHARLIE WILSON – LOVE, CHARLIE 57,000 287,000
    01.29.13 DESTINY’S CHILD – LOVE SONGS 600 30,000
    01.29.13 HATEBREED – DIVINITY OF PURPOSE 15,000 74,000
    01.29.13 JUSTIN BIEBER – BELIEVE ACOUSTIC 374,000 1,200,000
    01.29.13 TEGAN & SARA – HEARTTHROB 24,000 110,000
    01.29.13 WOW GOSPEL 2013 – VARIOUS ARTISTS 9,800 135,000

  • Caro3278sweet

    At this point I think they’re still keeping COAS afloat to see if some of the weak songs in front of it finally start dropping.

    I’m honestly kind of stunned COAS is holding its own. There’s even a chance it might go t10 if everything works exactly right. Do you see a chance for this, windmills?

    And thanks for the always fantastic update.

  • springboard2

    Mediabase – Tuesday update:
    6  8  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  404  453  -49  1.448
    -2  Spins
    +12  Bullet
    +0.002  AI
    37  31  VICCI MARTINEZ  Come Along f/CeeLo Green  113  100  13  0.692
    +1  Spins
    0  Bullet
    +0.006  AI
    2  1  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  2027  1910  117  14.978
    +24  Spins
    +30  Bullet
    +0.02  AI
    5  6  KELLY CLARKSON  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill ..  1426  1488  -62  11.768
    -27  Spins
    -13  Bullet
    -0.242  AI
    7  7  CARLY RAE JEPSEN  Call Me Maybe  1347  1369  -22  10.902
    +26  Spins
    +50  Bullet
    -0.11  AI
    12  11  OWL CITY & CARLY RAE JEPSEN  Good Time  807  761  46  4.483
    +8  Spins
    +10  Bullet
    -0.014  AI
    13  12  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  764  552  212  6.023
    +42  Spins
    +14  Bullet
    -0.016  AI
    40  39  CHRIS MANN  Roads  35  36  -1  0.056
    0  Spins
    0  Bullet
    +0.001  AI
    Christian AC:
    19  17  COLTON DIXON  You Are  444  430  14  1.499
    +2  Spins
    -6  Bullet
    +0.068  AI
    11  10  CARRIE UNDERWOOD  Two Black Cadillacs  4604  4362  242  36.765
    +10  Spins
    -35  Bullet
    +0.181  AI
    14  16  CASEY JAMES  Crying On A Suitcase  3213  3129  84  26.579
    -21  Spins
    -32  Bullet
    +0.211  AI
    33  33  KELLY CLARKSON  Don’t Rush f/Vince Gill  1045  998  47  7.391
    -18  Spins
    -53  Bullet
    -0.016  AI
    4  4  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  4138  4349  -211  30.534
    -7  Spins
    -11  Bullet
    +0.065  AI
    10  7  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  3482  3269  213  26.484
    +21  Spins
    -48  Bullet
    +0.215  AI
    29  27  VICCI MARTINEZ  Come Along f/CeeLo Green  681  616  65  2.944
    +4  Spins
    -12  Bullet
    +0.078  AI
    42  41  ONE DIRECTION  Little Things  221  215  6  0.763
    -4  Spins
    -14  Bullet
    -0.03  AI
    20  18  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  5308  5089  219  34.149
    +100  Spins
    +74  Bullet
    +0.724  AI
    19  22  ONE DIRECTION  Little Things  4099  5111  -1012  21.797
    -327  Spins
    -383  Bullet
    -1.665  AI
    27  24  OLLY MURS  Troublemaker f/Flo Rida  2669  1949  720  17.875
    +136  Spins
    +41  Bullet
    +0.988  AI
    52  39  ONE DIRECTION  Kiss You  678  241  437  4.671
    +98  Spins
    +85  Bullet
    +0.721  AI
    40  38  MARCUS CANTY  Used By You  481  427  54  1.39
    +1  Spins
    -12  Bullet
    +0.002  AI

  • springboard2

    1/29/2013 – Itunes Top 1500 Singles and Albums (from LivePopBars)
    12. Phillip Phillips – Home
    19. Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
    39. Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
    47. Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs
    52. One Direction – Little Things
    80. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    83. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    92. One Direction – Kiss You
    111. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
    115. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time
    140. Cher Lloyd – Want U Back
    160. One Direction – Live While We’re Young
    168. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    174. Carrie Underwood – Good Girl
    177. Casey James – Crying On a Suitcase
    197. Cher Lloyd – Oath (feat. Becky G)
    264. One Direction – One Thing
    320. Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Rush (feat. Vince Gill)
    330. One Direction – Rock Me
    360. One Direction – Kiss You
    366. Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
    404. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
    453. One Direction – She’s Not Afraid
    465. Carly Rae Jepsen – This Kiss
    473. One Direction – Little Things
    494. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    502. Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green – Come Along
    503. One Direction – Nobody Compares
    510. Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side
    525. Mandisa & tobyMac – Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)
    528. Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova
    573. Carly Rae Jepsen – This Kiss
    575. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
    593. Colton Dixon – You Are
    615. One Direction – They Don’t Know About Us
    631. One Direction – Heart Attack
    669. One Direction – Still the One
    795. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel
    872. One Direction – Loved You First
    892. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    965. One Direction – Up All Night
    990. Olly Murs – Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Chiddy Bang)
    1007. One Direction – Moments
    1041. One Direction – I Would
    1069. Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jagger
    1172. Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All
    1264. Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City – Good Time
    1268. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    1299. Carrie Underwood – Undo It
    1356. One Direction – Gotta Be You (2012 US Version)
    1384. Jason Castro – Only a Mountain
    1413. Colton Dixon – You Are
    1453. Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art
    1457. One Direction – More Than This
    1460. Cher Lloyd – With Ur Love

    5. Colton Dixon – A Messenger
    45. Phillip Phillips – The World from the Side of the Moon (Deluxe)
    53. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    56. One Direction – Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)
    66. One Direction – Take Me Home
    85. One Direction – Up All Night (Deluxe Version)
    134. Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits – Chapter One
    200. Cher Lloyd – Sticks & Stones
    205. Phillip Phillips – The World from the Side of the Moon
    249. One Direction – Up All Night
    357. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    402. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (Deluxe Version)
    546. Daughtry – Daughtry
    552. Cassadee Pope – The Complete Season 3 Collection (The Voice Performance)
    615. Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss (Deluxe Version)
    744. Casey James – Casey James
    894. Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts
    957. Daughtry – Break the Spell (Deluxe Version)
    964. Mandisa – What If We Were Real
    987. Carrie Underwood – Play On
    994. Scotty McCreery – Clear As Day
    1197. Jason Castro – Only a Mountain (Deluxe Version)
    1349. Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride
    1374. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    1446. One Direction – iTunes Festival: London 2012 – EP

  • girlygirltoo

    Colton’s album is currently #5 on the overall iTunes chart. I wonder if it has a chance to debut in the Top 10 of the BB chart?

  • windmills

    Caro3278sweet: I’m honestly kind of stunned COAS is holding its own. There’s even a chance it might go t10 if everything works exactly right. Do you see a chance for this, windmills?

    COAS isn’t going to pass any of the songs in front of him until they’ve peaked. So he needs some songs in front of him to peak soon so they go recurrent within the next few weeks. Meanwhile you have to keep your eyes on the singles by Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum, which will likely pass in 3-4 weeks. Chris Young isn’t acting like he’ll pass soon but if he picks up the pace then he could threaten to pass in the same timeframe. 

    The songs to watch are Taylor’s Begin Again (#8 Billboard/#7 Aircheck-Mediabase) and Brad’s Southern Comfort Zone (#5 Billboard/#4 Aircheck-Mediabase) were done in the next couple weeks. Begin Again looks weak right now and took a 200k+ hit at MB this morning after 4 consecutive down or flat updates. It was passed by Dierks Bentley last week at Billboard and will be passed by Little Big Town this week to offset Randy Houser possibly dropping below it. Not only is the airplay looking weak but the downloads for Begin Again peaked several weeks ago. The problem with Taylor is you can never count out Big Machine shenanigans. They may also try to prolong the life of Begin Again so that it peaks at the same time as I Knew You Were Trouble peaks at CHR (which won’t be for another couple weeks, probably). 

    Brad had the 2nd weakest week in the Billboard t10 and the weakest week in the MB t10 last week. He has Tim McGraw chasing him down but Brad can fend him off for a week or two if he puts up a fight. If Tim passed, there’d be a pretty good sized cushion between Brad and the next batch of songs (Dierks/Taylor/LBT/Carrie) and I don’t see Dierks or Taylor making it to the top. So, I don’t know if I see Southern Comfort Zone peaking just yet.

    Even if Taylor & Brad were to peak this week, that’s only 2 spots for CaseyJ to move up. Randy Houser will go recurrent on both charts by the end of next week so that’s another spot. The Jason/Eric/Luke collab is going for #1 this week & will likely drop hard after next week. That’s another spot potentially available in 4 weeks on MB but maybe 3 weeks on Billboard. That gets CaseyJ to #11 if he can hold off Lady A and Miranda. CaseyJ needs 1 more songs to help him out. I’d keep my eye on Dierks. I don’t see his song peaking before he plays the Grammys with Miranda next Sunday but, it’s the 4th single off an album that isn’t selling much and the track isn’t selling much either. 

    I still don’t love COAS’s t10 odds but there’s a chance. It’s going to need help from other songs.Though making t10 would be a big milestone and I see why Columbia Nashville may go for it, I would see COAS as a weak t10 in the sense that it hasn’t really caught on in download sales or sparked album sales during its run. I still think it says something for CaseyJ that he’s been able to chart like he has at country but  the next step for him is to be able to chart like that with songs that really identify him. You know how I believe Drive is that kind of song and hopefully we’ll have the chance to see if I’m right about that. And CaseyJ will need more where that came from, too.

  • girlygirltoo

    HDD forecast for all the albums released this week (like Colton’s) won’t be out until Wednesday, probably.

  • girlygirltoo

    I forgot who it was, but someone on here said a few weeks ago that the Triple A chart is moving away from what used to be pretty much strictly a chart for singer-songwriter types. Looking at this morning’s AAA chart, I have to agree. There are a bunch of songs on there that probably would not have been played by Triple A stations say, 5 years ago. 

  • Anny_nanny

    I know, but Phillip had some forecasts for sale. I think the label something published.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    I know, but Phillip had some forecasts for sale. I think the label something published.

    There were numbers floating around for P2 and many other artists — both Sony and UMG — that the various labels had leaked. These numbers got bandied about on Pulse and HDD referred to them at one point, but it wasn’t an official HDD prediction report.

    Thing is, Dixon’s on a small niche label. Sparrow’s not necessarily going to leak forecasts, and if it does, fewer “insiders” will be listening to pick up the information.

    While Dixon’s radio play is going fine and is definitely one ingredient of what needs to happen for him to have a sustainable career, his current chart position is good for maybe 6,000 album sales at the outside. Anything above that is Idol fanbase (unless there’s a ton of Christian bookstore-specific promo, which there might be). While that Idol fanbase is a nice temporary income boost for Sparrow and helps in budgeting to give Dixon a good launch, I find its size a lot less interesting than what Dixon’s team is doing to establish him in his genre going forward.

  • Anny_nanny

    Thank you!

  • elliegrll

    Not just based on that stat. We’ll know more tomorrow, when HDD releases their one day sales numbers, but I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about how the hard copies are selling based on what the album is currently doing on Itunes.  Being at #5 on Itunes isn’t going to translate into a lot of albums sold. 

  • SaSa8

    Were there HDD predictions for this current week that I missed?  If there are, can someone repost them please.  I did not realize Gary Allan was projected to be #1.  That is great for him. 

  • Anny_nanny

    Chart News @chartnews
    US certifications (RIAA): Phillip @Phillips, Home 3x Platinum (3 million).
    US certifications (RIAA): @OneRepublic, Feel Again Gold (500,000).
    US certifications (RIAA): @CarrieUnderwood, I Told You So Platinum (1 million).
    US certifications (RIAA): Live While We’re Young Platinum (1 million) & Little Things Gold (500,000) by @OneDirection.

  • windmills

    Yeah, they were posted here: http://www.mjsbigblog.com/idols-in-concert-%e2%80%93-stats-%e2%80%93-012413.htm#comment-777499452

    * Gary Allan (MCA Nashville) 90-100k
    Lumineers (Dualtone) 55-60k
    Pitch Perfect (UMe) 40-45k
    A$AP Rocky (RCA) 35-40k* 
    2013 Grammy Nominees (Capitol) 35-40k
    Bruno Mars (Atlantic) 35-40k
    Kidz Bop 23 (Razor & Tie) 35-40k
    Taylor Swift (Big Machine) 30-35k
    Les Misérables (Republic) 30-35k
    Mumford & Sons (Glassnote) 25-30k* 
    Randy Houser (Stoney Creek) 21-24k
    Imagine Dragons (Interscope) 21-24k
    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Macklemore) 18-21k
    Phillip Phillips (19/Interscope) 18-21k
    One Direction (Syco/Columbia) 17-20k
    Alicia Keys (RCA) 17-20k
    P!nk (RCA) 17-20k
    Florida Georgia Line (Republic Nashville) 17-20k

    Definitely great projected sales for Gary Allan. He’s generally considered one of the best male singers in country. He’s been through a lot personally, he had his share of radio struggles lately but, he’s having quite the comeback at the age of 45. He’ll have the #1 album in the country (his 1st) to go along with having the #1 country song. I’m digging his album (especially Sand In My Soul and It Ain’t The Whiskey) and it’s getting good reviews too. I hope he’s able to back up his current radio success with a few more singles off this album. 

    With the platinum certification of I Told You So, all 5 of the singles from Carrie’s Carnival Ride have now gone platinum. All American Girl is the best selling out of those with 1.548 million sold as of July 2012 (source).

  • LongKissGoodnight

    — 1 GARY ALLAN MCA NASHVILLE 103,050 —
    — 4 GRAMMY NOMINEES 2013 CAPITOL 40,077 —
    10 15 ONE DIRECTION – TAKE ME HOME – 19,508 -15%
    8 16 PHILLIP PHILLIPS 19/INTERSCOPE 19,317 -24% Total: ~663
    29 23 MAROON 5 A&M/OCTONE 16,233 +25%

  • SaSa8

    Thanks Windmills.  Question for you – seems over the last several months that there have been a few country artists who have a #1 song the same week or within a week or two of their album release.  Is this a coincedence or really lucky timing or some pushing from the label to make it happen that way?  Just curious now that I am following the charts more closely. 

  • annie12120

    Way to go Gary Allan – not a fan of country, but I am a big fan of this guy – great voice and song writer :)

  • windmills

    Wow, and Gary Allan gets over 100k! I hope Soundscan backs that up, I was really hoping for 100k when I saw HDD’s projections trending up last week. This is a comeback I didn’t see coming and that’s part of what makes it fun (and like I said, I like Gary’s album a lot). 

    SaSa8: Thanks Windmills.  Question for you – seems over the last several months that there have been a few country artists who have a #1 song the same week or within a week or two of their album release.  Is this a coincedence or really lucky timing or some pushing from the label to make it happen that way?  Just curious now that I am following the charts more closely.

    It’s not a coincidence, it’s more like record labels often try to project ahead to when they think a song is going to peak and release the album around when it’s going to be at max airplay, preferably #1. So in the cases of people like Randy Houser and Gary Allan, their labels guessed right – when Randy’s album was released last week, he had the #1 country song and when sales for Gary’s album become official, he’ll have the #1 country song. 

  • jpfan2

    Only about 200 albums separate the #14 album  from the #16 album (P2).
    We’ll see how it shakes out tomorrow.  Home is down to #15 on iTunes so I think the time is ripe for GGG! That second single being a hit is crucial to keeping the good mojo going.


    FINAL:  #16 PHILLIP @PHILLIPS “WORLD FROM THE SIDE OF THE MOON” sold 19,317 (-24%) http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/sales/salescht.cgi …

  • girlygirltoo


    47 – One Direction – Kiss You  (4th most adds for any artist)
    34 – Olly Murs f/ Flo Rida – Troublemaker 
    29 – Will.I.Am f/ Britney Spears – Scream & Shout
    22 – Stefano – Yes to Love
    15 – Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
    10 – Maroon 5 – Daylight
      9 – Kelly Clarkson f/ Vince Gill – Don’t Rush
      6 – Phillip Phillips – Home
      4 – Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton – Just A Fool
      3 – Fantasia – Lose to Win
      3 – Vicci Martinez f/ Cee Lo Green – Come Along
      3 – Blake Shelton – Sure Be Cool If You Did
      3 – Maroon 5 – One More Night
      2 – Kelly Clarkson – I Forgive You
      2 – Cher Lloyd f/ Juicy J – With Ur Love
      2 – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time
      1 – Phillip Phillips – Gone Gone Gone
      1 – Casey James – Crying on a Suitcase
      1 – Colton Dixon – You Are
      1 – Marcus Canty – Used by You
      1 – One Direction – Little Things

  • Caro3278sweet

    Definitely great projected sales for Gary Allan. He’s generally considered one of the best male singers in country. He’s been through a lot personally, he had his share of radio struggles lately but, he’s having quite the comeback at the age of 45.

    Love him. A touch of Waylon in his stuff, IMHO. Tough All Overis one of my all time fav albums and “Just Got Back From Hell” is something I play all the time when I need a kickass tune. 

    Can’t think of a better guy to have this happen to. 

  • Caro3278sweet

    . You know how I believe Drive is that kind of song and hopefully we’ll have the chance to see if I’m right about that. And CaseyJ will need more where that came from, too.

    Yeah. I am a big believer in Drive also. That might just be his breakout song. It is just so infectious. Great summer song and if COAS dives here in the next month or so, the new single will be positioned for summer play. So crossing my fingers.

    And as far as “need more of that” – I would say listening to Woman’s Touch? Yeah, he’s got more comin’ where that came from. :-)

  • babylockthemdoors

    The entire top 10 in the country charts are pretty strong singles in my opinion. It’s also fun to see three dark and ‘angry women’ songs in the top 10 – The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two”,LBT’s “Tornado” and Carrie’s “Two Black Cadillacs.” I’ve never seen so many negative and dark songs in the top 10 in a long while!

  • LongKissGoodnight


    Stefano had received 3 HAC and 19 POP (+2 in previous weeks)!
    It might sizzle out after a few weeks, but it is a really nice start for someone basically an unknown artist, and the song is though hardly brilliant has a very radio-friendly production, so…
    Best of luck, Stefano)

    I am also very glad to see Olly having his break-out hit in US with Troublemaker.
    I just heard it this afternoon while plying billiard in the club. (And had my usual “Yay Maroon 5! Oh… wait a minute…” reaction. But nevermind that.)
    Btw, I live in St.Petersburg, Russia.
    Word travels. ;))

  • Anny_nanny

    I’m from Moscow. Hi to Peter! ;)