Haley Reinhart – “Free” “Wasting Tears” – Hard Rock Cafe, Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Listen to the new single “Free” from American Idol alum, Haley Reinhart. She performed it live at the Hard Rock Cafe last night in LA.

The tune is set to be released in March. To be honest, I’m waiting for a better quality video to pass any judgement on the song.

Added another new song, “Wasting Tears”


Wasting Tears

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  • http://twitter.com/IHartHales Tyra Reinhart

    Ive listened to it 50 times. Im in love.

  • http://twitter.com/KeyeraMullins Keyera Mullins

    it sounds good! She’s definitley different & that’s great!

  • Anonymous

    To quote the eloquent Randy, she could sing the phone book, and I’d still dig it.  Looking forward to the studio version.

  • Anonymous

    I love it.  It’s definitely one to listen a couple of times to adjust to, but once, I was on the wavelength….<3

  • Anonymous

     Love it. This is pure Haley through and through. Very catch chorus. I can see this getting airplay.

  • http://twitter.com/justsing17 J

    I really like it; the melody is catchy. I think the studio arrangement will be different and will sound more “radio-ready”. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Williams/100000265789468 John Williams

    OMG Haley.  So good.   Listen with caution, very addicting.

  • Anonymous

    I like it a surprising amount.  It’s current [although I freakin’ hate that word and that sentiment] but it’s different.  It sounds like early Kelly Clarkson. She has a powerful voice and a lot of conviction. 

    I might turn out to be totally wrong, but I think Haley has the best chance to be a pop star of any of the alumni since Kelly.  Which is like saying, ‘may you lead an interesting life.’  Heh. 

  • http://twitter.com/HaleysShindig HaleysShindig

    Said in the other thread, but I love it, actually all the performances I’ve seen from tonight she sounded great in. This song is very earwormy and can see it getting some airplay. 

  • Ringo

    Refreshing that it is small and intimate rather than poppy and hook laden.  A far more introspective song than I expected, and might be even more so in a recording.    High hopes here for H. to turn out some very good music.

  • http://twitter.com/swansteel swansteel

    Obviously, the sound of the video is low quality and the tinkly piano doesn’t add much, but the more I listen to the song the more I love it.  I must have listened to it 20 times at least.  I love how the melody takes root in my brain and won’t let me go.  I can only imagine how great the song will sound in its final form, but I know it will be amazing.  This isn’t run of the mill pop, rather it is heartfelt music sung with passion.  The March release date still seems a long way off to me.  

  • Anonymous

    I hear a Beatles-like melancholy to the melody.  It’s Haley and her influences through and through…I can’t get enough of her singing the choruses in this song…she expresses the sadness of the lyrics so well.

    Can’t get enough…..

  • Anonymous

    well, my birthday this year is amazing. new carrie a few days before and a new song from haley a few days after. two of my favorite vocalists, so this is perfect!

    i know it’s not the greatest quality and it’s probably the first time she’s performed it live, but hot damn does it sound fantastic!! i can’t wait to listen to and probably overplay the final product :)

  • rocklet1

    Miss Haley Reinhart and Allison Iraheta should duet would be so soothing to my ears..

  • randomjoe

    Verry interesting!

  • Anonymous

    I was at the Hard Rock a few years ago & the acoustics are crap, but Haley did a great job considering the venue sucks. I am impressed with this version, though, so I can only imagine how awesome the finished product will sound…  

  • Anonymous

    I was at this show. Haley sounded great (If she’s sick, she didn’t sound it)! And boy is she tiny :)  She did a killer version of “House of the Rising Sun”, a nice cover of “Oh Darling” and another original song called “Wasting Tears” during her set.

    I like this song, but I am having a hard time figuring out what format the label thinks it will fit. It’s not very CHR friendly and I’m not even all that sure it will be a great fit at Hot AC. It’s definitely different and plays to Haley’s strengths though, for sure.

    But maybe the recorded version is going to be more radio-friendly?

  • http://twitter.com/haleyr290 Audrey

    I love both songs! Free has a jazzy, blue-eyed soul feel to it and Wasted tears is very throw back, motown, funky feel… I think with full accompaniment they are both going to be awesome!! 

  • Anonymous

    Her voice sounds good, but I can’t see this fitting in at radio.

  • Karen C

    I really like it, can’t wait to hear the stereo version.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F3XJE5GRAUMYR7Y5RYZUW7SC4U md

    It seems the lyrics are about a woman in an off-and-on affair with a man she was once in a long-term relationship with. The bigger theme is that they should both let go to pursue true love. With full accompaniment, I could see this song getting a lot of airplay. It sounds like a classic.

  • Anonymous

    makes you wonder about the possibilities for the video…she won’t be the smiling, adorkable, playful Haley in it that we’ve seen.

    It shouldn’t be one of those cardboard cut out videos, but one that tells a story.

  • Anonymous

    I like Free, but I agree that it’s not obviously radio-friendly although the produced version may sound different.

    If the whole album is in this style, I’ll enjoy it, but I am not sure how it will do commercially.

  • http://twitter.com/blkeener Brittany Keener

    Sigh…I love Haley and she sounded fantastic tonight. HOTRS was amazing (sorry, I didn’t video it) but I have a hard time hearing this on the radio. Perhaps there will be something more given the studio version. I really, really want her to do well! She’s got killer vocals.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CM6BYGBH7R54IDJGCYFPEVRUXI Ghost Dog

    I don’t think it’s a bad song at all.  It’s kinda catchy, and I like it more with each listen.  You’re right in that it doesn’t sound like something you’d hear on popular radio today.  But prior to Adele blowing up this year, no one thought you’d hear Adele’s kind of music top the charts either.  This is probably not gonna be a hit but it’s not a total dud.  Like Pia’s “This Time”.

  • Anonymous

    Free sounds really good to me…i dont see why some say its not radio-friendly

  • http://twitter.com/HaleysShindig HaleysShindig

    I think the studio version, with a complement of back-up vox, harmonies, possible horns and a funky rhythm section could easily make this tune “radio friendly”. I agree with MJ that you really can’t judge the merits of this on this particular recording, but even saying that, the song is very catch. 

  • http://twitter.com/blkeener Brittany Keener

    I didn’t say I didn’t like it….I just don’t see it getting radio play. Also remember, it took Adele 2 albums to really get noticed. CP did well but it was RITD (a super catchy song) that really launched her. Again, the studio version could completely change that opinion, especially since this was just backed with the keyboard. 

    But in reality..it’s all what Interscope is gonna do with her. What kind of promo & how much money are they willing to cough up for her?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I like this song, but IMO it’s Haley’s voice and singing style that makes it much better than it would be otherwise.  I agree with those who are wondering about where this song may fit in terms of radioplay.  So far, so good.  :)

  • Emmy

    Haley sounds lovely as always – I’m not sure if I like the song though.  Will definitely check out the recorded version.

  • Anonymous

    If Duffy’s Mercy and Amy Winehouse’s singles can get on the radio, then so can this.

    Plus, it’s better that she’s different than all of the club music killing my ears on radio these days.

  • http://twitter.com/doesmonaknow DoesMonaKnow

    Maybe it’ll be a different story with the studio versions but I like “Wasting Tears” better as a lead single than “Free”.

  • Anonymous

    Listened to Free. The voice sounds good and I like the genre of the music. I’m not 100% sure the song is that great. Is she writing her own music?

    I think no one should be compared to Adele though. Adele is a complete anomaly.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Wasted Tears has more punch than Free (like comparing Rolling in the Deep with Set Fire to the Rain) and therefore should be Haley’s first single.  I wouldn’t have given Fire a second listen if I hadn’t of gotten hooked on Adele on Rolling.  But whatever is her first single, I’m cheering for her.  She has great talent!   

  • GS61

    Haley’s voice sounds great and she looks great. The songs however are both boring. Really nothing about either of them makes you go “Wow, I want to hear more of this girl!”
    Maybe the recorded versions have more umph to them.

    Note to Interscope: Don’t waste this girl’s talent on crappy material.

  • Anonymous

    Wasted Tears is better than Free (and after saying no comparisons, I do get an RITD vibe from it). Maybe almost too much so.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm… Do we ever fall in love with anyone’s music right out of the gate… ;)

    I think the songs are great – a perfect beginning for the long looong road ahead. Haley is fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Wasted Tears has more punch than Free and would make a better single.

  • Anonymous

    I like Wasting Tears better than Free, but both songs are good. I just hope the studio versions make the songs a little more hmm,…… fresh sounding and current. I like that she kept her jazzy style on these songs, but I agree that the recorded versions need a little more umph and have more of a funky feel to it. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’ve found 4 songs on ASCAP co-written by Haley (and she’s listed as “performer”), but not these two songs.  Is Haley a co-writer on these two?



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rich-Hahn/100002843507445 Rich Hahn

    Love Haley but hate both of these songs. Somebody needs to funk them up.

  • Anonymous

    I am disappointed. So far, these songs are not what I had hoped to hear from Haley. But if she is happy, I am happy for her. She has certainly had the opp to do what she wants musically.  She is vocally very good though.

  • Anonymous

    Jeans are not a good look on her.  She should stick with the short dresses.
    Music is ok.

  • halo9125

    MJ is right- probably best to hold off passing judgment until we hear the studio versions.

    Having said that- I don’t see how either “Free” will help Haley break out of the proverbial Idol bubble- and isn’t that really the goal of all of these kids? How exactly does Interscope intend to market this? 

  • Anonymous

    These renditions are most likely over simplified, which would explain why Haley told a tweeter to not share them & to wait for the actual single to come out. I’m guessing the recorded versions definitely spruce it up. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYFK77IYLRQIVATQ2MJKSW2J7Y Pam

    I’ll agree with the majority here.  I think “Wasted Tears” is better than “Free”.  Haley does sound great on both songs but I too have a concern of how radio will embrace her.  I am anxious to hear the rest of her material.  She looks great as always.

    Thanks mj

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Guilherme-Santos/100000846666929 Guilherme Santos

    Loved both, its really Haley, not she trying to be anything else. And in a era of Adela, who know´s if its commercial or not? It will be a matter of the right promotion with I hope she gets it, like performing on Idol in the results show.

  • rayni

    My gosh – I loved Free.  It’s got that same kind of Adele sound without sounding like Adele.  She sounds like….Haley!  Which is what I love – she’s just got one of those voices for me – I love how she wraps her voice around a song and delivers it.  It’s so yummy to my ears – sang girl, sang.  Ima buy it :))

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is the 1st time my favorite has the same sound I fell in love with on Idol. This is exactly the Haley I voted for…no disappointments this time. Now I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album! 

    Free is bluesy/sultry and catchy, Wasting Tears sounds retro. She says we can also expect r&b/funk and maybe some uptempo…can’t wait!

    I like Free more than Wasting Tears. Hopefully her unique voice on a studio version will sell the song more to new potential fans, and her striking good looks will sell the video. But at the end of the day, if she gets more positive album reviews than radio play, I’ll be satisfied. :-)


  • Anonymous

    When I first listened to Free, my heart sank.  I have the exact same underwhelming feeling I had the first time I heard some of the other recent Idol pop/HAC singles (Better Than I Know Myself, Love Me Bad, This Time).  And now it has me a little nervous for Haley after seeing how those songs did on the charts.  Just like with the others, I’m just not feeling this song.  Love Haley though.  I just hope, hope, hope that the studio version sounds A LOT different than this.  I’ll wait to pass judgement until then and hope for the best.  I was hoping Haley would soar up the charts with her first single, but that’s hard to imagine with this song.

  • Anonymous

    I like Wasting Tears more than Free, but I’m not blown away by either song.  It sounds like Wasting Tears will likely have some funky rhythmic punch to it.  I’m just not sure that either song can be really earwormy on the radio.

  • asifclueless

    Both songs are good. Hope she will spice them up for studio version.
    Love her and can’t wait for her album.

  • GS61

    I couldn’t agree more about those recent singles you mentioned. Who’s picking these things? They sure seem out of touch with current pop/HAC radio. As for James, they never should have released a single to that format at all. They should have just focused on rock from the start. (But that’s another story…)

    It’s becoming more and more obvious, the “country” market is the new “Idol” market.

  • halo9125

    I actually looked at Haley’s timeline from last night and nowhere do I see her asking for the songs not to be shared. And if they REALLY felt that way – they would have banned videotaping from the venue. 

  • Anonymous

    Painfully obvious.  When is the last time we had an Idol on the top of the pop or HAC charts?  Like in the top 10?  Not in the past year, right? But I agree it’s not them, it’s the song choices.

  • Anonymous

     How about Kelly?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I meant someone from the past few years.  The more recent Idols seem to be struggling to get something on the top of the pop/HAC charts.

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t tweet it. She asked someone who was tweeting about the show. 

  • http://twitter.com/CanadianLady2 CanadianLady

    I really, really like “Free.” Have listened to it several times. Works in several ways. But then I thought “Red Guitar” was the best song on Kris’s album, so I have no idea re radio-friendly stuff. But I really, really like “Free” anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/tinawinabina Tinawina

    I think the song has potential, but it’s a matter of what kind of instrumentation is used. Will this sound like Sara Barielles song? Will it be more throwback and bluesy like “You and I”? Will it be poppy, like “If I Were A Boy”? What kind of drums are they using? All we hear here is Haley and someone tinkering (badly) on the piano.

    I certainly fits her voice and her sultry vibe. So to me that is 80% of the battle right there… a lot of the times the Idols get songs they can technically sing but don’t really fit the energy they give off or show off the best parts of their voice. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    Ditto Wasted Time. It fits her and sounds like it could be a good single depending on how they executed it.

  • halo9125

    Ty that makes more sense- but again- if they didn’t want leaks, then simply announce that videotaping is prohibited. It’s pretty hard to miss somebody holding up a cell phone aimed at the stage.

  • Anonymous

    Haley looks and sounds gorgeous. I’d have to hear the studio version of both songs to tell if they seem radio friendly, but “Wasted Tears” seems more catchy to me than “Free.”

  • http://twitter.com/HaleysShindig HaleysShindig

    Sleeping on it, I remember in a few interviews she wanted to produce music that would represent her and would appeal to her fan base. She has succeeded in both and THAT is what is most important, not whether it will be a #1 Hit, she could’ve settled on a pop song a long time ago but chose to do music that mattered and has depth. Both of these songs have that in spades and as a fan I’m ecstatic with what I’m hearing. 

    Also, this will only benefit her moving forward because usually we get Studio leaks, than hear them perform it live and are let down. In this case, we heard it before the Studio and have a feeling will be blown away by the full versions of both of these songs.

  • Anonymous

    It’s become like a sport to read the Monday morning quarterbacking on every single Idol potential single right out of the gate. It’s either ‘OMG it’s the New Adele!’ or ‘She’s going to sink so fast and never sing in public again because they’ll revoke her artistic license!’ LOL.  Seriously, who the h knows what will hit on the radio?  I’m not saying it’s sometimes obvious [Lee D. was so overproduced it was hard to actually hear a human voice in there], but had he been the greatest success in Idol history, I would have been equally unsurprised. Because the real reason that music companies keep throwing money at people is because they don’t know anything.  They have no clue why one singer hits and another sinks.  No. clue. 

    Hey, I’m a Haley fan with a small ‘f’.  I don’t stalk her on Twitter, I don’t follow her every move / recorded messages.  She can sound a little affected at times, but she also has great chops and she’s charismatic. She’s definitely had better gigs and publicity out of the gate than others.  She plays well on the red carpet. She’s not stiff like Pia and she sings off the cuff with more control than James. I mean, this is a taping from a club, the first time she sang it in public – and the acoustics are terrible.  With all that, she sounds pretty good. The rest – see above ;) 

  • Anonymous

    Painfully obvious.  When is the last time we had an Idol on the top of the pop or HAC charts?  Like in the top 10?

    In 2010, Kris went Top 10 in Pop and both Kris & Adam were top 5 on HAC.

    I need to listen a couple more times before I decide what I think of these – but I agree without knowing the final instrumentation, it’s a little hard.

    It’s pretty hard to miss somebody holding up a cell phone aimed at the stage.

    LOL. Idol fans are very good at getting HQ video even when it is announced that there is no videotaping, and no they don’t get it by holding up their iPhones.  Any Idol that performs any new song knows it will get out on Youtube almost instantly.

  • Anonymous

    Love this. Even though I’ve been watching Idol since the beginning, Haley’s album might be the first Idol album I buy. Considered buying Adam’s, but turned out to not be my thing.

    As for the commercial potential… It’s hard to prognosticate at the best of times; with this stripped arrangement it’s impossible. I’m content in my infatuation with that voice.

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    both songs……so good…… and its like throwback xtinaguilera stuff. so sad talent is born in the wrong decade. For my tastes i would say screw a ‘funkier version’ … ‘Free’ is good as it is… but sadly most consumers arent like me.


  • http://twitter.com/IHartHales Tyra Reinhart

    Listen to Free more then once before judging….

    its incredible <3 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, dear – I”m not impressed with either one. Couldn’t listen to either all the way through. Could be poor sound quality and will most likely sound much better on the album. 

  • http://twitter.com/TylerWV TylerWV

    I like Free a lot.  I love Haley in her upper register.   Her performance skills are remarkable.  Im waiting anxiously for her album.

  • windmills

    These sound in the lane I would’ve guessed from Haley, but I feel like if you’re going to do this style of music in the age of Adele the songs need to feel more visceral than I got from the live performances. I think Haley can do something a little edgier but maybe it’s there in the lyrics and I just didn’t hear it. I do like the vibe and Haley sounds really good so there’s that. Reserving judgment but I could definitely handle a retro soul/jazzy style from Haley.

  • Anonymous

    She said last night that she had just written “Wasted Tears” (didn’t say if it was a solo or co-write). I don’t remember if she mentioned whether she had a hand in writing “Free”

  • Anonymous

    Last time an ex-Idol made the Top 10 on Hot AC and on CHR was in 2010 with both Adam and Kris. Not that long ago, really…

  • JudyOhio

    I really like “Free”.  I love what she does with her voice on it.  Her voice is very soothing, unique, well-trained, and recognizable.  I think she’s going to do well.

  • Ringo

    Chiming in again, I kind of hope these songs are are hits, but ultimately don’t know or really care.  I have given up on predicting what will become popular on the radio and in sales.  Music I love doesn’t turn out all that popular; music that I think is silly goes #1.  The art of picking hits confounds not only me, but seemingly every record company who turn out albums of music that go nowhere on the charts.  I am hoping for good music of a style that Haley can show her musical skills.  Seeing some of that in these performances.

  • Anonymous

    She is so fantastic.  My favorie female singer to ever grace the Idol stage, and that is saying a lot.  Love her bluesy, post WWII sound.  She has the ability to slide up and down the scales with such ease and fluency.  Such a classy singer!

  • ronnie

    I like “Free” a lot, it could sound really good if it is produced well.  It is hard to make out the lyrics though.  Wasted Tears is pretty bad, it is like bad album filler.

  • Anonymous

    These are awesome songs !   True that they are painful to listen to because of the recording quality.. just when my ear starts keying in on her voice the feedback starts hurting my ear so, its too dangerous to really try to hear her voice.

    Also, while I love hearing her voice and the idea that she’s putting out songs that can be presented with basically just a piano behind her,  I’ve got to think that the climax of the songs, near the end, where she there are simple repeated phrases,  were written to have back-up singers in a sort of call response type way and which seems a bit empty without them, especially when getting accustomed to a song  (don’t get me wrong though, i’m overjoyed that the songs seem to not have all that commercial, studio engineered crap that would have destroyed what I love about her.. im just talking about a bit too much air between notes where we’ve been built up to a full finish… its going to be awsome to hear the real things)

  • Anonymous

    What I did catch of the lyrics was similar.. although I didn’t get the affair part.. more like a girl dating/hooked on  a guy who just won’t ever commit.

    I gotta thing there are like 30 zillion girls in this position with idiot guys who won’t step to the plate or can’t make up their mind whether or not she’s the right one for them.

  • http://twitter.com/LuvyDovie Luvy Dovie

    These new songs deliver to me EXACTLY the artist that I voted for.  Retro, Bluesy, and Sultry.  With the movement of popularity in artists like Adele….who actually have TALENT and can sing live….no auto tune needed…and have more artistic ‘depth’ to them…..there’s no reason these shouldn’t get played all over the radio-waves.  ‘Free’ has an extremely catchy melody that sticks in your head after hearing it a few times — and Haley’s vocals are stunning.  This fan is extremely happy with these sneak peeks at what Haley’s first single and album will be like! Yay my first post!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/makeFigure8s Just Me

    “Wasted Tears” was co-written by Haley, Jon Green (Bonfires), and M. busbee.   “Free” was produced by M. busbee; other writers not known, but Haley is known not to have co-written on this.

    Gleaned from ASCAP #  883748435 for “Wasted Tears”; Grammy week interviews for “Free” (Yahoo! Music interview is the best).

  • http://twitter.com/HaleysShindig HaleysShindig

    Lauren Christy wrote “Free”, if you remember when she first performed it Grammy week, it was with her and Busbee. 

  • Anonymous

    I really love Haley’s voice. Many shades to it–always interesting. She can sing anything.  I think she could improve on her enunciation a bit–minor point tho.

    I have little knowledge about what is played on pop radio. I also don’t know what people mean by sounding “current”–other than much of it is auto-tuned, over produced songs with little melody and sophomoric lyrics. At least–that is what I get from seeing “current” pop artists on AI results shows, grammys, etc. I take it that the exception to the rule is Adele (and I’m sure there are others)
    I do think pop music may be shifting to more quality stuff–at least I hope so.

    I don’t love either of these songs at first listen–but I don’t dislike them either. It’s hard to tell from the you tubes. Arrangement can make a world of difference.

    I am really looking forward to her cd.

  • http://twitter.com/thebluemartini Nicole P.

    I think Free actually kinda sounds Sara Bareilles-y. So I think it is radio-friendly…but I think we’ll just have to wait and see what the studio version sounds like. 

  • Anonymous

    She should not sing it in public if she does not want the song to “leak” out.
    I’m sure people realize that an acoustic performance is not a final album cut.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7ONFIPRVLCRMCWWSYTZW7O7J4 IvanG

    I hope the studio version has a little more UMPH to it. I can’t see it getting into radio based on this video, either, but I love the song. Just needs something added to it?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7ONFIPRVLCRMCWWSYTZW7O7J4 IvanG

    I hope the studio version has a little more UMPH to it. I can’t see it getting into radio based on this video, either, but I love the song. Just needs something added to it?

  • Alexia Katrantzis

    The songs sound nice, dunno if they’re hit worthy, we’ll see when we hear the studio versions, but the melodies are pleasant and the lyrics (from what I can tell) aren’t cheesy. Sounds like both of them are growers, which is not the kinda song I recommend for lead singles, IMO a lead single should be a song that impacts the listener immediately, but again all we’re given at this point are acoustic piano versions, the studio versions will sound different.

  • Alexia Katrantzis

    The songs sound nice, dunno if they’re hit worthy, we’ll see when we hear the studio versions, but the melodies are pleasant and the lyrics (from what I can tell) aren’t cheesy. Sounds like both of them are growers, which is not the kinda song I recommend for lead singles, IMO a lead single should be a song that impacts the listener immediately, but again all we’re given at this point are acoustic piano versions, the studio versions will sound different.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, an observation
    A year ago, the cacophony of  of boos were leveled at Randy for trying to put Haley’s style ‘in a box’.  Here we are with her new originals, a year later, and what do most of us do?  Try to see to which ‘box’ she belongs :D

    Don’t you get it?  Haley has no box!  If you can, go back and look at what she has said all through the Idol season.  Early on, Randy laughed at her doing different genres, ‘not knowing who you are as an artist.’

    Haley responded with something like, “I think I know who I am it’s a little of everything, if anything there is blues in there, right?’ (paraphrasing)

    She said this after “Blue” when Randy said it was boring for her.  Every interview after that she has said the exact same thing.  Last week she finally stopped trying to describe it and finally called it “my own”

    It is not usual, but it is good and it is Haley.  I have said all along, since Idoloonies, that I’m “all in” with Haley and she hasn’t disappointed this Halien, not once.

    She has been consistant all along, and just like her Idol journey, her “Free” needs to be heard more than once to appreciate all of Haley’s flavours in the song.  Haley is the “Merlot” of Idol finalists, an acquired taste full of depth, spice, and warmth.

    Don’t think too hard on it, just hit replay and enjoy :)

  • Anonymous

    We can debate all we want about what these songs will sound like from the studio or whether they’re gonna be hits on the radio (whatever format they are released to)– none of us really know.

    What is clear to me is that these are “Haley” thru and thru, and those Idol viewers who supported her got exactly what they voted for. Interscope must be applauded for allowing her to give us that. Haley has done her job, now it’s their job to promote Haley the true artist– and NOT Idol Season 10 3rd place finisher. Because that’s what Haley clearly is– an artist. Her voice goes effortlessly anywhere it wants, and with a tone that is just so, so unique. Both of these tunes show off her rare talent and vocal range, and that’s pretty much all her supporters and admirers can really ask, isn’t it???

    Personally, I think both of these songs will sound awesome will full arrangement, and I’m really looking forward to hearing everything Haley has cooked up for her (current and future) fans.

  • Anonymous

    and don’t be surprised when the AI12 auditions come around that “Free” will be a song some will attempt.  AI11 is scattered with Haliens as it is :)

  • Anonymous

    Love Free!!! :) is like it is what i was expecting after her Idol run …. fit so well on her style and powerful voice !! ….. can’t wait  for the relase date ;)

  • Anonymous

    Without hearing the studio/radio version, we have no idea how it will play out there.  It is possible that Haley herself stripped down the song in her performance above.  We have no idea.

    The songs sound like Haley – and that’s what I would think her fans want to hear.  Her voice is unique, requires no extra background garbage, etc.     In terms of people being afraid that Interscope was going to try to mold Haley into something different than what she is, it appears those worries should be put to the side.

    Will any of them be a hit?  If you want to play the odds, the answer would be a resounding no.  But that is true of any new song – odds were better that “Rolling in the Deep” would tank than it would become a megahit.  That’s just how it works.   

    But her unique voice with material that seems to be of good quality gives her a chance to break out.    We’ll have to wait and see.

  • http://twitter.com/whiskey401 Whiskey

    I posted earlier but for some reason it didn’t get through but I have to say Haley looks lovely and she has a nice voice but these songs are a little underwhelming. I am a little disappointed because I was expecting so much better. I do think her studio recordings where one of the best of S10 so I’ll wait to hear those.

  • Anonymous

    They put out a cleaner sounding more professional version of last night’s performance <3.
    Looks like Haley and her mgmt are OK with it..case closed and guilt free :D

  • Anonymous

    Haley is excellent, but we all know that!!  Descending phrases (‘Free’) denote sadness.  I predict no future for this song….boy, could I be proven wrong!!  ‘Wasting Tears’ is kinda depressing too.  She deserves better material.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Williams/100000265789468 John Williams

    OMG!  You have to see and listen to Free again in HD at the link Xentusk provided.  Huge improvement in audio and video quality.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really quality video and shows how beautiful that song really is. I only wonder now how many times She is going to change it for our total delight. Proud to be a Hallien!!

  • pj

    Late to the party, but I am cautiously optimistic. I like both songs, and I believe they can be radio friendly with the right arrangements. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that.  I actually think Free could be a HAC hit if given a chance by program directors.  I realize that is a big if.  

    On that note, I think I like these songs better than the others released so far.  That being said, it’s hard to compare it to the country songs.  Apples and oranges and all that.

    ETA: And though she was my fave on the show, I am like the other person who said they were a fan with a small f. I too haven’t followed her after the show, except what’s been posted here at MJs. Good luck to her. Love her voice and style.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=195101108 Stefan Wind

    Love. It. 

  • Anonymous


    Please go to this link that Xentusk posted.  If you are a Haley fan, you will be over the moon after watching.  It really captures what our Haley is all about.

  • Anonymous

    Just some observations …
    The quality jump you saw when the video went from a cell phone recording to
    professional video will be the same jump up again when you hear the studio
    recording … so I am expecting the recording version to be really good …

    How can anybody judge if it
    is radio friendly when it done in a place with crappy acoustics and a single
    keyboard?? If you imagine a full instrument accompaniment with a slightly more
    tempo-ed arrangement one could easily see it as radio friendly…. and I think he
    Interscope people think that too, which is why this is the single…

    As for this version, wait until
    she works it out a little … one thing Haley has always shown is that she
    treats her music like a new sports car … drives it cautious at first but she
    will see what’s under the hood…


  • http://twitter.com/HaleysShindig HaleysShindig

    Yah, Adele’s songs are all happy, joy joy. :)

  • Anonymous

    Neither song is “funk,” which she has said her album includes. From what little we know of the photo shoot for the album, it involved the color pink – which also doesn’t jive with the tone of these songs. So I think we can expect a very eclectic album.

  • http://twitter.com/Porfirio_III Porfirio Belgica III

    Here’s a better video quality of her performance of FREE. Enjoy.
    I am in love with her.

  • Anonymous

    Super late to the party I know….

    Anyway. I’m liking what I hear so far! Both songs definitely have that Haley sound. They sound like the girl I voted for so I’m happy. :)

    Have no idea how the studio versions of either song will sound, but I’m sure they’ll be killer. Also have no idea how “Free” will do on radio, but until we hear the studio version who knows…I’m cautiously optimistic about Haley’s recording career. There’s no denying that this girl has “it”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruby-Rose-Germanes/100000279138210 Ruby Rose Germanes

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR69UUygxJg&feature=relatedPlease people, listen to this. It has better audio and a lot cleaner. I am really happy and not disappointed at all by this song. I love it! The more I listen, the more I am hooked to it. Give it a listen and you’ll get caught up. Her voice is so flavorful and this song is not any bit monotonous. I love Haley’s voice and it might be bad but I wish the cd version is like this–clean and bare. 

    It is very hard to predict what would be a hit and what would sink. “I’m sexy and I know it” from LMFAO is a hit but the silliest and dumbest song ever. I wish Haley’s “f”ans and “F”ans will never stop supporting her.