Google Zeitgeist 2012 Lists – Where Do Your Favorites Fall?

I thought this might be fun to explore. It’s the 2012 Google Zeitgeist list.  There are Trending lists, which are queries with the highest amount of Google traffic over a sustained period in 2012 as compared to 2011. And there is Most Searched, which is search queries with the largest volume of searches.

American Idol was the most searched TV show in the US.  The Voice is #2 and Glee #5.  The X Factor only figured into the trending list. Oops.

Plus, Brittany Kerr placed #5 on the list of  Trending Reality TV Stars. She’s the American Idol alum who was snapped at a Sunset Strip bar canoodling with married country singer, Jason Aldean.  Check out more Google Zeitgeist HERE.

One Direction, of course, are everywhere. And for some inexplicable reason, Nicki Minaj placed 3rd on the list of Most Searched Images. Hm.

Trending People – Worldwide

1. Whitney Houston
2. Kate Middleton
3. Amanda Todd
4. Michael Clarke Duncan
5. One Direction
6. Felix Baumgartner
7. Jeremy Lin
8. Morgan Freeman
9. Joseph Kony
10. Donna Summer

Trending People – US

1. Whitney Houston
2. Jeremy Lin
3. Amanda Todd
4. Michael Clarke Duncan
5. Kate Middleton
6. One Direction
7. Morgan Freeman
8. Peyton Manning
9. Joe Paterno
10. Paul Ryan

Most Searched TV Shows – US

1. American Idol
2. The Voice
3. Breaking Bad
4. Game of Thrones
5. Glee
6. Big Bang Theory
7. Pretty Little Liears
8. The Office
9. Chuck
10. How I Met Your Mother

Trending TV Shows – US

1. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
2. The Voice
3. American Idol
4. Big Brother 14
5. X Factor
6. 666 Park Avenue
7. Alcatraz TV Show
8. Dance Moms
9. The New Normal
10. Searched at Birth

Trending Reality TV Stars – US

1. Alana “Honey Boo Boo”
2. Snooki
3. Farah Abraham
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Brittany Kerr
6. Jeff Holm
7. Emily Maynard
8. Gulina Rancic
9. Kourtney Kardashian
10. Courtney Robinson

Most Searched Songs – US

1. Boyfriend, Justin Bieber
2. Gangnam Style, Psy
3. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepson
4. Somebody That I Used to Know – Goyte
5. Some Nights, Fun
6, Die Young, Ke$ha
7. Wide Awake, Katy Perry
8. As Long As You Love Me, Justin Bieber
9. Pop That, French Montana
10. Mercy, Kanye West

Trending Song Lyrics Searches – US

1. Gangnam Style
2. Mercy
3. Payphone
4. Some Nights
5. Super Bass
6. The Motto
7. Rack City
8. Wide Awake
9. Titanium
10. Boyfriend

Trending – Images – Worldwide

1. One Direction
2. Selena Gomez
3. iPhone 5
4. Megan Fox
5. Rihanna
6. Justin Bieber
7. Harry Styles
8. Minecraft
9. Nicki Minaj
10. Katy Perry

Most Searched – Images – US

1. One Direction
2. Funny Pictures
3. Nicki Minaj
4. Justin Beiber
5. Love
6. Flowers
7. Selena Gomez
8. Heart
9. Money
10. iPhone 5

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  • Montavilla

    It’s interesting that AI is the most searched TV show.  I also think it’s interesting that Pretty Little Liars is so high up.  Maybe Adam’s management was onto something there.

    I think they should try to get him on all the scripted shows that are even higher on the list in 2013.  I’m not quite sure how to fit him into Breaking Bad, or The Big Bang Theory, but he already has a monk costume, so he’s ready to go for Game of Thrones.


  • No Thanks

    He could get on “The New Normal” now that he’s buds with NeNe Leakes.  

  • Axxxel

    yeah love triangle or maybe distant cousin of the pair ??

  • Axxxel

    Glee glee glee… At least an Adam Lambert song… “Whataya want from me”  or “Cuckoo” or “Trespassing”….Ok Glee is  over its peak(except in Google) but look what it did to Fun’s “We are young”…