Glee Star Mark Salling Sued By Woman for Sexual Battery

This is really gross if it’s true. Mark Salling, who plays bad boy Puck on Glee, is being sued by a a woman for sexual battery, under very odd circumstances:

Mark Salling — a “Glee” star — is being sued by a woman who claims he committed sexual battery by forcing sex without a condom.

Roxanne Gorzela claims in her lawsuit … she began dating Mark in Sept., 2010. She says in March 2011, before she had to go on a trip to Canada, they hooked up … and things got hot and heavy. Roxanne acknowledges she consented to having sex with Mark — but ONLY with a condom.

The suit, filed by attorney Philip J. Layfield, alleges 30-year-old Mark blew off her demand and proceeded to “insert his penis into [her] vagina without a condom.”

She says she protested and Mark pulled out, but re-engaged again without a rubber.

And, Roxanne says, it got worse. She claims later that month she went to Mark’s house to confront him about the emotional distress she was suffering and her “health concerns.” She says she found him in bed with another woman.

Roxanne says she demanded on the spot he prove that he was clean — no STDs — and he allegedly responded by grabbing her and pushing her to the ground.

Roxanne says she went to the cops and filed a police report the same day.

Roxanne is asking for unspecified damages. So far, no comment from Mark.


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  • Kesia Monteith

    I always got a “douche” vibe from that guy….

  • quickjessie

    Umm…yeah.  This story doesn’t pass the smell test.  Unless it’s all about the money, then I guess it’s pretty good.  Unique, anyway.

  • Jason Scott

    Yea. There’s a big red flag here…why would she wait TWO YEARS?!

  • chessguy99

    Two years isn’t all that long when dealing with the civil legal system. A red flag would be some lawyer holding a press conference saying they intend to file suit. 

  • vhill

    i don’t want to believe this and i also don’t believe it. we only know him from interviews but he seems like a real gentleman… idk. 

  • kariann1964

    There is probably some truth but I wouldn’t guess which parts are true.  I am betting on an out of court settlement.

  • Larc

    Well, what can you expect from a 30-year old high school senior?  He averaged 2 years in every grade.  ;>

  • kcostell

    One part of the story that should be verifiable is the police report supposedly filed last March.  I’m curious what was in it, and why it didn’t progress any further from there until now.

  • Seth McHale

    The police report contained only her information and that she was trying to talk to her “boyfriend” when he shoved her. The absence of any mention of Mark suggests she knew she had a report and may have been linked to him around the time. He’s a smug jerk, but I suspect she attempted to blackmail him, it didn’t work so now she is trying for hush money. 

  • Damien Roberts

    Something about this doesn’t feel “right”. I’ll wait until more comes out, but I have a feeling it’ll be gone before it turns into anything.

  • Ronnie D

     Wow. Without proof, people are ready to hang Mark.

    “later that month she went to Mark’s house to confront him about the emotional distress she was suffering ”

    Give me a break. She still consented. This sounds like a bunch of BS, IMO.

  • sweetmm

    Withholding judgement until we hear all the evidences on both sides; we tend to choose sides instantly.  Have to keep reminding oneself innocent until proven guilty.   

  • Miz

    No, the story says March 2011, not last March. We don’t know if it progressed any further with the police. I know the DA’s office is very picky on which cases they choose to handle and there is a tremendous backlog in LA due to budget cuts. Date rape and domestic violence (which is what the latter appears to be) are low priority.

  • Miz

    ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ applies to the girl also. 

    Edited because I transposed two words in an unfortunate way.

  • Jake W.

    this guy is digusting.

  • Axxxel

    His words against hers I guess… The only proof there might be is that they contracted the same veneral disease… and even then….
    I go with Kariann1964… Out of court settlement.

  • jeffreyd95821

    Mark has responded. He admits he dated her a few times and it didn’t work out. That it’s a case of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He broke it off and she broke into his house. He called police but decided not to press charges for breaking and entering. If either of them actually filed a police report they will come up. And it does seem interesting she would wait until almost 2 years later to do this. My guess is the police didn’t have enough evidence and no charges were ever filed. 

  • Jordana33

    The story doesn’t quite add up, but there probably is some grain of truth. It just reminds me of one of those divorce court episodes where both parties seem to be full of BS and you’re just happy that you’re not dating either person. 

  • Ronnie D

     All ready to grab the pitchfork and surround the castle are we? lol. Look at the new post about this to see what the truth is.

  • rodavlaS eaM zuL

    With condom or without condom…u still wanted to have sex with him. 

    and after 2 years? uhm!