Glee Star Chris Colfer Reveals ‘Land Of Stories’ Book Title and Cover (PHOTO)

Glee star, Chris Colfer, revealed the cover and release date of his next book, a sequel to his New York Times best-selling children’s novel,  The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

Part 2 is subtitled “The Enchantress Returns” and is set to hit bookstores on August 6.

The latest adventure will feature the evil Enchantress who cursed Sleeping Beauty.  She’s back with a vengeance!

Alex and Conner Bailey have not been back to the magical Land of Stories since their adventures in The Wishing Spell ended. But one night, they learn the famed Enchantress has kidnapped their mother. Against the will of their grandmother (the one and only Fairy Godmother), the twins must find their own way into the Land of Stories to rescue their mother and save the fairy tale world from the greatest threat it’s ever faced.

I listened to the audio version of the 1st book, which I highly recommend.  Chris narrates the book himself, and employs a multitude of different voices that range from a low growl for the fearsome forest wolves to a high pitched soprano for the harp that plays in Rapunzel’s castle.  I’ll likely pre-order the audio book for “Enchantress” as soon as it’s available.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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  • usedtobelucy

    Oh, Chris, I do love you. But it really is unfair that it’s all about the money (for publishers) and celebrity (for buyers), so that much much better books for kids can hardly — or can’t even — find publisher or be reprinted, let alone climb the bestseller lists. That last book was *okay.* But your prose is frequently utilitarian at best and your tone and story were just “eh” to me, kinda didactic, kinda trite. And I doubt that your schedule has left you much time to become a markedly better writer by this outing.

  • Axxxel

    Let Chris strike the iron while it is hot and fulfill his childhood dreams… A few years later this window of opportunity is closed for him and he can move on to other ventures… or do you prefer to read his biography ? (which was the initial suggestion by the publishers)…

  • Axxxel

    I prefer this book cover to the one of “whishing spell”… Hope he will do some PR -Tour again during the Glee hiatus so that I can “survive ” the hiatus with some bits and pieces posted on internet about his tour.

  • Rhonda Melanson

    I read this book as a read aloud to my Grade 4/5 class and they absolutely loved it! The vast majority of them do not watch Glee and had no idea who Chris Colfer was. FWIW.

  • usedtobelucy

    I prefer to not have really good authors fight for years to get much better books published — and sometimes not get them published at all — when celebrities are begged to publish good-but-not-great stuff (or even crappy stuff, although I certainly wouldn’t apply that adjective to Chris’s work.) just because they’re celebrities.

    That is, I wish that publishers respected the value of having the *best* writing available and, especially, available to kidst as much as they respect the almighty dollar!

    Lots of people have Colfer’s dream of publishing stories — I just think it’s unfair and a mark of our stupid celebrity-obsessed culture that his dream gets fulfilled when those of others, with more talent and skill as writers, don’t.

    Why don’t they “deserve” this, too? Why is it that those who already have must be the ones who get? And if publishers insist on publishing celebrity-written books, why not throw a sop to what they’re supposed to care about — the written word — and use a little of the cash they rake in to publish and fully promote a couple more excellent, non-celebrity-written books?

    All that said, I know that none of this is Chris’s fault and I don’t begrudge his success in the least! He’s clearly a great, hardworking guy and not untalented as a writer (even though I know people who are more talented and struggle like hell!) It’s the publishers and our celebrity-obsessed culture that piss me off!

  • Axxxel

    It does feel a bit unfair… whether it is all for the sake of entertainment or business. Or whether it fits in the vision of the producers who are looking for a novelty or a new product according to the taste of its young audience.

    Then again, if you cannot beat the “enemy” (=celebrity), join them… Maybe a collaboration can give these “more serious” writers the promotional push they need.

  • mjsbigblog

    That last book was *okay.* But your prose is frequently utilitarian at best and your tone and story were just “eh” to me,

    His prose is very workmanlike, which is why I chose to listen to the audio book rather than read the hardcopy.

    I thought the story–and especially the characters–showed some imagination, though.

  • Larc

    I can’t blame the publishers. They would be crazy to walk away from this gold mine. The world is full of people ready and willing to make money on the poor tastes of the public. A lot of them are in the music business.

  • jennyl2

    Unfortunately, it is the celebrity-obsession and herd mentality of the buying mass that is very real. The publishers are also business orientated and if they can profit why not put their money there.

    Chris is very smart and knows that his window of opportunity is now at the height of his popularity. I though the first book was good. Was it great? Honest, as a huge Chris fan – I have read better (I grew up on Enid Byton). But I think he will get better in time provided fame doesn’t change him.